Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

January, 2018


It is foreseen that you will get many chances to make money during this month. There will be a sense of satisfaction in your mind and you will experience mental peace. You will get along with your friends and family members well. You might get good news which will find your life with happiness and gaiety. If you have been hankering for the support of your family members, they will not fail to extend their support to you. The month of January will be good for the Aquarians who want to make money or get into a relationship. You will be successful in doing these and should not hold back yourself in such situations. The transit of Saturn into Sagittarius will open gateways to economic success for you. Happiness and prosperity will be achieved in the home and family. And if you have been on bad terms with any member of the family, reconciliation with those people can take place. If you are planning to take a car, then you can get it in the second half of this month. You should be alert as your enemies will try to overpower you during this period. Therefore, you need to be cautious in this month. Try to stay away from any kind of fighting and disputes. There will be no hindrance in your work, and harmony in the relationship of married couples can be improved and happiness will make its way into your married life. Your health will be good as the planet Mercury will transit into Scorpio. Therefore, the month will be good for you in terms of health. Your luck factor will favour you all the month round. You might be able to lay your hands on a good job if you have been looking for one. This month might be auspicious for you in terms of career.


Economic conditions might be tensed at the beginning of this month. But after half of the month passes by, you will be in a position of getting maximum benefits. Generally, economic benefits will make their way into your life. Because of the transit of the planet Jupiter in Libra, you will be bestowed with several good opportunities which will in turn lay out a golden path for the development of your financial status. Your work plan might be successful for financial gain. If you have planned to get back your money, then it will be successful. Avoid lending your money to other people and save it for your own future use.


As per the predictions of Vedic Astrology, various ups and downs in your health might be seen in this month. Cough and respiratory problems might cause you problem. The transit of Rahu in Cancer may be harmful from health's viewpoint. So remaining aware and precautioned will help. Be punctual and do meditation in addition to yoga so that you can remain fully fit. Eat a healthy and balanced diet to provide the required nutrition to your body.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month seems to be a marvellous time for your love affair. If you are in love with someone, there is a high possibility of you expressing your thoughts and desires to them. You might also think about starting a new business with them. Along with establishing a warm and close relationship with your partner, you will also give a better direction to your work. Your partnership with your loved ones in the field of work will give you positive results, so you can start up some work with them without giving it a second thought. Your relationship with your spouse can worsen, which will lead to stressful situations. Problems might arise because of anything you say, so think twice before speaking. If a negative situation arises, you should be calm and make your partner understand you with love. In this month, you can get help from the elders and seek advice from them. Not only them, you can also take some words of advice from your loved one. However, avoiding the advice of some friends will be good for you during this time.

Family & Friends

There will be tension generated in your home and family during this month. There might be a difference of opinion which would result in misunderstanding with your father. In such a situation, you should try to keep your composure and keep a good rapport with your family members. Satisfaction will be achieved in your children’s case. You will also get support from your children and your children will experience happiness during this month. Your friends are also likely to cooperate with you during this month. But there will be some friends who will try to harm you. So you are recommended to trust people whom you know inside out, so that you do not have to face betrayal and repent it later.


You can immerse coconut or coal in running water on Saturdays. You can also organize a bhandara in Lord Shani’s temple. You can also make arrangements for Sunderkand recitation on Saturdays. This will pave your way to success and will help you tackle your problems at ease. Abstain from wearing black clothes during this month and shower your kindness upon the needy. This will help you in getting benefits during this month.

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