Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

March, 2017


This month Saturn, will transit through your eleventh house, consequent to which this is a month of reaping maximum, with less effort. Multiple sources of income, will make you financially stronger. Your hard work and skills, will bring you desired results. Expect cash flow, from overseas enterprises. Transit of Jupiter, in eighth house, would influence your spiritual activities. Plan well, before investing your money. Your earning would be growing. Family life, will keep you satisfied and happy. Elder brother, might disapprove your ideas. Transit of (Rahu), in seventh place might cause some worry, for your spouse's health. Rethinking business investments, would be a good idea. Health matters, should not be ignored. Transit of Dragon’s Tail (Ketu) in the first house indicates your interest, in spirituality. Control your anger. Children’s health and education might get affected. Transit of Venus and Mars in the second house would make you, successful at job front. You would be able to earn money from different means. A very strong position, in money matters. Transit of Sun and Mercury in the first house could invoke your interest in occultism. Spouse, may get big break in the workplace. You might have to handle, aggressive nature of your spouse. This is not a very promising time, for married life. Have patience, with your life partner.


Very good time period, for financial activities. You will find may opportunities to, earn money. People, associated with entertainment, cinema, fashion industries and hotel business will make a profit, during this period. This month, you want to earn more and more money. To keep cash flow coming, you will work very hard. People, working overseas, would be able to make a fortune with their professional skills. It is possible that, you would try your luck in share market and lotteries. You will not face any money related hurdle, to complete your projects. This month, you may purchase commercial vehicles. Some old business association, could give you benefits in profession. Taking advice on financial matters, from a friend, would be ideal.


This month, is a mixed time for health related matters. Transit of Saturn in eleventh house will make you work hard to achieve your goals. You may feel physically and mentally exhausted. You should take adequate rest, to maintain your energy level. Transit of Sun along with Ketu, could be reason of your aggressive and impulsive nature. Choosing your words carefully, while communicating, would save you from unwanted controversies. Try to remain as much calm as possible. This period, you may need to take extra care of stomach,feet, mouth and right eye. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, will keep you in good physical and mental health. Taking some time off from routine, will rejuvenate you.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Not a suitable time, for married life. Seventh house placing of Rahu, might turn relationship sour, with your spouse. Life partner’s health should not be overlooked. Be supportive and respectful, towards your spouse. Avoid, any kind of arguments with your partner. Love life, should be handled cautiously. In fifth house, conjunction of Mercury with Ketu and Sun, might create misunderstandings. Your suspecting habit, may ruin your relationship with your lover. You should mend your ways, to save your love life. Postpone a love/marriage proposal for a while.

Family & Friends

This month, is a normal time for family life. Position of Venus in the second house, is going to be an auspicious time. You, would buy luxury household items. Purchasing of vehicle, land or house is possible during this month. You may acquire Immovable assets and automobiles. Female members of the family, may buy expensive jewellery and dresses. Position of lord of second house in the eighth house, might cause minor rifts. A family member’s health, would be a matter of concern. Siblings, friends and father’s support, will improve your finance. Parents health would be excellent. Your mutual bonding with your parents, will be stronger.


Be honest and hardworking at workplace.

Lucky Days

4, 8,13,17, 22, 26

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