Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

July, 2017


This month, planet Saturn would move towards the 10th house from your moon sign; this would make you more determined than ever. You’ll be hardworking and will strive to achieve the stars at work. You’ll have to take care of your mother, as chances are that she’ll have to battle some ailments in this period. Issues might hamper your mental state and make you restless. The transit of Jupiter in the 8th house would make your mother spiritually inclined; the planets would work in the betterment of your mother’s health. Some monetary benefits might ring in your life this month. You might consider buying a house in this duration. The transit of Rahu in the 7th house is not a good indication for your married life. Your spouse will have to be very particular about his/ her health. There are chances of minor strains in the relationship as well; a change or shift in business is probable. Benefits ranging from the domestic to international grounds would make you appreciate your job. A business trip is on the cards for some. The transit of Ketu in the 1st house would create a sense of detachment in you; your mind would be sharp and you’ll be quick on your feet. You are advised to take care of your well being in this period.


You need to think carefully when it comes to money related matters. A change in business or job is likely, and sudden gain and losses are highly probable. The lord of the 2nd and 11th house, Jupiter will transit in your 8th house and would increase your expenditure. At the same time, spiritual activities would garner you benefits. Due to the transit of Rahu in your 7th house, a change in your business is quite probable. Foreign connections would bring huge profits in your life during this month. You need to think well before investing money, failing which you might suffer losses.


The transit of Ketu in 1st house is not a good sign for your health. Being extravagant might put stress on your mind. You might go on a spiritual journey to attain mental peace. Digestive system problems are likely, and you need to pay attention to what you eat and avoid eating spicy food. Indulging in activities like Puja, Yoga, meditation, etc. would help you in this duration.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The month seems not an easy one for you, when it comes to married life. The transit of Rahu in your 7th house would bitter your relationship with your spouse, and you would land into repetitive heated arguments with them. You are advised to stay calm and avoid speaking harshly so as to avoid the consequences. Your partner needs to cautious about health during this period, and might go on a business trip. For love relationships, this would be a challenge. There might be misunderstandings and arguments between partners. For those who want to get married to their love partners are advised to stay patient and wait for the right time to come.

Family & Friends

This month would be a mixture of rainbows and clouds for you. The lord of the 2nd house, Jupiter will transit through the 8th house from your Moon Sign, which might create problems at your home. At the same time, family members should pay attention to their health, failing which they might be a victim of health ailments. You might think about purchasing a new home or a new vehicle. You will be occupied during this month and would be focused to earn so as to get materialistic comforts for your family. Your mother might be able to help you make profit in this duration. While your health status would be good, you would need to stay cautious about the health of your children.


Include black pepper in your diet.

Lucky Days

4, 8,13,17, 22

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