Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

April, 2017


This month Saturn will transit into your eleventh house. Your income will increase. Sources of income will increase as well. Health will improve. You will get benefitted from ancestral property. Elder brother will help and support you. The transit of Ketu in the first house will charge you spiritually. Be careful as there are chances of a physical injury. There will be disputes and lack of understanding between you and your father, and you and your children. The transit of Jupiter in the eighth house will make you interested in occult sciences. You will progress financially. You will feel closer to your mother and get complete support from her. You might get a will in your favour. The transiting position of Rahu in the seventh house will create struggle in your married life. Sudden profit and loss in your business might take place in this period. Your siblings should be cautious in terms of their health. The transit of Sun and Venus in the third house indicates huge profits in your business. Long travels will also benefit your business. The transit of Mercury and Mars in the third house will give maximum profits with minimal effort. Disagreements with siblings are most likely. Students studying technology will advance in their field.


You should cautious this month in handling your finances. Beginning of the month will trouble you because of the increased expenses. The position of lord of the second house, Jupiter in the eighth house indicates a sudden financial loss. You will face difficulties in earning money. However, the position of Venus in the second house will provide you with ample money making opportunities. Business related travels will be fruitful. You will work hard to earn profits and will produce desired results. Government sector also looks profitable for you. You will earn name, fame and respect you deserve. Share market, trading like stocks look really profitable ventures to take up.


This month will produce mixed results for you in terms of health. The position of Saturn in the eleventh house will make you a hard worker. In addition to this, the transit of Ketu in the first house will have bad effect on your health. Your anger and irritation will increase your troubles. Try to keep yourself calm. Participating in spiritual activities will be beneficial for you. You might go on a vacation to get away from stress. You are suggested to protect yourself from seasonal diseases. Be careful while driving.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month tells you to be cautious in terms of your domestic life. The transit of Rahu in the seventh house will create misunderstandings in your married life. Your spouse should be attentive in terms of his/her health. Try to avoid confrontations and controversies as it will be best for relationship for now. You might go for a long trip with your partner. This month is very favourable for people in love. You will stay connected with your partner through various means of communication. However, the excitement to see your partner will be there. Your relationship with a close family friend will grow. You might go to a picturesque place with your partner.

Family & Friends

This month will be ordinary for your family life. You will be interested to learn occult sciences and also explore mysteries of life. You might take guidance from a spiritual Guru. You will dedicate your time to your family will try to provide them with necessities and comforts of life. You might spend on house renovation and decoration. However, avoid reckless spending as not exercising such restraint might aggravate your problems. You might buy a new house and vehicle this month. If your children are studying technology, then there success is ensured. You are advised to keep a tab on their reckless behaviour; else your relationship with them will sour. Your relationship with your siblings will also go through a stressful phase. They are advised to take care of their health. You can get a will in your favour during the month.


It is advised for you to practice meditation.

Lucky Days

4, 8,13,17, 22

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