Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

February, 2017


This month Saturn will transit through your twelfth house. As a result you might get monetary benefits through foreign sources. You may face some eye related problems. Father must take care of his health. You might go on a trip. Your expenditure might increase and you might face financial losses. Transition of Jupiter in the ninth house from your moon sign will increase spirituality in you and your father’s behaviour as well. Your siblings may progress in professional or personal life during this period. Dragon’s head transit in the eighth house from your moon sign is not good for your mother’s health. It’s advised that she takes good care of her health. While driving you have to stay alert. Transition of Sun in the first house is not good for your health. You might face some problems in your married life. Mercury’s transition in the twelfth house from your moon sign is indicating a trip for you related to your job. You may change your job and might get transferred. Your expenditure will also increase due to dragon’s head transition in the second house from your moon sign. Chances are that you might have to endure a monetary loss in this period. There will be rift and tension amongst your family members. Transition of Venus and Mars through your third house will get you unexpected profit in your job. Children are expected to go abroad for education. You might earn money through lottery and gambling.


You need to be really alert in terms of finance because you may face some financial challenges. Due to Dragon’s tail (Ketu) transit in the second house from your moon sign, your expenditure will increase. Health of a family member might keep you disturbed and you may spend a lot of money. Second house lord Saturn’s transit in the XII house from the moon sign is not a good sign. You might suffer a huge financial loss. It will be better to think properly before making any big investment. Things will improve gradually if you stay alert. You might get financial benefit from foreign sources. If your work is related to communication, media, marketing, property dealing, religious institute, public speaking, garments and paper printing than you may make money from it. Stay away from share market, lottery and gambling because you might not be able to cope up with the inevitable losses on your cards.


Take special care of your health during this period. You may face some health problems because of transition of Sun in the first house. You might feel more aggressive and more peevish. Rahu placed in eighth house from your moon sign, is not a good sign for health. Chances are that you might not be in the pink of your health in this duration, so take proper measure. While driving you must stay alert. Problems related to your eyes or legs may trouble you. Yoga and meditation will be very beneficial for you. You may get rid of all the health problems by doing exercise everyday.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will have mixed results for your married life. You will stay happy because of your partner’s success in working area. Your spouse may get promotion, respect and honour. Due to transition of Sun in the first house, you might witness aggression in your soulmate’s behaviour. Hence you have to behave very gently and politely with them. Your love life will be awesome and good coordination with your lover will keep you delighted. Your love will increase by each passing day. Your lover will respect your views and feelings. You might get a chance to spend some beautiful moments with your partner. If you are planning to marry your lover then this time is perfect for you. If you are single, you may find your love very soon.

Family & Friends

This month will give you mixed results in familial life. Children may achieve something big in education. They might go abroad for higher studies. But Dragon’s tail transit in the second house from the moon sign is telling that you might spend a lot on one of your family members, who might face some health related issues. During this period, your parents must be careful with their health. There will be tiffs and differences amongst the family members. It will be great for you to stay cool and calm because healthy discussions can resolve anything. So, avoid being angry while talking. Spirituality will increase in your father’s behaviour. You may go to a religious place. You may get associated with a religious institute or you might get a sanidhya of a spiritual guru. You will get full support of your friends and also there are chances that with the help of one of your close friends, you might get success in your working area.


Nursing physically disabled people will be good for you.

Lucky Days

17, 19, 22

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