Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

September, 2016


You might have many new plans for yourself this month. You might also start working for a publishing company. You may also find your interest more inclined toward entertainment and fine arts. You may also raise to fame. You might also plan for getting yourself enrolled for higher studies. You may also plan to go to some other country for your studies. Your self confidence might also get raised. You might get a chance to do important work this month. Your reputation in society will also increase. Time is also crucial for success in your business. Good profits are expected for those who are working in fields related to beauty, cloth and computers. Make your speech clear and polite. Do not get harsh on people. You might also get a chance to get transferred or migrate to a place of your choice. You may find some unsteadiness in your married life. Your children might also disappoint you this month. Support from your parents is predicted for you. You may also maintain cordial relations with your siblings this month. Health of your life partner might start deteriorating. Stay calm and compost during this month. Your friends might help you out in some unfavorable situations. Time is favorable for marriages, birthday celebrations etc in your house. You may also plan to visit some hill station or a pilgrimage this month. Travelings is foreseen for you. Though, you must take utmost care of your belongings during your trips.


You might have to suffer from physical or mental stress this month. You might also get aggressive this month. You may have to face some diseases related to stomach, blood and air borne disorders. You must stay patient and indulge yourself into meditation. You might also experience activism in you. You might get sobre and cheerless for a short duration of time during this month. Busy schedule is also predicted for you this month. You may remain unsettled and restless during this period.

Family & Friends

Everything might not stay right in your family this month. Environment at your home may remain little bothersome. You might have some contrary views with your parents. You may quarrel with your spouse this month. Pleasure from your children might get absent for a short duration of time for you. Stay cautious as your opponents might try to harm you this month. Good relations are predicted with your siblings. Your friends might also support you this month, but some differences might also occur with them too. Transit of Jupiter during the later part of this month is providing you with benefits. Some auspicious ceremonies might also take place at your home. Festivity is in the air and ceremonies like marriage or other religious occasions might get celebrated in your house. You might suddenly plan a vacation out with your family. Traveling might become little problematic. You may remain busy during the entire month. You might also plan to visit some eastern countries this month. Happiness will flow in your house specially during the later part of this month. Deficiency in your mother's health is also predicted. Cordial relations with your father are foreseen. Some disputes may also arise during this course of time. Love, affection and support from your friends is expected for you. Support from your in-laws is also foreseen.

Trade & Finance

Your financial life will remain stable this month. There are chances that your expenditures might increase. Mental pressures might be the reason for your stress. Stay cautious of your enemies as they might try to harm you this month. Time is not favorable for starting any new ventures. Hard work is necessary to find gains. Your financial status may remain strong during this period. Good news is expected for you in legal matters. You may also get profits from stock market. Progress is predicted for you in your business. You may also plan a foreign business tour. Chances of shifting to abroad are also foreseen. Respect your seniors as some strifes may also occur this month. Getting too much anxious or excited might create problems for you this month. Auspicious aspect of Mercury might help you in promotions or taking transfer to a place of your interest. Your colleagues might also support you this month. Huge profits are foreseen for those who are engaged in business related to iron, quarry, stones, oil, petrol, transportation and other factory related businesses. Profits from property and wealth are also expected. You might gain some profits from your paternal wealth. You may plan to invest your money.


Do fast on saturdays. Offer black sesame, oil, Urad and other black clothes in Shani temple. Offer first bite of your food to crow. Worship Lord Ganesha. Donate flag in temple. Feed white or black dog with milk and Roti (wheat bread). Read Sundarkand for 40 days on each Saturdays. Offering black umbrella to an old person may prove beneficial for you.

Lucky Days

Auspicious dates: 3, 4, 5, 13, 14, 19, 20, 30
Inauspicious dates: 6, 7, 15, 16, 23, 24, 25

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