Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

February, 2018


You will be a brave and courageous person during this time. The ability to perform difficult tasks will be possessed by you. You are most likely to achieve success in any work that you undertake. The position of the planets predicts that this month will be filled with excitement for you. Though initially, you might have to go through a little bit of struggle in some tasks that you do, but the conditions will eventually get better. You will get success in your work by your own efforts. During this month, Mars is transiting in the Zodiac Sign Scorpio, which will make you capable enough of taking bold actions and doing courageous work. You will bask in glory and your social prestige would increase. You will manage to finish your work on time. Financially, this month will be good for you. No matter where you work, you will get success. There is a high possibility of buying a new vehicle during this month. You are likely to suffer a loss due to your uncontrollable anger and hasty actions. Do not lose your temper and work according to a well-set strategy so that your work is met with success. There may be some situations of ups and downs in terms of health. You are advised not to neglect your health, otherwise, there are chances that you might suffer from illness. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to take care of your health. It is foreseen that the conditions will get better with time. Saturn will transit in Sagittarius, which is considered to be good for buying a new vehicle or acquiring a new land or property. Mercury transiting in Capricorn might give you some health-related problems. However, the transit will play a crucial role in shaping your career. If you are doing any business, then you should carry it on with utmost knowledge and understanding of it, so that you get high profit from it.


According to the predictions of the February Horoscope 2018, the month will be good for your financial development. The transit of the Sun and Mercury in the Zodiac Sign Capricorn will prove to be highly beneficial for your financial growth. No matter what task to you take up in order to make money, you will prosper. Nevertheless, you need to be cautious in money matters during the second half of the month. You should not lend your hard earned money to anyone as there are little to no chances of getting that back. Do not trust anyone blindly in money affairs, otherwise, you might have to suffer. You might gain favorable results from the money that you have invested earlier. You need to tighten your belt and do not indulge in a reckless expenditure of money. Your financial conditions will improve by the end of the month.


You will have an average health during this month. However, you might have to face some blood-related health issues or blood loss due to some injury. Thus, you are advised to take care of yourself. If you drive, you should be careful on the road. Put up your safety gear like helmet and adhere to the traffic guidelines. Do not go on a journey, unless it is necessary to do so. Take care of your diet in order to stay fit. Maintain personal hygiene and keep your surroundings clean.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

It is prophesied that you will get a number of opportunities to get close to your loved one during this month. The transit of the planet Jupiter in Libra might make it difficult for you to get along with your loved one. You will have a hard time in making your lover understand your point of view. Sometimes, you and your loved one will quarrel over petty issues. You should act with a mature approach and should not let matters slip out of your hand. Try to settle down things in a friendly way. Take your loved one on a romantic trip or a date to brighten up their mood. For the Scorpios who are married, you will enjoy a peaceful married life. The transit of Venus into Capricorn will make your married life better during this month. Your spouse’s behavior will be pleasant and you will be happy in their company. Paying heed to the advice of your life partner will turn out to be profitable for you.

Family & Friends

The month seems to be propitious for the people born under the Moon sign Scorpio. The transit of the planet Saturn in Sagittarius will be good for your family life. You will have a harmonious relationship with the members of your family. There are chances that you might get some good news related to your children. Your children will perform well and live up to your expectations during this month. Your elders in the family will show you the right path. It will be better for you if you respect and serve the elderly people of the family and seek their advice. Do not behave in an adamant manner with your family members. You are advised not to do anything that might hurt the sentiments of your family members or taint their image in the society. Make sure that you keep a good company and do not indulge in any immoral activity that you might have to repent later.


Visit a temple of Lord Hanuman and apply the sindoor (vermilion) on the idol’s forehead. Sit in front of the idol and recite the Sunderkand. Doing this will help you achieve success and will also help you in fighting health issues. Donating red objects on Tuesdays will be auspicious for you. By the grace and blessings of Lord Hanumana, you will prosper.

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