Monthly Taurus Horoscope

May, 2016


This month demands caution and alertness from you. At present, Saturn is transiting in your seventh house. Influence of Saturn from here might lead to diseases in area beneath the navel. As seventh house signifies house of spouse, your spouse also needs to be careful toward his/her health. Venus, lord of your sign, will move into your twelfth house in the beginning of the month. This positioning of Venus is disadvantageous for your health. Along with Venus, Mercury and Sun are also present in the same house. You might feel stressed and insomnia due to presence of Mercury and Sun here. After mid of the month, Sun will move into Taurus. You will feel better in this phase and will get the much needed peace. The need of caution increases this month, as Jupiter, Mars (seventh house lord) and Mercury, all are retrograde. Being humble and polite will help in improving your relation with children. Don’t act in hurry in matters of money. Rahu is aspecting your tenth house from fourth house. Owing to Rahu’s influence, you will accomplish your endeavors with intellect and diplomacy. This attitude will fetch profits for you.


Health will remain unstable. Friends might also increase your mental troubles. Your attitude will also become unpredictable. Try to keep yourself stress free. Conjugal bliss will lack in conjugal life. However, things will return to normal soon. You will not pay much attention towards your love life. Hectic schedule will not let you give proper time to your sweetheart. Luxuries and comforts will not attract you. Luck will support in endeavors done during the month end. Health of child might get affected. Your own health might also get affected in the beginning of the month. This will make your behavior rude.

Family & Friends

Many endeavors will get accomplished with support from your spouse. Ups & downs will knock your love life. Tiffs are possible with your sweetheart in the beginning of the month. However, your efforts will resolve everything soon. Luck will also support you in this matter. You serve your friendship with pure heart and feel. This nature of yours will popularize you among your friends. You will cherish love and romance, but don’t focus on minor issues. Health problems are possible to children. Domestic work might increase. You might get opportunities in order to refresh and entertain yourself. Income will increase because of your spouse.

Trade & Finance

Taking instant decisions will be difficult for you during this month. Your decisions might be sudden and without proper thinking. You will remain focused toward name and fame. Don’t get disappointed from the negative thoughts of others. Blessings of Rahu will bestow monetary profits from new sources. As a result, financial situations will not be affected much. Before finalizing major decisions, take advice from experienced and senior people. Jupiter and Rahu, being malefic, are posited in fourth house. New job opportunities are possible for natives who are in jobs. Aged members of the family might face some health issues in the beginning of the month. Connection with your spouse might strengthen more. Increase in governmental taxes might increase your professional concerns. This might be due to the exalted position of Sun in your twelfth house. Friends, colleagues and seniors will support you at the needed time. Reason of concern might take away your peace of mind this month. To accomplish professional goals, make sure to increase your courage. Don’t let laziness affects you, as it will directly hammer your financial life. Expected foreign trips might get cancelled, which will affect your work.


Fetch Sun’s blessings by wearing one faced Rudraksha on a Sunday morning. This will free you from problems related to fourth house as well.

Lucky Days

Auspicious Dates: 4, 5, 12, 13,19, 20, 21, 31
Inauspicious Dates: 6, 7, 14,15,16, 24, 25, 26

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