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Palm Reading: Free Online Palmistry Readings

Palm Reading, frequently known as Palmistry, is an art of reading the lines and patterns formed on the palm. It is also known by different name as Chiromancy and is very popular now a days throughout the world. The roots of palmistry were first found in Asian countries like India, China and regions of ancient Israel. This art of hand reading is truly an understanding of life and fortune. It is the oldest method to predict the future of an individual. It is also considered as an accurate method to foretell the story of yourself.

The questions may come across your mind about palmistry like Which Palm to read in case of a female? Do you read the right or left hand in palmistry? How do you read a palm? Do the lines on your palm change? Where is your life line on your palm? What do your hands say about you? What does each finger mean? Here at Astrosage, we have accumulated the some basic steps about Palmistry. You can learn palm reading online and hence would be able to predict your future by your own.

This art of foretelling future was often suppressed many time in middle age by means of practicing superstition. However, trends have been changed now and people are practicing palmistry, they understand it well and also successful in letting know to others also about this art. In hindi, it is known as “Hast Rekha Vidya”. Astrologers in India do see palm reading lines for both man and woman. Usually, they consider left hand for woman and right hand for man. However, this concept of palm reading lines is all over true. Now a days, dominant hand is considered for reading of palm in both the cases.

Which hand needs to be chosen for palm reading

You may want to know which hand is your dominating hand? Here is the answer, if the person is right handy or performs his major tasks through right hand then right hand will be the dominant hand and must be read for foretelling the future, likewise goes with the left hand. Luckily, it becomes easy for you to understand this art in today's scenario and once you’ve read this, you yourself, would be able to predict future accurately. If you want to be a Palmist, we have provided you some detailed information about palmistry at Astrosage. Let’s see how we have accumulated the knowledge of palmistry for you.

Interpretation of Palm lines

While trying to read your palm, you see many lines on your palm, out of which few are very dark, some are very light and some are there which are not visible through naked eyes. However, we have three major and dark lines on our palm, found probably in every case. These are as follows:

  • Life Line: It is the life line which reveals probably your entire journey of life. This line starts right between the index finger and the thumb, and continues towards the base of the thumb. Let’s suppose if you have a straight and well-defined line, that means you will have a good life. However, a broken or uneven line does not mean you will die early, it represents that you will have some difficulties over the passage of time.

  • Heart Line: This is a line starting from just below the marriage line (The lines running horizontal on the outer edge of the palm and just below the small finger) and ends either in middle or end of Saturn mount or sometimes in between Jupiter or Saturn Mount. It signifies the love or married life of a person. If it is in the form of curve, it indicates the person is comfortable in sharing his views or feelings before somebody.

  • Head Line: It is in middle of Life line and heart line. It indicates our brain, logical ability, intelligence, perception, thought process etc. It starts from one of the edges of our palm between the forefinger and thumb, and extends across the palm in between the heart and life line.

Above mentioned are the major lines and found approximately in every case on every human’s palm. One more major line is also found, however, it is not applicable for all. The quality of that line is mentioned below:

Fate Line: This line is also a major line, however, not everyone has it on his/her palm. If it appears on one’s palm, it reflects how fateful a person’s life journey is going to be. It also indicates how much the circumstances or situations are affecting a person’s life, how much he is able to cope up with the situation and how much situations are under control. The vertical line, running up the palm towards the base of the middle finger, is known as fate line. It can start from anywhere from the base of the palm (mostly people find that it begins from the middle portion of your palm). In Vedic Astrology, fate line can be seen through ninth house of your horoscope. Ninth house also denotes your luck, higher education and teachers.

Significations of these lines in your life

You can predict the life patterns by taking a closer look of these major lines. It can be determined through the shape, length and placement of these lines on your palm. We are emphasizing on these major lines specifically, and the reason behind is its presence on every individual’s palm. Everyone's life is being operated by these major lines on the palm. Hence we must understand how these lines are affecting our lives and what we can examine through these lines on a routine basis. Here are few things, which we have discussed below in order to let you know about your life patterns through your hand lines:

  • If any small line crosses your heart line, it shows the further emotional trauma.
  • If there is a doubled love line, it represents that you are good enough in expressing your love.
  • If heart line is broken, it shows you have undergone some emotional traumatic scenarios.
  • If there is any island or circle on your palm, it represents sadness and depression in your life.
  • Anytime, if you have wavy lines on your palm, it indicates that your life is running in a zig-zag motion in terms of concerned areas, represented by that specific line.
  • A heart line, curving downward, represents your weak character whereas the same line curved upward, shows the good character, strength and your ability to speak about your feeling to the other person.
  • If anytime the heart line is straight and well formed, it indicates that you have good control over your emotions.

We have discussed about some attributes of heart or love line. Now we will move on to the Head line. It basically signifies our moral values, our thinking ability, our creativity and our self control. It is the line which affects our neuro system in a positive or negative way. Let’s understand below about few types of head line:

  • If you have a long and straight head line, it shows your practical nature.
  • If you have a curved line, it shows your creative and versatile nature.
  • If it is dark line, it shows your intelligence and strong thought process.
  • If you have doubled head line, it indicates you are very strong mentally.
  • If your head line and life line overlaps, it shows you are an introvert and more thoughtful person.
  • If head line is closer to the heart line, you will be good enough in maintaining harmonical relation with every person.
  • If there is a broken line found on your palm, it shows the inconsistency in your thought process.
  • If multiple lines have crossed your head line, it shows that many important decisions are taken by you in your life.

We have described you few attributes of heart and head line. Now, we will disclose few attributes of Life line. This line shows the state of our physical health. This line doesn’t signify the length of an individual’s life, however, the line and shape do impact our life patterns. Let’s understand below few types of Life line:

  • If there is any break in your life line, it indicates a sudden change in your lifestyle.
  • If there is a circle on your life line, it indicates some injury during a specific period or you being hospitalized at that moment of your life.
  • If a line is very close to your thumb, it indicates you are often very tired.
  • If a line is very curved, it indicates your extraordinary and exceptional energy.
  • If it is a short and shallow line, it indicates that others can manipulate you very easily.
  • If it is in a form of semi-circle and long curved, it shows your enthusiasm and strength towards life.
  • If it reaches your wrist and cuts deeply into your palm, it indicates your vitality.

These above three lines are major lines. However, one more line has been introduced in palmistry i.e. Fate Line. It is not found in every palm. However, this is important as it represents our fate or career. Let’s understand below some significance of Fate line:

  • It it is darker and deep, it represents you are strongly controlled by your fate.
  • If it goes upto heart line, it shows your career is being operated through your emotions.
  • If it crosses your life line, it shows you have good support of your friend and family.
  • If it begins from life line, it indicates you are a self-made individual.
  • If there is a break or cuts on fate line, it shows you have changed your profession.

We have explained about few major lines in palmistry and how to read your palm using your own tricks. We hope you like it. We have summarized some techniques to read palm and what it has in store for you throughout your life. Through palmistry, we can judge about the married life too, and the same can be determined through the seventh house in your birth chart according to Vedic Astrology. You can check your marriage compatibility through palmistry, and if you want to know detailed analysis about your married life, you can opt for horoscope matching.

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