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Mars Transit in Libra: 10 November, 2019

The planet Mars, holds the position of the commander of an army, amongst the nine planets. This lord of war is considered to be fierce and violent, as well as a malefic planet. It has lordship over Aries and Scorpio, and remains exalted in Capricorn, whereas gets debilitated in Cancer. This planet is the significator of power, energy, courage, valor, and might in a native, and as per Vedic Astrology, if any native has a strong Mars in his/her kundli (birth chart) then such a person is fearless, completes assigned tasks efficiently, and full of leadership qualities. Moreover, such a person is filled with life energy.

Mars Transit in Libra

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Effects Of A Weak Mars In One’s Kundali

If the planet Mars, is weakly placed in one’s birth chart, then that could lead to numerous physical problems like blood-related diseases, irregularity in periods, injury, accident, and so on. Furthermore, such people are often timid or cowards and are unable to express themselves in front of others, properly, which results in a decline in success in the lives of these natives. The presence of Mars in the third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh house of the kundli is considered quite auspicious, whereas if it gets posited in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house, then that causes Manglik Dosha. This dosha negatively effects, the married life of the native.

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Transit Period

The significator of marital and conjugal life, Mars is making its transit through the zodiac sign of Libra on Sunday, 10 November 2019, in the afternoon at 13:31 hours. It will then remain posited in the same till Wednesday night, 25 December 2019, at 20:26 hours. This transit of Mars in Libra will affect all the 12 zodiac signs. Take a look at these impacts, and read the horoscope of each sign.

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As Mars makes its transit, it will take residence in the seventh house of the zodiac sign, Aries. This house represents the marital life, spouse, and other partnerships in the life of a native. The transit of the red planet in your Marriage House can cause problems in your conjugal life, and your life-partner can get miffed with you over something. The possibility of arguments between the two of you, over trivial matters, is also high in this duration. There may also be a slight change in your companion’s behaviour, in the form of an increase in their anger. They may even try to dominate you in the meanwhile. Hence, you should make attempts to not infuriate them, at least for this duration. On the other hand, natives born under the sign of the Ram, who own a business in partnership can also get into a dispute with their business partner over something. Maintain cordial relations for the betterment of your trade. Healthwise too, there may be some problems faced by Aries natives as abdomen-related diseases are likely to crop up in this transit period. You need to especially take note of your eating habits during this time. Moreover, mental stress will also be high for these natives.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer him wheat.


The fiery planet, Mars will make its transit into the sixth house of your zodiac sign, which is also known as your House of Enemies. This bhava signifies your opponents, diseases, pain, job, competition, immunity, differences in marriage, and legal disputes. This transit of the Commander-in-Chief of the navagraha will be auspicious for Taurus natives, in several aspects. Your opponents will be afraid of facing you, while any ongoing court and legal cases, may get resolved in your favor. You will achieve success at your job on the basis of your hard work. Your will power towards your tasks or goals will help you to move forward in life. This period will finally bring relief from the problems in your personal life, that have been troubling you for a long time. Student natives too will get favorable results in this duration as there’s a high chance of attaining success in competitive exams. On the flip side, this transit is not so good from a health point of view. Therefore, ensure that you do not take your well being lightly, and you should try your best to stay in good shape. Economically, there may be an increase in your expenses.

Remedy: Donate pomegranates in a temple or amongst the poor and the needy.


Mars will make its transit through the fifth house, also known as the progeny house of your zodiac sign. With this, one can gain information about the romance, children, creativity, intellectual abilities, education, and new opportunities in the native’s life. This transit period may not prove to be quite favorable for Gemini natives, as you may have to face disappointing results in many fields of life. Your number of opponents may increase, implying that you need to remain extra cautious in this duration. Health issues may trouble your children which will bring unrest to your mind. Hence, take additional care of your kids’ health. You need to face all adverse conditions in life, rather than running away from them. Gains through gambling, shares, betting, etc. are probable, however it is advised that you think and ponder properly on the subject before investing in these areas. It would be better if you avoid such activities. Be cautious while talking to your near and dear ones, and ensure that you don’t use any bitter words. There may be an increase in your expenses, therefore you need to keep a check on unnecessary expenditures. Your creativity may also be on the weaker side during this transit and those students who are pursuing higher studies may have to face adverse conditions. Therefore, student natives born under the sign of the twins need to remain patient and calm.

Remedy: Donate red lentils to the poor or needy mother like women.


Mars will move into the fourth house of your zodiac sign while transiting in Libra. This house, also known as the House of Mother and Happiness, signifies one’s overall happiness, movable and immovable property (land/vehicle), popularity, and feelings. This transit might bring ups and downs in the lives of Cancer natives. Since the fourth house signifies one’s mother as well, therefore this planetary motion can affect the mother of the native too. As a result, there are chances of being a decline in her health, or you both may get into an argument with her due to differences in your opinions. Arguments and tiffs can ruin the peace of your marital life as well, and separation amongst the family members is also probable. On the other hand, fever, indigestion, and blood pressure related problems may also trouble you. Stay away from unnecessary debates and maintain the serenity of your life intact. Some of the natives born under the sign of crab may consider switching their job, to give their career a boost. Whereas, your spouse might get a hike or promotion at work for their good performance.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer jaggery to him.

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With this transit, Mars will take residence in the third house of Leo natives. The third house of Siblings, Courage, and Valour signifies the native’s courage, will power, curiosity, younger siblings, energy, passion, zeal, and enthusiasm. You will find yourself fit and stay healthy during this period. There are good possibilities of attaining materialistic gains as well. Your partner and children will fill your life with astounding colors of love and happiness. There can be an increase in your salary, and you will spend quite a bit of it on new clothes. While there will be an increment in your self-confidence, courage, and valour, your siblings might face challenges on the flip side. Journeys undertaken during this time will prove to be fruitful, and you may even receive benefits through your seniors or the government. You may get caught in an argument with your colleagues, however that will not affect your career. You will successfully defeat your opponents with your thoughts and opinions. Your will power will be the throttle that will take you forward. Use your energy in the right direction, and you will emerge as the winner in all challenging situations.

Remedy: Recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily.


Moving from the lagna bhav of Virgo natives, Mars will enter your second house with this transit from your sign. The kutumb bhav or House of Wealth and Family, signifies one’s family, wealth, livelihood, speech, and primary education, etc. This transit brings the possibility of harshness in your speech due to the influence of Mars, therefore, you need to bring some sweetness in your manner of speaking. You may face challenges at work and there is quite a possibility of getting into an argument with your seniors. Hence, do not do any such thing that may result in your boss or senior official remaining upset with you. In addition to all this, the natives born under the sign of the maiden need to keep their anger in check as well. On the economic front, you may attain some unexpected gains. Coming to your family life, you can get into a verbal spat with the members of your family. In such a scenario, you need to calm yourself, and accept any mistakes if you make them. However, on the flip side, they will stand by you in your time of need too. Some of the family members can suffer from health issues as well.

Remedy: Donate red cloth and flowers.


Planet Mars will transit in your own zodiac sign and enter the first house or ascendant. In astrology, this house is the house of self and also known as Tanu Bhava. With the effect of this transit, your behaviour can become rude, and you may speak in a bad manner. You can get agitated on the smallest of things, which can offend people and create a negative remark in their minds. In this duration, do not try and dominate others, as it can create a problem for you. Fights and disputes in the personal life can stress you out. Also, a decline in the health of your mother can keep you seriously worried. You need to work really hard to attain your professional goals and rise in your career. Drive carefully in order to avoid any danger or accident, and do not consume alcohol or any intoxicating substance while driving. Control your anger, stay away from fights and do meditative exercises.

Remedy: Donate red sandalwood on a Tuesday.


The transit of Mars will take place in the twelfth house of your zodiac sign. It is known as the House of Expenditure in Vedic Astrology, and represents purchases, losses, moksha or salvation, foreign travelling etc. With this transit, troubles in your marital life can increase. Life partner can have constant problems with your behavior. So, maintain a sense of harmony with them and do not argue unnecessarily. Talking about your finances, you may face financial challenges due to your habit of overspending. Hereby, restrain yourself from making unnecessary purchases and focus on saving your money. You can also plan to go to a faraway place or abroad. Do not lose hope due to obstacles popping up in your way, as your hardwork will eliminate all those hardships away. Talking about your health, you can suffer from diseases such as Jaundice, Ulcer etc. Also, you may suffer from insomnia due to anxiety and restlessness. This is why, you need to remain alert during the period of transit. Also, there are chances of you getting injured.

Remedy: ‘’ॐ भौं भौमाय नम: / oṃ bhauṃ bhaumāya nama:’’ should be chanted.


Mars will transit and get posited in the eleventh house of your zodiac sign. It signifies one’s income, achievements in life, friends, elder siblings etc. During the course of this transit, you will attain favourable results in various areas of life. If you are involved in any legal or court case, the chances of you getting the judgement in your favour are high. In this duration, you will dominate your opponents and defeat them with confidence. You will feel great among your friends, and enjoy their company. Your social status will rise, you will attain success in your endeavours, business will improve and you will attain happiness. There can be small tiffs in love affairs, but you will still spend a good time with your life partner. You can possibly get profited from foreign land you had invested in. In case you have loaned a specific amount to someone, then you are likely to get it back in this duration. This transit of Mars seems to be favourable for your health, as it will drastically improve.

Remedy: Chant the mantra: ‘’ॐ अं अंगारकाय नम: / oṃ aṃ aṃgārakāya nama:’’.


Tenth house will be occupied by the planet Mars during this transit, which represents career and profession, father and his situations, reputation, politics and objectives and ambitions. This transit of Mars can act as a fuel to the car of your professional life. During this time, you will reach the heights of your career and touch new milestones. You can get a promotion at workplace with your hard work and intellectual skills. You may get the responsibility of executing a major project or there can be an increase in your authority within your workspace. But during this time, keep a distance from official disputes and politics, try not being a part of it and keep yourself focused on your work itself. However, you won’t be able to give enough time to your family due to a busy schedule, which may create a rift in your personal life. If you are married, then your spouse can complain about you not spending enough time with him/her. Also, you may fix a deal related to land, estate or property in this period.

Remedy: On Tuesday, donate wheat grain at a Goshala or cowshed.


Mars will enter the ninth house from your sign during this transit. Known as the Bhagya Bhava or House of Luck in Vedic Astrology, it represents a native’s luck, guru or mentor, travel, holy place, religion and principles. Time will deliver mixed results in this duration. There is a possibility of you changing your job or getting transferred to a different location. Reliable sources of income will be received. If you are a student, then forming a good relationship with your mentors or gurus can derive auspicious results in the long run. While talking about business, there won’t be any special results. It means that if you are a trader or a businessman, then putting in extra efforts and hard work will be required to attain gains. Your reputation in the society will increase due to your good and commendable deeds, as well as your financial situation will also remain stable and prosperous. In order to avoid any dispute with your siblings or coworkers, think before speaking and also try to control your impulsive reactions. In this duration, you may go on a trip or pilgrimage (trip to a religious place). In the marital life, fortune will favour your spouse, which is why there will be a rise in his/her career.

Remedy: Feed jaggery(gud) to the cow every Tuesday.


Eighth house of your zodiac sign will be occupied by Mars. This house is also known as the Ayur Bhava in Vedic Astrology, and tells about forthcoming obstacles and challenges in life, sudden incidents, age, and research. In order to gain success and recognition, you need to work hard while executing any plan. From health’s perspective, this transit isn’t suitable for Pisceans, therefore, you have to refrain from eating anything that’s oily or spicy, and protect yourself from surgeries, accidents, blood-related disorders, injuries etc. Obstacles can arise in the workplace, and they can affect you mentally. Along with this, unwanted, sudden journeys or a decline in the financial situation can also stress you out on a big scale. If married, then there are chances of you getting into a dispute or argument with someone from the in-laws’ side. You are suggested to avoid such circumstances and act in a calm manner. Your siblings may have to face certain challenges, and can require your help as well. During this transit, some unforeseen benefits will make you really happy and keep you contented.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and offer him Vermilion or Sindoor.

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We, here at AstroSage hope that the transit invites joy and prosperity in your life!

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