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Venus Transit in Leo - 16 August 2019

Many mythological stories about Venus can be found in Hinduism. It is believed that due to the boon given by Lord Shiva, Shukracharya rules over all the possessions on Earth and Heaven. On the other hand, according to the Adi Parva, Venus is considered to be the ruling lord of medicines and mantras as well. In Vedic Astrology, Venus is considered to be the auspicious planet and signifies art, love, worldly and marital pleasures etc. With its benefic effects, one gains marital and materialistic pleasures. In such a case when Venus isn’t auspiciously posited or weak in one’s kundli, then that native fails to reap the blissful fruits of his/her marital life and suffers from problems rising in life. Hence, they must follow the remedies to pacify the malefic effects of planet Venus.

Venus Transit in Leo

In astrology, Venus rules the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. It gets exalted in Pisces, whereas its debilitated sign is Virgo. Any planet remains strong in its exalted and own sign, and becomes weak in its debilitated sign. Also, it governs the Bharani, Purvi Phalguni and Purvashada Nakshatras. Now talking about the planets, it is friendly with Mercury and Saturn, and has Sun and Moon as its enemy planets.

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Time of Transit

Planet Venus is making its transit on 16th August 2019, Friday around 20:23 PM at night in the zodiac sign Leo, and will remain posited here till 10th September 2019, around 01:24 AM in the morning. In such a case, the transit of Venus will majorly affect various aspects of your daily life. Let’s move on and read the predictions and what remedies to follow:

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Fifth house will be occupied by Venus with its transit. It is the house of progeny, and tells about romance, children, creativity, intellectual ability, education and new opportunities. This transit of Venus will bring sweetness in your relationship. Closeness in relationships will strengthen the bond. If you’re single, you may begin the journey of love with someone special. If you’re already in love, then you may discuss about marriage with them. Although, there will be disputes with younger siblings. Students may have to face troubles in their studies, as they may get distracted. But working hard can lead to success in studies. Talking about marital life, your desire to conceive can get fulfilled. You’ll gain happiness through your kids, and their success will make you proud. During this time, take care of their health. Venus transit will bring success in your financial life. Also, you’ll gain the support of your family relatives.

Remedy: On Friday, donate candles to the girls.


Venus will move into your fourth house, which is also known as Sukh Bhava in Vedic Astrology. This house signifies mother, comforts in life, movable-immovable wealth, popularity and feelings. Due to the influence of Venus transit, you’ll remain happy in your personal life. Also, your family life will be blessed with prosperity. If you live away from your family due to your job, then you may get to spend quality time with them. Situations will remain in your favour in your workspace. In this duration, you’ll get rid of your financial troubles, and your reputation within the society will increase. Also, you’ll gain massive popularity in this duration. You’ll gain positive results in your economic life. There will be an increase in your movable-immovable wealth with this transit. In this duration, you may buy a new vehicle, property or estate. There are chances of you spending money on renovating your house. Your mother’s health will remain good, and your relations with her will become sweet. You may start an auspicious work with her blessings.

Remedy: For auspicious results, wear a Diamond on your finger on Friday.


Venus will move into your third house, which is also called as the Sehaj Bhava. By evaluating this house, one gets to know about his/her courage, valour, will power, younger brother, curiosity, passion, energy, and enthusiasm. With the effect of this transit, you’ll see an increase in your courage and might. You’ll behave fearlessly when giving your opinions and thoughts. Along with that, your personality will grow and there will be a boost in your self-confidence. In order to gain profits, you'd prefer taking risks. Within your workplace, your energy will know no boundaries, and you’ll act actively hen working. Avoid becoming overconfident, as it can negatively affect your image. You’ll enjoy your marital life, and love relations will become strong. Although, you may argue with your life/love partner over small issues. In such a situation, remain calm and act patiently. Students will enjoy their studies and their performance can be praiseworthy.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer him white flowers and White Sandalwood.

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Venus will move into your second house during this transit. This house reveals about a person’s family, speech, primary education and money etc. During the time, you’ll attain monetary gains and accumulate a good amount for your future. There are chances of an increase in your sources of income. Venus transit will strengthen your economic aspect. You’ll resume the financial planning and start working on them. Also, there are chances of profits in property and real estate. Your communication will improve and you’ll be able to attract people with your oratory skills. Some function or ceremony can take place in your family’s house or there are chances of welcoming a new guest. Harmony will prevail between members in the family. Students may find themselves distracted due to family issues during this time.

Remedy: Offer vermilion or Sindoor to Lord Hanuman on Saturday.


In this duration, Venus will transit in your own sign and get posited in the first house, also called as the Lagna. This house is also called as the Tanu Bhava and reveals information about a native’s personality and nature. During this time, you’ll be known for your good deeds and reap the sweet fruits of the hard work done earlier. With the effects of Venus, you’ll observe a positive change within your personality and as a result, people will get attracted towards you. People can seek your advice on serious matters, and siblings will support you no matter what. You’ll do something for yourself which will make you happy. There will be improvements in your marital life, although small disputes will remain present. Therefore, refrain from saying something rude which can make things worse. Talking about your love life, your partner will feel more attracted towards you. There are chances of you attaining profits if you belong from the field of art, music, acting, writing etc. during this transit.

Remedy: Offer red flowers to the Goddess in a temple on Friday.


Venus, when transiting in Leo, will enter your zodiac sign and get posited in the tenth house. In Vedic Astrology, this is known as the house of expenditure, and tells about one’s expenses, losses, salvation or Moksha, foreign trip etc. During the period of transit, you’ll feel inclined towards leading a luxurious and comfortable life and find yourself immersed in sensual thoughts and activities. Talking about your financial life, there are chances of an increase in your expenses. You’ll spend unnecessarily on things which aren’t required. In such a case, you need to control your spending and keep an eye on your wallet as well as budget so as to avoid financial crunch. There are chances of you going overseas. For new opportunities in career, you can move abroad so as to fully utilize the chance. You may also go on a long-distance trip, which can prove to be fruitful for you. You may plan to go on a picnic or hang out. The health of your spouse can decline, hence, look after them and see to it that they eat healthy.

Remedy: Offer yogurt or curd and sugar to Lord Shiva on Friday and then donate the Brahmins.

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Venus will get posited in the eleventh house during this transit, which is the House if Income. With the help of this house, one gets to know about all kinds of achievements, friends, elder siblings etc. During this time, happiness and prosperity will prevail in life. You’ll attain success in whatever you do. One of your heartiest desires will come true. You’ll move forward from the help of someone of the opposite sex. There is a possibility of money gains. Your love and bond will deepen. You’ll enjoy being a part of social parties, and spend a good time with your relatives and friends. Children will be benefited with this transit of Venus in Leo, although their health may decline. You may form a new relationship. Marital life will become stronger.

Remedy: Wear good quality Opal gemstone carved within a ring on the ring finger on Friday.


Tenth house will be occupied by Venus with this transit. As per Vedic Astrology, tenth house represents one’s career, father’ situation, reputation, politics and life goals and ambitions. This house is also called as the Karma Bhava. With the transit of Venus in the Karma Bhava, you’ll gain tremendous profits in your workplace. Your level of authority within your workspace will increase. Also, there will be a growth in career. Within your professional space, you may be given new responsibilities to handle. A collaboration or merger with an international company can give a boost to your career as well as business and prove to be highly profitable. You may go on a short or long trip related to work. You’ll attain full support of your business and life partner in your workspace. Love and harmony will prevail in your personal relations. Avoid any kind of argument and maintain a distance from unethical activities within your workspace.

Remedy: Worship a cow and feed her jaggery.

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Venus will transit in the ninth house of your zodiac sign. This house is called as the house of luck or Bhagya Bhava. It signifies about a native’s luck, teacher or guru, religion, travel, pilgrimage and principles. During the course of this transit, you’ll attain fruitful results. Luck will be on your side and as a result, you’ll attain successful results. Students will attain the blessings of their teachers. With their blessings, you’ll be able to perform well in your studies. You won’t compromise your principles and work accordingly. You’ll feel inclined towards doing social work, and happy while carrying out religious and spiritual activities. In this duration, you may go on a pilgrimage.

Remedy: Pour water to the Peepal tree without touching it.


Venus will get posited in the eighth house of your sign. In Vedic Astrology, the eighth house is known as the Ayu Bhava. This house denotes ups and downs in life, sudden incidents, age, secrets, research etc. With the influence of this transit, you’ll feel inclined towards materialistic pleasures, and sensual thoughts will occupy your mind. In such a case, you have to maintain a hold on yourself and control these thoughts. There will be some problems in workspace. But you’ll be able to eliminate your challenges and get past your obstacles by working hard and putting in your efforts. Relations with the in-laws will become better. You may get a hearty gift from their side. During this time, you may suffer from health-related problems. Therefore, look after your health.

Remedy: Chant the Durga Mantra regularly.

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Venus, also known as Shukra, will get posited in your seventh house as a result of this transit. Seventh house reveals about a native’s married life, spouse and all kinds of partnerships in life. The auspicious effects of Venus will make your marital life sweeter. There will be a sense of harmony and unison between you and your partner. Your life partner will respect your feelings and the love between you two will grow. Positivity will prevail in your personal life. On the other hand, you’ll feel more attracted towards your partner. Also, there is a possibility of major profits through business partnerships. You’ll be able to reach your goal with the help of natives o the opposite sex.

Remedy: Establish Shukra Yantra on Friday and worship it.


Venus will transit from your zodiac sign in the sixth house, which is known as the house of enemies or Shatru Bhava. It signifies opponents, diseases, pain, job, competition, immunity, difference in marriage and legal disputes. Although Venus is an auspicious planet, but its placement in sixth, eighth and twelfth houses doesn’t bear fruitful results. Hence, during this time, you have to remain a little cautious. From health point of view, this transit doesn’t seem to be favourable. Therefore, look after your health and see what you’re eating or drinking. On the other hand, you need to remain alert from your opponents, as they can plan and plot against you. Ry not to mess with your enemies in this duration. Put in extra hard work in case you’re preparing for competitive exams, as you’re bound to gain success only if you work harder. You are advised to maintain a balance in your marital life so as to avoid unnecessary arguments with the spouse.

Remedy: Feed a dough ball of wheat and jaggery to a cow.

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