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Venus Transit in Virgo - August 1, 2018

In Vedic astrology, Venus is considered a benefic planet by nature. It represents art, love, beauty, family, and worldly comforts. People favoured by Venus achieve luxury vehicle, house and all materialistic pleasures. However, its malefic influence causes disputes in marital life and declination in comforts and luxuries.

On Wednesday, August 1, 2018, Venus will transit from Leo into Virgo at 12:41 PM and remain progressive in this sign till 11:46 PM of Saturday, September 1, 2018. This transit of Venus in Virgo will have numerous effects on the natives of all Zodiac Signs. Read this article to know more about its astrological influence in detail:

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Venus Transit in Virgo


Venus will move into the sixth house from your Moon Sign. With this planetary movement, there would be a massive increase in the number of your opponents. You might face some hurdles in your undertakings. There might arise a conflict with your business partner as well. You need to drive carefully and take all kind of necessary precautions to avoid any kind of accident or injury during your journey. Your married life would be more prone to troubles and issues, which you would need to tackle with a mature and sensible approach.

Remedy: Donate Rice on Friday.


With this transit, Venus will move into the fifth house from your Moon Sign. It would be a period, in which you will be showered with the love you have desired for, by the love of your life or by your children. There would be an inflow of money during this period. You will enjoy delicacies and your dignity would enhance as well. There are chances that you might choose to switch your job. There is a possibility of childbirth as well. This period would prove to be a blessing for those who are in love. You would come through flying colours in examination you take. You might also receive gains through a lottery scheme.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga with utmost devotion


Venus will move into the fourth house from your Moon Sign. A wish that you have desperately been waiting to come true, would be fulfilled. Monetary gains might fall into your lap. As a result of this, you would enjoy comforts and luxuries. You might consider buying a new vehicle or material assets. You would be fully supported by your relatives, and your domestic life would be harmonious. You would be able to connect with people by means of your communication skills. Your health status would improve.

Remedy: Donate Sugar to a Brahmin on Friday.

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Venus will move into the third house from your Moon Sign. Your friend circle would expand. You would also dominate your enemies. Monetary gains coupled with support from your subordinates would make it easy for you to survive during this period. Your valour would increase, and you would earn name and fame. You might also gain through government schemes. You would show interest in religious activities. Your siblings would make you happy.

Remedy: Worship little girls on Fridays and also offer Mishri to them.


Venus will move into the second house from your Moon Sign. It would be a period when your love will flourish. You would remain healthy and fit. You might be amazed by the frequency of the gains that would keep you loaded with money. You might think about investing your capital in gadgets, ornaments, shopping, etc. You might also receive favours through Government, and would success in the field of Education as well. You would develop an attractive personality, and activities like singing, playing instruments and performing arts would pique your interest. You would supersede your opponents, and win over them.

Remedy: Wear Arand Mool in right arm on Friday.


Planet Venus will move into your first house by entering your own sign. You would gain money and happiness. You would gain an upper hand over your enemies and defeat them. You might also get indulged in unethical acts, which you are advised to avoid as much as possible. Probability of marriage or childbirth is there. Virgo is the sign where Venus is debilitated, and therefore, this would lead to success on educational front. Prosperity and comforts would make their way into your life. Your business would expand. Fragrances, fancy goods and fluids might add to your gains.

Remedy: Offer White Sandalwood to Lord Shiva.

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Venus will move into the twelfth house from your Moon Sign. There would be an increase in expenses accompanied by an inflow of income. Chances of a long journey is there, and you might also plan to go abroad. Your friend circle would increase, and you would enjoy delicacies and luxuries. You might find yourself involved in sensuous activities.

Remedy: Offer White flowers to Lord Shiva.


Venus will move into the eleventh house from your Moon Sign. An increase in wealth is highly probable, and as a result, you would enjoy good food. This transit would bring about a period of success in love matters, and would fill your life with flying colours. Your social circle would expand. You would also befriend the people of opposite sex. You would receive full support from your friends and would enjoy this period.

Remedy: Plant Tulsi in your home


Venus will move into the tenth house from your Moon Sign. This would invite health issues and mental stress in your life. Wealth losses accompanied by hurdles might occur at work. An increase in the number of your opponents is quite possible. You might face some obstacles in your endeavours, and in order to overcome them, you need to work hard and perform your best. You might have a difference of opinion with some people, due to which they might oppose you. You might not go along well with females during this period. Your seniors might not support you, and you are advised not to depend on them too much.

Remedy: Recite Shri Durga Saptashati verses.

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Venus will move into the ninth house from your Moon Sign. You would gain through multiple sources, and as a result you might buy new clothes, jewellery or gadgets. You might consider changing your job or transfer to a new place for your betterment. The status of your health would improve, and you might receive favours through Government. Your name and fame would increase. You would have a charitable and religious approach towards life. An auspicious ceremony might be performed in your family. Gains through spouse and friends are probable. Long distance journeys would be fruitful.

Remedy: Establish Venus Yantra on Friday.


Venus will move into the eighth house from your Moon Sign. An accumulation of wealth would lead to an increase in your materialistic comforts. This period would be filled with joy and happiness. You would get rid of all your troubles, and would be able to keep them at bay. You might get inclined towards sensual activities. There are high chances of gains and happiness through your family. Success in the field of Education is expected.

Remedy: Wear Sarpankha Mool on your right arm on Friday.


With this transit, Venus will move into the seventh house from your Moon Sign. You would be more prone to defamation. You might need to work hard for your professional growth. You might have issues with your spouse. Several journeys are on cards. You would find yourself inclined towards the people of opposite sex. However, you might be subjected to defamation and losses due to the same. There is a possibility of development of venereal diseases. You are advised to take necessary precautions to avoid them.

Remedy: Donate White articles to little girls.

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We, at AstroSage, hope that we have unveiled all the possibilities that might take place in your life during this transit period and wish that these predictions would help you to shape your future in a better way!

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