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Mercury Transit in Libra - 29 September 2019

The princely planet amongst the navagraha, Mercury, is considered to be the Lord of the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. This dualistic planet is normally quite auspicious but often procures negative effects on getting in touch with malefic planets. It remains exalted in the zodiac sign of Virgo, but is found in its debilitated state in Pisces. This planet is the significator of our speech, communication skills, intellect, logic, mathematics, consciousness, and business, and the native with Mercury in a strong position in their birth chart (kundli) succeeds in these fields.

Mercury Transit in Libra

Remedial Measures To Pacify Mercury

In order to strengthen or pacify the planet Mercury, wearing the Emerald gemstone is considered auspicious. As per astrology, wearing this stone procures good results for a native, especially those born under the signs of Gemini and Virgo, who are under the lordship of this planet. In addition to this, if a native has mahadasha of Mercury in their birth chart, then they should establish the Budh Yantra after (awakening its powers) in the hora of Mercury or under its nakshatras, namely, Ashlesha, Jyeshta, and Revati. This will start procuring good results for the person.

Transit Period

The significator of speech, intellect, and logical abilities, this planet, Mercury will be making its transit on Sunday afternoon, 29 September 2019 at 12:41 pm in the zodiac sign Libra. It will posited here until Wednesday night, 23 October 2019 at 22:47 hours. The effect of these planetary movements will be evident on all the 12 zodiac signs. Let us take a look at the impacts of this Mercury transit in Libra on you, as per your zodiac sign.

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Mercury will be making its transit in the seventh house, which is also known as the marriage house of your zodiac sign. According to astrology, it is the determiner of one’s partnerships in various fields of life. This transitory motion of the princely planet does not seem much favorable for Aries natives as you can come across some problems healthwise. It is recommended that you promptly consult a specialist if you face any skin related diseases in this duration. Working professionals may have to toil above and ahead of their capabilities which will cause you fatigue. Spend some free time on your hobby and do something you love to freshen yourself up. Married natives can become miffed with their spouse over something. If anything is annoying or upsetting you, let your partner know, because it is possible that what you are taking so seriously is actually rather simple. Coming to your family life, getting into an argument with a family member is probable and your economic front will also be on the weaker side for now, as you will be seen trying to save money in this duration. Business personnels of this sign may have to go on a trip or more, but they will not curate much profits to you.

Remedy: Donate green colored bangles on Wednesday.


The position of Mercury in the sixth house of their zodiac sign is giving auspicious signs for the Taurus natives. Especially the student natives of this sign will be in the receiving end of good results. There will be a new sharpness in your speech in this duration and you will impress everyone with your logic. You will be quite successful in competitions like debates, etc. Natives of this sign will have an increased interest in literature, and you may spend your time reading novels, magazines, and blogs. Working professionals will perform well and your opponents will not stand anywhere in front of you. Coming to your social life, you will be the centre of attraction amongst the people due to your communication skills. Natives born under the influence of the bull, who are associated with the field of writing will succeed and make a name for themselves in this transit period. As far as your love life is concerned, you will spend some quality time with your lover and may even plan to go on a trip together. Married natives too, will be seen praising their spouse and in return, receive the courteous behaviour of their respective partners.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga.


Mercury will be making its transit through your fifth house, also known as the house of progeny. This house is the significator of one’s children, education and knowledge. This transit period will bring a bout of happiness for your familial life and you will get to spend time with the younger members of the family. You may even plan to go on a picnic with your family in this duration, and the amiability amongst the members of your family will fill your heart with happiness. If your mother’s health hasn’t been well for a long time, then you may see an improvement in her now. This transit will bring an interest towards learning new things in the student natives born under this sign. You may get inclined towards religion and spirituality and may spend your time studying religious books and scriptures. Gemini natives may find themselves getting attracted towards the opposite gender and you will enjoy some good times with them while befriending them. However, this friendship will not continue for long. Overall, this Mercury transit will prove to be quite good for the natives of the sign of the twins.

Remedy: Recite the Durga Chalisa.


This transit of Mercury in the fourth house of your birth chart will be rather beneficial for Cancer natives. A serene environment will prevail over your family life as a result of this transit, and the love and affection between the members will increase. Those of you stay far from your family can spend hours talking to them over the phone. The health of your mother will improve and so will your relationship with her. Any problems in your economic life will fade away and there will be good chances of earning monetary gains in this duration. Working professionals can also look forward to a hike in their current salary. However, natives of this sign should avoid loaning money to anyone. Your relations with your seniors at work will improve and you will do good on the societal front. You even get a chance to mesh with some famous personalities during this transit period. Students need to remain focused on their goals for the time being and create a good time table to give equal attention to each and every subject. This will help you to obtain good results.

Remedy: Donate fruits to the poor and the needy.


Mercury will be making its transit through the third house of your zodiac sign, also known as the house of courage and valor. Due to this transitory motion, your communication skills will improve and you will be able to express your thoughts more clearly in front of others. Your familial life will remain normal, but you need to strengthen your relations with your siblings. If you have some resentment against them, then with the assistance of a family member, clear all grievances. There may be a decline in your will power to achieve your goals in this duration. You will be quite active socially and your friend circle will increase. On the other hand, your economy may be weak. Therefore, you should be careful while making any monetary transaction. Some unknown fear may also shake you in this transit period, therefore, you should do pranayam to calm yourself, and remember that overthinking may also give birth to fear sometimes.

Remedy: Chant the mantra: “ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय’’/“oṃ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya’’


The bestower of intellect, Mercury will make its transit in your second house, which belongs to the zodiac sign of Taurus, according to kalpurush kundli and signifies one’s money, wealth, and speech, etc. With this Mercury transit, Virgo natives may receive good results in various fields of their life. Beginning with your family life, you may be on the receiving end of happy results and successfully impress your family members with your talks. This duration also brings the probability of enjoying tasty cuisines at home. The magic in your speech will not only affect your family members but will also leave a mark on everyone at your workplace. However, you should take care of the people working underneath you. When you listen to them, the respect for you in their hearts will increase and you can see an improvement in their pace of work. Business personnel can get to reap the profits of old schemes and plans during this time, while student natives will be successful in Competitive exams. You will receive the fruits of your hard work during this transit.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu and offer camphor to him.

Procure Positive Results From Mercury, By Wearing Emerald


Mercury, the significator of speech and intellect, will be making its transit in your sign and therefore will be posited in your first, a.k.a., your ascendant house. As per the kalpurush kundli, this house pertains to the Aries sign and signifies one’s nature, health, and self-knowledge. While the presence of Mercury in this house brings good results in some aspects of your life, but there is also a possibility of loss in some other fields of life. Therefore, you need to be careful about your health in this duration, and taking the aid of exercise and yoga for the betterment of your well-being is also advised. On the professional front, fortune will be in your favor and you will perform well within your workspace. The trades of businessmen born under the sign of Libra, will also be in a good state. Additionally, those who have started their business recently need to keep an eye on their expenses, otherwise it could lead to losses. While your economic front will remain good, but expenses due to a decline in the health of a family member is quite a probability. This is an important time for the student natives of this sign, as they need to take certain momentous decisions about their future. You should take the advise of your mentors and family members before taking any final decision.

Remedy: Chant the Maa Durga mantra.


The dualistic planet, Mercury, will be making its transit through the twelfth house of your zodiac sign. The house of Pisces, according to kalpurush kundli, it is also known as the house of expenditure. As a result of the transit of Mercury in this house, there can be an increase in your expenses. Hence, devise a good budget plan and you will be successful in putting a stop to these unnecessary spendings. Scorpio natives, who have been planning to go overseas for a long time or wish to study abroad may finally see their wishes fulfilled in this transit period. Businessmen born under this sign may have to undertake some unwanted trips which will make them feel annoyed. Your opponents may scheme against you, therefore, you need to remain cautious and keep your head on a swivel. Healthwise, you may experience weakness and also suffer from mental stress due to personal problems, and that may result in a loss of appetite as well. Student natives may feel a decrease in their concentration levels too, due to which, they will face obstacles in their studies. Married natives need to try and understand their spouse’s point of view because not doing so can lead to rifts in your relationship.

Remedy: Donate green vegetables to the poor and the needy.


Sagittarius natives can look forward to financial profits due to Mercury making its transit through your eleventh house, i.e., the house of your profits. Any money that you may have loaned can come back to you in this duration, which will bring you out of any economic crunch. Your plans may finally come to fruition and you will reap its benefits in the near future. Coming to your family life, happiness will prevail and some close relative can be the reason behind the gain of financial profits for you. Your dynamism at work will astonish your colleagues while you will be seen spending some good times with your friends, on the social front. Newly married couples may welcome a new member to the family. Sagittarius natives in love will receive good results in their love life and remain loyal towards their lover. Student natives won’t have to work hard in order to concentrate in their studies. You can approach your mentors or seniors to resolve any problems.

Remedy: Recite the Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra.


Mercury’s transit through the tenth house of your zodiac sign will prove to be rather beneficial for Capricorn natives. This house is also designated the house of work or karma bhava which is why you will be more active than usual during this transit period. Working professionals will receive good results in their workplace and tasks done earlier by you, will be praised now. Some of you may even get a hike in your current salary. On the other hand, businessmen of this sign will also see a good profit in their trade. Your opponents will not be able to face you during this time, as you silence them with your logic. Your name and fame in society will increase, as will your respect. On the familial front, you will get rid of all problems and win the hearts of everyone with your good behaviour. Student natives should spend a portion of their time to improve their health and remember that a healthy mind only dwells in a healthy body. Coming to the love life of Capricorn natives, you will get to spend time with your beloved during this transit period and will do everything you can to attract them towards you.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer Durva to him.


This Mercury transit will take place in the ninth house of Aquarius natives. This house corresponds to the zodiac sign, Sagittarius, as per kalpurush kundli and signifies our religion, luck, and fortune. The placement of Mercury in this house of your sign, may not be very favorable for you. Due to this transit, you may have to struggle in various fields of your life. In order to achieve success in any field, you will need to work doubly hard. As for your economic front, you may attain monetary gains in this duration, but unnecessary expenses are also probable at the same time. Aquarius natives will have to face problems while travelling, and therefore, should try to postpone their trips if they are not of utmost importance. Coming to your family life, your pride can take you away from some important family members, and arguments with your siblings is especially possible. On the flip side, your love life will remain average. Student natives will need to work extra hard to get good results in their studies, therefore, maintaining some distance from your friends will be beneficial for you in this duration.

Remedy: Serve a cow and feed green fodder to it.


As Mercury makes its transit through your eighth house, also known as the Ayu Bhava or the house of longevity, Pisces natives will receive good results because of this planetary movement. An improvement in your economic front will be seen as you are successful in not only repaying your debts but also saving money for the future. Working professionals will be able to create a new image for themselves with their quick wit and thinking, while those looking for a job will be successful in finding one. Businessmen should discuss and take the advice of some experienced people before implementing a new scheme. You will need to be careful about your mother’s health in this duration and take her to a doctor immediately, if any problem occurs. As the significator planet of intellect, Mercury transits through the eighth house, natives will have an increased interest in learning about astrology, psychology, and other mysterious sciences. Your social life will be great, and your logical abilities as well as communications skills will attract many towards you. The time will be normal for students and you can take the help of pranayam to enhance your concentration power. You should avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and other narcotics because they will make you feel disturbed and restless.

Remedy: Donate pure ghee.

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