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Sun Transit in Scorpio: 17 November, 2019

Known as the “soul” of the universe, planet Sun provides heat and life to all the living beings, which is why he is also known as the Leader of the Nine Planets or Originator of Life. It acts as the significator of our father, government, government sector, influential personalities in the society, and our forefathers and ancestors. It rules over the zodiac sign Leo and governs Krittika, Uttara Phalguni and Uttarashada Nakshatra. Lord Sun is acknowledged as the essence of Kaal Purush, ruler of the East direction and representative of the colour Red. Adding to it, it is also given the status of a masculine planet.

Sun Transit in Scorpio

Effects of Sun

The presence of Sun in the third, sixth, and eleventh house leads to favourable results, whereas Sun in the tenth house is considered to be strong. Moon, Mars and Jupiter are known to be its friendly planets, and Venus and Saturn are inimical to it. It represents the bones and bile or gall bladder in a human being’s body and provides will-power and strong immunity to a native. The Sun represents the fire element and planet Mercury is its even planet.

Placement of The Sun In Your Kundli

If planet Sun is posited beneficially in your kundli, then you gain achievements in life. You perform extraordinarily in every aspect of life, and gain the support and admiration of your father. The chances of you landing in a government service becomes high as well. On the other hand, if the position of Sun in a birth chart isn’t auspicious, then the native has to face obstacles and challenges in life. Therefore, to strengthen the Sun’s position in your birth chart, perform the Sun remedies.

Timing Of Sun Transit

On 17 November 2019, Sunday, around 00:30 AM in the morning, Sun will change its placement and move out from Libra to Scorpio. It will remain posited in this sign till 16 December, 2019, Monday, 15:10 PM. The transition of the Sun will affect every zodiac sign in a different manner. With this article, let's read in detail about its effects on all the twelve signs.

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Sun will make its transit in the eighth house from your zodiac sign, which can bring health-related disorders and troubles in your life. During this time, you may suffer from cold, cough and other minor health issues. You will have to think before taking any step further in your social life, as one wrong turn can take down your stature and reputation in the society. In this period, your opponent can harm you in some ways. On a familial note, your kids and spouse will attain favourable outcomes during this course. Your troubles will vanish immediately, thanks to the positive environment prevailing within the home. You may meet some old friends of yours in this period. Talking about your financial situation, there are chances of you incurring losses due to your habit of gambling or betting. Therefore, you are advised to refrain from gelling with people with such interests or be a part of such practices. Anything hidden as a secret by you will come out in the open in front of your family members. Overall, you have to remain calculative throughout this period of Sun transit, and avoid being a part of the bad company.

Remedy: Venerate Lord Vishnu.


Seventh house will be governed by the Sun during this period of transit. This house is also known as the Vivah Bhava or The House of Marriage & Partnerships, and reveals about long-term partnerships in one’s life. With the presence of the Sun in this house, you will have to remain alert and cautious in your married life. You may get into a fight with your life partner as a result of this transit, but even amidst arguments and fights, you will remain concerned about his/her health. If you wish to see a rapid growth and improvement in his health, then you have to control your anger and behave in a nice and calm manner with them. On the other hand, this transit proves to be favourable for your career, as it is subjected to rise. With the effect of this transit, you are likely to gain promotion in professional space. If you have kids, then take good care of their health. Although, your mother’s health will thrive during this period, which will make you happy and contented. You need to maintain your calm and patience in this duration while carrying out any work. Also, students have to work hard and put in extra efforts to perform well and score good marks.

Remedy: Donate Gud or Jaggery on a Sunday.


Lord Sun will enter your sixth house from your zodiac sign, which tells about your enemies and opponents. This transit of Sun will prove to be beneficial for you. During this period, you may reap the sweet fruits of your hard work done in the past. Your personality will become so dominating and powerful that opponents will avoid getting in your way. Talking about your health, you won’t be troubled by any major disease or illness other than small things such as cold and cough. Your financial aspect will remain strong, due to which your family life will also get to prosper positively. During the period of Sun transit, you may gain benefits from government schemes. You will perform good socially, and your image will transform in a snap in the eyes of people. Businessmen who were planning on introducing changes and reforms in their business can likely go ahead with the idea.

Remedy: Chant “Aditya Hridaya Strotam” with a devoted heart.


In this duration, the Sun will transit in the fifth house from your zodiac sign, also known as the house of progeny or children as per Vedic Astrology. One finds about intelligence, knowledge and children through this house. This transit proves to be favourable from a financial point of view. As a result, you may get your money back in case you had loaned it to someone. In your love life, you and your lover may have to face troubles due to a third person, which can further worsen the situation. Talking about your marital life, your spouse may attain profits due to the transit of Sun. Although, there are chances of you entering into disputes and arguments with them. If you want to maintain the cordiality and love in the relationship, then talk to your partner about your fears and issues, and resolve the differences. You will have to look after your kids’ health. During this time, a rise in ego can be witnessed within you. As far as student natives are concerned, this transit will prove to be fruitful for them. You will be focussed in studies, and you can go through some knowledgeable books which are not a part of your curriculum.

Remedy: Distribute medicines to the needy and poor.


Fourth house will be occupied by the planet Sun during this transit. This house is also called as the Sukha Bhava or House of Happiness & Prosperity. Hence, this transit will be beneficial for Leos. As a result, natives working in the government sector are likely to receive a promotion at workplace along with other leisurely comforts such as house, vehicle etc. Not only for you, this transit will also prove to be favourable for your spouse as well, as s/he will attain great profits in workspace during this period. Talking about their social life, the Leo natives will exhibit a great sense of splendour through their communication, and you can win over people with your logical reasoning skills. Your friends will be seeking advice from you. On the other hand, some deeds of the past can bother you, but you will be able to overcome those situations and won’t repeat your mistakes. Regarding your family life, your mother’s bad health can stress you out. Some Leo natives can think of buying a new vehicle or property during this period of transit. Overall, this transit will incur good results to you.

Remedy: Do Surya Namaskar regularly.


The soul of the universe, Sun transits in the third house of your zodiac sign, which reveals about one’s courage, might and spirit. During this transit of Sun, there can be a decline in your courage and bravery. As a result, you may face challenges and difficulties in doing things which were previously easy for you. Although, you’ll move forward towards your goal. Your opponents may scheme against you with an intention of belittling or pulling you down, but they won’t succeed. Time is favourable for you from a financial point of view. You will gain beneficial results from the decisions taken in the past to accumulate finances. During this time, you may feel inclined towards spirituality and religion, and organize such an event within your house only. On the other hand, working natives might have to go on work-related journeys in this duration. You may meet influential and reputed people of the society in this period. Students will have to learn to utilize their time properly. Give appropriate time to your family and friends, but do not overlook your studies.

Remedy: Donate wheat to the needy on Sunday.


Second house of Libra zodiac sign will get occupied by the Sun. This house reveals a lot about one’s speech and wealth. During the course of this transit, you can experience rudeness in your speech, which is why there can be disputes within the family. If you want peace and harmony prevailing in the family, then try and avoid unnecessary arguments. You will have to change your social circle, as you can encounter people who can spread negativity and viciousness around you. Although, you will find such people enticing when you first meet them, but getting closer to them will reveal their true colors. Hence, stay alert. You may have to face several difficulties when dealing with finances and trying to strengthen this aspect, but you will come out as a winner by fighting off these obstacles and overcoming your weaknesses. Natives of this sign must keep their confidantes with them before taking any major step, and consult them regularly. There can be a decline in your health, as problems in life can hamper your mental peace and stress you out. Seek the guidance of meditation/pranayam to maintain your calm and also to keep yourself mentally fit and healthy.

Remedy: Donate red flowers and red-colored clothes on Sunday.


The Sun is transiting in your sign, i.e. in your first house itself, which reveals about a native’s personality, nature, health, mind and soul. During the period of this transit, your level of concentration will remain predominant. You will accomplish the tasks in hand and then only move forward to the next goal. Your seniors, subordinates as well as coworkers will get impressed seeing you work with such dedication. During this period of transit, there will be a hint of ego and aggression observed in your behaviour. You will have to remain cautious in your family life. A situation of separation may arise in the family if you don’t keep a tab on your anger. In this duration, you will focus more on trying to persuade your partner for the things you desire than listening to them, leading to a possible increase in marital disputes. If you don’t want to stretch things further and maintain a subtle environment, you need to remain calm. You may go on unwanted trips in this period, which can cause a decline in your health. Look after your eating habits, and try and include greens and fruits in your diet for a fit mind and body. Someone close to you may ask for a loan.

Remedy: Worship Lord Sun and offer water to him.


Twelfth house of your zodiac sign will get occupied by twelfth house of expenses and losses. During the course of this transit, you need to take care of your health, and lay emphasis on your eating, drinking and sleeping habits, because you may suffer from fever, insomnia and stomach ache, which can trouble you both physically and mentally. To avoid this, you need to remain physically active. Natives who dreamt of visiting abroad may get their wishes fulfilled in this duration. On the other hand, Sagittarius businessmen can get profited from foreign sources. Due to an increase in the expenses, some natives may face troubles. Also, some difficulties can crop up in the social life. It is possible for you to get into a heated argument with your friends, leading to a rift in relationships. Your bad deeds can get highlighted in front of people, hereby causing defamation and contempt. You may remain stressed during this transitory period, therefore being patient is important, as circumstances will definitely be in your favour. Natives of this sign who live or work overseas or abroad can get a good news.

Remedy: Mix vermilion and red flowers in the water and offer to the Lord Sun.


Lord Sun will transit in the eleventh house of your zodiac sign. According to Vedic astrology, this house is known as the Labh Bhava or the House of Profits. The presence of the Sun in this house can lead to unexpected profits. Your work will be praised within the workspace. You will indulge more with the seniors, which may become the reason of your good rapport with them. In case you have an innovative idea popping inside your head, then directly approach your higher officials and discuss your thoughts with them. Do not share your idea with anyone, as one can misuse this opportunity for fame. Talking about your family life, then time will be favourable for it. You may hear some good news during this period. Relations with your mother and father will improve and become better, and you will be able to excel in every aspect with their support. Although, there can be troubles and disputes in love life. Your lover may get upset with your careless attitude, although you will improve yourself with time. Married natives of this zodiac sign must make their life partners aware before taking any major decisions of life. Students need to prepare a timetable and focus on every subject.

Remedy: Offer Arghya to Sun using a copper vessel.


The transit of Sun will take place in the tenth house from your zodiac sign. This house is the house of actions, deeds, Karma, and profession. With Sun transiting in this house, you will attain success in your professional life, which will bring glory and clarity in your work. Natives working in the government sector may attain the comfort of a house or vehicle through the government. During this period, your personal life will remain peaceful, although you may encounter difficulties in your familial life. You may get into a fight or argument with the family members over a small issue. An increase in your attitude can distance you from your relatives. Other than this, there will be an elevation in your social reputation. You will come forward to help people in this duration. If you want your marital life to be blissful, then give appropriate time to your life partner. People who have started their own business must remain alert in this duration. Consult someone who is older or experienced before taking any step, as it will help you ward off several obstacles in life. Housewives under this sign can present their husbands with a gift of their choice to please them.

Remedy: Donate saffron-colored clothes at a Vishnu temple on Sunday.


The Sun is transiting in the Ninth house of your zodiac sign, which is ruled by Sagittarius in Kaal Purush Kundali. This house signifies religion, luck, mentor, long distance travels etc. With the transition of Sun in this house, you will have to struggle a lot in life. Hereby, you must put in all your hard work and effort to succeed in anything you do so as to gain desirable results. Talking about your familial life, you will have to take care of your father, as his health may decline. Immediately take him to the doctor in case he suffers from any bone-related disease. If you are having disputes with your siblings, then sit down with them, communicate and try to find a solution where both the parties come together. Ninth house represents religion, which is why the Sun transiting in this house will make you inclined towards religious activities. Some natives of this sign can go on long-distance trips. Health will remain normal, but natives above the age of 40 must take special care. Students, who wish to gain success in studies, have to remain socially inactive for a few days. Overall, this time period would be challenging, but your constant efforts will definitely garner you success.

Remedy: Offer red flowers on Sunday.

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