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Sun Transit in Scorpio - 16 November 2018

Sun is considered as the king of all planets as per Hindu Vedic system of Astrology. In Kundali, Sun is the ruling soul, father, ancestors, fame & recognitions, government jobs etc. it is the ruling planet of Leo sign. At the same time, Sun is the ruling element of Kritika, Uttarashada and Uttara Phalguni nakshatra (constellations). The planet gets exalted in Aries moon sign while debilitated in Libra.

The transit of Sun is called Surya Sankranti. Sun stays in every zodiac sign for a period of one month. On Friday, November 16, 2018, at 6:48 pm Sun will transit into Scorpio and remain there till December 16, 2018, 9:25 am.

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Sun Transit in Scorpio


Sun will transit into your eighth house. As a result, your health will be problematic. Fever, headache, etc. can surround you. Illegitimate things can become a cause of defamation. Avoid being around bad company. Your competitors will be powerful. You will spend memorable times with your children and spouse. Keep distance from bad habits like gambling or betting. Loss of wealth is surety if you do not refrain from these. Your secrets may not remain a secret anymore. The probability of them getting revealed is high.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu.


Sun in your seventh house indicates growth in career. A promotion may make you gaily but family life appears to be stressed. Married couples may not be at peace with each other. The falling health of your spouse may be a reason to worry. Your children may also suffer during this transit. However, your mother will be benefited during this phase. Obstacles may prevent smooth flow of work. Have patience and do justice to your responsibilities.

Remedy: Donate jaggery on Sunday.


Residing in the sixth house, Sun brings a good news of efforts being turned into possibilities along with opportunities being turned into success. Your enemies will be defeated with much ease and you will excel at your workplace. Petty issues may come up but you will overall remain healthy. Government policies may prove to be beneficial. A rise in self-respect, peace in family life and prosperity is predicted by our experts.

Remedy: Chant Aditya Hridaya Stotra.


Sun will transit into your fifth house. This indicates financial gains but conflicts with loved ones or family members. Avoid stress. Your children may also undergo something stressful. Take time to talk to them. Though you yourself will be emotionally dissatisfied, it is your responsibility to understand and address their issues. Your spouse will be stronger in their careers. You may pay off a debt. A job change may be planned by you. Avoid being an egoist.

Remedy: Donate medicines to poor and diseased.


In your fourth house, Sun will transit. Benefits from government, modification in vehicle or house, and promotion of your spouse is indicated by this transit. Your image in society will be stronger and better. Stress and arguments in personal life must be avoided. Mother’s health needs medical attention. Take good care of her. Big purchases are also predicted.

Remedy: Perform Surya Namaskar daily.


With Sun entering into your third house, your courage may appear to be diminishing. Stay strong and do not take a single step backwards. Conflict with siblings and change in job is predicted. Financial gains and interest in religious deeds are probable. Travel and opportunity to meet officers or people of high designation is indicated by the planets.

Remedy: Donate wheat to need on Sunday.


In your second house, Sun will make your voice harsh and create situations of conflict. People with negative thoughts may approach you. For income to increase, you need to work harder. Though you can earn a handsome amount if you keep striving. Eye problems, headaches, fever etc. cam hamper your work. To get rid of health ailments, drink ample water. Property given on rent will bring luck.

Remedy: Donate red flower and cloth on Sunday.


Sun in the first house will take your focus away from everything but work. Aggression and ego can create a difference with spouse and family. Unwanted journeys and ill-health is predicted. This transit will create stress which can only be managed with meditation. Ups-and-downs in career will also make you feel unstable.

Remedy: Worship Lord Sun.


Sun entering into your twelfth house indicates fever, stomach diseases, insomnia or eye-related problems. A long trip or an opportunity to go overseas is predicted. Your expenses will be more. Problems with friends will disturb you. A bad name is worst than a bad person. Avoid being browned as one. Stressful time is indicated by the stars. Have patience. Those linked with foreign countries in any manner may receive some good news or success.

Remedy: Dissolve sindoor in water and add a red flower to it. Offer this water to Lord Sun.


This transit of Sun in your eleventh house will bring unanticipated rewards. Seniors will support you and relationship with people of importance will get consolidated. Your designation may change for better or you may be felicitated for something. A heightened sense of self-belief and good news makes this transit a lucky one. Things you never imagined will become reality. Your family life will be good but love life needs attention.

Remedy: From a copper vessel, offer water to Lord Sun.


Sun is moving into the tenth house of your sign. This indicates success, promotion and happiness. Ego and attitude have never done any good. Avoid them. Disturbance in family life is predicted. Those having a government job will receive unexpected returns. Your self-confidence will be high and accolades will be all around you. The busy schedule won’t allow much family time. This can create a difficult situation, especially if you are married. Manage things with care and concern.

Remedy: Donate a saffron coloured cloth to a Lord Vishnu temple.


Sun in going into your ninth house. Your struggles will increase and you will need to put in extra efforts to accomplish your tasks. Your father’s health might be on a decline. A transfer or change in the workplace is predicted. Arguments with siblings are possible. You will be inclined towards religious activities. Be confident and fight till the end. Your confidence will rise as you overcome all the obstacles. Success will come for sure. Mental peace will keep you serene. A long trip may be on its way.

Remedy: Offer red coloured flowers to God this Sunday.

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