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Impact Of Venus Transit in Aries (10 April, 2021)

Venus, the planet that represents beauty, romance, creativity will be moving from the water and emotional sign Pisces into a more straightforward and hot headed sign Aries which is the sign of initiation, passion and high energy. This transit is likely to make you spontaneous and direct towards all your endeavors in your life.

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Impact Of Venus Transit in Aries

This position of Venus is likely to add fire, passion, energy and excitement in all the things that you undertake. This transit will also help you attract new opportunities and express yourself in bold and innovative ways. The Venus will Transit in this Moon sign of Aries on the 10th April 2021 @ 06:14 am and will continue to transit in this Moon sign till 04th May 2021 13:09 pm.

Let’s see what results this transit has in store for all the zodiac signs.

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Venus governs the second house of family, wealth and seventh house of marital relations, spouse, partnerships and society and will transit through your first house during its current cycle.

In terms of personal life, the presence of Venus in your first house represents the self, mental capabilities and our worldly outlook. The position of Venus in this house will make you more optimistic, charming, enigmatic and full of life. You will be unconditional, empathetic and affectionate towards your subordinates and family members during this transit, which will help you to develop close relationships with them.

Lovers are likely to experience bliss, happiness and harmony in their love life. Married couples are also likely to see their relationship strengthening during this transit. Single natives born under the sign of the Ram may get an opportunity to meet their ideal love interest during this transit.

As the seventh house stands for the society, Venus positioned in this house may make you spend most of your savings on physical appearance aiming to improve and enhance your attractiveness. This will help you gain self confidence and stand out amongst the crowd. You will be co-operative and flexible during this transit, which will help you gain a good influence, name and fame in social circles.

Professionally, good period to explore and undertake journeys as they are likely to pay rich dividends later on. You will be able to utilise your resources to their full potential leading to enhanced productivity and improved performance at the workplace. Those individuals working in the fields of creativity, media, film industry may find this period more supporting and enriching.

Business personnel born under the sign of the Aries are likely to see themselves signing new agreements, deals and partnerships during this time period. Also, those working in the business related to luxuries, jewellery and designing may register more profits during this period.

Overall, this transit is very promising for aries natives but you may be sometimes engulfed by the sense of pleasing others, which may create distractions and harm your individual growth. So, beware of this tendency and work on yourself.

Remedy - Fast on fridays and donate white things like rice, sugar etc. to the needy persons.


Venus is the governing planet for Taurus moon sign, so this transit will definitely bring about some significant and major happenings in the life of the natives born under the sign of the bull.

The position of the ascendant lord Venus can bring about some alarming situations related to health, so you have to take full responsibility and care of your health in this duration. Try to work on your immunity during this period by eating fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables, also, inculcate yoga, meditation and physical exercise in your daily routine. This will ensure improvement and positive development in terms of health. Working professionals may get some opportunities to work and settle abroad or get a chance to visit a foreign country during this time period. During this transit, you will be filled with energy and enthusiasm and may feel an urge to start something new, however, you need to put in consistent efforts in order to bear the fruits of it in the long term.

Try and stay away from indulging in any kind of arguments and conflicts during this period. Otherwise, your enemies can utilise this against you and you could find yourself embroiled in controversies.

In terms of personal life, this position of Venus in twelfth house indicates that you will be able to spend quality time with your beloved during this phase, which will further strengthen your bond. You might also plan to travel together to your favorite destinations during this period. However, as twelfth house represents expenses also, do not go beyond your capacity to spend, otherwise, you might end up borrowing money or loans, which might be difficult to pay later on.

Students preparing for competitive exams will have to put in a lot of hard work and dedication, if they want to succeed in their endeavors.

Overall, an interesting transit filled with opportunities, but be careful about your expenditure and health.

Remedy- Worshipping Goddess in any form on Friday will help you gain auspicious results.


Venus governs the fifth house of intellect, love romance and twelfth house of expenditures, foreign lands and spiritual beginnings for the Gemini moon sign and it will transit through the eleventh house, also known as the “Laabh Bhava” in Vedic astrology. This position of Venus is likely to bring auspicious and beneficial results for the natives born under the sign of the Twins, as the eleventh house is likely to provide benefits and profits of all kinds.

Professionally, as it is directly aspecting the fifth house of ideas, you will be seen executing your ideas with maximum proficiency, helping you to garner appreciation and recognition from your seniors. As this house is also related to creativity, you will be able to find creative solutions to the problems, which will put you in a good stead among your seniors and subordinates. Those waiting for promotion and increment from a longtime, are likely to get it during this tenure.

Businessmen who are indulging in import export or with foreign connections may get more benefits and profits during this transit. As the eleventh house also stands for networking, which indicates that mingling with people, using social networking tools and adapting quickly to the changing trends will be the key feature, if you want your business to provide you with better returns during this transit.

In terms of personal life, if you are married, then definitely the progress of your children will make you elated and happy. This is also a great time to plan a picnic or get together with your children, as not only it will help you know them better, but will also help strengthen the bond with them. Venus in this position is also likely to bring new and fresh energy in your personal life, thus providing beneficial results in terms of relationships.

Students are also likely to see a vast improvement in their grasping power and their keenness to knowledge will increase, which will help them garner good performance in their academics during this period.

Remedy- Recite “Mahalakshmi” Ashtakam in the praise of Goddess Mahalakshmi daily in the Morning.


The natives born under the sign of the Crab will host Venus in their tenth house of career and profession. This position of Venus may provide mixed and average results for the cancer natives.

The position of the evening star is not considered auspicious in the tenth house, which indicates that you might face some ups and downs and recurrent obstacles at your workplace during this transit of Venus. You may have put in extra efforts than usual to accomplish your tasks and endeavors. Some problems with seniors and higher authorities can be foreseen for many of you. Avoid indulging in any kind of office gossip or useless discussions with your subordinates as a trivial thing could blow and create problems for you in the long run. Behave well and in decorum with female colleagues during this transit, as they can be of necessary help during this transit of Venus.

In terms of financial matters, try and delay any kind of investment as Venus in this position can bring about some hastyness, which you might regret later on. Avoid any kind of loans and liabilities in this period, as they may be difficult to pay later on.

In terms of personal life, do not argue with your spouse or wife, if you want peace to prevail in your domestic environment. Also, avoid any kind of financial dealings with your relatives as they may turn into arguments and quarrels later on.

Anxiety, restlessness may also grip you during this time, which might put negative effects on your physical health also. You might face some hormonal imbalances or problems related to your stomach during this period. So, try and relax and include meditation, yoga in your daily routine, which will have a calming influence on your mind, thus bringing positive effects on the physical part of the body as well.

Remedy- Recite and contemplate on the Venus mantra daily during Venus hora daily.

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Venus governs the third house of courage, siblings and efforts and the tenth house of profession and career for the natives born under the Leo sign. Venus will transit through the ninth house of fortune and luck during its current cycle, bringing favorable results for the Leo moon sign.

Professionally, as both the 3rd and 10th houses are growth houses,ungoverned by Venus and its position in the ninth house indicates that your efforts will be guided and supported by fortune during this transit. This will result in you getting professional opportunities to succeed at your workplace. Also, during this transit, meeting with some influential person could provide a big breakthrough in your career. Some of you working in government sectors are likely to get transfers or postings to their favorite positions.

Foe business personnel, good time to expand your operations, so be action oriented and spontaneous during this transit. Also, very good transit to undertake journeys and explore the happening trends that will help you immensely in upgrading your ventures or endeavors.

Professionals in media, journalism, films,arts and crafts industry will see their efforts bearing fruitful results.

Personally, full cooperation and affection from siblings, especially younger siblings will be there during this transit. Auspicious events could happen at home. Your name and fame in the society will increase due to your virtuous deeds. This is a very conducive period for socializing as you will get the opportunity to make new friends. Some of you may also plan a long journey somewhere during this transit. If you are married, enhanced academic performance of your child will make you both elated and happy. If you're single and eligible, then you are likely to find a suitable match during this transit. However, remain careful about the health of your father.

Healthwise, also, this transit will provide positive results.

Remedy- Apply white sandalwood paste on your forehead daily. This will help you get beneficial results of Venus.


For the Virgo Moon sign, Venus is the lord of the 9th house of fortune and 2nd house of wealth and family. During its current cycle of transit in Aries, it will move through your 8th house that represents transformation, changes , legacies and inheritance

In terms of personal life, you are likely to face some ups and downs and stressful situations in your relationships during this time. So, you are advised to stay calm and take proper care of the relationships especially with your spouse. Avoid any kind of heated arguments with your family members, otherwise, your relationship with them may get strained. The health of some family members can also be a source of worry for some of you and you may have to spend a large chunk of your money on the health of your family member.

However, professionally, things will be better, you will be more progressive during this period and will command more respect and honor at your workplace. For business personnel, it is a good transit in which business and trade are likely to flourish.

In terms of finance, as the lord of the second house, Venus is directly aspecting its own house, which indicates that financially this period is very good and promising. Some of you might recover your old debts or dues during this period, and some of you may also get hold of the ancestral property..

In terms of health, eyes, abdomen and weight are the issues that can bother you during this period, so, try and regulate your screen timings be it Television or mobile and your eating habits.

Overall, this period gives you a research bent of mind, deep thinking, philosophical and spiritual bent of mind. If you are ready to work on yourself on all layers physical, mental and emotional levels, you can awaken your hidden energies and strengths, which will lead you towards higher goals.

Remedy- Donate beauty related items or cosmetics to young girls during this transit.


For the Libra Moon sign, Venus plays a very significant role, because not only it governs your eighth house of transformation, it also rules over your ascendant house which reflects your personality and self. Since it governs your first house, this transit will be very crucial for the natives born under this sign of the scales.

During the Transit of Venus, this planet of beauty and romance will move towards your seventh house which denotes long term partnerships and society and will have a direct aspect on its own house of personality. Personally, this indicates that you are going to enjoy positive results on the relationship front. Single or unmarried natives have a bright chance to enter into relationships during this transit. Your relationship with your inlaws will also strengthen during this time, which will have a positive bearing on your relationship with your beloved.

However, as the seventh house is one of the desire houses of horoscope, there are chances of you getting tempted to indulge in extra marital affairs, which could prove detrimental for both, your relationships and your image. So, it is advised to stay within your limits, not cross the boundaries and spend quality time with your beloved.

Professionally, your optimism and energy levels will be high and your optimism will see you getting positive results at your workplace. Some of you might also get benefits from senior authorities in your field of work and the government during this transit. Business partnerships will be fruitful, any journeys undertaken to expand business will bear great results.

As the Venus is directly aspecting the ascendant house, this will provide you with the necessary vitality and resilient power to fight against any onset of diseases and will also help you to recover fast, if you have been suffering from any previous ailment.

Remedy- Wear a good quality opel crafted in silver or gold in your right hand ring finger on Friday to get beneficial results of Venus.

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Scorpio natives will host Venus in their sixth house during the Transit of Venus in the Moon sign of Aries. Venus governs the twelfth house of expenditures and seventh house of marriage, partnerships and vocation, this indicates that this transit is going to provide mixed and average results for the Scorpio natives.

Professionally, this period may bring some tough times for you, as your enemies may increase during this duration and there are very high chances that you may have to settle or compromise with them against your will. Do not involve yourself in any kind of office gossip or unnecessary talks, as there are very high chances of your image getting besmirched.

If you are in business, then quarrels or differences with the partner is on the cards. Avoid undertaking any kind of journey in this period, if possible as they are going to provide unnecessary worries and expenditures instead of profits. Also, avoid taking any new initiatives or starting nay new ventures in this period as there are huge chances of loss.

In your personal life, some of you might remain worried about the health and well being of your spouse during this period. Some sort of confusion or communication gap can spoil the relationships with your beloved. So, it is advised to choose your words carefully while dealing or communicating with your life partner.

In terms of health, you can face problems related to eyes, abdomen, urinary tract illness etc. so try and maintain a proper diet and regular intake of water during this period.

Remedy- Recite” Sri Suktam” in praise of Goddess Lakshmi daily during the Sunrise.

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The evening star Venus governs the eleventh house of profits, friends and networking and sixth house of competition, obstacles and determination for the Sagittarius ascendants. Venus during its Movement in the Moon sign of Aries will transit through the fifth house of love, romance, progeny and intellect for sagittarius natives. This indicates that this transit is going to provide beneficial and favorable results for them.

Professionally, as eleventh house lord Venus is directly aspecting its own house, which indicates that money is going to come to you from different or varied sources during this transit. Many of you may be bale to get their much awaited promotion or increment during this period. You can also expect a rise in your position in society.

In terms of personal life, your teachers, mentors and elders will provide you with the much needed affection and support, that is going to be a source of happiness and joy for you. Some of you may also witness an addition in your family during this time of the year.. The single natives born under this sign are likely to find an ideal partner during this cycle of Venus. Those married or in committed relationships will be able to spend quality time with their partner, that will help strengthen the relationships with their beloved. You are likely to enjoy conjugal bliss in their relationships. Friends will be cooperative and helpful during this period, which will make you happy.

This is also a good time where your creative tendencies will be high and you may be inclined to learn dance, music in this duration.

Healthwsie, also, things are likely to remain fine and you are also likely to enjoy your favorite food and delicacies during this period. You may also spend on enhancing your luxuries, comforts and the things that bring you happiness, which is also likely to produce positive effects on your health.

Students preparing for government or competitive exams have a very high chance of succeeding in their endeavors during this transit.

Remedy- Lord Parshuram Avatar of Lord Vishnu is connected to Venus, so, reading and listening to his stories will provide beneficial results.


Venus, is a yogakaraka planet for Capricorn, thus any transit or movement brings significant results for the natives born under the sign of the fish goat. The planet of beauty and romance Venus will be transiting through your fourth house during its Movement from Pisces to Aries Moon sign. This movement of Venus is likely to bring you favorable results and outcome in this duration.

Porfessionwise, as Venus is directly aspecting its own 10th house of profession and career, which indicates that this period will provide you with the opportunities to move ahead and progress in your respective fields. You may even get promoted or raised to higher positions of authority during this transit of venus. Financial prosperity is also on the cards for some, investments done previously are likely to yield beneficial and substantial profits, this may lead to an enhanced financial portfolio.Those indulged in agricultural ventures may find some profits or gains during this period.

Personally, you will be in a happy space during this transit of Venus. You will like to spend some quality time with your spouse and children, which will further help in strengthening the bond within the family. Fourth house stands for popularity, so, your popularity is going to rise in your social circle and you are going to make new friends during this period. The company of your friends is likely to make you happy and elated. Some of you are also likely to enjoy the company of the opposite sex in this duration.

Good period that will see you spend on your comforts, luxuries and also some of you may make an acquisition in the form of a vehicle or real estate.

Healthwise, also, this period will see you more optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic than usual.

Remedy- Meditate and contemplate on the Venus Yantra daily in the morning.


For the Aquarius Moon sign, Venus governs the fourth house of happiness and ninth house of fortune and luck. The evening star, during its transit in Aries, will move through your third house of the horoscope. The third house denotes short journeys, communication and siblings.

This transit is likely to bring favorable results in terms of personal life, as you may plan a short journey with your beloved during this time period. Your relationship with your immediate family would be cordial and you are likely to enjoy quality time with your siblings during this phase. Socially also, this transit will bring good times for you, as you are likely to witness an increase in your friend circle during this time.

At the home front, some auspicious events or happenings are on the cards for some of the Aquarian natives. Your interest towards religion and spirituality may rise in this transit and you may be seen indulging in charity or donations during this phase.

Professionally, rise in authority can be expected for some of the professionals during this transit. Your communication skills will be very effective which will help you to put forth your suggestions with boldness and courage, holding you in high stead among your colleagues and senior management. This period also indicates an upward movement in terms of finances. Your business ventures are also likely to attract gains and profit.

If eligible, you are likely to find a suitable match during this period, healthwise, also, things are moving in a positive direction.

Remedy- Wearing crystal quartz rosary beads will provide auspicious results.


For the last zodiac sign Pisces, Venus governs the third house of siblings,communication, journeys and eighth house of changes, transformation and legacies. During the transit of Venus in Aries, it will move through the 2nd house of your horoscope which represents resources, savings, monetary and fiscal earnings.

Venus in this position may bring about some disturbances in your family life due to your inappropriate choice of words. Therefore, you are advised to maintain your decorum while speaking with them. There are also very high chances of you spending your wealth on the well being and health of your siblings during this cycle of Venus.

Professionally, things will be a little edgy, you may be assigned some work that is not according to your potential or your talents and it may lead to frustration and angst in you. This can create certain misunderstandings and arguments with your boss or senior authorities, so, you are advised to remain calm and patient in this duration, and tread this period cautiously. Try and not indulge in any conflicts, as that may give your enemies or contemporaries to besmirch your image and march ahead of you.

Financially, you will be able to move slowly and gradually, however, there are chances of sudden expenditures, so you are advised to be watchful and careful while spending your money, control your impulse on overspending.

Healthwise, you can encounter some problems related to teeth and eyes, so no negligence on this part should be there. Take advice or consultation from a doctor, if necessary.

Overall, a mixed period, but being caring and affectionate towards your loved one will lead to you getting good support and affection from them. This will help you face this period with more courage and conviction leading to better results.

Remedy- Donate cosmetics to young girls and taking blessings from them on Friday will provide you with beneficial results.

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