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Venus Transit in Libra - 4 October, 2019

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus is considered to be a naturally auspicious planet, whose impact on the natives is nearly always positive. It is the significator of love, beauty, art, materialistic amenities, and worldly pleasures. The positive effects of this planet helps a person live a lavish life full of materialistic pleasures, get good results in love and marital life, as well as help them attain trips overseas, vehicles, and other luxurious amenities. However, on the flip side, the malefic effects of Venus results in the native being unable to achieve much success despite constant hard work, and such a person can also come down with skin diseases or STDs. Such natives should perform remedies to pacify the planet in their birth chart. With this article today, we will discuss about the impacts of this planet’s movement into the zodiac sign of Libra. Since, Shukra (Venus) has lordship over zodiac signs Taurus and Libra, can be found in its exalted state in the sign of Pisces and in a debilitated state in Virgo, therefore its transit in its own sign will affect all 12 zodiac signs visibly.

Venus Transit in Libra

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Transit Period

Venus is the Goddess of love, marriage, and beauty, and will make its transit by moving out of the zodiac sign Virgo on Friday, 4 October 2019, at 04:56 AM in the morning and entering Libra. It will remain posited in the sign of the balance until Monday, 28 October 2019, 08:12 AM. Let us examine the impact of this Venus transit in Libra on all other zodiac signs.

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As Venus transits in the seventh house of your zodiac sign, Aries natives can see a particular impact in their workplace. Some of you can attain a promotion at work, while some can even emerge as a hero amongst your co-workers. However, you need to stay away from any disputes at your place of work to avoid besmirching your image. Male natives of this sign especially should respect women to attain the positive effects of this transit. Be careful and in any condition, do not ignore your health, as it may decline in this duration. Married natives can be on the receiving end of both good and bad results for now. Where on the one hand you will have your spouse’s support and the love and romance between you two will increase, on the other, an argument can also occur amidst you both. Therefore, to pave your way towards making your marriage even more pleasurable, attempt to understand your partner’s emotions better. As for your love life, natives may face problems in tying the knot with their beloved due to protests against their love marriage. Overall, this Venus transit will be moderately beneficial for natives born under the sign of the ram.

Remedy: Donate White Sandalwood on Friday to evade the malefic effects of the planet.


Taurus natives need to take special care of their health as Venus transits in their sixth house. As per astrology, this house corresponds to our enemies, diseases, pain, job, competition, immunity system, differences in married life, and legal matters. Therefore, you should adopt healthy lifestyle and eating habits to keep yourself fit. Your enemies can conspire against you, which is why you need to remain cautious and ensure that they do not dominate you. Married natives will witness some ups and downs, but you need to remember not to let your ego come in between your relation, otherwise that will only leave a negative impression. Taurus natives associated with business can have strained relations with their partners during this transit. As for your financial aspects, you will need to avoid unnecessary expenditure and give more attention to saving money. Economising now will save you from getting into an economic crunch later. Some of you may even take a loan from the bank to improve your financial conditions. If you are planning to travel during this transit period, then you should attempt to postpone it for now, as any trips undertaken in this duration can prove to be harmful for you. A situation of dispute with a female in your workplace can arise for some natives born under the sign of the bull. Try to avoid any such scenarios and work harder, as only your devotion and hard work can help you succeed at work. Overall, this transit will be normally fruitful for the Taurus natives.

Remedy: Present an attar (perfume) to the priestess of a temple to escape the harmful impacts of Venus.


This transit of the planet Venus into the fifth house of your zodiac sign will be quite favourable for Gemini natives. On a personal level, you will be successful in defeating your opponents, while economically, you will be able to repay any old debts or loans that you may have taken from your near ones or the bank. On the health front as well, there will be much improvement in your well-being, you will find yourself physically fit, and experience a special energy arising inside you. Student natives born under this sign, who wish to pursue higher studies abroad, will achieve success in their attempts, while those preparing for competitive exams will also pass the test with flying colours. This transit will also contribute to your love life by bringing an abundance of love and romance in your relationship. Also, you may get to spend some unforgettable moments with your partner by going to see a movie or on a candlelight dinner together. Married natives will also grow closer to their spouse, and the love between you and your partner will strengthen. Some of you may get a news through your life partner, will fill your life with happiness. Newlywed couples may even get blessed with a baby due to the impacts of this transit. On the whole, this Venus transit will prove to especially beneficial for natives born under the sign of the twins.

Remedy: Chant the mantra: “ऊं शुः शुक्राय नमः। / ūṃ śuḥ śukrāya namaḥ” for special benefits.

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As Venus makes its transit in your happiness house or fourth house, it will bring with it success for Cancer natives in various fields of life. On the familial front, an environment of happiness will prevail and you will be able to spend precious time with your family members. Moreover, an auspicious function or ceremony can also be held at your home in this duration. You will monetarily flourish and be able to fulfill all your desires. You may plan on buying a new vehicle during this time and even spend your money on home decor items. Therefore, on the whole, this transit will be beneficial for you on the financial front. However, working professionals need to remain wary, as there is a possibility of getting into an argument with someone at your workplace. However, if you are experiencing certain problems, a colleague can come forward to help you out as well. Healthwise too, this time is beneficial and you will witness an improvement in your wellbeing during this period. You will be more cautious concerning your healthcare and will turn towards a healthier lifestyle. Overall, this transit will be normally beneficial for natives born under the sign of the crab.

Remedy: Worshipping Lord Shiva and offering white flowers to him will help you avoid the malefic effects of Venus.


There can be an increase in your courage, will power, and ability to work, as Venus makes its transit through the third house of your zodiac sign. You will remain victorious over your enemies due to this transit, and not let them dominate you. This planetary movement will also make you more inclined towards religious activities and an interest in learning about different religions will rise within you. Some natives can even go on a pilgrimage in this duration. On the familial front, your siblings can gain benefits in their respective fields. As a result, the atmosphere at your home will be full of happiness and serenity, as mutual love perseveres between the family members. Working professionals can think of changing their job during this time, but it is advised that you take any decision after putting much thought behind it. In addition to this, you will get the complete support of your colleagues at workplace. Natives who are in the government sector have a good probability of gaining some profits from the government's side. As a result, your social circle will increase and you will become more influential amongst the prominent people of the society. Fortune will definitely favour you in this transit period, and therefore, you will be successful in whatever you do. Singles can look forward to the arrival of someone special in their life. On the whole, this transit will be rather beneficial for the natives born under the sign of the lion.

Remedy: Giving fodder to a cow and worshipping it will be beneficial for Leo natives.


As Venus transits in the second house of your zodiac sign, Virgo natives can attain good financial gains in this duration, especially through foreign sources. If you have been thinking of investing in share market or real estate, then now is the time to act, as there is a good possibility of profits for you. From the family point of view, this transit period will create an environment of happiness at home and prove to be rather beneficial for you. Some auspicious ceremony can be completed in this duration or someone in the family can get blessed by a baby. There is a good chance of getting profits through a female friend of yours. Food-lovers should rejoice, as this time brings opportunities to taste their favorite cuisines. The positive effects of Venus will also bring an immense change in your communication skills, due to which you will succeed in impressing others with your manner of speaking. Student natives born under this sign have a good chance of passing with flying colors in competitive exams. Virgo natives will get complete support of their father and perform well in their respective fields with his blessings. Your interest in the field of art will see an increase during this time and you may even try your luck in acting, dancing, or singing. All in all, this Venus transit in Libra will be quite beneficial for natives born under the sign of the Maiden.

Remedy: Venerate Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati with dry rice to evade the malefic effects of the planet Venus.

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As the transit of Venus is taking place in your own zodiac sign, therefore it will be posited in your ascendant or first house. The time will be beneficial for you from a health perspective, but you need to pay attention to your wellbeing and avoid the excess of anything because that will only prove to be harmful for you later on. On a personal level, there will be an improvement within you and you will grow as a person which will bring beneficial results in various fields of life. You will prevail over your enemies and they will remain apprehensive of facing you. On another note, some sensual thoughts may enter your mind, but you need to keep them under control otherwise you can end up besmirching your image. Married natives may get blessed with a baby, while marriage is also on the cards for singles. Natives in love can introduce their partners to their parents in this duration. Your inclination towards religious activities will increase and happiness and serenity will become a part of your life. Those associated with business can achieve good profits in this transit period. Student natives need to put their backs into it and work even harder for good results in their exams. On the whole, this transit will be favorable enough for natives born under the sign of the scales.

Remedy: It is advised to chant the mantra “ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः/oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ” to witness favourable results in your life.


The transit of Venus in the twelfth house of your zodiac sign can bring in profits for Scorpio natives, especially through some foreign sources. You may even get to go on a trip to your favorite place. Economically, you need to maintain a balance in your life, because while on the one hand there will be an increase in your expenses, on the other, you will get to enjoy the luxuries and comforts of life. Despite your expenses, there is a strong possibility of financial gains and an increase in your wealth through various sources. As a result, where you spend with one hand, you will gain from the other. As your friendship with someone of the opposite gender from your workplace increases, you will witness an increase in the positive results at your job as well. An overseas trip may be on the cards for business personnel of this sign for an increment in their trade. This transit will be specifically beneficial for married natives born under the Scorpio sign, as the love between you and your spouse will grow and your conjugal life will flourish. However you also need to take care of your partner’s health as they can go through some physical pains in this duration. On the flip side, the time is not so good for love life as there is a possibility of getting into a spat with your beloved. Therefore you should completely avoid getting into an argument with your lover to avert any such scenario. Overall, this transit will be moderately beneficial for natives born under the sign of the Scorpion.

Remedy: Feed kheer to little girls.


The transit of Venus in your income house, i.e., your eleventh house, will bring about good benefits for you in terms of finance. Prosperity will be a part of your life and you will get to luxuriate in materialistic comforts. Your hard work at your workplace will be highly appreciated and there may even be an increase in your income. You will taste success at whatever task you take in hand and your seniors will also commend you wholeheartedly for the same. Sagittarius natives in love will get to spend some romantic moments with their beloved and their lives will be packed up with love and cordiality. Some of you can even talk to your parents concerning your marriage with your lover. It would be a good period for married natives, as they get to spend some beautiful moments with their spouse. You can befriend someone of the opposite sex during this time and these new friends of yours will stand by you, through the thick and thin, in life. Taking note of the predictions above, it can be stated that the natives born under the sign of the archer will witness mixed results during this transitory motion of Venus.

Remedy: Recite the Sri Sukta to evade the harmful effects of Venus and to get the divine grace of Goddess Lakshmi.

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The transit of Venus in the tenth house of Virgo natives will bring obstacles in their professional life. Despite working hard with all your might, you will not achieve satisfactory results at your workplace. Some of you may even go for a job change, but it is advised that you think carefully and deliberate thoroughly on the topic before taking a final decision. On the familial front, you can get into a spat with children but you should remember to keep your behaviour loving, so as not to hurt their feelings. As for your family life, you need to avoid situations of disputes amongst family members to maintain an atmosphere of serenity at home. You need to remain cautious during this transit period because your opponents will attempt to dominate you. It will be better if you neglect them rather then getting into unnecessary clashes. The male natives of this sign are especially advised to respect women. Domestic harmony will prevail and you will also get to spend some quality time with your family members. Coming to your love life, you can have to face certain problems with your partner, that you never even imagined. As for married natives, some mental tensions are probable in your conjugal life. On another note, Capricorn natives associated with business may also have to face obstacles in their trade due to this transit and you may even get into an argument with a government employee over the expansion of your business.

Remedy: Worshipping Goddess Durga with utmost devotion will save you from the malefic effects of Venus.


As Venus makes its transit through your ninth house, Aquarius natives can look forward to gains in various fields of life. A long journey with family or friends is on the cards, and it will prove to be rather beneficial for you in various ways. Socially, your respect will increase and you will make acquaintance with influential people of the society. You will become interested in religious activities and can also go on a pilgrimage to a famous temple. Your hardwork will get recognition at your workplace, but you will require the assistance of a female colleague for the same. Employees of the public sector can attain gains through the government in this transit period. Those of you, who have been in hopes of success for a long time may finally accomplish the same, and there are also hopes of getting steady profits in the same field. Married natives will get complete support of their spouse and will sufficiently enjoy their married life. The time is favorable for love-related matters as well and you may go on a romantic date with your beloved. The overall calculations suggest that this transit will bring forward favourable results for the natives born under the sign of the water bearer.

Remedy: Take blessings of little girls for attainment of profits.


As Venus transits in your eighth house, Pisces natives will need to control their amorous desires, but there is a possibility that you gain materialistic amenities. Your family life will remain pleasant in this duration and some of you may even buy a new vehicle. As you take good care of your domestic responsibilities, you rise as a hero amongst the family members. On the one hand, you will spend some fun moments with the young children of the family, but on the other, ideological differences with younger siblings are also probable. Single natives may get into a new relationship in this transit period, however, it will be more prudent to keep this affair hidden from the world, for now. There is a probability of sudden gains at work which will bring an increase in your confidence. You will become more attentive concerning your work which may even result in a promotion for you. In the same vein, government employees can get a transfer somewhere else. Other than this, small health-related problems are also probable, therefore, you should remain cautious about your wellbeing. Student natives of this sign can especially look forward to success with this Venus transit.

Remedy: Offering saffron mixed Kheer to Goddess Durga on Friday will protect you from the malefic effects of Venus.

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