Kings XI Punjab: Team Members, Astrological Analysis

Kings Eleven Punjab is going to hit the pitch with full enthusiasm in IPL 2019. The team’s performance was not quite celebratory in the previous season as it managed to win only six matches out of all the fourteen matches scheduled. They lost eight matches despite being quite a dynamic team. The team is composed of vivacious batsmen like Christ Gill, Lokesh Rahu, Sarfaraz Khan and David Miller and bowlers like R ashvin, Mohammed Shami, nad Andrew tai can easily put pressure on the opposite team. The previous coach of the New Zealand team, Mike Hazon is the head coach of Kings Eleven Punjab. The previous fast bowler of Australia, Ryan Harris is the bowling coach and ex cricketer of New Zealand, Craig Mcmillan is the fielding coach. The team has always been in news because bollywood star Preity Zinta is its co-owner. She is always seen cheering for her team in the field. It will be interesting to witness how will it perform in this upcoming season.

Kings XI Punjab

Astrological Analysis of KXIP

The fans of Kings Eleven Punjab are quite excited to know about the team’s impending performance. This prediction is based on the name sign of the team and its captain. According to astrological calculations, the name sign of the team is Gemini nad that of captain Ashvin’s is Libra. Gemini’s association with Saturn (placed in Sagittarius) is forming a tir-ekadash (third-eleventh)relation which will not be good for the team. Because of this relationship formed, team will perform in an average manner. On the other hand Saturn’s(placed in Sagittarius) relationship with the captain’s name sign Virgo is also tir-ekadash (third-eleventh) which means that captain Ashvin will also perform in an average manner only.

The team’s name sign Gemini is also not in an amicable reltionship with Jupiter( placed in Scorpio) as the relationship is Shasashtak and it is forming a Bhakoot Dosha. This situation will also not allow the team to perform well. On the other and Ashvin’s name sign’s association with Jupiter(placed in Scorpio) is forming a davidwadash relationship (tenth-twelfth) which is not at all auspicious. It can be said that during this season also , Kings Eleven Punjab will not play very well and it’s fans will face disappointment.

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