Royal Challengers Bangalore: Astrological Analysis, Team Members

Royal Challengers Bangalore is once again ready to hit the pitch with full dynamism under the captaincy of Virat Kohli. The team’s high profile buy for this season is Australian all rounder Marcus Stainus, bought for a prolific sum of 5.2 crores. He was associated with Kings Eleven Punjab in the previous season. But players like Quinton De Kock and Mandeep Singh are not part of the team anymore. One has joined Mumbai Indians and the other is a member of Kings Eleven Punjab now. With respect to the team’s performance Ab De Villiers will be seen batting tremendously once again and along with him, Parthib Patel can do the opening.New Zealand’s Colin De Grandhomme and Virat Kohli will be seen batting and fast bowlers Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Siraj will be seen bawling along with spinner Washington Sundar. If we take a tour of IPL’s history, it can be seen that the team has never won the victory trophy. But this time, the team will try to change the course of History. Nevertheless, let us speculate what astrology says about the future of team.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Astrological Analysis of RCB

This prediction is customized according to the performance of the team and its players.. After analyzing the current situation of the team, we are stating the impending performance in the tournament. This prediction is calculated solely on the basis of team’s and the captain’s Zodiac SIGN. According to Vedic Astrology, RCB’S Zodiac Sign is Libra and captain Kohli’s Zodiac Sign is Taurus. Saturn ( placed in Sagittarius)has a third-eleventh (3-11) connection with the team’s Rashi and this placement is indicating that RCB will perform in an average manner. Kohli’s performance will also not improve because of the amalgamation of Saturn and Sagittarius which is forming a shastak Yoga which is a Bhakoot Dosha. Thus, in most of the matches, Kohli will not be able to perform well despite being a terrific cricketer. The team’s zodiac sign’s association with Jupiter(placed in Scorpio) is forming a 10-12th(Davi-dwadash) angle , because of which the team will perform in an average manner. But Kohli’s zodiac sign’s association with Jupiter(placed in Scorpio) is creating a Sam Saptak yoga which will prove to be good for him. But the team’s performance in the entire tournament will remain minimal. In this season also, fans should not expect much from the RCB team.

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