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Basant Panchami | Basant Panchmi

Basant Panchami Festival Basant Panchami 2016 date is, 12th February 2016. Basant Panchmi is an occasion of thanksgiving to nature celebrated during spring. Spring is indeed the most beautiful of all months in Northern India. The beauty of nature is breath taking and the celebrations of Basant Panchami undoubtedly add to the charm of the environment.

Basant is a Hindi word for spring and Panchmi means the fifth day. Basant Panchami is celebrated on fifth day of Magh Masa, Shukla Paksha. The celebrations of Basant Panchmi can in a way be called a festival of farmers, which over the years has become a part of urban Indian celebrations too. Indian tradition and culture has always payed homage to the gifts of nature and Basant Panchami is one amongst many such occasions. Spring is a season synonymous with abundance and ripening, time for birds to sing, as the splendid silent sun will be in full dazzle after the freezing chill of winter. People in India indulge in celebrations and rejoice seeing nature in full bloom.

A careful look at Basant Panchami celebration rituals will reveal how closely this festival is associated with nature and farmers.With the arrival of Basant Panchmi, the mustard fields of North India look like a yellow carpet of mustard flowers. This explains the importance given to the colour yellow during Basant Panchami celebrations. Yellow symbolizes the sunshine, the mustard flowers and a colour that reflects a happy - go lucky spirit.

As a part of Basant Panchami celebrations.. deities in temples and houses will be decorated with yellow colour cloth. Preferably yellow colored food, sweets and fruits are distributed to friends, neighbors and relatives. Yellow sweet rice is cooked and distributed on the day.

Basant Panchmi & Saraswati Puja

Goddess Sarawswati's Birthday is celebrated on Basant Panchami. An occasion for students, educational institutes and people involved in any kind of creative seek blessings of Goddess Saraswati. On the occasion of Basant Panchmi:

  • Students bring home the idol of Goddess Saraswati , worship her with seasonal fruits and mantras.
  • Young girls are offered meals of yellow - sweet rice.
  • Yellow colored clothes and ornaments are given to unmarried girls and poor. Belief has it that doing this will enhance knowledge, art, peace and happiness in family.
  • Traditionally, Basant Panchami is considered an auspicious occasion for Pitr Tarpan, for starting anything new like marriage, construction of house, beginning of a factory, inauguration of an educational institute etc.

Basant Panchmi Rituals

Significance of Kite flying - On Basant Panchami, people indulge in kite flying and kite flying competition for amusement. The skies painted in vibrant colours with innumerable kites dotting the sky all throughout the day. The significance of kite flying lies in adding to overall fun and frolick and recreation.

Significance of the colour saffron-On Basant Pancahmi, people prefers eating sweet food. Saffron, dry fruits and sugar is mixed in rice and cooked. Sweet rice like Pulav, Ladoos, Bundi, Kheer and Malpuas are offered as prasand and distributed to near dear ones. The sweetness of nature is replicated in the recipes people savour.

Significance of Melas- One can actually experience the festive spirit of Basant Panchami being a part of the Melas organized in various parts of India at that time. Namely, Magh Mela,Sangrur's Fair of Gudri Shiva Temple, Tilak Utsav celebrated in Baidyanath and celebrations at the temple of Sage Durvasa in Mathura - where Basant Panchmi is celebrated in full swing.

Poems on Basant Panchami

An inspiration for creative minds the season spring is a subject of many poems. Treat your soul with poems on Basant Panchami. A season where natures at its best, poems on Basant Panchmi paint word pictures about capturing the mesmerizing beauty of this season, this occasion. Let's have a look at some poems of Basant Panchami that glorifies the occasion.

Poem on Basant Panchami 1

aayi basant ritu madamaati
man lalachaati umang badhaati
sota prem jagaati
aayi basant ritu madamaati
sota prem jagaati
aayi basant ritu madamaati

(daar-daar se kanchan barast
paat-paat se joban barase)
phuul khilaati jag mahakaati hariyaali lahakaati
aayi basant ritu madamaati

ambuwa daar par koyal bole
(ambuwa daar par koyal bole
man ka bhed papiha khole)
bhanwara chhed ke git sunaata
(bhanwara chhed ke git sunaata
kali-kali musakaati)
aayi basant ritu madamaati
man lalachaati umang badhaati
sota prem jagaati
aayi basant ritu madamaati
sota prem jagaati
aayi basant ritu madamaati.

Poem on Basant Panchmi 2

Aaya basant hansata gaata,
rang-birangi phool khilaata.
jhoom rahi hai har daali daali,
kook rahi koyal matwaali.
Gun gun gun gun bhanwara gaata,
titali raani se batiyaata.
Khush ho bachche patang udaate,
wo-kaata ka shor machaate.
sardi kehati ab hai jaana,
mausam lagata bahut suhaana.
aaya basant hansta gaata,
masti ki gaagar chhalakaata.

AstroSage wishes all the visitors a VERY Happy Basant Panchami 2016.

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