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“Numerology is an ancient mystical science which attributes deeper meaning to numbers”. Quotes Sanjay B. Jumani, a well renowned Indian master numerologist.

Numerology Has Changed Lives Of Big Celebrities

Numerology’s philosophy as we all know states that all things carry a unique vibration, including human beings. Modern numerology can be a powerful self-help tool that provides insight and direction. Numerology is rooted in philosophies that date back thousands of years to ancient Egypt, Sumer, and India. 

"Numbers were universally used to describe divine forces in nature," Siegel explained. Around 2500 B.CGreek philosopher and early mathematician Pythagoras — the man who devised the Pythagorean Theorem taught that all things vibrate to their number and even the planets resonate to their own frequency. 

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Numerology affects every aspect of our life in many different ways. Our Date of Birth, Name, Life path number, etc affects our compatibility with people and also impacts our progress in life. There is a certain reason why many well known personalities around the globe are very particular about performing important tasks or starting new ventures on a certain date, day or at a particular time. Numbers have an important role in raising our vibrational energy and in turn affect us positively or negatively. Numerology is related to astrology as well and many times we see that people make changes in their names as per astrology as well. There are many such examples but we will take a famous celebrity example to explain this rule.

How Numerology Affects Our Life & Career: Celebrity Examples

How Numerology Impacted Karishma Kapoor’s Career & Personal Life

We will here take an example of yesteryear’s actress superstar Karishma Kapoor known for her stellar performances and timeless beauty. We know that Karishma Kapoor changed her name’s spelling to Karisma Kapoor sometime back in an attempt to revive her career but things didn’t go as planned. She was born on 25th June, 1975 and has a Leo ascendant, which is ruled by the Sun. If we go by the name numerology rules then the total of her name ‘Karishma Kapoor’ as per numerology sums up to number 1 which is also the Sun’s number, her ascendant’s ruling lord. 

Numerology Has Changed Lives Of Big Celebrities

If we add up these numbers the total comes up to 46

4 + 6 = 10 which is termed as number 1 as per numerology. 

She is ruled by the Sun and the Sun in her horoscope is very strong which is visible by the kind of successful career she had. The Sun is placed in the 11th house of gains. She dominated and ruled Bollywood throughout the 90’s while she had a lot of competitors like Madhuri Dixit, Raveena Tondon, Kajol, Rani Mukherji to name a few. Her name number also totals up to number 1. So it was actually tailor made for her. 

We know that she went through a rough patch in her personal life after her marriage with businessman Sanjay Kapoor and sought divorce a few years after marriage through a long and exhausting legal battle. A bad personal life also impacted her career negatively and things started going downhill professionally too. In a desperate attempt to revive her career and get her personal life on track she changed her name to ‘Karisma Kapoor’ but things didn’t work as planned either professionally or personally. However, we wish her all the best and hope to see her creating magic on screen once again with her charming aura and an excellent screen presence. 

A Tailormade Name Played Game Changer For Virat Kohli

On the other hand, Virat Kohli, born on 5th November, 1988 is a number 5 ruled by Mercury and even his name’s total adds up to number 5. 

Numerology Has Changed Lives Of Big Celebrities

If we add up all the numbers shown above, it totals to number 32.

Now as per numerology rules the number 32 is broken down to a single digit number: 

3+2 = 5.

Therefore, we see that it is actually tailormade for him and we all know how wonderfully numerology has worked for him. We hope he keeps shining and bringing accolades for our country. 

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