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Use Crystal Healing Therapy, Stones & Necklace Jewelry for Good Luck

Let's discuss the use of crystal healing in our homely space and workplace. From making your lifestyle easier to finally harness the life giving elements, crystal healing has a myriad of benefits to offer on an everyday basis. Here we have a list of articles to provide information about crystal therapy. If you hold the interest in crystal therapy and its uses with astrology, you can read the articles mentioned below:

What is Crystal Healing?

Use Crystal Healing Therapy, Stones & Necklace Jewelry for Good Luck Crystal healing is a holistic approach that utilizes the energetic power of crystals to cure various ailments and diseases. Known as a vibrational energy-based system, Crystal therapy means bringing body, mind, soul back in harmony, and restoring inner peace with the universe.

What are the Best Healing Crystals to Use?

If you have a keen interest in crystals and feel anxious about how you can harness some of their energies in your homely space and workplace? Learn how to harness the energy of crystals to draw in more love, joy, and happiness in your life.

For thousands of years, ancient civilization have been using crystals to treat physical, spiritual, and mental breakdown. As we all know that crystals come from the mother earth, when they're placed on your physical body, they not only help you connect to the healing energy of the planets, but help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Each crystal exhibit their own properties and energies to heal different aspects of your life.

Crystal Therapy for Money and Wealth

In this world of materialistic pleasure, wealth helps you attain material prosperity and financial status in society. Achieving a state of wealth means new opportunities and beneficial insights. You can use the potential of wealth and money gemstones to help you get abundant wealth.


If you want to eliminate negative thoughts about money, Citrine is the best crystal to look out for. Act as a light maker, Citrine is the ultimate wealth crystal for manifestation. If you want to manifest money in your life, shift your mind to the light of citrine. It not only helps you embrace a more positive mindset but it also acts as the best prosperity crystal. From helping you achieving your dreams to finally bringing in more prosperity, this crystal is everything that business owners should use.

Tiger's Eye

If you want to shape your perception, look no further than Tiger's Eye. This is a multidimensional stone that helps to get the things done right. If we stuck at something for too long, we don't get the vision of the future. This stone helps you get the right energy and filter the situation through the lens of eyes. It makes you realize that there are a handful of ways to achieve financial success in life. This is a stone for success and give you the much-needed confidence, willpower and motivation that you need to take significant action in your life. It will make you a calm and composed person even in difficult situations, helping you achieve a strong personality in future.


Do you want to lighten up your mood and play safe when it comes to your financial matters? Use Green Aventurine and make a room for fun and adventurous energy. From giving you a playful mood to finally helping you shift your perspective, this stone is everything you need to fill your pockets. Make sure you keep this crystal whenever you go out to casinos or to a jackpot game night. This stone reminds you to keep it light, simple and fun-loving. This stone is considered to be lucky for those who want to achieve wealth in their lives.This is by far the best money crystals because it is also known as the stone of opportunity, opening doors to new innings. You simply need to carry 8 aventurine stones, because 8 is the number of money.

Green Jade

If you're thinking to kick-start a new project or plan for financial security, Jade is the crystal you need to consider. Jade is not a quick solution for achieving wealth. It is one of those crystal that helps you stay wise, calm, and keep you motivated towards your prosperity goals. Since a very long time, Jade has been one of the most sought-after crystal therapy stone for peace, prosperity and wisdom. Known as one of the lucky stones, Jade can help you get abundant cash inflow. If you combine Green Jade with other green stones, you can double-up prosperity in your lives.


If you find yourself unworthy of everything, the best-alternative for you is Pyrite. Pyrite is one of the golden nuggets of wisdom, and it significantly looks like gold. It also shows the shiny-mirror quality that helps you achieve your life goals. Known as the popular crystal for money, Pyrite stone is one of the best remedy to double-up health, wealth and happiness in your lives. It gives you the confidence to take big financial decisions in your life. Posses such qualities, Pyrite double-up your wealth in both subtle and larger ways.

Crystal Therapy for Mental Clarity

Mental clarity is paramount in helping an individual lead a worthy life. When we attain a collective level of thinking, we go through a phase of evolutionary consciousness. We are moving from a limited based consciousness to a more liberal way of focus, wisdom, and thinking. We all yearn to live a life full of kindness and compassion.

With this collective change, we as humans will strive for a better future. If you are one of those beings who find it difficult to achieve mental peace, fret not, stones are there to help you achieve mental clarity in a more precise possible way. If you want to clatter your mind and achieve mental clarity backed by the most beneficial stones, here is a list of crystals to help you achieve mental clarity.


The noble and regal energy of Sapphire helps to harmonize your mind and attune it to an infinite world of happiness. It helps to channelize one's highest truth & inner wisdom. From organizing scattered thoughts to finally helping you take strategic decisions, Sapphire is one of the stones that helps you connect to the planet Saturn, which governs willpower, self-discipline, and gives you a structured personality. This energy helps to connect one's mind to the higher self. Sapphire is the stone that allows you attain psychic abilities and helps you get the records of all events. It can easily analyze superficial knowledge to be scanned through the intuitive eye. Sapphire enables us to be our own self, with patience and compassion.

Physical: Vertigo, Headaches Aids impaired vision

Chakras - Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Tigers Eye

The soft and gentle vibrations of Tigers Eye promote balance between polar states of consciousness and rightful action. It not only enables you to make effective decisions but helps you handle a situation in a rightful manner. It tests your ability to work through hard times. From providing an enhanced concentration, self-confidence, integrity, courage, grace, and will-power to finally help you deal with your fear and anxiety issues, the Tigers Eye crystal stone is everything that you need to make your life simple and worth-living. It helps you frame the difference between illusion and reality to develop peace and harmony in your life. This crystal helps you fight personal greed and misuse of personal power. It can also treat your mood swings.

Chakras - Solar Plexus, Sacral Plexus Chakra,

Physical: Strengthens blood, increases vitality and restores balanced state of the body


From providing you an enhanced mental state to finally helping you in decision-making power, the Fluorite crystal therapy stone is everything you need to channelize your energies. It clears the mental blockage, confusion related to brain and nervous system. It is one of the highly protective crystals available in the gemstone market, not only it shut down psychic manipulation, but undue mental influences. It acts as a cleansing agent, channeling your inner self to create an aura in your surrounding. It is used to absorb information promoting critical thinking, and high-concentration. It teaches the importance of a balanced state. It is also been used to overcome disorganization in your life.

  • White (clear) Fluorite represents purity and oneness, to help you build connections to spirits.
  • Green Fluorite is used for purgation of emotional self. It is also used to deal heart related matters.
  • Yellow Fluorite is used for decision making power and boosts confidence and willpower.
  • Purple Fluorite is used to treat mental blockages, mental peace and connection to spirits.
  • Blue Fluorite is used for proper form of articulation.

Fluorite should always be cleansed before using because of its ability to absorb negative energy.

Chakras - Heart, Throat, Crown

Physical: Neck, teeth, vertigo, bones,


From giving beneficial insights to finally peeps into one angelic nature, the Amethyst crystal healing stone is ideal for people with religious and spiritual ideology. It gives access to wisdom thinking, promoting the crown chakra, enhancing mental clarity while boosting intelligence and high-thinking. This is the crystal that surrounds you in a "light of spiritual white" It helps you block negative energy and unhealthy emotional relationships. It can be used to avoid overindulgence and helps you giving up on bad habits by simply identifying the root cause of the problem. This crystal emancipates a positive vibration in your surrounding. You can wear Amethyst crystal healing necklace around your neck.

Chakras - Third Eye, Crown

Physical: Helps with symptoms of nerve disorders, tinnitus, brain imbalances, and other addictions.

What are the Benefits of Crystal Healing?

Good Luck Stones for Actors and Actresses

Actors and actresses are in great need of good luck. To carve desired results, they need to carry Red Jasper and Carnelian stones with them. Red Jasper is said to be believed as a lucky stone for actors and actresses because of its remarkable creative ability. Carnelian is a stone that is used to bring confidence and unleash hidden potential. It is one of the sought-after stone to wear or carry with you on movie auditions and interviews.

Most Powerful Crystals for Luck

If you want to double-up your wealth and attain abundant source of financial gain, then Tourmaline is the lucky stone that you need to wear. Tourmalinated Quartz is a lucky stone because it possess the positive energy of both Tourmaline Crystal and Quartz Crystal. It block all the "negative vibes." It helps to draw in more love, joy and happiness in your life.

Lucky Crystals for Monetary Success

If you are looking for monetary growth in your life, then Garnet is that lucky stone you need to look forward. Act as a powerful gemstone, it is used for for career success, forging business relationships and encouraging other people's desire to collaborate with you. Carry garnet crystal with you when you are looking for recognition or high-position in your career growth.

Good Luck Crystals for Business

If you are looking to forge strong business relationships, Malachite and Citrine are the lucky stones that you need to purchase now. Also known as the "lucky Merchant's stone", the Citrine is a powerful stone for bringing in prosperity and wealth in your lives. If you run a telecom company or work in a sales profile, then place citrine stones in your cash drawer to get desired results in your business career. Malachite is said to safeguard you from bad misfortune, as well as unfavorable business connections, and can also be used to bring success in business.

Lucky Stones for Achieving Your Dreams

If you want to try your luck and make your dreams come true, then carry or wear Amazonite stones. Popularly known as the "lucky hope stone," the Amazonite stone proves to be lucky for those who live for dreams. It helps to bring mental clarity and turns your dream into a reality, motivating you to live up for your dreams.

Good Luck Gemstone for Happiness

Aventurine is one of the most powerful crystals to draw in luck, joy and happiness in your lives. It is said to increase your chances of winning new opportunities-especially in conditions where the result is yet to define. It is one of the most-favored crystals available in the gem industry today.

Good Luck Love Stones

If you want someone to fall in love with you or you want to woo someone, Rose Quartz is one of the most-favored stones for all love affair matters. Whether to attract love in a relationship or to infuse married life with trust and happiness, Rose Quartz is the stone you need to nurture your relationship. Rose Quartz is said to be a love stone, helping to open your heart chakra. It is the most powerful stone to attract love, and can also be used to add a little fire to your current marriage.

Good Luck Stone for Endurance

If you want to try out your luck in sports or let's say for other matter, like athletes do, try using the crystal, Bloodstone. It is said that Ancient Greek gladiators often used to carry bloodstones while going for war for protection and good luck. It is used to bring physical, mental and psychological stamina for your physical self and inner soul.

Crystal Therapy for Protection and Healing

If you are looking for luck in victory or defeat situations, Agate is a lucky stone you need to carry for protection and safety. It is the gemstone that everyone should carry with them at difficult times. It is one of the oldest gemstones in the history today. In the ancient times, agate stones were used to place on the breastplates of brave warriors to bring them strength and protection.

AstroSage Products for Good Luck

Besides having many gemstones and crystals for good luck at AstroSage, we also have powerful Yantra, and ancient Jadi. Our Good Luck Charm combines the energies of super lucky Yantras with the authentic FengShui products. Feng Shui products are ancient and powerful manifesting tools for attracting wealth, luck and endless opportunity. Because of their high energies, they provide desired results when combined with healing crystals.

Healing Crystals Necklace for Growth, Wisdom & Happiness


Reviving emeralds promote compassion, you always need to flaunt the best of your side. It is often referred to as one of the most successful stones of all times. It is associated with the Goddess Venus and embodies kindness and unconditional love to attain a heightened state of confidence and self-esteem. You can wear Emerald healing crystal necklace to transform unwanted energy in your surrounding.

They are considered to possess the purest form of the green ray, which makes them extremely important for heart chakra healing. If you are a short-tempered person, you are advised to hold an emerald stone to calm yourself down. You can also meditate holding an emerald stone to grow closer to your inner self. Place an emerald under your pillow to destroy feelings of jealousy, greed, especially in matters of love. It is also said that placing an emerald stone underneath your sleeping area (bed) can help to increase fertility.


Jade is said to be a wisdom-enhancing green stone that protects you from all sort of negative energy and fill your life with luck. The Muse piece, which is also known as the Healing Crystal Necklace, is made of green jade beads tied with red string. It is believed that Jade stones are used to solve all your problems, so you are advised to hold them when you find yourself in a problem. You can meditate, wearing these green crystals around your neck or hand to bring inner peace and wisdom. You can also use jade stones to draw in more wealth or for heart chakra healing. Gifting or offering a jade stone to a child is said to bring health, wealth and happiness throughout his or her life.

4 Simple Methods for Cleansing Your Crystals

  • When in Doubt, Smoke It Out

If you burn Palo Santo, Sage and Frankincense, you not only make your home smell great, but they'll have your crystals feeling great, too. You need to immerse your crystals in the sacred smoke until it seems to come back to life. You simply need to take help of your hand or a feather to waft the smoke over and around the crystal.

  • Moonlight or Sunlight Spa

If you notice that your precious crystals start to look a little dull and lose their lustrous, then it's high time you need to return them to nature. Place your crystals outside in light of the sun or moon for at least 5 hours. With large crystals in your home, make sure that you clear and recharge them at least once a month.

  • Return to Nature

We could all utilize an asset in mother nature. In order to give your crystal a revitalizing appeal, bury it within the Earth or keep it on the soil for over 24 hours. If you have a clean pond, river or any water body nearby, submerge your crystal in the running water, just make sure the idea is to purify your mind, body, and the soul.

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