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Bhai Dooj 2014 - Festival of Bhaiya Dooj in 2014

Bhai Dooj depicts the strong bond between sister and brother

Bhaiya Dooj 2014 is falling on 25th October. The fascinating festival, Diwali that commences with Dhanteras come to end with Bhaiya dooj every year. Bhaiya dooj is an auspicious festival to look forward to. The day of Bhai Dooj is utterly dedicated to all the brothers and sisters as it is celebrated in the honor of this beautiful and virtuous relationship. Bhaiya Dooj also known as Bhai Dooj is a popular Indian festival, which is celebrated with great devotion in almost all the parts of the country. The festival in modern age is not only confined to the boundaries of the country, but Hindus residing in other countries too celebrate it with full respect. Bhai Dooj also remains in the list of much awaited festivals in India. There are different religious stories that are associated with the festival of Bhai Dooj. But, the sole purpose depicted in every story is to respect the relationship of brothers and sisters. Delicious food, new clothes, pure prayers, priceless gifts and hearts full of love and affection are the pious symbol of Bhai Dooj.

Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the second day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Kartika in accordance to the lunar calendar. The celebrants of Bhai Dooj have a deep faith in this festival. On this festival, all the sisters invite their brothers to their home and pray for their long age. Pleased by the prayers of the sisters, brothers bless them and also bestow them some precious gifts. The rituals of Bhai Dooj are being followed significantly since ages. This article is an endeavor to highlight the beauty of the Bhaiya Dooj.

Mythology of Bhai Dooj

All the stories allied to Bhaiya Dooj have their own relevance and they all augment the significance of Bhaiya Dooj. Legend related to BHai Dooj is as follows;

Once Yamraj 'the God of death' visited the home of her sister, Yami. The sister of Yamraj got very much delighted with the news and prepared variety of food to welcome her loving brother. The arrival of the brother Yamraj to the home of sister Yami was a moment of ultimate happiness for both of them. They enjoyed their time together and Yami put tilak on the forehead of Yamraj. Yamraj was so overwhelmed by the affection of his sister that he asked her to demand a gift from him. Yami used to love her brother so much that his visit was itself a gift for her, but when she was insisted for a gift then she said that she wants this day to be remembered as Bhai Dooj till eternity. Delighted Yamraj granted this wish of her without any delay and since that day, Bhai Dooj is remembered and also celebrated enthusiastically. In order to commemorate the immense love of Yam and Yami, the day of Bhai Dooj is also fondly known as Yam dwitiya.

The festival of Bhai Dooj is often associated with the legend of Yam and Yami that depicts the innocence of this relationship. But, there is one more magnificent legend linked to this festival, which states that Lord Krishna visited his sister Subhadra after assassinating the demon Narkasur. Sister Subhadra welcomed her brother affectionately and congratulated for his victory over evil power. She offered different fruits and flowers in order to give respect to her brother Lord Krishna. Both these legends are beautiful in their own way and are believed with no trace of doubt in any celebrant.

Celebrations and Rituals of Bhaiya Dooj

The glory of Bhai Dooj is in the way it is celebrated. All the brothers and sisters try their level best to meet each other on this auspicious occasion. Sisters duly invite their brothers and prepare delicacies for them. Both the sisters and brothers pray for each other's long age and happy as well as prosperous life. The ritual assists sisters to put tilak on the forehead of the brothers. Brothers, in return, promise to keep her safe from all the troubles of life and gifts her things of her choice. Sweets and flowers are also offered as an important part of the tilak ritual.

The festival of Bhai dooj is devoted to the relationship of brothers and sister. Sweeten your relationship with your siblings with the celebrations of hai dooj and have a happy bhai dooj in 2014.