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Rangoli on Diwali: When Creativity meets Spirituality

Rangoli designs and patterns made on Diwali festival

The merger of creativity, belief, tradition and spirituality is best expressed in the form of Rangoli for Diwali. This religious symmetrical design is known to bless one with luck, prosperity and well being. What's behind this traditional art that has been globally appreciated and admired?

Rangoli is an artistic celebration of colours that may have originated in India even before the origin of the Hindu epics. There are many references of rangoli in our traditional epics celebrating this art. Woman home make rangoli for diwali and holi on floors and walls decorating their 'kutumb' so to say in India. The vibrant colours that go into making rangoli have a deep rooted symbolic meaning that is meant to bless those living in the household with the best in terms of peace prosperity.

In a way one can say that rangoli for diwali is a spiritual distribution of colours .There are a whole lot of religious feelings , traditional values and emotions that go into making Rangoli designs and in a way it wouldn't be wrong to say that rangoli for diwali is auspicious to us in many ways. Representative of vibrant emotions and feelings worldwide in all religions symmetric designs are symbol of prosperity, luck and growth.

A careful look at the designs of Rangoli for diwali will tell you that most of them maintain Symmetry. Which means left and right side of the Rangoli always looks similar. It is same like yin and yang symbol of china, swastika in India or Egyptian symbols where symmetry is important. So let's have a look at the different Diwali designs that are prevalent in India.

Diwali is not just about celebration and festivities; it's also about creativity in the form of beautiful rangolis. These beautiful rangoli designs for diwali bring alive homes and create positive vibrations with the dazzling designs.

Traditionally, Rangoli for diwali is made outside the entrance of homes and near the temple area at home. While some prefer a single white tone others experiment with a wide range of colours . Using coloured rice, or flower petals of different hues is quite popular these days for making Rangoli for Diwali.

This has almost become a tradition now that in addition to lighting our house with diyas, electric lights and candles; we enjoy drawing some beautiful rangolis on the floor. There are several designs of rangoli for diwali and these designs are usually passed on from one generation to another. Try making your own rangoli design using triangles, circles, squares, curves, semi curves, rectangles and ovals. Use all kinds of material like pulses, sand, leaves and colourful petals as well as lighted diyas to make your rangoli stand out.

Have you ever wondered why so much of significance is laid on making rangoli for diwali?

Well there is a deep rooted religious significance attached to it. Along with beautifying your household as a part of the celebration, it is also supposed to prevent evil from entering our homes and lives.

Here's an explanation to support the age old belief and practice. Both positive and negative forces are working in our universe. Rangoli helps ward off the negative influence in our lives and bless us with positivity. A rangoli design is often a complicated symmetry, because it is assumed that all the negativity in the air around us gets entangled in this complexity of design used in making rangoli for diwali. When negativity moves out of our lives we have positive vibes that make us feel and experience a great change.In olden days rangolis were made of rice powder and with time people started using variety of colours. The use of rice for making rangoli stems from the Sanatana Dharma belief "Vasudev Kutumbakam" which means that the whole is our family and one should live and let live. Rice powder in this way meant food for birds and insects. So one can say that with Rangoli for diwali ones house becomes the epicenter of positive energy.

The motifs used traditionally for making Diwali Rangoli usually depict objects of Nature like peacocks, swans, flowers, a tree or the sea. During Diwali special significance is laid on making Goddess Lakshmi's feet to bring home wealth and prosperity.

Let 's start with making rangoli for diwali , welcoming all that is positive and sharing that positivity with the world around... wishing you all a Happy Diwali that promises health, well being and prosperity.

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