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Shradh 2018: How To Get Over From The Dues Of Ancestors?

Shradh in 2018 are commencing from Sep 5, 2018 and will come to end on Oct 08, 2018. Pacify souls of your dead ancestors and seek their blessings for yourself & for your children. But, before you do anything, make sure you know everything.

Performing Shraddha of forefathers will free you from every ancestral debt. Pitru Paksha has come with the opportunity for all of us to perform Shradh. Tarpan will not only fetch you the blessings of ancestors, but also relief to them. As per beliefs, upset ancestors may cause a deep effect on our lives. We may face numerous sort of troubles. Shradh is giving us the opportunity to pacify them. Let’s now know about it in detail.

According to Hindu mythological texts, there are 84-lakh different kind of species on earth. After wandering into these 84 lakh species, the soul finally achieve the species of a human. Amongst all these species, only humans have the right to perform deeds to achieve salvation (Moksha). A human being can not only perform good deeds for his own salvation, but the Shradh (devotional offerings to ancestors) rituals performed by the one also lead to the salvation of his ancestors. The period from Purnima (Full Moon) of Hindu month Bhadrapada to Amavasya (New Moon) of Krishna Paksha (dark half) of Hindu month Ashwin is known as Shradh Paksha. The good deeds performed respectfully during this period not only satisfy our ancestors, but it also leads to the contentment of gods and vegetation. In simple terms, it may also be stated that the devotional offering toward our ancestors is known as Shraadh. In this way, the term ‘Shradh’ is derived from Shraddha (respectfulness) and due to this, there is a strong relationship between Shraddha and Shradh.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें।

In Vishnu Purana, it is mentioned that:

श्रद्धया दीयते यस्मात्तस्माच्छ्राद्धम् निगद्यते |


The one who performs Shradh or Shraddh respectfully, pleases the entire world (Vishnu Purana 3/14/2)

We need to take help of Garuda Purana to understand the importance of Shradh. In the 10 th chapter of Garuda Purana written by Ved Vyas, it is mentioned that:

कुर्वीत समये श्राद्धं कुले कश्चिन्न सीदति।
आयुः पुत्रान् यशः स्वर्गं कीर्तिं पुष्टिं बलं श्रियम्।।
पशून् सौख्यं धनं धान्यं प्राप्नुयात् पितृपूजनात्।
देवकार्यादपि सदा पितृकार्यं विशिष्यते।।
देवताभ्यः पितृणां हि पूर्वमाप्यायनं शुभम्।

It means that by performing Shradh on time, nobody in the family becomes unhappy. By worshiping the ancestors, a person can achieve long life, child, fame, reputation, praise, strength, power, heaven, grace, cattle, happiness, and wealth. Deeds toward ancestors (Shraddha) are even more important than the deeds for god. Pleasing ancestors prior to gods is more beneficial for the well being. (Garuda Purana 10.57.59)

This is the reason as to why Krishna Paksha (dark half) comes prior to Shukla Paksha (bright half). After performing deeds related to peace toward ancestors during Krishna Paksha, gods are worshiped in Shukla Paksha. Firstly, ancestors are pleased and only after seeking their blessings, worshiping god is considered favorable.

Similar type of references are also found in another text:

“The ancestors become happy and bless the person who serve fruits, food, sweets etc. as per his ability on the Tithi (death anniversary) of his ancestors.”

Shradh: Why To Perform Shraddha?

Apart from pacifying ancestors and getting their blessings, Shradh is bringing a lot more. Let’s now know what all we can get during Pitru Paksha.

Food should be provided to one Brahmin on the Tithi (death anniversary) of the ancestor and special Shraddha should be performed on the death date of the ancestor, falling during the Shradh period (Pitru Paksha) of the year. There is a provision of feeding nine Brahmins on the day of special Shraadh. However, the mythological texts also allow to feed any one saintly living Brahmin.

The person who performs Shradh or Shraddh respectfully, achieves the following:

  • All his wishes get fulfilled
  • Get happiness from home & family, employment and children
  • Home and family remains wealthy, due to blessings of ancestors
  • Open the doors of success
  • Continuity in descendancy
  • All types of negative effects of ancestors (Pitru Dosha) gets vanish
  • Possibility of untimely death becomes disappear

A person not performing Shradh, can face the following difficulties:

  • Possibility of untimely death in the family
  • Lack of peace and harmony in the family
  • Obstacles in the decadency
  • Increase in discomfort in body due to sudden problems
  • Lack of mental peace and happiness despite availability of comforts
  • Wastage of money
  • No saving of money despite earning
  • No growth in prosperity
  • Deviation of children from the right path

Here, it must be noted that in case of a family member getting untimely death, his/her Shradh must be performed by following all the mythological procedures of the text, for the peace of the soul.

In Hindu mythological texts, the right of performing the ultimate ritual has been provided to the son. All the Shraddha and offerings are to be done by the elder son only. In case, the deceased person not having a son, then his wife can perform Shraddh rituals. If the deceased person’s wife is not alive, his own brother can perform the Shraadh. Son-in-law and grandson (son of the daughter) are also authorised to perform Tarpan (Shraadh). In case son is not alive, then grandsons or great grandsons can perform Shraddh. Nephew can also perform Shradh, if son and grandchildren are not available. The adopted son is also authorised for Shraddha of the deceased.

Shradh: Types Of Shraddha

Like every year, this year too, Shradh will be celebrated throughout a fortnight. However, there are certain other days in the year that might be equally effective for you to perform Shradh. Let’s now know about them.

Vasu, Aditya and Rudra are known as the Gods of Shradh and Shradh or Tarpan has been classified into three categories:

  • The first category of Shradh is ‘Nitya Shradh Karma’. This type of Shradh is performed on the Tithi (date) when the person has died.
  • Second category of Shradh is known as ‘Namittik Shradh’. This Tarpan is performed on any specific occasion to commemorate the ancestors. For example, Naimittika Shraadh can be performed on the birthday of the son.
  • The last category is known as ‘Kamya Shradh’. Kamya Shradh is performed during the Rohini or Krittika Nakshatra (constellation), after a wish getting fulfilled. For example, Kamya Shraadh can be performed after the reconstruction of ancestral house.

Shradh: When To Perform Shraadh?

A period of 15 days of Krishna Paksha (dark half) of the Hindu month, Ashwin is considered best for performing Tarpan of ancestors. During this period Shradh is performed to open the path of salvation for the ancestors. This Paksha (fortnight) is also known as the Shradh Paksha. The dates (Tithis) are fixed for performing the Shraadh of a particular person. As per rules, Shradh is performed on these particular dates only.

Shradh: When To perform Shradh Of Whom?

Shradh Paksha for the year 2018 will be during the period from Sep 24 to Oct 08, 2018. The Shradh of Pratipada (first day) Tithi is considered best for the Shradh of maternal grandparents. The Tarpan for the person died unmarried should be performed on the Panchami (fifth day of Hindu calendar) Tithi. Shradh of the mother is performed on the Navami (ninth day of Hindu calendar) Tithi. The Shradh of the persons who had lived their full life as saints is done on Ekadashi and Dwadashi Tithi. On Chaturdashi Tithi, Tarpan of the person dying an untimely death should be done. This includes accidental death, murder, and suicide. Besides this, the Shradh of the people killed by weapons is also done on this Tithi. All the ancestors attain peace by performing Shradh on Amavasya (New Moon day). If one has missed or forgotten to perform Shradh during Shradh Paksha, it can be done on Amavasya. Shradh of the ancestors attaining heavenly soul is also performed on Amavasya.

Shradh: Simple Procedure Of Shradh For Liberation From Ancestors’s Debt

Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month is known as Shradh Paksha. According to the Shradh date of ancestors, one should do Tarpan respectfully for their peace. The following simple procedure can also be adopted for Shradh in lack of traditional knowledge:

  • Apply cow dung and sprinkle Ganga Jal on the place selected for Shradh for its purification
  • Make Rangoli in the courtyard of the house
  • Women should prepare food for the ancestors after purifying themselves by bathing etc.
  • Invite the authorized sacred Brahmin for Shradh (or authorized family members like son-in-law, nephew etc.)
  • Get the ancestors worshiped by the Brahmin by making offerings through him
  • Offer cow’s milk, curd, Ghee (purified butter) and Kheer (sweet rice porridge) in the sacred fire as offerings to the ancestors
  • Take out four feedings from the meal prepared for the ancestors for cow, dog, crow and guest
  • Serve food to the Brahmin respectfully and honor him by providing clothes and alms
  • The Brahmin should chant blessings, perform Vedic rituals and express best wishes for the ancestors and for the family

The Shraadh performed at home is eight time virtuous than the Shradh done at the holy place. If a person is not able to perform Shradh due to financial problem or any other reasons, he should provide food grains, vegetables, fruits and alms to a Brahmin respectfully, according to his capability. In case this is also not possible then he should offer 7-8 handful of sesame seeds (Til) along with water to a Brahmin. This Shradh is also quite virtuous.

In Hinduism, high importance is given to the cow. Ancestors also feel happy if one feeds grass to a cow. At last, if nothing is possible, one should pray to the Sun and ancestors at a lonely place by raising folded hands in the front of Sun in afternoon. He should say that ‘’kindly accept my prayer for the peace and salvation of my ancestors and wish they get satisfied with my dedicated devotion”. By doing so, one gets liberated from the ancestors debt.

This was all about Shradh or Tarpan. We are sure that with this informative article, your every query about Shraddha is answered. Provide liberation to the soul of your forefathers and earn their blessings forever.

So, this was all we had for you on Shradh. Hope you will get the best out of this information.

Be blessed!

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