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Venus Transits In Virgo On 23 October 2020, Brings Influential Changes

Venus, a planet associated with beauty, love and romance, will transit in the sign of Virgo on 23rd October 2020 at 10:34 AM IST. It will remain in this sign till 17th November 12:50 AM IST. Venus will be in its debilitated state in this sign and remain here for full 25 days. Let’s see what results this transit of Venus has in store for all zodiac signs.

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Venus Transits In Virgo On 23 October 2020


Arians will host Venus in their sixth house which represents diseases, enemies and competition. This indicates that this transit will not bring auspicious results for this sign.

Venus governs your second house of savings, family and seventh house of spouse and partnerships. During this transit, Venus will be in its weakest position which indicates that you are going to come across obstructions in numerous aspects of your life. Professionally, you might see an increase in the number of enemies or competitors. So, stay strong and resolute in your approach. You have to understand that they are here to make you more mature in understanding and building a strong foundation for your future. As the second house represents resources and accumulated wealth and it's lord is in its debilitated state, it indicates that you may face some problems in this regard. In order to avoid this, proper management and planning should be there from your side to ensure proper utilisation of resources that are at your disposal. Stay away from giving and taking any kind of loans during this period.Your relations with your business partner is also likely to go astray.

Undertaking any kind of journey is not viable during this time, as it may lead to unnecessary troubles resulting in wastage of your time and money.

As the seventh house represents the spouse, it indicates that there are going to be some ups and downs in the marital relationships. Students need to put in consistent efforts along with dedication to succeed during this time.

In terms of health, drive slowly during this period as accidents and injuries can be foreseen. Your vitality will remain low during this period which could result in some issues related to abdomen and lower abdomen. Also, there could be some problems related to eyes. So, stay away from watching too much TV and spending too much time on your mobile.

Remedy- Chanting “Lalitha Sahstranaam” will bring auspicious results.


Taureans, you are likely to get auspicious results with the movement of Venus in your fifth house of intellect, ideas, progeny, love and romance. Venus, being your ascendant lord in this house, is likely to bring good news from children. You will be happy with your children's progress during this period. Your children will shower you with love and appreciation, thus creating a strong bond with them.

If you have been planning to extend your family, then this duration will be very auspicious to go ahead with it. You will exude positivity and optimism, that not only will reflect in your personality, but you will be able to rub it onto others also. This will bring in recognition and appreciation in society for you.

Professionally, you will come across many opportunities resulting in your improved income and social status. As Venus represents creativity and persuasive powers, this indicates that you will have the capacity to present your ideas and thoughts in an impressive manner. This will result in you receiving accolades and prizes from higher management. However, sometimes Venus in this position can confine you to your comfort zone, which can stop you from achieving better results of this transit. Students preparing for competitive exams will be able to succeed in their examinations.

Remedy- Wear White Opal (6-7cts.) on your right hand ring finger set in silver.


The transit of Venus in your fourth house which represents Mother, land, conveyances, luxuries and comforts will bring auspicious results for you.

Professionally, as Venus will be having a very good exchange with the lord of your ascendant Mercury, this indicates that your ideas and thought process will gain appreciation from the senior management. This will be a source of pleasure and happiness for you. During this period, your organisation and observation skills will be at their best, which will help in improving your efficiency and productivity at your workplace.

Personally, your bond with the mother will improve during this period. There will be a stark improvement in your mother’s health. Your main motto during this transit is to attain happiness and contentment and you will ensure that your family life and surroundings are offering the same. You will be inclined to purchase new property or vehicle during this duration. But be rational while spending and do not be extravagant.

In terms of romance, you will be able to express your true feelings and emotions to your beloved which will help in further strengthening the bond. Foreign benefits and luxury travels are also on the cards during this duration.

Remedy- Donating White things on Fridays will bring auspicious results.


You are likely to get auspicious results from the transit of Venus in your third house, which represents desires, courage, efforts and siblings, dear Cancerians.

In this duration, your courage will rise and you will leave no stone unturned in your efforts to achieve your desired goals and ambitions. Your fortune is likely to assist in all your endeavors. You will find yourself socially active during this period, which might see an increase in your number of friends.

Your siblings will succeed in their life which will be a source of joy and happiness for you. However, the health of your mother might become a reason for your concern for you.

Professionally, as the third house represents eighth from eighth house signifying change, this indicates that if you are looking for job change, you may come across plenty of opportunities. In this time duration, support from females either in the form of subordinates or family, will be aplenty for you.

In terms of health, your overall health seems fine but you may face some throat and neck problems. So, stay away from eating too many cold items during this duration.

Overall, during this transit, you will be seen fulfilling your deep longings, desires and hobbies that have been pending for long, be it dancing, music or travel. Fulfilling these will help in bringing out your core strengths to the forefront ie. intuition and imagination.

Remedy- Wear Moonstone on your right hand ring finger.

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This transit of Venus in your second house of family, accumulated wealth and savings will bring auspicious results for you.

Professionally, Venus is the lord of your profession and career and transiting in your second house of family. This indicates that if you are in a family business, then this duration will see you succeeding in your endeavors. You will come across opportunities that will help you in getting good gains and prosperity in this time.

If you are in a job, there are going to be certain ups and downs on the career front. You may be appointed with a less-interested job or assignment. This may result in lack of satisfaction and some misunderstandings with seniors. However, you are advised to remain calm and patient during this time and not take any decision in a hurry.

In personal life, family expansion is on the cards. You will be romantic and shower gifts and presents on your partner, which will help in strengthening the bond between you two. The transit of Venus in this position will provide you with a good family environment. You will be inclined to purchase decorative and luxurious items for your home. But make sure you do not go overboard in terms of expenditure.

Students will get good moral and financial support from their family, due to which they will perform well in their academics. Those of you who are in the creative and artistic field will come across opportunities to grow. Your vitality will increase during this duration, which will see you in the pink of health.

Remedy: Offer wheat flour to the cows on Fridays.


Virgo natives will gain auspicious results from the transit of Venus in your first house of self and personality.

You will be jovial, positive and optimistic during this period, and carry a charismatic aura around yourself. your adaptability to fit into any circle will make you the centre of attraction, especially among opposite sex. It is a very good period if you are looking to take your relationship to the next level. Married natives can look forward to family expansion.

However, this position of Venus can sometimes make you over-desirous which can distract you from your main path. So, keeping a check on your desires is of paramount importance.

If you own your own business, you will get a good money flow and auspicious results during this time frame. You will get full support from family, especially from the father. As Venus holds the ninth house of fortune and luck and is in your ascendant, this indicates that luck will be on your side in most of your endeavors. However, there may be a possibility of you trying to please everyone only for the sake of receiving appreciation from them. You need to avoid doing it otherwise it can make you the “boy who cried wolf” as people become a bit skeptical of you.

Remedy- Recite “Shri Suktam” stotra in the praise of Goddess Laxmi.


Libra natives are likely to get mixed results during the movement of their sign lord Venus in their twelfth house of foreign lands and expenditures.

Professionally, this transit will be very good for attaining benefits from foreign lands or sources or if you are working in any foreign-based organisation. However, this position of Venus can give you doubt over your own abilities despite having potential. This can lead to insecurity and indecisiveness, thus, may see you missing good opportunities. So, it is suggested to have full confidence in your abilities and be optimistic, which will help you gain prosperous results.

This time duration will be auspicious to enjoy good riches and luxuries. You are likely to gain benefits from your friend or social circle. However, your expenses can be on the higher side. In terms of love and romance, this duration will bring beneficial results. However, your thoughts can often take a sensual turn. So, remain within the line of decorum and ensure that you follow your beloved's wishes.

On the health part, you could face some problems related to eyesight and weight. So, keep a check on your diet and be careful not to put too much strain on your eyes.

Remedy- Reciting "Ashta Lakshmi" stotram on fridays will bring auspicious results.

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The Scorpio natives will host Venus in their eleventh house of success and profits. It will bring auspicious results for you.

On the work front, this transit will prove to be favorable. You are likely to have good success and prosperity if you own your business in partnership. If you are a professional, you will come across many opportunities in your country and abroad as well. However, you should divert your energies towards foreign-based projects as it will bring more benefits. On the personal front, you will get good gains and social status. You will see an improvement in your lifestyle during this period.

Unexpected gains are on the cards, and you could suddenly get back the money you had previously loaned to someone. Meeting with old friends can make you both nostalgic and happy.

You are likely to get good support and gains from your partner. However, Venus governs the seventh house of your spouse and is getting debilitated. This indicates that there are going to be misunderstandings or ups and downs especially in the initial stage during this period. So, try to have proper communication and spend quality time with your lover. This will help in clearing the air and strengthening the relationship.

Remedy- Reading the incarnation story of “Lord Parshuram” will bring auspicious results.


For Sagittarius, you are going to receive inauspicious results with the movement of Venus in your house of profession and career.

Professionally, in this period, you may feel a lack of satisfaction regarding your work. Your enemies will be on the rise as you will feel skeptical about your own abilities. This can further lead to negativity and pessimism, which may push you to quit your job. However, it is suggested that you remain positive and have full faith in your abilities as this time too shall pass shortly. Take care while conversing with female colleagues otherwise your image can be besmurged.

Financially, stay away from taking any kinds of loans and liabilities in this duration. Do not indulge in any shortcuts to earn money, otherwise you can get yourself in big trouble.

On the personal front, some altercations with friends are on the cards. The health of your father will remain a source of worry and mental tension. You may demand attention from your partner and end up sounding selfish at times, which will create friction between you two. Therefore, instead of insisting on their regards, taking care of them will bring auspicious results, because give and take in love is a sweet emotion.

On the health front, stress and negativity can take a toll on your health. Because of this, some problems with your abdomen and eyes can arise. So, proper rest coupled with a good diet will help you a lot in terms of bringing better results.

Remedy- Wear white-colored clothes on Fridays during this transitory period to attain favourable results.

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The Capricorn natives are in for a very auspicious time since Venus is transiting in your ninth house of spirituality, fortune, luck, and higher education.

Professionally, gains and opportunities will be aplenty for you, in both scenarios whether you want to change your job or wish to continue with your present job. But, taking another job will present you with better benefits as Venus, which is the lord of the tenth house for your sign, is in twelfth from itself. Travel and journeys will bring in auspicious results especially if related to profession.

In terms of personal life, relationships with father or father like figures will improve. You will get their full support and advice. Your inclination towards spirituality will increase and you may undertake some spiritual journeys to a pilgrimage. This will bring happiness, peace of mind and contentment to you. There are chances of you participating in an auspicious event during this transition. You are likely to get full support and attention from your partner in this duration. The progress of your children will bring joy and happiness to you.

Students looking to go abroad or out of town for higher education can see their dreams come true now.

Remedy- Install Venus Yantra on Friday for auspicious results.


The movement of Venus in your eight house of research and transformation will bring in auspicious results.

Professionally, you will be bold and courageous in your moves and not shy away from attempting out-of-the-box solutions. This will enable you to get good support and recognition from the higher management. Your high persuasive skills will help you to reap great profits if you are managing your own business.

On the personal front, Venus is directly aspecting the second house, therefore indicating a cordial atmosphere in the family. You are also likely to get benefits pertaining to ancestral property during this time. Relationships with your lover will reach new heights, and during this transit, you will be willing to introspect your behavior and ready to correct that. However, mother’s health can remain a little fragile in this duration.

You will also be drawn towards research work or learning mystical sciences like astrology, occult etc. Students preparing for competitive exams are likely to get desired results.

Remedy- Apply white sandalwood paste on your forehead.


The transit of Venus in your seventh house of spouse and relationships will not bring auspicious results for Pisces.

Professionally, you may face some hurdles at your workplace. There are going to be some differences with your subordinates which can lead to clashes. However, you need to avoid this because they can tarnish your image.

If you own your business in the form of business partnerships, then there are going to be some clashes during this time frame. So, have clear communication with your partner in order to gain benefits during this transit.

Personally, ego clashes or some temperamental differences can be there in your marital relationships. These will arise from your emotional vulnerability which will be at its peak during this transit. You may feel that expressing yourself freely in front of your partner can upset them with you or they may leave you. However, you need to understand that erecting these walls around your heart will be counter-productive.

In terms of health, you can face some problems related to abdomen and urinary tract. So, drinking plenty of water will be very essential during this transit.

Remedy- Chewing cardamom seeds before going for any important work will bring auspicious results.

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