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Holi 2017 - A Festival of Colour Splash & Enthusiasm

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Holi 2017 Date


March 2017


Like every year Holi is celebrated on a full moon day in the Phalgun month of the year. In 2017 Holi will be celebrated on 13th of March. The festival of Holi commemorates the victory of good over evil which is celebrated by burning of the demoness named Holika. Holi is named as the "Festival of Colors" from Lord Krishna, a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, who liked to play pranks on the village girls by drenching them in water and colors.The festival is recognised as the end of winter and of the upcoming spring harvest season. People spend their day splotching colored powder on each other's faces, smearing colored water at each other, having parties, and enjoying dance under the water sprinklers. Holi is a very easy-going festival and it is a great fun to participate in, if one doesn�t minds getting wet, dirty and stained. Holi is celebrated with great zeal throughout the country and there are many rituals and traditions associated with it. Let us ponder over the facts of Holi 2017 so that you can celebrate the festival in the best possible manner.

Holi 2017 is the festival of colors which will be celebrated all over India

Every year, Holi is celebrated on the full moon day in the the Hindu month, Phalgun. In 2017, Holi celebration date is on March 24. Arrival of Holi calls for fun, entertainment, enjoyment, get together, lots of music and dancing, along with colorful environment all around.

Holi celebrations are made all over the world with enthusiasm. In India, Holi is considered to be the festival when people forget all differences and hug each other with love and apply colors as a greeting.

Small kids are seen playing with colors even before Holi has arrived. They can be seen throwing balloons filled with water or colors by using Pichkaris (water gun) on passing by vehicles as well as people. But, no one feels bad, as on Holi it is said- 'Bura Na Mano Holi Hai' (Don't Mind it's Holi).

Holi Festival

Holi is celebrated on a very large scale and has many traditions and rituals associated with it. There are many more facts that should be known before celebrating Holi in 2017. Let's have a look at them, so that Holi in 2017 could be made in the best colorful manner:

Blooming Festive Season On Holi 2017

As soon as New Year arrives, everyone starts getting excited; as after few months, the festival of colors will be arriving. When in February, Basant Panchami is celebrated that calls for the start of spring season, the excitement starts increasing even more. Spring season also signifies Holi because Holi is considered as the indicator of spring season's joy, freshness, and happiness.

Summer season comes right after Holi and winters take a leave, finally. All the fields bloom with flowers and makes the whole environment colorful all around. So, in 2017 also, Holi will mark a start of blooming festive season, which will have lots of colors in the lives of people. Celebrate Holi in 2017 with the fragrance of colors and make your lives even more colorful.

Holi 2017: Significance Of The Festival Of Colors

Holi is a festival that brings many cultures together. Holi, the festival of colors, has many reasons of celebrations. Hence, the celebration of this festival of colors holds many important significant factors. So, Holi in 2017 should be celebrated by keeping those things in mind.

The main aim of celebrating Holi is the victory of truth and faith in Almighty. Holi depicts that evil always sees a defeat and good always wins. In today's world, when there are lots of evil practices that are prevalent in society, Holi is the right time to kill all the evil thoughts that arise in the heart and enjoy the festival of colors with joy as well as excitement.

Holi in 2017 should be celebrated by everyone with one thing to be kept in mind that on this day they will burn up all bad thoughts in the bonfire of Holi, and make their lives as colorful as the festival of colors i.e. Holi.

As now you know the significance of the Holi festival, also you know that why it is important to celebrate the festival of colors in 2017; you should get aware of what happened in the past that led us to celebrate Holi in 2017.

Legends of Holi

The theme of celebrating Holi is: good wins over evil. Also, if a person has full devotion toward Almighty, all the problems will get solved. There are various mythological legends that are associated with Holi. Let's have a look at these legends:

Legend Of Prahlad

Legend of Holika Dahan is associated with the Holi festival Once there was a cruel King named, Hiranyakashyap. He used to believe that he is the god and wanted everyone in his kingdom to worship him only. Due to the fear of death, everyone used to follow his orders, while his own son, Prahlad did not follow his orders. His son had a great faith in Lord Vishnu and he used to worship Lord Vishnu only with firm devotion. Hiranyakashyap didn't like it and he tried to harm Prahlad many a times, but by the grace of Lord Vishnu, Prahlad was saved every time. When Prahlad could not be harmed in any way, at last Hiranyakashyap called his sister, Holika. She had a boon that she can not get burnt in fire. So, the King ordered her to enter in fire along with Prahlad.

Holika convinced Prahlad to sit in her lap, she entered fire along with Prahlad. When both of them entered the fire, Prahlad started chanting Lord Vishnu's name. After sometime, Holika started getting burnt as she forgot that the boon would only work if she will enter the fire alone. So, Prahlad was again saved by the grace of Lord Vishnu.

Since then, the day was celebrated as Holika Dahan i.e burning of Holika. Later with time, the name changed to Holi. A day before Holi is celebrated as Holika Dahan, where in the pile of wood is burnt considering as Holika is being burnt.

Legend Of Radha-Krishna

It is said that Lord Krishna was dark in complexion, as he was given poison by a demon. Lord Krishna did not die due to that poison rather the demon himself died. But, the poison turned Lord Krishna blue.

Once Lord Krishna asked his mother, Yashoda that why is he dark in complexion and Radha is so fair. By listening to this, Yashoda said to Krishna to go and color Radha's face by whichever color he likes. So, Krishna took it seriously and colored Radha's face and made her look like him. He played with colors with the friends of Radha or the Gopis, in his village.

Colourful Day With Natural Colors

Holi 2017 should be celebrated by using natural colors Holi is famous as the 'Festival of Colors'. On the day of Holi, there are colors all around the place and the atmosphere becomes colorful. Holi is also called spring festival. People celebrate the exit of winters and and welcoming of spring season.

Though Holi comes in the month of March, still the enthusiasm could be seen in the hearts of people. Even the markets could be seen enjoying the Holi even before the arrival of the festival of colors.

This year, in 2017 as well it could be seen that markets are flourished with piles of colors everywhere. Colors of all shades could be seen at the shops. But, it should be kept in mind that instead of using chemical based colors, we should try using natural colors on this Holi in 2017. On Holi in 2017, avoid the harmful effects of chemical based colors. Below you can find how you can make some natural colors by using the below mentioned tips:

Color Method of Preparation
  1. Mix turmeric (haldi) powder with chick pea flour (besan).
  2. Boil Marigold or Tesu flowers in water.
Yellow liquid color Soak peels of pomegranate (Anar) overnight.
Deep Pink Slice a beetroot and soak in water.
Orange - red paste Henna leaves (mehndi) can be dried, powdered and mixed with water.

Holi 2017: The 2 Days Of Excitement

The spirit of Holi could be seen everywhere. Each and every person could be seen filled with joy. Holi is a celebration of two days:

Holika Dahan: The Night Of Bonfire

Holika Dahan is celebrated a day before the festival of colors, Holi. In 2017, Holika Dahan is on March 13. It is celebrated by organising a bonfire during night, which is made by a huge pile of logs, cow dung cakes, and wheat grains are burnt in the bonfire. Then people take a round of that bonfire. It is said that Holika got burnt on this day and similarly, evil will also get burnt on this day.

Dhulendi: Day Of Colors

The day after Holika Dahan is the day of colors that is the most awaited day by everyone. Children, youngsters, and oldies celebrate this day with zeal, as if everyone is a kid. People color each other's face by applying color on the day of Holi. Children put colors on the feet of elders and take their blessings on this day. Then, everyone enjoys the day by dancing and drinking Bhang (Marijuana), the drink of the day.

Holi 2017: Celebrations In India

Holi 2017 will be celebrated in different parts of India in different ways India is known as the land of unity in diversity, where people from many traditions become unified and play Holi together, but in their own ways. However, the spirit is just the same everywhere. Let's get to know various traditions of Holi celebrations all around India:

Lathmaar Holi In Barsana

Barsana is a village nearby Mathura. It is said that Radha took birth in Mathura. So, the men from Nandgaon i.e. the birthplace of Krishna comes to Mathura to play Holi. Barsana's Holi is named as Lathmaar Holi, as when the men comes to play Holi and they are greeted with sticks. Since men know that they will have to face all this, so they come well prepared. The next day females of Mathura go to Nandgaon and then they are colored by the men of that place. It seems that no one is feeling hurt, rather it becomes a good sight that everyone is enjoying the festival all together.

Celebrations In Bihar

Bihar is also well known for the celebration of Holi. Here also, a bonfire is organized at the night and then the next day, the festival is celebrated with colors. Bonfire is lighted by the eldest member of the family. All the younger members put colors on the feet of elders. Also, Phalgun folk songs are sung on this day.

Celebrations In Delhi

Delhi being the capital of India celebrates the festival of Holi with great zeal. It has the blends of people all around the country, even from foreign lands. So, Delhi celebrates a remarkable Holi. In 2017 also, Delhi will again witness the same excitement with extreme fun. Many colonies organize functions at their place and enjoy the day.

Celebrations In Gujarat

Holi, in Gujarat is celebrated with excitement and fun On the day of Holi, the pots filled with butter and milk are tied very high by the help of ropes. Men have to break those pots and females throw bucket full of colored water on them, so that they do not succeed in breaking those pots. The whole environment turns out to be full of excitement, people see the competition and cheer up the boys team.

Holi 2017: Around the Globe

Indians mark their presence all over the world, so do the Indian festivals. Indians are settled in different corners of world, but the celebrations and the love for the country are just the same. Let's put some light on the celebrations of Holi in foreign lands:

Celebrations In United Kingdom

The Indians who are settled in UK, celebrate Holi with the same excitement, as it is celebrated in India.

In UK, Indians come among a big group of ethnic minority. Many Indian clubs organize cultural functions and celebrate Holi with fun and frolic.

Celebrations In USA

USA also has a large number of Indian population. In USA, parades are organized by the societies and organisations formed by Indians. Actors from Bollywood and Hollywood celebrate the festival of Holi altogether. New York is the city where Holi is celebrated on a large scale.

Holi 2017: Drinks & Dishes


On the day of Holi in 2017, make the day by offering Thandai to guests While people get busy in playing Holi and coloring each other. It?s of course when we enjoy so much our stomach needs energy as well. Then, one of the solutions available is a glass full of Thandai, which acts as an energy drink. So many ingredients are mixed together to prepare Thandai like water, sugar, cardamom, cashew nuts, saffron and many other things. Banaras, new name Varanasi, is the place that is famous as the hub of this drink.


Bhang is declared as the official drink of Holi. People love to drink Bhang on the occasion of Holi and add more fun to the festivity of the celebrations. Bhang is associated with Lord Shiva and considered good to drink it on the day of Holi. In 2017, you can also prepare Bhang and enjoy the festival with lots of fun.


Gujiyas add a tinge of sweetness to the festival of colors. On Holi in 2017, you should also make tasty Gujiyas and serve your guests with these awesome sweets. Add sweetness to the fun and make a sweet Holi with your sweet and dear ones.

Holi 2017: Wishes & Enjoyment

Holi in India is a festival that everyone greets with love to each other. There are different mediums which can be used to greet each other. Some of them are by the means of Holi messages, Holi quotes, Holi greetings, Holi cards and Holi SMS. People put Holi wallpapers on their systems, even before and after the celebrations of Holi, just to feel the festivity of this colorful festival.

The enjoyment of the festival increases even more by playing Holi with friends and family. Everyone has fun by playing Holi songs, by clicking Holi photos of each other entirely covered with various colors. Then, everyone shares these exciting Holi images on networking sites to share the happiness.

On Holi festival in 2017, you can also look for all these options and enjoy the festival with fun and frolic. Now wish anyone, everyone around you a fun filled Holi.

Holi 2017: Be Safe And Careful

Celebrate Holi in 2017, the festival of colors with safety Holi is undoubtedly a festival that brings all of us together and we all love to enjoy on this day. But for Holi in 2017, remember to follow the following tips, so that you can enjoy it with safety. Look below for some of the safety tips:

Try to use natural colors when you play Holi in 2017 or if you do not find natural colors, try to buy the colors that are from good brands.

Make sure you apply oil in hair and apply cream in the amount more than the usual one, on Holi in 2017.

Apply nail paint while you celebrate Holi in 2017, so that colors will not stay on nails for a long time.

Avoid using dark colors like green, purple, black as they contain harmful chemicals.

Avoid that the colors while playing Holi in 2017 should not enter your eyes, as eyes are the most sensitive ones and a small mistake may create a problem for you.

Put on old clothes while you play with colors, on this Holi in 2017.

Avoid drinking Bhang more than the usual amount and do not drive if your are drunk.

Hopefully, Holi in 2017 will be a festival that you will remember throughout the year. Avoid being rude to anyone on this Holi in 2017 and forget all old issues and enjoy the festival of colors in 2017 with friends and family.

AstroSage family wishes you a very Happy Holi 2017!!!

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