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Life Path Number As Per Numerology

With the Life Path Number given by AstroSage, get assurance about your future. By using the details regarding your birth time, date, and place, You can calculate this number also known as Bhagyank by using the details regarding your-

Life Path Number As Per Numerology

  • Birth Time
  • Birth Date
  • Birth Place

This Numerology Number tells the natives about their personality, the kinds of challenges they may have to face, and their strengths and weaknesses.

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Life Path Number in Numerology

Numerology is the science of numerical astrology where numbers are taken into consideration when predicting one's nature and future. With Numerology and Astrology, both of these sciences are used to know the person's future and things related to their past. Numerology Numbers signify an important part of your life from ancient times. If you give it a closer look, you can see that humans express dates, months, years, time etc. numerically. Just like even a second is considered to be important in one's life, this number illuminates the brighter path to success in various aspects of life. Numerology on a common note predicts three numbers:

  1. Moolank or Root Number: Root Number is obtained after adding the birth date, i.e. 6, 24, 15 etc. of the native. For example- natives born on the aforementioned dates have their Moolank 6 (2+4, 1+5).
  2. Bhagyank, Destiny or Life Path Number: Adding up the whole birthdate, month and year gives out the Bhagyank. For example- if a native is born on 12-05-1993, then his/her Bhagyank is 1+2+0+5+1+9+9+3 = 30 = 3+0 = 3.
  3. Namank or Name Number: Numerology Number obtained by adding the numerals associated with the letters in one's name gives them their Name Number.

Bhagyank of a native tells about his/her character, nature, and behavior. It tells you about the motive of your birth, the kind of stream you must choose professionally, what all must be learned, and what things must be avoided so as to have a good and bright future. As of now, find out your Bhagyank for free and get detailed information about the objectives of your life.

Steps To Find Your Numerology Number For Life Path

You must be properly aware of your birth date, year, and month to calculate your Numerology Number signifying your life and future opportunities. The following steps depict how you can compute your Bhagyank.

Let us assume that you are born on the 28th of April 1993 (28/04/1993). Now reduce your birth date/month/year to single digits by adding the digits together. This means that-

  1. Date: The date is 28. 28 = 2+8 = 10, further being reduced to 1 (1+0).
  2. Month: April means the fourth month of the year. Hereby, 4 is the single number.
  3. Year: The birth year is 1993. 1+9+9+3 gets reduced to 22 and then to 4 (2+2).

So the Bhagyank of the native born on this date will be the summation of all the reduced numbers, i.e. 1+4+4 = 9. However, you can use these steps to not only find out the number but its significance, its positive and negative aspects, and its effects on your professional, entrepreneurial, family, and personal life. These modes of numerology can create a new dimension of success in your life in various forms. Each person's Bhagyank is different and all numbers have their own importance.

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Significance of This Number

  • You can set your precise goals.
  • It builds up your confidence to accomplish any task with ease.
  • You can choose the right direction in life.
  • You can select the right career and know about the area or genre you will be most successful in.
  • You can attain success in your business.
  • Natives can find out several new and interesting facts about their nature and behavior with the help of this Numerology Number.
  • You can know about your areas of interest and how compatible you can be in working with others and business partnerships.

Life Path Numbers Their Traits

Following are the numbers, their traits and characteristics. Know which is your Numerology Number and find out more about yourself.

Life Path Number 1

The Number 1 natives are known to be born Leaders. You like to remain independent and own individualistic desires. Several military leaders and politicians come under this number. You remain at your best when facing challenges and obstacles. You can act as an innovator and use your attitude to approach any subject with an open mind.


Ambitious Enthusiastic Autonomous Creatively Inspired Determined Assertive


Self-centered Not a Follower Can long for Self-Sufficiency Selfish Dominating Egotistical

Life Path Number 2

Known as the Diplomat, natives under this number can be persuasive by nature and know how to diffuse any situation with ease and their good communication skills. You possess the ability to listen and fix any issue that may be arising. You have the knack to remain balanced, just and fair, think deeply around the spectrum, and then make decisions.


Peacemaker Mediator Spiritual in Nature Intuitive Visionary


Extremist Oversensitive Sometimes Indecisive Lethargic Pessimistic

Life Path Number 3

The Number 3 Natives are termed as The Socializers as they comprise brilliant communication skills and a strong creative side to them. The genres of writing, reading, acting etc. work wonders for them. They have an optimistic attitude towards any approach and share their inventive mind for a fuller circle.


Creative Self-expressive Fun loyal lover Exuberant Can Make Others Feel at Home


Sensitive escapist tendencies Intolerant Impatient Overly Optimistic

Name Compatibility As per Numerology

Life Path Number 4

The Number 4 suggests that the natives under this Numerology Number are called The Worker. This means that such people have a natural penchant for planning, fixing, and delivering with practical excellence. They are practical and also dedicated, trustworthy, and down-to-earth.


Structured Disciplined Healthy Real Dependable Patient Devoted Loyal Excellent Organizer Kind of a Perfectionist


Narrow-minded Repressive Get caught up in the monotony of life and miss out on major opportunities

Life Path Number 5

Hailed as the one with the Free Spirit, natives of this number cannot compromise with their freedom. They have a progressive mind that comprises a winning attitude. These natives are versatile in nature and strive to find the answers with compassion. You know how to motivate the people surrounding you and find constant change to be a source of comfort.


Adventurous Tangible Progressive Prefer Improvement flexible


Lack of Direction Confused at times Discontent Impulsive Restless Irresponsible at times

Life Path Number 6

Number 6 suggests that you are born with a trait of being the ultimate Nurturer, i.e. your maternal or paternal instincts dominate your emotions. You act as the primary caretaker and have ideal principles ingrained within you. There is a human approach to your attitude. You can also be very romantic and dedicated in your relationship.


Responsible have long-term goals Truthful Family Person Prefer Justice Domestic Righteous


Can become overwhelmed by responsibilities Can become overwhelmed by responsibilities Can't function in a stressful environment Too critical of others Hard on yourself Have imposing views

Life Path Number 7

The Number 7 natives are Intuitive in nature and tend to evaluate things in detail before taking any necessary step. As per this Numerology Number, there is a sense of accuracy within you and a perfectionist resides within you. The natives can be affectionate and peaceful by nature and love the calm and serenity that follows away from the bustling life.


Meditative Introspective Imaginative Analytical Observant Spiritual


Pessimistic Careless Quarrelsome Secretive Lack of consideration for others Selfish Spoilt

Life Path Number 8

Known to be the Power Player, the number 8 suggests that these natives are born to direct, lead, care, organize, and govern. Your desire to succeed defines you and you possess tremendous potential to attain what you aim for. You have the managerial tendencies and can successfully lead everything with perfection.


Organized Ambitious Goal-Oriented Frank Steadfast Honest Powerful


Dictatorial Suppress the enthusiasm and efforts of fellow members Material gains and rewards are given higher importance Obsession for success Isolated

Life Path Number 9

The Number 9 natives possess a Humanitarian attitude. These natives are born with a bunch of dramatic feelings coupled with compassionate behavior. They don't have a greedy attitude regarding money and can be easy about it as it doesn't matter to them.


Compassionate Understanding Accepting Generous Philosophical Sensitive Creative Magnetic and open personality


Demanding nature Selfish at times Failing to understand that the lack of ambitions can be satisfying

You can read this page to learn in detail about all this information regarding Numerology Numbers and more. Thank you for visiting us!

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