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Jupiter Transit in Capricorn and Its Impacts (29 March, 2020)

Jupiter, the planet who is known as the Guru or mentor of all deities will enter the zodiac sign Capricorn on Sunday, 29 March at 7: 08 PM in the evening. In the same sign, it will also get conjuncted with the ruling lord of Capricorn.

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As per Vedic astrology, Jupiter changing signs is considered to be quite auspicious as its aspect is given the status of divine nectar(Amrit). It is naturally quite beneficial and thrives to provide positive results to all kinds of natives. Needless to say, its transit in Capricorn will definitely have an impact on all the twelve zodiac signs. Let us move on to take a detailed look at the changes yet to grace your life under the influence of this planetary movement.

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jupiter Transit in capricorn

Jupiter Transit Impact on Aries

Dev Guru Brihaspati or Jupiter will enter the tenth house of your zodiac sign. The planet is the ruling lord of your ninth and twelfth houses. When it primarily transits into Capricorn, the planet Jupiter can bring some ups and downs to your professional life. There are also quite a few chances of certain natives receiving a transfer order. Jupiter will enable you to work with extreme diligence and perseverance. This transit of Jupiter will specially make you efficient to prioritise your thoughts and yourself at the workplace. Your projects will gain momentum, but your overconfident attitude may give birth through some problems. Hence, it is advised to mind your own business and do not pay heed to others’. The transit of Jupiter will also make contributions to your bank balance and societal status. Domestic life will also be graced with happiness. You will acquire the blessings of the elderly members of your family. Consequently, you will receive the full-fledged support of luck. Those projects of yours which have been on hold will also acquire pace. As a result, your economic condition will improve and you will be able to climb the ladder of social improvement. It would be necessary for you to pay special attention towards your work when Jupiter is in its transitory movement.

Remedy : Add turmeric or gram lentils to dough balls and feed them to Gau Mata on Thursday.

Jupiter Transit Impact on Taurus

The transit of Jupiter will take place in your ninth house. The same planet is also the ruling lord of your eighth and eleventh houses. The transit of Jupiter will bring forth mixed outcomes for natives belonging to the second sign of the zodiac circle. Under the influence of this planetary movement, you will make great progress socially and your reputation will increase consequently. You may also be granted access to an ancestral property all of a sudden, which will make contributions to your economic condition. An opportunity will be provided to meet and greet a Guru (mentor) or a mentor like personality. His or her advice will prove to be greatly beneficial for the upcoming days of your life. For your financial front, this transit will prove to be ordinary. Also, due to its impact, religious thoughts will take house in your mind and your active participation will be seen in such activities. At the same time, some lethargic traits will be seen in your behaviour, because of which you may have to leave behind futuristic and crucial opportunities life has made available for you. Hence, you should keep your eyes and ears open and refrain from maintaining a careless attitude. The transit will prove to be quite favourable for your children and they will be seen making gradual progress in life. If you are unmarried as of now and are in love with someone then your relationship will boom in the Jupiter’ transit duration. You may also undertake a long distance pilgrimage journey in this time period.

Remedy : Donate turmeric or gram lentils on Thursdays and also offer Rotis to Gau Mata.

Jupiter Transit Impact on Gemini

The planet Jupiter is the ruling Lord of your seventh and tenth houses. It is a Marak planet in nature because of being the ruling Lord of seventh house. Now, during its transit duration, the auspicious planet will enter your eighth house. For Gemini natives in particular, this transit will not be considered to be much favourable because some negative circumstances can come into the forefront. Your expenses may increase drastically due to this planetary movement, which may add some burdens to your economic condition. Consequently, you may also fall prey to mental stress. However, natives who are engaged in spiritual activities will remain at the receiving end of favourable results. At the same time, you are advised to take good care of your health. Do not ignore the minor physical conditions as it can turn out to be a major underlying disease. Seek the guidance of a medical practitioner immediately. Those who are into yoga or meditation will receive tremendous results. You will have to keep a tab on your expenses to avoid a hole getting created in your pocket. Unnecessary travel plans can also use up your wealth as well as your physical energy, which is why you should try to avoid them. This transit may have an adverse impact on your relations with your in laws and your mental tension can increase consequently.

Remedy : Donate pure clarified butter(ghee) on Thursdays.

Jupiter Transit Impact on Cancer

For your zodiac sign, Dev Guru Brihaspati or Jupiter’s transit is perennially important because it is the ruling Lord of the ninth house, which determines your luck and fortunes. Along with this, the planet also governs the sixth house. During its transitory movement, the beneficial planet will enter your seventh house. This particular movement of Jupiter will prove to be favourable with regards to multiple aspects of your life. Your income is likely to increase because of the benediction of Jupiter. Consequently, financial conditions will improve in business related matters. Good relations will get established, who will help you to move forward in life. You will be able to provide the right pace to your trade venture in this transit duration. However, your relations with your business partner can remain low on shimmer, which is why you should pay attention towards improving your relations with him or her. Conjugal life will remain at the receiving end of mixed outcomes. On one hand, your mutual understanding will increase, while on the other your life partner’s personality may go through certain changes. Some egoistic traits may also be seen in your spouse and this will have a direct impact on your marital life. From the point of view of your health, the transit of Jupiter may prove to be somewhat weak. Hence, it is recommended to take good care of your health. Short distance Journeys will turn out to be favourable. Unmarried native is registered under this sign will receive favourable outcomes and they may even hear wedding bells.

Remedy : Worship a Banana tree every Thursday.

Jupiter Transit Impact on Leo

The transit of Jupiter will take place in the sixth house of Leo natives. This particular planet maintains great relations with your zodiac lord, the Sun and also rules over the fifth and eighth houses of your Kundli. Now, under the influence of its transit into your sixth house, your expenses may increase all of a sudden. This will also be that time when your health will remain in low spirits and it can deteriorate further. A major disease may also crop, which is why you are advised to take the necessary precautions to keep yourself stable. You are recommended to drive your vehicle with extreme cautiousness. Do not interfere in a fight taking place between two people, otherwise you may incur losses. tThere are chances of you acquiring a partial amount of success after undergoing rigorous hard work. If you make the necessary attempts, then you may be able to repay an old loan of yours, but it is quite a possibility that you may undertake a new loan to repay the old one. If you possess wealth and riches in abundance, then be careful while lending your money to anyone. It is said because there are very few chances of the same money flowing back into your hands. You may also suffer from a rectal disease. At the same time, obesity can increase in your body, due to high fat content in your food items. Hence, try to include veggies and other nutritious items in your diet so as to avoid any such health conditions.

Remedy : Chant the Beej Mantra associated with Jupiter mentioned below

“oṃ grāṃ grīṃ grauṃ sa: guruve nama:”/ “ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं स: गुरुवे नम:”

Jupiter Transit Impact on Virgo

The transit of Dev Guru Jupiter or Brihaspati will take place in your fifth house. For the ones who are born under the zodiac sign Virgo, the planet Jupiter happens to the ruling Lord of your fourth and seventh houses. Since it is the governor of your seventh house, it is known as a Marak planet. When Jupiter remains posited in your fifth house, you will remain at the receiving end of amalgamated outcomes. If the conditions in your Kundli are favourable, then this transit may also bless you with a baby. Happiness and prosperity will be seen prevailing over your domestic front and your economic condition will also remain strong. If you are involved in any kind of business, then you will make tremendous progress in your trade ventures. But, some of your decisions may also force you to take the wrong turn. Jupiter is situated here in its debilitated sign. However, since the zodiac Lord of the sign happens to be Saturn, some favourable outcomes may come into the forefront, even though they can take some time. Apart from this, the transit of Jupiter will also induce favourable results on the academic front. You will be busy making great progress in your studies. There will be an inherent curiosity in you to acquire more and more knowledge, which will take you forward in life. If you are in a relationship with someone, then this transit of Jupiter may initiate some ups and downs for your relationship. You may find it difficult to judge the worth of your partner. Try to seek the guidance of an elder or experienced person, who will help you to negate such confusions. If you are a working professional, then there are chances of you getting fired. Try to keep your eyes and ears open at your workplace.

Remedy : Light a Camphor Lamp at your house everyday.

Jupiter Transit Impact on Libra

The transit of Dev Guru Brihaspati or Jupiter will take place in your fourth house, which is why those natives who are born under this particular sign will specially witness their domestic life getting influenced by this planetary movement. The same planet is also the ruling Lord of your third and sixth houses and when it enters your fourth house, the atmosphere of your family may remain somewhat sensitive. Members of the household may find it difficult to understand each other and this attitude may negatively influence the harmony prevalent in the family. On a positive note, this transit will have a favourable impact on your professional life and situations will remain in your favour. You will also be praised for your work. The health of an elderly family member may remain in low spirits. Meanwhile, you may attain success in purchasing a new property and your efforts will also be graced with success. There may be certain changes in your mother's behaviour and her health may also witness some ups and downs. Therefore it is recommended to take good care of her. This transit of Jupiter will mainly induce tension with regards to your family members. At the same time, your domestic expenses may also increase. You are advised to stay away from any kinds of debates and arguments which are especially related to your family, otherwise you may come into direct contact with mental stress and anxiety.

Remedy : It would be beneficial if you get engaged in donation and charity works during Thursdays.

Jupiter Transit Impact on Scorpio

For Scorpions, the planet Jupiter is the ruling lord of their second and fifth houses. Since the planet rules over the second house, it is given the status of a Marak planet. During its translatory motion the beneficial planet will enter your third house because of which you may have to undertake multiple journeys. They will be a lot in number and primarily you may visit a religious place with your family members. Some of the initial journeys may not prove to be favourable and you may suffer from physical as well as economic difficulties. However, situations will return to your convenience accordingly. This transit duration will prove to be quite influential and prosperous for your marital life. If there has been any ongoing stress in your relationship, then it will come to an end and your bond will be stronger than ever. You will come forward to assist your siblings economically and make every possible attempt to help them out. The transit of Jupiter will be quite beneficial for your children and they will make the most of this time. If you are single as of now and are secretly in love with someone then this is the right time to offer a love or marriage proposal to him or her. The icing on the cake is that there are strong chances of you getting reciprocated positively.

Remedy : It would be beneficial for you to conduct the Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva.

Jupiter Transit Impact on Sagittarius

The transit of Jupiter is quite effective for Sagittarius natives as the planet happens to be their zodiac lord. Along with being the undisputed ruler of the first house, it also governs your fourth house. Currently in its transitory motion, its presence will be seen in your second house. Jupiter taking rest in your second house if indicating an increment in your kith and kin, because of which a new member may enter your household. The birth of a baby or a marriage function is very likely to take place. Consequently, the environment of the family will be prosperous with the organisation of many auspicious events. Apart from this, the societal stature of the family is also likely to increase. However, a tone of seriousness may get attached to your speech and you will start reflecting upon things a bit too much. This will only make contributions to your influence in society. You will be able to provide the necessary strength to your family and acquire a good amount of economic profits with the help of business or property deals. This particular transit of Jupiter will also influence your professional life. Your thinking as well as your self reflecting abilities will make your image stronger on the professional front. You will also crave for sweets extravagantly, which may put you on the heavier side, with additions being made to your weight.

Remedy : Install a Guru Yantra at your house and worship it regularly.

Jupiter Transit Impact on Capricorn

For Capricorn natives, the planet Jupiter is the ruling lord of your third and twelfth houses and it is primarily moving to take a nest in your first house. Since, the transit is taking place in your sign, you will remain under the optimum influence of this transitory motion. Most of the repercussions of this transit will flow into your favour. For instance, your intuitive knowledge will increase and this second sight of yours will enable you to make many favourable decisions, and they will be of great help to you in the future. As a result of this transit, your domestic life will be filled with happiness and your conjugal life will also improve. If there has been any destructive situations prevailing over your marital life, then the cracks will get healed gradually. Intimacy between the two of you will increase and mutual understanding will get better. In terms of business too, this transit will prove to be quite favourable. Apart from this, your children will make the most of this planetary movement and acquire profits. If you happen to be a student, then the transit of Jupiter will have academic advances in store for you. Finally, your hard work will bear fruits of success. In the aftermath of this transit of Jupiter, you will take interest in undertaking long distance Journeys and also be very keen towards activating your spiritual front. Societal status will improve and your peers will be seen praising you. You will be the talk of the town, but it is recommended to leave behind a vice like lethargy as it may pose many hurdles in your path, which leads to success.

Remedy : Always carry a yellow colored handkerchief in your pocket and apply a Kesar Tilak on your forehead everyday.

Jupiter Transit Impact on Aquarius

The twelfth house of Aquarians will be occupied by the planet Jupiter during its transitory motion. The same Jupiter rules over your second and eleventh house, which is why it is considered to be a Marak planet for you. The movement of an auspicious Brihaspati into your twelfth house may generate some physical problems for you. Your health may deteriorate and you may fall prey to multiple ailments. Taking proper care of your dietary requirements will only bring an improvement to your well being. Your savings will gradually decrease and expenditures at the same time will be on the rise. You will take an unprecedented interest in charity and not think twice before using up all of your savings in charitable activities. So, it is advised to check your bank balance first and then get going with philanthropy. You will also be seen spending money in religious matters, which may father destabilise your financial condition. In this transit duration, your domestic life will be prosperous and the members of the family will remain in a happy state. Members of the household will nurture feelings of affection and love towards one another. However for matters related to advocacy and jurisprudence, this time period may prove to be somewhat weak. However, those who are associated with the field of law and order will remain at the receiving end of favourable results.

Remedy : You should offer water to a Peepal tree on Thursday. Remember not to touch the Peepal tree while offering water to it.

Jupiter Transit Impact on Pisces

Dev Guru Brihaspati or Jupiter is the ruling lord of Pisces natives, which is why this transit will prove to be quite crucial for you. Apart from this, it is also the ruling lord of your Karma Bhava, which means the tenth house and during its transitory motion, the planet will be seen entering your eleventh house. Under the influence of this Jupiter transit, many prosperous results will come into the forefront. The inflow of your income will increase, which will strengthen your economic condition. You will be provided opportunities to mingle with the influential and established members of the society, who will make positive contributions to your future. Social boundaries will increase and your children will also be provided a good amount of opportunities to make progress in life. Conjugal life will also flourish. There will be lessened amounts of stress prevailing in relationships. From the point of view of business, this transit will prove to be quite beneficial. If you happen to be a working professional, then your relations with senior officials will remain quite amicable. Those who are in love will get opportunities to tie the knot with their soulmates. Single natives may also cross paths with their prospective soulmates. Hence, overall speaking, this transit will prove to be quite favourable for the aspect of love.

Remedy : Wear a Topaz Gemstone on a gold ring on your index finger during a Thursday.

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