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Mars Transit In Gemini: 13 March 2023

Mars Transit In Gemini is an important astronomical event that is taking place on 13 March 2023, at 5:47 AM. If we talk about Mars, the astrological name of this planet is Mangal, which literally means auspicious and is also known as ‘Bhuma- son of Earth’. Mars is associated with different Gods in different regions of our country, for instance, in South India, it is associated with Lord Kartikeya (Murugan), in North India, it is associated with Lord Hanuman, and in Maharashtra, it is associated with Lord Ganesha.

Know Zodiac-Wise Impact Of Mars Transit In Gemini

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Mars is a fiery planet and therefore is also known as the red planet. Mars and the Sun control all the fiery substances of our body, i.e. vitality, physical strength, stamina, dedication, willpower, motivation to do anything, and energy to complete any task. People with Mars’ influence will be bold, impulsive, and straight forward. Mars is also the significator of lands, real states, technology, and engineering. So, we can say that this planet holds a very important role in our life. Let’s start by understanding the astrological significance of Mars Transit in Gemini.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: मंगल का मिथुन राशि में गोचर (13 मार्च)

Mars Transit in Gemini: Astrological Significance

On 13 March 2023, Mars is transiting in Gemini. In general, Mars takes 22 months to travel the entire zodiac circle. Last, Mars entered Gemini for a very short period, from 16 October 2022 till 13 November 2022, therefore the maximum result of this transit was not exercised during that time. However, now we will experience the full result of this transit.

Gemini is the third house of Kaal Purush Kundali as well as in the Zodiac belt. It starts from 60 degrees from the vernal equinox and ends at 90 degrees on longitude. Gemini sign is ruled by the planet Mercury. It contains third and fourth Padas of Mrigshira, all padas of Ardra, and first, second, and third padas of Punarvasu Nakshatra. So, with the transit of Mars in Gemini, we will see the general traits in the people.

During this time communication will be very powerful. People will be energetic, healthy and courageous, ready to take risks, and will also spend time in expertising their skills and hobbies. But for being specific for a native, it depends upon Mars' placement in the natal chart and the Dasha the native is running through.

Now, let’s move ahead and see what impacts will be received by 12 zodiacs during Mars transit in Gemini.

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call the best astrologers on the phone and know in detail about the impact of Mars transit in Gemini on your life.


Mars Transit in Gemini suggests that Mars is the Lagna lord and also the lord of the eighth house for Aries natives, and now it's transiting the third house and the third house represents your siblings, hobbies, short distance travel, and communication skills. In general, the placement of Mars in the third house is considered good. Due to this transit, you will be filled with a high energy level and courage, ready to take action and fulfill the task which was being on hold for a long time.

Your relationship with your younger sibling, especially younger brother will be very uncertain. You will get their support when you need it but because Mars is also the eighth lord, there are also chances of fighting and disputes with them. You also need to be conscious of their health and well being.

From the third house, Mars is aspecting the sixth house, ninth house, and tenth house. So for the students who are preparing for any competitive exams, it's a good time. your competitors or enemies will not be able to harm you. You will also get the support of your father, guru and mentors but pay attention to their health.

From the eighth aspect, it is aspecting the tenth house of profession and Capricorn is its exaltation sign, so it will prove good for professional growth of the Aries natives. It will also kick start the career of the fresh graduates who are seeking a job.

Remedy: Wear good quality Red coral crafted in gold in your right hand ring finger to gain auspicious results of planet Mars.


Mars Transit in Gemini unravels that for Taurus natives, Mars rules the twelfth and seventh house and is transiting in It is transiting in the second house. The second house represents family, savings, and speech. Dear Taurus natives, this transit in the second house can make you harsh and dominating in your speech and communication. And due to that your relationship with your immediate family can be turbulent. So you are advised to be soft spoken and be alert while communicating.

From the second house Mars is aspecting your fifth house, eighth house, and ninth house. During this time you would be possessive about your children, education and love relation, so be conscious that you don't get over possessive as it can make them uncomfortable.

The students who are pursuing engineering and related to technical fields will have a favorable time in studies. Mars’ aspect on the eighth house will make add ons to the joint assets with your partner. But it can also trigger the uncertainties in your life so be conscious for yours and your partner’s well being and drive safely while commuting. Mars’ aspect on ninth house will provide you the support of your father, guru and mentors but be conscious for their health and get all their medical routine check up done on time.

Remedy: Offer red flowers to Durga Maa.


Mars Transit in Gemini states that Mars rules the sixth house and eleventh house for Gemini natives and now it is transiting in your Lagna/ascendant sign. So dear Gemini natives you will be full of energy and good immunity, but on the negative side you may get aggressive and dominating in nature. And from ascendant it is aspecting your fourth house , seventh house and eighth house. Mars in the fourth house will get you the support of your mother. But you need to be conscious of her health and there are chances that you also get over possessiveness for her.

This is also a suitable time for profitable gains from the sale and purchase of a property. Mars; aspect on the seventh house is good for business partnership and will also provide support of your life partner, but due to your aggression and dominating nature during this time, some conflict and clashes with your partner can occur. You are advised to watch over your behavior.

Mars’ aspect on the eighth house will make add ons to the joint assets with your partner. But it can also trigger uncertainties in your life, so be conscious for your and your partner’s well being and drive safely while commuting.

Remedy: Recite Beej mantra of Mars regularly to get more benefits from this transit.

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Mars Transit in Gemini says that Mars is a Yogakaraka planet for Cancer natives as it controls their Kendra and Trikona houses, and the fifth and tenth house, and now it is transiting in the twelfth house of foreign land, isolation houses, hospitals, foreign companies like MNCs, etc. Yogakaraka planet going to the twelfth house in general is not a good planetary position for Cancer natives. During this time you can expect sudden unpleasant changes in your professional life. You may get transferred or change in position but this is a good period for those who are willing for a new change or move to foreign land.

During this period you may feel the loss of courage, immunity and strength. And from the twelfth house Mars is aspecting your third house, sixth house and seventh house. So, there are chances that your expenses could increase during this time due to short distance travel or due to medical expenses or any legal conflict but your enemies won't be able to harm you. The eighth aspect of Mars on the seventh house is not favorable from the health point of view of your partner. They may face some health issues during this time as well as some conflict could also occur.

Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa seven times daily.


Mars Transit in Gemini indicates that Mars rules the ninth house and fourth house for Leo natives and becomes the Yogakaraka planet for them. So now, this Yogakaraka planet is transiting in your eleventh house of gains and desires. So this transit of Mars in the eleventh house will uplift your desire level to achieve materialistic gains. This time is favorable for financial gains, previous investments are likely to yield substantial profits, and some income from commission can also be seen. It is a good time to prepare long term strategies regarding finance.

You will get the support of your elder siblings and paternal uncles. And from the eleventh house, Mars is aspecting your second house, fifth house and sixth house. So Mars’ relation with both the finances houses (eleventh and second house) is bringing financial gains, rising of savings, and hike in salary. But yes, Leo natives you may get possessive about your family during this time.

Mars; aspect of the fifth and sixth house is good for Leo students who are preparing for competitive exams or any other competition. They will perform really well during this time and their competitor will not be able to stand against them. Due to the Mars; aspect of the sixth house, any litigation and court matters are also likely to go in your favor during this tenure.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and donate sweets on Tuesday.

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Dear Virgo natives, Mars has the lordship of your third house of siblings and eighth house of uncertainty and secrecy, and is now transiting in your tenth house of profession. Mars Transit in Gemini in the tenth house is considered good because it gives directional strength, so this is a good period for professional growth. Virgo natives you will be charged up and full of energy at your workplace ready to complete the task. And these changes in you will be noticed and appreciated by your bosses and people in authority and you will be given new roles and responsibilities during this period. Your recognition and stature is likely to increase during this transit.

The people running their own business will have a new hunger in them for the more profits and growth of business. And from the tenth house, Mars is aspecting the lagna/ first house, seventh house and fifth house. So this transit of Mars will make you more confident and full of energy to take your life ahead for the betterment but at the same time it is creating chances that due to your professional dedication you can ignore your personal life, due to which your domestic happiness can suffer. Its aspect on the fourth house will provide you the support of your mother but you need to be conscious of her health and well being. Its eighth aspect on the fifth house can create disturbance in the studies of Virgo students. Your love life could also suffer and Virgo parents can also get worried about the health and other matters related to their children.

Remedy: Meditate and contemplate on the Mars Yantra on Tuesdays.


Mars Transit in Gemini states that Mars rules the second house and seventh house For the Libra natives and is now transiting in your ninth house of father, Guru, luck. Mars being the seventh lord transiting in the ninth house creates a very high chance for the eligible partner to get married or to fix the marriage or for love birds to introduce their partner to their family. During this time you will be very inclined towards religious activity and can even visit any pilgrimage with your partner and family or perform a religious activity like havan or Satya Narayn pooja at home.

Its transit in the ninth house will provide you support of your father, guru and mentors but at the same time it could create clashes or tug of ego war with them. And from the ninth house Mars is aspecting the twelfth house, third house and fourth house, so because of this transit your expenses could increase especially the medical expenses and expenses due to travel as well. Its aspects on the third house will make you aggressive in your communication, so you are advised to maintain your decorum while communicating with others as its aspect on the fourth house can hinder the domestic environment of the home. And also be conscious about the health of your mother.

Remedy: Go to Hanuman Temple regularly.


Mars Transit in Gemini signifies that Mars is the ascendant lord and sixth house lord for Scorpions and now its transiting in the eighth house, the house of longevity, sudden happenings ,and secrecy. Dear sSorpio natives, this transit of Mars is not auspicious for you because in general Mars transit in the eighth house is not considered good. It triggers the uncertainty in life and for you it's also the Lagna lord transiting in the eighth house, so you need to be extra conscious for your well being, take care of your health and be conscious while driving.

Being the sixth lord transiting in the eighth house, it is forming a Vipreet Raj Yoga in which your enemies will try to harm you and create problems for you but they won't be able to succeed. And from the eighth house it is aspecting your eleventh house, second house and third house. This time is favorable for financial gains, and previous investments are likely to yield substantial profits. Mars' direct aspect is on the second house of family, speech and wealth. Sometimes your words can hurt others unintentionally, so be careful with your choice of words while conversing with your family members. Mars aspect on the third house again is creating the same scenario like problem in your communication conflict with your younger sibling.

Remedy: Wear a Copper Kada (bangle) in your right hand.

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For the Sagittarius natives, Mars rules the fifth house and twelfth house and is now transiting in the seventh house of life partner and business partnership. So with the fifth lord transiting into the seventh house is a very favorable period for converting love relations into marriage, but not favorable for married native. Due to Mars transit in Gemini in seventh house, your partner may get aggressive and dominating during this time which you won’t like and that could become the reason of conflict between you two.

You need to be conscious of your life partner’s health and well being. And from the seventh house it is aspecting your tenth house, Lagna and second house. So with the aspect of Mars on the tenth house you may get a bit insecure about your job but there is nothing negative practically; it's all in your mind and due to this and its aspect on the ascendant, your behavior may also get dominating and aggressive. Mars’ eighth aspect on the second house can generate some health problems related to throat or health issues to someone in an immediate family member or even trigger some uncertainties in your partner's life. And due to this your savings can also suffer.

Remedy: Offer jaggery and peanut sweets in temples.


Dear Capricorn natives, Mars rules your fourth house and eleventh house and now Mars Transit in Gemini will take place in the sixth house, the house of enemies, health, competition, maternal uncle. So placement of Mars in the sixth house is considered beneficial for natives. Your immunity and health will be good, you will perform well in competitions and your competitors and enemies will not be able to stand by you. However, don't get revolutionary and totally carefree as you may attract unnecessary problems towards yourself.

From the sixth house Mars is aspecting your ninth house, twelfth house and Lagna. So you need to be conscious of your father’s health and well being. There could also be changes in the workplace or you may have to travel to far places or foreign places due to work. Your expenses could increase during this time. And due to all these problems your personality may get irritated, aggressive and dominating and misinterpreted by others as a rude person.

Remedy: Consume jaggery regularly.


Mars Transit in Gemini foretells that Mars rules the third house and tenth house for Aquarius natives and now it is entering the fifth house of children, education, romantic relationship, and Purva Punaya. Dear Aquarius natives, this transit of Mars in the fifth house may bring you problems related to your children, their health can suffer, behavior issues can occur, and expecting mothers can face problems in their pregnancy. So you are advised to pay extra attention towards your children.

Lovers need to have a watch over their behavior and don't get over possessive and dominating in behavior. But this transit will be fruitful for Aquarius students. They will feel new energy among themself and they will be fully focused and concentrate well on their studies, especially students in engineering and technical fields. From the fifth house Mars is aspecting your eighth house, eleventh house and twelfth house. For the aAquarius professional life there could be some sudden changes or too much traveling regarding work and for the business people not a very good time to take financial risk, so avoid that.

Remedy: Donate red cloth to any needy child.


Mars Transit in Gemini reveals that Mars has the lordship of second and ninth house and now it's transiting the fourth house of mother, house, domestic life, land, property, and vehicles of the Pisces natives. Mars is a friendly planet with Jupiter and Pisces and transit of Mars in the fourth house is considered good for many things. So dear Pisces natives, with this transit in the fourth house, you will get blessed with the support of your family and parents, you can even get inherent property during this time or buy a new vehicle or property for yourself.

However, due to Mars being an aggressive and hot planet in nature, you may have some issues and conflict in your domestic life or ego clashes with your mother can also happen. And from the fourth house, it is aspecting your seventh house, tenth house and eleventh house. So this is a very good combination in terms of business growth. You will be totally dedicated towards professional growth and your business, business partnership and finances and gains will flourish during this time. But on the other hand, the fourth aspect of Mars on the seventh house can make you over possessive about your life partner and you may doubt their loyalty and may not give them their personal space and that could be the reason for the fight between you two. So you are advised to be extra conscious about your married life.

Remedy: Gift your mother jaggery sweets.

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