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Mars Transit in Gemini (16 October, 2022)

Mars transit in Gemini is an informative article by AstroSage, where our learned astrologers reveal what this significant transit has in store for the natives of 12 zodiac signs. Also, we will tell you about the timing of this transit, along with some zodiac-wise remedies, so read till the end!

Mars Transit in Gemini

Mars transit in Gemini will take place on October 16, 2022. Mars is regarded as a very powerful planet in Vedic astrology. It also receives the attributes of energy, strength, courage, and might. As a result, only the location of Mars in the horoscope may determine that person's courage and resolve. Apart from that, Mars rules Aries and Scorpio among the zodiac signs, and Mars is a yogic planet for Cancer and Leo ascendants. Mars' influence has a direct impact on a person's temperament and behaviour. This is why a person with Mars in a favourable position in their horoscope becomes strong and powerful. If the planet Mars, on the other hand, is in a weak position in the horoscope, it degrades the confidence of the person.

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Apart from this, being afflicted by Mars in the horoscope can give problems like boils, pimples, blood related problems, leprosy, itching, blood pressure, ulcer, tumour, cancer etc. Such a person is advised to wear Anant Mool Jad and Coral Gemstone.

Manglik Dosh By the Planet Mars

According to Astrology, Manglik Dosh is created in a person's horoscope if Mars is present in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house of their natal chart. The marital life of the person is affected by Mars and Manglik dosha in the horoscope. As a result, the person will confront challenges, delays, and other issues in marriage. Astrologers urge the native to take appropriate measures to nullify or decrease the harmful impacts of Manglik Dosha.

Mars Transit in Gemini: Timing

The red planet Mars transit in Gemini from Taurus occurs on Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 12:04 PM with its energy, land, courage, might and power. In such a situation, this transit of Mars will definitely affect all the 12 zodiac signs in one way or the other.

So, let us know through this horoscope the effect of Mars transit in Gemini on your zodiac sign.

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For Aries, the planet Mars is the lord of their ascendant and eighth house. Now on October 16, 2022, while transiting, it will be sitting in the third house from your zodiac. In Vedic astrology, from the third house of the horoscope, we find out the brother-sister, courage, valour, dialogue and journey of the native. In such a situation, this presence of Mars in the third house is going to bring many positive changes in your life.

Mangal Dev will also make you tolerant and courageous at this time, and as a result, you will be able to make many critical life decisions on time. Especially if you've been having trouble implementing any of your plans at work, you'll be able to do so now. Your coworkers will back you up. In addition, everyone will be applauding you at work. However, you should avoid engaging in any discussion while conversing with every person at the job, as this will taint your image, even if you do not want it to.

Apart from that, Mars will be looking at your ninth house, which is the house of luck, father, guru, religion, and so on, at this time. As a result, at the workplace, while wishing you luck, Mars will improve the prospects of advancement and income for those who are employed during this transit.

The students of this zodiac who are studying mechanical engineering would be able to provide a decent performance thanks to Mangal Dev's blessings. Simultaneously, those preparing for competitive examinations or any type of work will be successful.

In your personal life, things will go your way. Regardless, you must maintain control of your anger from the start and avoid becoming violent in any situation. Because there is a chance that some Indians may have a quarrel with their younger brother, and as a result, you will be sad. To keep your relationship with them nice in this scenario, listen to their remarks with patience and try to convey your ideas to them.

In terms of health, this transit of Mars can give you some problems related to the ear or arm. Therefore, you are advised to be more careful about your health.

Remedy: You should plant a pomegranate plant in a garden on Tuesday.

Aries Weekly Horoscope


Mars is the lord of Taurus' twelfth and seventh houses, and they will now sit in your second house while traversing. The second house of the horoscope is the house of savings, speech, and family in Vedic astrology. In such a case, Mars' transit will have the most impact on the Taurus people's financial lives, resulting in a sum of bringing compatibility to them. As a result, individuals who were planning to invest will earn handsomely. Also, many people will be able to make a decent profit from any of their prior investments, but you should acquire everything with a strategy in order to avoid unnecessary spending during Mars transit in Gemini.

Mangal Dev will also bring some bitterness and bitterness into your nature, and as a result, you will need to be careful when conversing with others. Additionally, when speaking with your superiors and employer, you will need to effectively communicate your point of view. You will be more likely to achieve beneficial results if you are involved in business and do business with import-export or any foreign country. However, in order to achieve success, you must work diligently from the start, being focused on your objectives.

On the other side, individuals born under this sign may experience difficulties in school. There is a chance that your life partner's health will deteriorate, causing you to get upset. Apart from that, Mars will be looking at your eighth house, which is the home of age, risk, and accidents, among other things, during this transit. In such a circumstance, your health may be jeopardised by this transit, which may cause difficulties with your eyes or blood. As a result, consult a reputable doctor right away if you have even the tiniest concern. It's also possible that you'll have an accident during Mars transit in Gemini.

Remedy: You should recite the Beej Mantra of Shukra Dev Ji.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope


Mars rules the sixth and eleventh houses for persons born under the sign of Gemini. On October 16, he will be travelling through your own zodiac sign, i.e. your first house. The person's birth and nature are revealed by the first house of the horoscope. This Mars transit will be critical for you in such a predicament.

During Mars transit in Gemini, in your work, you'll need to stay focused on your objectives. Do not make any hasty decisions or exhibit haste while completing any task at this time; otherwise, you may be injured if you make a major error. Because Mangal Dev will strengthen your intrinsic passion, zeal, and drive. As a result, you will appear eager to complete each assignment as quickly as possible. Your opponents will likewise strive to be active and harm you on a regular basis. As a result, you must use caution when dealing with them.

In family life, the atmosphere of the house will be calmer than usual at this time. However, you may appear dissatisfied as a result of not receiving the appropriate support from your elder brothers and sisters. If you do not receive support from your siblings in this situation, you may be disappointed.

During this transit, Mars will be looking at your marriage and your spouse's seventh house. Bring the necessary modifications to your nature in such a predicament. Married couples may also be forced to give up their marital bliss for a variety of reasons.

If you're a student, you'll have incredible willpower. As a result, those working in the military, medicine, engineering, analysis, and communication, among other professions, will be able to achieve higher results than usual. During this transit, you will feel physically stronger than you have in the past. Despite this, you may be experiencing headaches at this time. Also, be extremely cautious while driving or walking on the road; otherwise, you may be involved in an accident.

Remedy: Taking blessings from eunuchs on Wednesday will be beneficial for you.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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Mars is the lord of Cancer's tenth and fifth houses, and he will now be in your zodiac's twelfth house during Mars transit in Gemini. Mars, in addition, is a yogic planet for Cancer. The horoscope's twelfth house contains information regarding a person's expenses, losses, redemption, and so on. The transit of Mars in your twelfth house may create the probability of some adverse outcomes for the inhabitants in such a situation.

A significant increase in your spending during this time in your financial life may cause you financial issues. As a result, many people will consider taking out a loan or a loan. However, please get advice from an elder before taking out any loan; else, you may have difficulty repaying it in the future. In the workplace, there are some ups and downs as well. However, by demonstrating your comprehension, you will soon be able to resolve any problem.

Because Mars will be in your twelfth house during this period, he will also be looking at the sixth house of your diseases, enemies, and debts, you will need to keep an eye on your adversaries in the field. In such a case, keep a close eye on their every step and avoid getting into an argument with anyone at work. Otherwise, not only will it impair your effectiveness and image, but it will also provide your opponents a chance to attack you. Aside from that, stay away from any work or business travel for the time being. Because this time can cost you money or lead you to lose your health due to travel.

Mangal Dev will also create fear of some insecurities in many people at this time. Due to which you will not be able to make many important decisions on time. However, in family life, your younger siblings will achieve some position or prestige while doing better in their field of work. But despite this, the deterioration in your mother's health will cause some disturbance in the atmosphere of the house.

When it comes to married life, it is conceivable for married people to have some mental stress as a result of their marriage throughout the period of this transit. You may also have a disagreement with your spouse owing to a lack of funds. Mars, from the perspective of a healthy life, may cause insomnia as a result of restlessness and mental tension. Apart from that, issues might arise as a result of any type of eye infection, therefore it is best not to touch the eyes excessively and to wash them with cold water.

Remedy: Recite Sunderkand on Tuesday.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


For the people of Leo zodiac, along with being the lord of their ninth and fourth house, Mars is also a "yogakaraka" planet. Which is now in your eleventh house during its transit in Gemini will sit in the eleventh house of the horoscope is considered to be the house of profit, fulfillment of desires, etc. In such a situation, Mangal Dev will do the work of giving you auspicious results during Mars transit in Gemini.

In financial life, you will get profit from every investment you make. But some people will also be seen spending their money while fulfilling their comforts. However, it will make you happy.

Your hard work will pay off in the workplace. Also, due to the increase in your energy due to Mars, you will be able to complete every task with speed. Due to this, there will be chances of your salary increase, as well as the person who was willing for promotion or transfer as desired for a long time, Mangal Dev will also give auspicious opportunities.

On the other hand, if you are associated with business, then investing in any property or land will give you good profits in the future. Your every effort at the workplace will be fulfilled and you will gain a lot of praise and recognition from others. However, at this time, Mars will also look at the fifth house of your children and intellect. Due to this, the children of most married people will have to face some problems. Therefore, if your child has any kind of health problem, then give them good treatment and take care of them during this transit.

Brothers and sisters will support you in family life as well. For some reason, an auspicious or religious program can also be organised in the family. Due to which you will get an opportunity to meet your family members. The people whose case was going on in the court, its decision is also more likely to come in your favour.

Talking about health, this transit will bring an increase in your vitality, energy and courage. But despite this, you will need to take proper care of yourself to keep yourself away from every infection with the changing seasons.

Remedy: On Tuesday, distribute prasad of jaggery and gram among small children.

Leo Weekly Horoscope


For the people of Virgo zodiac, Mars is the lord of their eighth house as well as the third house. Now while transiting, they will sit in your karmic house i.e. your tenth house from your zodiac. We also consider the house of Karma in the horoscope as the house of work and career. In such a situation, the presence of Mars in your tenth house will give you favourable results. In financial life, you will get good money and this will also see improvement in your lifestyle. Along with this, Mars will also look at the fourth house of your vehicle and property at this time. Due to this many people can also plan to buy a vehicle or property.

The increase in your ambitions in your career will give you happiness. Due to this, you will get encouragement and you will be seen fulfilling the responsibilities of your every assignment or work well. Along with this, Mangal Dev will also increase your leadership ability by giving you a lot of energy. This will also see an increase in your rank. If you are thinking of changing job then Mangal Dev will give you good opportunities. At the same time, business people will also get support from any government official or department to expand their business.

The influence of Mars in family life and his vision will also bring you happiness in the family. Elder members of your household will support you. Along with this, you will also have respect and respect at home during Mars transit in Gemini. Especially by getting full help from your mother, you will be able to get rid of any of your problems. Due to the sight of Mars in love affairs, anger in the nature of the people is also possible. As a result of which he will continue to have arguments with his partner and partner. In such a situation, make the right changes in your nature and work patiently in every situation. At the same time, time will be better than normal in terms of health. But it will be better for you to use them favourably by putting your energy in the right direction.

Remedy: You should donate blood voluntarily on Tuesday.

Virgo Weekly horoscope


For Libra, the planet Mars is the lord of their second and seventh house. They will now sit in the ninth house from your zodiac during Mars transit in Gemini. The ninth house of the horoscope is the house of luck and spirituality. In such a situation, the owner of the wealth house is present in your destiny house, which is the eighth house from itself. In such a situation, during this time, some health problems and money-related problems can be given to the natives. However, at this time you will get an opportunity to go on a foreign trip and you will earn good profit from this trip. Especially for students who want to study abroad, this dream can be fulfilled.

Talking about the workplace, employed people may face problems due to any unwanted transfer or transfer. Along with this, you will find that you are not getting the results according to your hard work and as a result of which the idea of ​​changing your job may also come in your mind. On the other hand, if you are a trader and are thinking of making any investment, then it is advisable to avoid investing your money in any kind of new investment, otherwise loss is possible.

Since during this transit, Lord Mars will also have a complete look on your third house, which is the sense of courage, younger siblings, mental balance etc. Because of this, your mind will be surrounded by many negative thoughts in your personal life. Along with this, some ego growth is also possible in you due to the energy of Mangal Dev, which will make your image arrogant. Because of this, aggression will be seen in you and you will argue with your younger siblings on useless things. Its most negative effect can give rise to a big dispute between you and the father.

At the same time, you will also need to follow all the rules and regulations while driving, otherwise you can also get yourself into some legal trouble. Even in love affairs, the people who are interested in love marriage will have to wait for some more time. Also, keeping your ego above your relationship can also cause problems for you at this time. In terms of health, Mars can give you mental stress, restlessness as well as problems related to thigh, shoulder or back. Therefore, it will be favourable for you to meditate while taking out some time as much as possible.

Remedy: You should chant any mantra of Mata Mahalakshmi ji 108 times on Friday.

Libra Weekly Horoscope


For the people of Scorpio zodiac, Mars is the lord of their ascendant house as well as the lord of the sixth house. Now while doing their transit, they are sitting in the eighth house from your zodiac. In such a situation, the lord of the ascendant house being situated in the eighth house (which is the house of age, danger, accident etc.), will work to give many types of obstacles to the natives during Mars transit in Gemini.

You will need more effort than before to earn money in financial life. However, you will be able to earn some amount of money from some secret source. Completing even a small task at the workplace can become the main cause of trouble for you. Due to which you will need extra energy and hard work for every task from the very beginning. Your co-workers will also not cooperate with you. On the other hand, business people may also be disappointed due to the lack of efficiency in their work.

Since the second house of your money, eyes, face, speech, family, etc. will also be fully seen by Mars at this time. Because of this, an increase of anger will be seen in your nature. As a result of this, your speech can put you in trouble. Married natives will also find themselves surrounded by mental stress due to the turbulence of their married life. This will cause restlessness and irritability in you.

From the point of view of health, Mars transit in Gemini in the eighth house will create the possibility of giving problems of piles or fissures in many people. Along with this, any disease related to blood pressure, large intestine etc. will also disturb the natives during this period. So take proper care of your health and keep yourself away from all kinds of stress while giving proper rest to the body.

Remedy: You should put a bandhanwar(gate decoration string) made of mango leaves in red kalava at the main entrance of your house.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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The red planet Mars is the lord of the fifth and twelfth house for the people of Sagittarius. Which will now depart from your zodiac sign in the seventh house while transiting on October 16. The seventh house of the horoscope is also the marriage house and from this we get information about the partnerships in the life of the person. Due to this transit, Sagittarius natives are expected to get less favourable results than usual.

During Mars transit in Gemini, the married life of most married people will be disrupted. Because the influence of Mars can give trouble to your life partner. Also, your bad behavior with your spouse will also become the main reason for bringing problems in your relationship. At this time you will find yourself deprived of the pleasures of your married life and this situation can also distance you from your partner. Apart from this, in the life of those who are eligible for marriage, this transit will also cause some delay in marriage.

Some good results are expected in the career. Especially the employed people will find themselves focused towards their goals. But for success you have to work hard even at this time. However, if we talk about businessmen, then the people associated with the business of partnership are expected to get unfavorable results. Since Mars will also look at your first house at this time. Therefore, a change in your nature can cause problems in some relations between you and your partner. This will have a direct impact on the business.

Due to the feeling of jealousy in your family life, you will be seen arguing with the members of the house. It is possible for you to have an argument with your parents on anything. At the same time, lack of money in financial life will trouble you. However, you will continue to get money. But the coming increase in expenses will spoil your budget.

Now talk about health, the harshness coming in your speech will work to disturb your peace of mind. Apart from this, you also have to protect yourself from falling prey to diseases related to irregular blood pressure.

Remedy: Worshiping a banana tree on Thursday, you should offer jaggery on it.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


For the people of Capricorn, Mars is the lord of their eleventh and fourth house. Now this transit of Mars will be in the sixth house from your zodiac, which is the house of obstacles, enemies and challenges. Also, during this period of Mars transit in Gemini, Mars will see your twelfth house completely. As a result of which you will be more likely to get favorable results.

You will be more energetic than before and will be seen working harder. As your competitive spirit increases and you become more organized towards your goals, your enemies will be intimidated in the workplace and you will overcome them. Your strategy and efficiency will be greatly appreciated. Especially those people who are doctors, time will be better for them. At the same time, many people will be able to make a good career by participating in activities like sports. Apart from this, if you are associated with business then you will need to take every decision more carefully, otherwise you may suffer a big loss due to the aspect of Mars.

During this time, many people will spend their money while fulfilling some of their unfulfilled desires. But it will not affect your financial life. At the same time, with this amount, Mars will also make students get immense success. Especially the people preparing for competitive exams will be able to give a good performance.

However, some problems with fathers are possible in family life. Because Mangal Dev can bring some dryness in your father's nature. But despite this, you will soon be able to manage every situation in your favor with your understanding. Also, avoid meeting the members of your maternal side as well, otherwise there will be a possibility of some dispute with them. The effect of Mars will give beneficial results to your younger brothers and sisters. If you are married and looking for expansion in your family, then you are going to get good news.

This transit of Mars will not give you any new physical problems in terms of health. But those people who were troubled by some of their past problems, they will need to take special care of themselves. In such a situation, avoid eating outside food and eat fruits and green vegetables as much as possible.

Remedy: Light a mustard oil lamp under a Peepal tree in the evening on Saturday.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


The planet Mars is the lord of the tenth and third house of Aquarius and now while transiting, he is going to sit in the fifth house from your zodiac. The fifth house of the horoscope is the house of children and intelligence. In such a situation, now the transit of Mars in this house of yours will give many important results to the natives.

Mars transit in Gemini will increase your efficiency in the workplace and you will be able to explain your point of view to others, keeping every strategy and plan clearly capable. However if you are a trader then you have to be a little careful. Because Mangal Dev will make you wise at this time, but can also bring some fierceness in your nature. Because of this, you will be seen making many decisions in a hurry. Avoid doing this and blindly trusting anyone can also harm you at this time.

Students of this zodiac will also need to improve their consistency properly for the results in the examination as desired. For this, you can also take the help of elders of your house or your teachers. In terms of financial life, seeing the eleventh house of Mars for your benefits, fulfillment of desires, etc., can make you spend some money. Due to this, you will not hesitate to spend on it to fulfill any of your hobbies or any interest. The period will be unfavorable for those people who invest in speculation or the stock market. So if you do not want to stress yourself then avoid earning money by all kinds of illegal or shortcut methods.

Mangal Dev will also increase your inclination towards any opposite sex person. In such a situation, if you are married, then control your emotions, otherwise your attitude can ruin your married life. Some disturbance can be seen in family life itself. Despite this, your siblings will be able to make good gains in the field.

If we understand from the health point of view, then this period of this transit will make the native prone to some problems related to stomach or constipation due to untimely eating habits. So keep control on your eating habits and take some time out to do gym or exercise daily.

Remedy: You should recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa seven times by lighting a lamp of jasmine oil in front of the statue of Shri Hanuman ji on Saturday.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


Mars is the lord of his second and ninth house for Pisces. Now while doing this transit of his own, he will be sitting in the fourth house from your zodiac. The fourth house of the horoscope is also called the house of happiness. From this house we get the knowledge of mother, vehicle, property, house etc. In such a situation, the presence of the owner of the wealth house in the house of happiness will create the possibility of getting financial benefits for the natives.

During Mars transit in Gemini, the native will be able to earn good money from any of his movable and immovable property. Many natives will also plan to buy a vehicle, where they will have to spend a large part of their money.

Even in the field of work, the salaried people will get progress by doing every task with utmost sincerity. With this, they will also be able to get a new house or vehicle from the company. Many natives will also have to stay away from their home or birthplace for some time due to work.

If you are involved in business then you will need to sign every document only after reading it properly. Because there are chances that you may get many profitable deals while expanding your business at this time and be able to earn profit through various means. But despite this, during this transit, due to the sight of the red planet Mars on your tenth house i.e. karmic house, there is a possibility that there may be some problem at the workplace.

You will get the support of family members in family life. But some kind of dispute is also possible for many people regarding their ancestral property. Due to this increase in your mental stress will also bother you. At the same time, this time will be a bit unfavorable for love relationships. Especially for married people, some worries about their married life can give them insecurities.

Now talking about health, at this time your mother may suffer from health problems. Apart from this, you may also have a problem related to weakness, boils in the body, blood related or heart disease. So give yourself as much rest as possible and get enough sleep at the right time.

Remedy: You should recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra daily.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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