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Mercury Transit in Aquarius and its Impact (25 January, 2021)

Mercury, also known as the “prince” of the celestial cabinet is transiting from the movable sign Capricorn to the fixed sign Aquarius on January 25 @16:19 pm. This transit of Mercury from the sign of discipline and tradition to the sign of innovation and revolution will bring about significant changes in the lives of the people and the overall environment.

Mercury Transit in Aquarius

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Mercury governs the speech, communication, economics is set to move into the air signs which indicates intelligence, ideas and networking. So, Let’s see what this transit has in store for all the 12 zodiac signs-

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Arians will host Mercury in their eleventh house which represents success, profits, all types of gains and networking. Mercury which governs the third house of siblings, courage, efforts, valor for the Aries transiting through their eleventh house will provide auspicious results for them.

On the personal front, your siblings are going to witness a significant increase in their riches and prosperity. In matters pertaining to love, Mercury now moves away from the malefic conjunction of Saturn, which means that your hesitation will disappear and you will be able to freely express your emotions and feelings to your beloved, this will help increase the harmony and bliss in relationships. The arrival of an unexpected guest or meeting with an old accomplice after a long time will make you happy and nostalgic.

Profession wise, your hard work and sincere efforts are likely to result in an increase in income and positions for the employed natives born under the sign of the ram. Those natives who are into professions related to writing like editors, content writers, publishers etc. are likely to benefit from this transit. Public dealing, travelling, financial sectors are also likely to witness an expansion during this time period, so the natives working in these sectors are likely to gain from this transit. Some of the natives may also earn good earnings employing their hobbies and skills during this period.

As Mercury also governs the sixth house lord of competitions and is in the sixth position from itself, students preparing for competitive exams, debate competitions etc. are likely to emerge victorious. As it also stands for loans, those of you looking for loans or support from financial institutions are likely to get favorable results during this transit.

Remedy - Chant Mercury Mantra during the Mercury hora.


Mercury governs the second house of family, accumulated wealth and fifth house of intellect, ideas and progeny for Taurus moon sign and is transiting through your tenth house of profession and career. This will bring auspicious results for the natives born under the sign of the bull.

On the professional front, you will be more willful and will believe more in the power of action rather than words, this will enable you accomplishing major tasks and endeavors and delivering results before the marked deadline. Professionals looking for new opportunities are also likely to find one during this duration. Businessmen will witness a sharp increase in their observation, wit, intelligence and sense of business will help them negotiate better deals and expand their business

Financially, also, this period is great for investment and multiplying your assets as any investment done during this period will bring favorable results later on.

On the personal front, your relationship with your father is going to improve and you are likely to get good financial support from him. This time period may also see your relationships with your inlaws improving during this time period, which is going to impact positively in your relationship with your beloved or spouse.

Remedy - Chant “Vishnu Sahastranaam” daily during the sunrise.

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Mercury, being the ascendant and tenth lord for Gemini natives and transiting through their ninth house of fortune, luck and prosperity will bring great relief and auspicious results for them. You will feel more positive, optimistic during this time which is going to reflect positively on your health and well being. You will be able to achieve success in all your endeavors as luck and fortune will be on your side during this transit.

On the professional front, your confidence will be on the higher side which will help you express or share your viewpoints in a better way at your workplace. This will help you to make your mark in front of your seniors, thus resulting in getting new opportunities and responsibilities. It is also a favorable period for the businessmen to initiate new tasks and policies. Also, those involved with foreign projects, associations, import-export and organisations are likely to witness rise and growth.

Students born under the sign of twins seeking admission abroad for further studies are likely to get admission in foreign universities and institutions, during this period.

On the personal front, you are likely to enjoy bliss and harmony in existing relationships. Mercury in this position is likely to bless you with youthful energy, exuberance and charm, which will help many get attracted towards you, making it easier for you to make new friendships and connections, especially with people from the opposite sex.

Remedy - Feed green fodder to the cow on Wednesday.


Mercury will be transiting through the eighth house of the Cancer natives, bringing in mixed and interesting results for them. As it is directly aspecting the second house of speech, communication and resources will bring in sudden gains from inheritance or secret or thoughtful investments made a long time ago. Those of you involved in research work are also likely to gain favorable results from this transit.

Professionally, your grasping power, curiosity to upgrade your skills through practise will help you gain appreciation from your coworkers and senior management. Also, this position of the Mercury will enhance your ability to go to the root cause of the problem and find creative solutions to resolve it, which will help you achieve higher levels of authority at our workplace. Also, businessmen running their business in the form of the partnership will see an enhancement in their income.

Personally, your communication skills, diplomacy and tactful behaviour will help you win the hearts of members of your family, community and social circle. You will also get gifts and support from your in-laws during this period. A good period that will provide you with an opportunity to negotiate or settle your old debts and loans.

Also, this period will help you to discriminate and eliminate the situations, emotions and people that do not serve best of your interest, this will help you to connect with your inner self, resulting in achieving success in all aspects of your life.

Remedy - Light camphor in your home daily in the morning.


Mercury will be transiting through the seventh house for Leo natives which represents marital relationships, spouse and partnerships. Mercury governs the second and eleventh house for the Leo natives which stands for wealth, family and income This indicates that this transit is going to bring favorable results for them.

A great period that will bring about improvement in your marital life, you and your beloved will love each other unconditionally. Your communication with your partner is likely to get smoother in this period, you both will share your experiences, inhibitions and expectations freely with each other. This will help you achieve a better understanding and harmony between each other. Both of you will get close to each other during this transit.

Your comforts and luxuries will also rise in this period. Your father is also likely to achieve progress in the business or professional affairs bringing happiness in your family environment.

Business partnerships may witness a rise in profits and expansion. Also, a great period to undertake short trips and journeys pertaining to work as they will provide you with great returns. Students will be able to produce their supreme efforts at this time, this will help them to increase their academic performance.

Remedy - Wear Emerald crafted in gold or silver in your right-hand little finger.


Virgo natives might witness a decline in their health as Mercury being their ascendant lord is transiting through their sixth house which represents illnesses, diseases and competition. Mercury in this position is directly aspecting your 12th house of expenditures, which indicates that your expenditures are going to rise during this period creating mental worries and stress in the process, providing negative effects on your health.

On the personal front, the distance between you and your spouse is also likely to increase, this may be because of the health reasons or because of the professional commitments that both of you have to adhere to.

However, in terms of profession and career, this transit is heading in the right direction. Your hard work and efforts at your workplace will provide you with appreciation and recognition coupled with increment and promotion. It is also very good for the natives engaged in the professional fields like law, CA, CS etc. as their potential is likely to get noticed during this transit as your competitive spirit will be high during this period. However, it is advised not to indulge in any kind of conflicts and arguments in this duration.

Overall, the result of this period depends on how you perceive things during this transit, because sometimes you may be overwhelmed with negative emotions such as self-criticism and guilt during this period. This can have negative consequences on your health and well being. So, try to remain positive and optimistic and inculcate yoga, meditation in your daily routine which will help increase your confidence and provide better results for health.

Remedy - Recite “Gajendra Moksha Stotram” daily in the morning.


The natives born under the sign of the scales are likely to get beneficial results with Mercury passing through their fifth house of intellect, love and progeny.

Students born under this sign will get favorable results in their higher education. Also, those students looking to get admission in foreign universities and institutes are likely to see their efforts bear fruitful results. In terms of personal life, this is the right period for the single Librans to confess their true feelings to the person that they have a liking for, as luck is on their side, which will help your emotions to be understood.

People who are married will be able to spend quality time with their spouse or loved one, which will help you in strengthening the relationship. Some married couples looking to expand their brood may also get happy news during this time.

Professionally, your creativity and spontaneity are likely to increase during this time period, which will make you bold and innovative in your decision making, You will be fully confident with your ideas and will not shy away from expressing them in front of others during this transit. This will bring you immense success. Those employed under government services might get favorable orders concerning transfers. Speculative gains can also be predicted for some of the natives.

Also, those professionals working in the fields related to skills and creativity like the salon, beauty parlour, fashion boutique might see their workload increasing during this transit.

Overall, favorable results can be foreseen for the Libran natives, but this position of Mercury can sometimes make them overly critical and judgemental which can create problems in all aspects of life. So, work on this tendency to get better results.

Remedy - Donate green clothes or food items to needy people on Wednesday.


For the Scorpio Moon sign, Mercury governs the eighth house of changes and eleventh house of success and gains. Mercury will pass through your fourth house of lands, comforts, land and the mother during its transit in the sign of Aquarius. This transit may bring favorable results for the scorpion natives.

During this period, you may experience peace and happiness surrounding your home environment. Your main aim during this period would be to spend as much time with your family as possible, which will see you spending your money on family picnics or on some outdoor get together during this period. However, the health of your mother may remain fragile, especially if she has a history of problems related to hormones, heart and allergy. So, take proper care of her during this cycle of mercury.

Some of you may inherit some piece of property or get some sudden gains and benefits through it. Some of the natives might also purchase some new property or vehicle during this period, Overall, your comforts and luxuries are going to increase during this tenure.

On the personal front, the income of your spouse or loved one may go up during this period and they will be able to provide you with financial support in some of your attempted endeavors and tasks during this period. Professionally, this period will be smooth and stress-free as you will be able to get desired results without putting in much of an effort and hard work. However, beware of entering into any kind of comfort zone during this period, otherwise, you might face problems later on.

Remedy - Worship and honor the tulsi plant daily.


Mercury owns the lordship of the seventh and tenth houses for the Sagittarius Moon sign and will be transiting in the third house in your horoscope. This house is considered as the house of courage, valor, siblings, efforts and communication. This indicates that this transit of Mercury will bring fruitful results for the natives born under the sign of the Archer.

As the 3rd and 7th house, both stand for travels, so undertaking short trips and journeys will prove to be effective and profit bearing for Sagittarius professionals and businessmen. Your talent and hard work will be appreciated at your workplace and you will be buzzing with energy and enthusiasm during this period, which will help you to accomplish almost every task that you undertake during this period. However, stay away from being overconfident and avoid taking too many projects at a single time, which may prove disastrous and may mess up all the good things that you have achieved so far.

On the personal front, this period will see you making more efforts to engage in communication with your family members, friends, relatives and even neighbours, This will help create a great social bond between you and them. This will also help shape up your environment and behaviour in a positive manner.

Students will be inquisitive and full of curiosity which will help them to grasp the new subjects with ease during this transit cycle of Mercury.

Also, since Mercury governs the seventh house which stands for side business, this is an auspicious time to push your side business or hobby related business through the help of social networking, internet etc. will provide a great boost in your income.

Remedy - Offer prayers to Lord Ganesh.


Capricorn natives will host Mercury in their second house which represents speech, accumulated wealth and family. This transit will provide them with auspicious results. Mercury governs your ninth house of fortune, luck and prosperity and while transiting through your second house of wealth is creating an auspicious “Dhan Yoga”, which indicates that financially this period will be full of profits and financial gains.

Also, a very good period to go ahead, if you have been thinking of buying new land, home or property. You are likely to get good emotional and financial support from your father during this period, which is likely to act as a necessary motivation to pursue your dreams and goals.

For businessmen, your ability to influence people will increase during this period, which will help you negotiate some good and profitable deals for your business. Official trips taken during this time of year are likely to bring monetary benefits. However, avoid lending money to anyone during this transit, especially to close friends or family, as you may find it difficult to get it afterwards or may get it only after fights and arguments.

Some of the natives born under the sign of the sea-goat are likely to get sudden profits from trading, share market etc.

However, be careful of the words that you chose while speaking especially related to jokes and satire. It could end up hurting others unintentionally and can also lead to some arguments or clashes both at home and your workplace.

Students preparing for competitive or government exams are advised to go ahead without worries or stress. They are likely to pass with flying colours during this transit.

Remedy - Offering gifts to Maternal aunts (Bua, Mami etc.) will bring auspicious results.


Mercury will be positioned in its directional strength when it will be transiting through the ascendant of the Aquarius natives. Mercury owns the lordship of the fifth and eighth house for the Aquarius moon sign, which indicates that this transit will bring mixed and interesting results for them.

If you are married, you will be very happy with the progress of your offspring. Children of some natives can go abroad for further studies, You are also likely to get full support, love and affection from your beloved or life partner during this tenure.

Professionally, your confidence and self-belief will be high as you are likely to get compliments and appreciation for your hard work and skill set. During this time you will be innovative and work towards achieving your creative satisfaction. This is a good period to formulate strategies and lay out future plans as your mind will be buzzing with creative ideas and inputs during this time. This will help you to achieve tremendous growth in life. For businessmen, this is a great period to make new deals, partnerships and financial investments.

As Mercury governs your eighth house and is sitting in the sixth position from itself (your ascendant), it indicates that health may decline in this period. So, no negligibility on this part should be there and you are advised to consult a doctor even for a minor ailment.

Presence of Mercury in your ascendant will make you more charming and filled with youthful exuberance during this period. There will be honesty in your attitude and purity in your thought process, which is likely to bring you honours and respect during this transit.

Remedy - Feed spinach or Green Moong beans on Wednesday.


For the Moon sign Pisces, Mercury is the lord of your 4th house of happiness, luxuries and 7th house of marital relations and business partnerships. Now, during this transit, Mercury will be positioned in your twelfth house of expenditure and losses, this will see you spending more than expected in order to live a comfortable life.

As Mercury is having a direct aspect on your 6th house of litigations, loans and enemies, so, during this transit, try and stay away from indulging in any conflicts or clashes with your enemies, as it might harm your reputation at your workplace. Staying away from litigation or court battles would be a great idea, otherwise, you may incur huge expenditure on them during this transit. Your careless attitude or your temptation to collect material possessions quickly can put a lot of pressure on your income. This may also lead to hasty decisions and unnecessary risks, which may make you take unwanted loans and liabilities.

Professionally, you may have to work harder than usual during this transit, as problems and disruptions are going to be there at your workplace. You may not be able to implement your ideas and policies effectively, leading to mental worries and anxiety in the process. This may hamper your lifestyle especially your sleeping pattern leading to the birth of many lifestyle diseases during this cycle. So, relax and go slow and use this period to create a foundation for the upcoming periods rather than trying something new. However, people associated with foreign trade, import-export are likely to gain during this transit of Mercury.

On the personal front, try to pay more attention to them, as they are likely to face some health issues at this time duration.

Remedy - Wear “Vidhara Mool” wrapped in green cloth around your neck on Wednesday.

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