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Mercury Transit in Gemini (7 July 2021)- Timing and importance

Know about Mercury Transit in Gemini in 2021, its timing and importance, and find out its impact on your zodiac sign.

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Mercury claims speech and communication. It is the discerning intellect of an individual, which is moving from a fixed sign to its own mutable sign. There is a switch of thoughts and words from the earth element to that of the air. The celestial prince Mercury is a juvenile, which is loaded with energy and impulsiveness. Thus, this transit of Mercury in its own sign will enhance the decision-making abilities of the natives and will bring a bag of innovations.

Mercury Transit in Gemini

Also, it instores a kick to the slow-moving and dragging projects. It’s that perfect time to release the accumulated notions and get started on tasks with full vigour and force. Furthermore, the conveying skills will be on cloud nine, with strong convincing power and swaying techniques. The transit will take place on 7th July 2021 at 10.59 am, thereafter Mercury will move to Cancer on 25th July 2021 at 11.31 am

Let’s see what results it has in store for all the zodiac signs-

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Mercury Transit on your life.


Mercury owns the third and sixth house of Aries Zodiac and will be transiting through its own house, which is the third house of strength, willpower and siblings. This implies that this transit will be consequential for the Aries natives. The working professionals will have an auspicious period, since they will get optimum benefits at their work, because of their extraordinary communicative skills and versatile efforts. The dynamic Arians will get enhancement in their creative abilities due to this position of Mercury in their third house. Also, it will bless them with distinctive thinking and give them an edge of performing smartly in all their endeavours. Furthermore, since it owns the lordship of the sixth house as well, therefore you will be influential and overpowering over your competitors.

The passionate Arians are always on their toes for meeting new people and doing innovative work, this time will improve your public relations and social network. You will leave a lasting impression on the people you get to meet during this period. You need not make any physical travels for making good deals and contacts since your message and articulate write-ups through social networks or calls will make every deal fall in place for you. Your siblings may not be as lucky as you for the moment, they may look upto you for guidance and assistance to succeed in their endeavours. You will be loaded with energy and spend your spare time enjoying recreation activities like writing poems, dancing and wandering around, listening to music and singing karaoke.

Remedy- Recite “Vishnu Sahasranama”, especially on Wednesday.


Mercury presides over the second and fifth house of Taurus natives. This planet of expression will be transiting in your second house of speech, immediate family and accumulated wealth. You will witness a serene ambience in your home and there will be a rhythm of joy and happiness. You will have an eloquent speech, which will mark an impression on the people surrounding you and will increase your reputation and goodwill. Your relationship with your mother will improve and she will be your good luck charm for the existing period. Mercury also rules your fifth house of studies and relationships therefore, your understanding with the partner will grow and your bond will gain strength. Also, the romance in your love life will increase.

The students will have a favourable period, you will have good command over your subjects and will be able to apply logic and learn things better. You will have a financial abundance during this time. You will have financial abundances and your savings will be commendable. The time is profound for business professionals, especially those who are in the family business. They will have good sales due to their extravagant marketing skills, therefore will be able to earn good profits. This will be a favourable transit for people of all the sections as it will bring positivity and optimism in their life.

Remedy- Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Durva Grass on Wednesdays.


Mercury owns the zodiac sign Gemini, therefore, this transit upholds something special for Gemini natives. Mercury will be in their first house, which provides cheerfulness and joy to the natives. Mercury gets extraordinary strength being in the ascendant house, therefore you will get all the beneficial effects of Mercury during this period. Mercury is also your fourth house lord therefore, on the domestic front things will be overwhelming for you. You will plan a get together at your place and enjoy yourself with your near dear ones. There are good possibilities of family expansion, due to a childbirth or marriage in the house.

Those who are into partnership business will have a favourable period, your structural plans and business strategies will improve your productivity and you will be able to achieve your targets. Those who are looking forward to starting working from home will get good job opportunities. This period is also potent for those who are looking forward to turning their hobbies into the profession, your persuasion power and marketing techniques will give you an upper edge to promote your skills. This transit will be beneficial for married natives, as your understanding of the relationship will grow. Also, you will get closer with your better half by having productive communication and interactions. If you are running any venture with your spouse, then good profits are expected during this period.

Remedy- Offer two boondi ladoos to Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays.

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Mercury rules over your third house and twelfth house and will be transiting through your twelfth house. The third house is for strength, efforts and your brothers/sisters, while the twelfth house is the house of foreign travels, expenditure and losses. Those who are in business related to overseas clients or products will flourish during this time, as you will get fruits of your quick and efficient working. You may also travel for the marketing of your business and will get success in the same. There are bright chances of going on short trips for leisure with your siblings during this time. You will be good at finding smart solutions to all your problems, this will result in smooth working at the professional front as well as in your personal life.

You will spend on your luxuries and comforts during this period. You may also spend on some devices like television, cell phone or recorders. The working professionals may get a transfer or switch from their existing job. The freshers who are looking forward to jobs in MNCs should expect some good news, as this transit of Mercury will fulfil your desire. Your younger ones will also flourish in their profession and may get promotions or incentives, which will bring a reason to rejoice and celebrate with the family.

Remedy- Donate green gram pulse in the temple on Wednesdays.

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Mercury rules the second house of wealth and the eleventh house of earnings for the fire sign Leo. It holds the lordship of both the income and savings house, therefore it is the Dhan yoga Karak for these natives. This implies that this transit in the eleventh house will bring financial abundance for Leo natives. There will be a flow of money through multiple sources. The business professionals will earn handsome profits, also their pending payments will be received during this period. The professionals will get good incentives during this time, also there is the possibility of side income through your interests and hobbies or some part-time working.

Your friendly plane will be strong and you will make some new friends, with your eloquent speech. These connections will help you in your professional life and will guide you through innovative ways of making more money. The natives who are into family business will have unity and cordial relations with the other members. This will give strength to the business and will be beneficial as it will bring smooth working. Your relationship with your elder siblings will also be smooth and you will understand each other's interests well. Overall this transit will bring expansion in your existing resources and will make your economic life stable.

Remedy- Donate green leafy vegetables on Wednesday to receive auspicious results of the planet Mercury.


The Virgo is the exaltation sign of Mercury, therefore its transit is vital for Virgo natives. Mercury rules the 1st and 10th house of this zodiac and will be moving into the tenth house of profession and karma. You will be up with your zest to attain more knowledge in versatile fields. You will also have the zeal to aggressively work towards your professional life and will introduce some new strategies and make plans to uplift your profile. Your public dealings will be outstanding and your techniques will give you more work, which will improve your profile. The entrepreneurs will execute some programs and policies which will bring outstanding results.

Those who are into marketing, advertising, journalism, finance, banking, interpretation and travelling will have an auspicious period. They will be engrossed in their day to day dealings and earn a good reputation from the same, this will build up their career. Those who are planning to start their own setup should utilise this period, as you will get favourable results. You are advised to draw out some time to spend with your dear ones since they might be neglected during this time due to your busy work schedule. Also, take care of your health as you might face some heaviness in the head and insomnia.

Remedy: Give gifts to your maternal and paternal aunts and take their blessings.

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Mercury governs the ninth house of destiny, success and prosperity while the twelfth house is for long-distance and overseas trips, spendings and loses. The lord of luck will be transiting in its own house of auspiciousness. This will bring loads of favours and prosperity in life. This period will be commendable for travel to religious places as well as overseas trips. You will have a great time with your family and have frequent outings and travel plans with them. You will lead a comfortable lifestyle and spend on luxurious things for your personal use and for your home.

Your relationship with your father will be cordial and you two will share some joyful moments together. Your starts will support you professionally as well. With your persuasion and influence, you will be able to draw out favourable conclusions in all the deals you will make during this period. Those who are in business connected to foreign lands will have an overwhelming time, you will be able to convince clients with your good work and will be able to bag good orders. If looking forward to any expansions in your professional life, then the time is right for you. This transit will bring accomplishments and happiness for you.

Remedy- Chant Mercury beej Mantra 108 times a day.


Mercury rules the eleventh house of income, gains and the eighth house of mysteries, legacies and mysticism. Mercury will be in your eighth house of transformation during this transit. The planet Mercury will be placed in the tenth house from the eleventh house of earnings, which shows some sudden gains in business, also you could be benefitted from your ancestral property. There are good possibilities of income from speculative business and gambling. However, we would advise not to get into betting or inappropriate activities to earn money as it may not be beneficial in the long run. The employed natives may face some insecurities pertaining to their job, they will have an unstable period and will be at the risk of getting fired.

You are advised to be extra careful with your projects and dealings for the sustainability of your work. Also, be on communicative terms with your seniors and top management as they will help you in getting a better hold on your existing profile. You may have some health concerns related to nervousness and lack of sleep during this period. You are advised to perform some yoga and meditation to keep yourself relaxed. Also, walking in nature and doing acupressure will keep you healthy.

Remedy- Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.


Mercury is the lord of the seventh and tenth house for the dual sign Sagittarius and will be transiting from their seventh house of marriage, relations and partnerships. This time will be favourable for entrepreneurs, they will rule their respective market with their marketing skills and new strategies. Further, the natives who are planning to start their new venture will get a good room to show their potential and make a place in the industry. Those working in a joint venture will have a cordial relation with their business partner and your combined efforts will bring fruitful results. Making travels for work will be beneficial, as you will make good contacts and it will help you in expanding your business.

This period will be favourable for newly wedded couples, as the understanding between you two will grow, which will strengthen your relationship. The married natives will get the full support of their spouse in their work. The singles looking forward to finding their perfect one will have some luck during this period, as there are possibilities that you may get engaged. Those who are working in the advertising and media industry will flourish since you will have persuasive communication, which will uplift your work profile.

Remedy- Donating green bangles to the eunuch and taking their blessings will bring good results.

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The lord of the sixth house of diseases, litigation, competition, debts and the ninth house of luck, destiny will be transiting in their sixth house. This indicates that the natives should take care of their health during this period since your sixth house of illness will be active. You will be prone to skin rashes and allergies, hormonal changes and headaches. In lieu of the same, be particular about your safety during any travel, as going out in scorching heat or to highly polluted areas will aggravate things for you. Also, be cautious about your eating habits and consume green vegetables and ample amounts of liquids. The students who are preparing for any competitive examinations will have a favourable period, your inner strength will be high, which will boost your morale. Also, you will be expressive in delivering your answers and solutions to particular questions or problems.

Those who are looking for new jobs will have a considerable period since you will get good job opportunities and be able to crack any interview with your confident speech. The working employee may face some conflicts with their co-workers, you are advised to avoid any kind of debate as it may impact your reputation in the organisation. Your enemies will be weak in strength during this period, which will give you a chance to overpower them. If you are planning to take a loan for the purchase of property then the time is right to apply for the same, as the possibilities of sanction will be high.

Remedy- Donate green clothes to a young girl on Wednesdays.


Mercury presides over the fifth house of education, children, love life and eight houses of enigma and legacy for the Aquarius natives. It will be transiting over its fifth house during this period. The research students will have better concentration and will deeply be involved in their studies. Academic students may face obstacles in their education and will find it difficult to concentrate, which will hamper their performance. The parents may face problems from their children, due to their weak health or disturbing studies. Those who are interested in deeper subjects of life like mysticism, philosophy or the occult will have a favourable period, as their interests will increase in knowing about these studies and they will get good material to study and expand their knowledge.

Those who are looking forward to converting their passion or hobby into their profession will also get some good opportunities, your contacts will help you in achieving success in your endeavours. The natives who are in love will share a deep understanding with their partner, which will make their bond intense and they will be upto each other’s expectations. The insurance agents, life savours, miners and people working in the oil industry will have a favourable time, your stuck up deals will process smoothly, also you will get good chances of cracking new ones.

Remedy- Read Bhagavad Gita daily.


Mercury owns the lordship of the fourth house of domestic comforts, belongings, motherland and seventh house of associations, marriages and short trips for the dual sign Pisces. The Mercury will be transiting in its own sign in the fourth house. You will have a cherishing time with your family members, also you may have some small get together with distant families. There are bright possibilities of addition in the family through marriage or engagement of a member. Those who are in a family business will have an auspicious period since your outstanding communication and bond with the other members of the house will bring success in major decisions taken for the growth of the business.

The married natives may face some communication gap with their spouse, as they would be attention demanding during this period and schedule at work, events at family will keep you occupied. You are advised to do some time management and have some moments with your dear one for a healthier bond. For those who are planning to invest in property, time is favourable for you as you will be able to crack the best deals with your bargaining power. The accountants, writers, marketing professionals, journalists will get some good favours in their professional life during this time since Mercury will be strengthening your tenth house of career through its auspicious seventh aspect.

Remedy- Listening to stories related to Krishna Avtar of Lord Vishnu will bring good results.

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