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Sun Transit in Capricorn and its Impact (14 January, 2021)

The Sun, which is considered the king in the celestial cabinet, is moving from fiery sign to a more practical and pragmatic sign of Capricorn on 14th January 2021 @ 8:04 am. This position of the Sun is called "Makar Sankranti" and considered auspicious for starting new endeavors and tasks. It is celebrated with great fervour and aplomb throughout the country.

Sun Transit in Capricorn

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In Vedic Astrology, the Sun represents vitality, government and father. Its strong position in the horoscope gives benefits and favorable results regarding these things. The malefic position or malefic aspect of the Sun in the horoscope deprives one of the positive results regarding these factors.

Now let's see what are the results that this transit has in store for all zodiac signs-

हिंदी में पढ़े : सूर्य का मकर राशि में गोचर

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The Sun, which governs the fifth house of intellect, love, romance and children will transit through your tenth house of profession and career. This is a very favorable transit for Aries as the Sun will be at its zenith point or in its direction strength which indicates that it will provide you with auspicious results.

Professionally, this transit promises you with growth and success in your professional fields and areas. The Sun in mutual conjunction with three other planets during this transit indicates that you will be quick to learn and equip your skills to better yourself at what you are doing. This will provide you with better opportunities to grow and excel at your workplace.

Many of the Arians will get a change of a job that they were aspiring for a long time. Benefits or rewards from the Government or benefits can be there for many of the Aries natives.

Those doing their business in the form of trading, stock marketing, travels are likely to get favorable opportunities and rise in income during this transit. Your conduct will help you gain name and fame during this period.

In terms of personal life, if you are married, the growth and progress of your child will bring a huge smile on your face. However, their health may remain a little fragile during this transit. Also, as the Sun is in conjunction with Saturn, it indicates some differences of opinion with your father or father figures. So, maintain the decorum of your speech while dealing with them.

Overall, a favorable transit that has the capacity to provide you with the results, just be wise in your decision making.

Remedy - Do Surya Namaskar daily during the Sunrise.


Taurians will host the Sun in their ninth house of fortune and luck, this will provide mixed and interesting results for the people born under the sign of the bull. The position of the Sun which governs their fourth house of Mother and is present in the ninth house will result in a decline in her health. She could face some unprecedented problems, so try to be with her and help her by all possible means during this tough time.

Some clashes or disputes with your spouse or beloved are also indicated during this time period. So, remain cool and calm while dealing with them, otherwise, things can get out of control.

Work wise, travels related to profession and business are likely to bring you rewards and increase in income. But, your stubbornness and inflexible attitude during this time period, can result in some differences with your team and senior staff. So, be a little flexible in your attitude to gain support from your seniors and subordinates in this duration.

Financially, the inflow of cash will be good but you have to devise plans to sustain the money, as your expenses tend to remain on a higher side during this transit. So, try and divert your money into some positive channels like LIC for the long term. Taking inputs from your father or fatherly figures on this topic will be very useful for you.

This period could also see you trying to establish a connection with your inner self, by reading spiritual books or undertaking spiritual journeys.

Remedy - Recite Gayatri mantra daily in the morning.


Gemini natives will see the Sun making its nest in your eighth house of transition, changes and transformation. This position of the Sun indicates that you have to make more efforts than usual to succeed in your professional ventures. Also, you have to be very careful with whom you are sharing your secrets, as you may face deceit during this time.

You may feel discontent with some practices at your workplace, which could result in arguments with your seniors. However, you are advised to refrain from entering into any arguments in this period, as you will be the only one to get blamed. So, wait for the right period or opportunity to take action. Some of the natives born under the sign of twins may have to start searching for new jobs during this transit.

However, those of you in jobs related to research, data analysis etc. are likely to get favorable results during this transit. Financially, cutting down your expenses is the only way out to sustain this month, as the generation of more income will be very tough during this period.

In terms of personal life, as the Sun is directly aspecting your second house, which indicates that you can get rude at times which is going to hurt others unintentionally. This also indicates that your strained relations with your in-laws can affect your personal life. So, make sure to choose your words before speaking.

As the third house stands for siblings, this position indicates that your siblings may face some ups and downs in their personal and professional lives during this period.

On the health front, problems related to the abdomen area or injuries to the knee area can be foreseen for many. So, take care of your diet and please walk or drive carefully during this transit.

Remedy - Reciting "Ram Raksha Stotra" daily in the morning.


Cancer natives may feel stress and tension erupting in their personal relationships with the Sun transiting in their seventh house of spouse, partnerships and marital relations. You might become more sensitive or take things to the heart during this duration, which can make you moody and emotionally unstable. This can create differences with your beloved. The fear of rejection can also stop single natives to approach the person they have feelings for.

Professionally, though things are looking bright and you may come across many opportunities to rise to positions of authority during this duration. But, your need for validation and appreciation for rewards can make you take decisions hastily which can create problems in your professional arena.

Financially, expenditures are on the rise as you may have to travel a lot due to your business during this period. Also, the Sun in this position may also make you involved in legal disputes with your family members which can also create a lot of expenditure.

On the health front, you may face problems related to eyesight. Also, since the Sun is a dry planet, its influence can cause stomach infections and dryness to the skin. So, drink plenty of fluids during this transit. Students may face some concentration issues as the Sun is in a movable sign with multiple planets during this time period.

Remedy - Meditate on the Surya Yantra daily in the morning.


Leo natives are likely to get auspicious results during the transit of the Sun in your sixth house which represents competition and challenges. This is a favorable period, so the students preparing for the government and competitive exams are likely to pass through without putting in much of an effort.

Professionally, better changes are on the cards for the professionals looking to switch their jobs. Those continuing with the present jobs will get appreciation and promotion in their jobs. Your determination, hard work coupled with attention to details will help you achieve perfection and efficiency in all your tasks and endeavors. Your willingness to learn news and organize yourself to improve performance will come to the notice of your seniors. Businesses are also likely to achieve good turnovers during this month.

You will be willing to attend to your health and wellbeing during this period, which will see you experimenting with different courses or plans related to diet and exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy.

This is also a good period to clear your previous dues and liabilities. Also, court cases or litigations are likely to go in your favor right now.

Remedy - Recite the "Aditya Hriday Stotram” facing east daily in the morning.


The Sun positioned in the fifth house for Virgo natives will not be a favorable time period for them. The Sun governs the twelfth house for Virgo natives and is positioned in the sixth position from itself. This indicates that any travels or long-distance journeys should be avoided or delayed as they may give you unwanted stress or burden, both in physical or financial terms.

Professionally, the Sun is sitting in the eighth position from the tenth house, which indicates that some unprecedented situations or circumstances at your workplace may make you anxious and uncertain about job security and future. So, instead of sulking yourself in negative situations, try and divert all your energies to diligently plan your exit strategy. However, those natives working in foreign institutions or multinational companies might get favorable results during this transit.

In terms of family, if you are married, then the health of your children remain a big source of worry and anxiety for you. However, your spouse is likely to get sudden benefits or rewards during this position of the Sun.

Those in committed relationships might have to concentrate on communication with your partner. Do not hesitate to share your inhibitions, fears, doubts that you have in regards to relationships. This will help to create harmony and understanding in your relationship with your partner.

On the health front, you can face problems related to stomach like gastric or acidic issues. So, eat food which is easily digestible and inculcate physical exercise in your daily routine.

Remedy - Drink water in a copper vessel.

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The Sun transiting through the fourth house of happiness, home, mother, comforts and luxuries will bring mixed and interesting results for the natives born under the sign of scales.

The Sun is considered weak in this position, which indicates that you may witness a certain decline in the health of your mother during this period. It also indicates that ego confrontations with the family members could be there, because you may try to impose your leadership on them. So, instead of arguing, try to utilise this energy to make efforts and strengthen the relationship with them.

Throw get-togethers, plan a picnic with them, this way you will be able to create great camaraderie with your family members. Professionally, as the income house lord is in the house of comforts and home, if possible, you might be interested in taking homework or might like people visiting you at home for work during this transit. Some of the natives might also earn a good income through the sale, purchase and rent of the property.

On the health front, if you have a history of problems like BP, heart disease etc., then you have to remain careful and attentive towards your health during this cycle. As, the Sun is positioned in the sign of Capricorn, whose lord is Saturn which governs the life force or Pran Vayu. So, inculcating breathing exercises and pranayama will help you get positive results in health and well being.

Remedy - Recite the " Suryashtakam" daily in the morning, facing the east direction.


Scorpio natives will see the Sun illuminating their third house when it will transit through the sign of Capricorn. This will be an auspicious time period for the Scorpions as any efforts made during this period are likely to provide success and growth. Professionally, you will be curious, eager and ready to investigate new methods that will help improve your efficiency and productivity at your workplace. This is also a good period to make new connections as well as strengthen old ones.

As the Sun is your tenth house lord positioned in the sixth house from itself, you will be able to topple your enemies with ease during this transit. Also, undertaking short travels or trips is likely to bring you more profits than undertaking long-distance journeys. Your neighbours, acquaintances, relatives, siblings and co-workers will be supportive towards you during this cycle of the Sun.

However, sometimes you may get a bit carried away and make huge promises during this period. So, it is suggested to stay humble and promise only after carefully analyzing the situations. Otherwise, your image might get tarnished.

Personally, your relationship with your spouse or beloved will improve during this period. With the Sun in your third house, you will not leave any stone unturned to flatter or impress your spouse. This will make them feel special and bring happiness to them. On the health front, everything seems promising, just make sure that while running after your desires, you do not neglect your health.

Remedy - Wearing a high-quality Ruby crafted in copper or gold in your right-hand ring finger will bring beneficial results.


Dear Sagittarius, you will host the Sun into your second house of family, accumulated wealth and resources. The Sun in this house is making a very auspicious “Dhan Yoga”, which indicates that you are likely to receive a good flow of income during this period. However, as the Sun is in conjunction with the malefic planet Saturn, which indicates that the sustenance of income is very important, as the expenditures will also be on the higher side. So, as maximum planets including the Sun will be in movable signs, which shows that the best method will be to invest in small and multiple schemes that are likely to bring benefits and provide a positive outflow for your income.

On the professional front, since the Sun is sitting in an auspicious ninth position from the sixth house of service and profession, for employed natives. This denotes that your hard work and efforts done in this duration are likely to provide you with steady and stable growth in your career. However, some strife and clashes with senior management are also possible. So, it is suggested to stay calm and avoid any kind of arguments during this cycle. Businesses are also likely to produce profits and rewards during this duration.

On the personal front, the position of the Sun in your second house of speech can sometimes make you dominating, self-righteous and rude, this may not go down well with your family members, resulting in unnecessary quarrels and disharmony in the home environment. So, watch your words before you speak, if you want to maintain peace at your domestic front.

Students are likely to fare well as they are likely to remain focused during this duration. On the health front, you may face problems related to headaches, eyes and stomach. So, be more attentive to these areas in terms of health.

Remedy - As Lord Ram is associated with the planet “ Sun”, chanting “Om Ram Ramaya Namaha” daily in the morning will bring auspicious results.

Install Surya Yantra To Attain The Blessings Of Lord Sun


The Sun, being the eighth house lord of transformation and changes for the Capricorn natives transiting in their ascendant will not bring auspicious results for them. The health of the natives born under the sign of the fish goat may remain fragile during this cycle, so giving proper attention and taking full responsibility towards your health is of paramount importance in this duration.

Professionally, you may face recurring challenges at your workplace that may constantly be put to test your patience during this time of the year. You might also witness stagnation in terms of your professional growth. Some of the natives might also have to go through the difficult and challenging process of looking for job change during this transit. However, businesses may experience sudden gains and profits during this time.

These changes and transformation at your professional front might make you aggressive and filled with frustration, which is going to affect your personal relationships. Your relationships with your family and spouse are likely to get strained in this duration, so maintaining proper distance between your personal and professional life is of utmost importance during this duration.

However, students may see their performance increase in this duration, especially those who are involved in research related studies or starting with new courses and subjects.

Remedy - Donate free medicines to the needy on Sundays.


Aquarius natives are likely to witness the decline in the health of their spouse or beloved as the Sun which governs their seventh house of the spouse is sitting in the twelfth house of expenditures. This also indicates that your life partner may have to face many difficulties, at this time of the year. They need your full support, so be there for them during these difficult times. However, this transit will be very good for the natives looking to travel, settle or earn gains from the foreign shores and associations. They are likely to see their efforts bear desired results.

Professionally, some new opportunities may come up during this time period, So, you are advised to remain aware and be wise with your decision making in order to make full use of these chances. Businessmen are advised to stay put with their new investment during this cycle, as it is not a conducive period and your money is likely to get stuck. Also, be careful not to violate any law during this transit and file your taxes on time, otherwise, you may face some problems later on.

Healthwise, you may face some problems related to insomnia, eyesight and stomach during this period. So, it is suggested and advised not to ignore even the most minor of ailments, remain cautious and take proper care of yourself during this cycle.

Students might face some distraction when it comes to their studies, which might affect their academic performance. As, the Sun represents father, father-like figures and mentors, so taking advice and help from them will prove to be beneficial.

Remedy - Donate Jaggery on Sundays.


The natives born under the sign of the fish are likely to achieve auspicious results with the Sun transiting through their eleventh house of success and profits. Professionally, this position of the Sun will see you completing all your unaccomplished tasks that have been pending for long. You are likely to achieve appreciation and recognition at your workplace for the completion of the designated task. Your senior management and higher authorities will acknowledge your efforts and hard work, which will be a source and joy and happiness for you.

As maximum planets are in the earth signs including the Sun, it indicates that your efficiency and productivity will increase in this duration. This is likely to help you take multiple tasks at a given time, thus, increasing your capacity to earn more income and riches.

Businessmen are also likely to get good proposals during this transit. It will be highly beneficial for the Pisces natives running their businesses in the form of partnerships. It is also favorable to undertake journeys pertaining to business as it will provide you with the necessary exposure and exploration required for stable growth. This position of the Sun also shows that you are likely to dominate or overpower your enemies during this cycle.

On the personal front, as maximum planets including the Sun are transiting through your desire houses which indicates that your passion, energy and enthusiasm will be high when it comes to love and romance. You are also likely to take your life partner or spouse out to their favorite locations and hangouts. This will help you to create a strong bond between you two, which will help your love life to sail smoothly during this period.

Students are likely to get good support for their seniors, teachers and mentors, which will help improve their performance in academics.

Remedy - Recite “Surya Ashtakam” daily during the Sunrise.

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