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Sun Transit in Taurus (14 May 2020)

The Sun transit in Taurus will take place on Thursday evening, 14 May 2020 at 17:05 hours, as the luminary planet leaves its exalted sign, Aries, to enter the earth sign. This event is known as Vrishabha Sankranti. The luminary planet will continue to remain in this position till 15 June 2020.

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The Sun transit is considered essential in Vedic Astrology because the planet is said to be the Ruler of the Navagraha (nine planets). It is also the deity of health, which provides energy to the entire world. It stays in a sign for almost 1 month, before moving on, and this event is named Sankranti. Jyotish Shastras call the Sun, the soul of the world. It is the Lord of the zodiac sign Leo and its favourable position in one’s kundali brings all kinds of comforts. The Sun bestows name, fame, respect, and honour on such a native. Let us now take a look at how this Sun transit in Taurus will influence each zodiac sign.

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The Sun is a dear friend of the Lord of your zodiac sign, Mars, as well as a Shubh Karaka planet for you by being the Lord of your fifth house (Trikon Bhav). This Sun transit in Taurus will take place through the second house of Aries natives. Such placement of the luminary planet will bring you magnificence; however, there are possibilities of some challenges in your family life. You would want to follow the rules rather than being practical now, which will create problems for the other members of your household.

Moreover, if they say something that upsets you, then you will say this too, to their faces. This, in turn, can offend them and there are possibilities of your relationship deteriorating. Some changes in your health are indicated during this transit, and you may have to face problems like fever, cold, and cough. This will be a favourable duration in terms of education, as student natives acquire excellent results in their studies.

Coming to Aries natives in love, success in your romantic affairs is indicated. You can introduce your beloved to your family members virtually now, which will create an understanding between them (your partner and parents). As for the married natives of this sign, this duration is most favourable for your children as they will continue on the path of progress. This Sun transit will also ensure that they keep moving forward.

Remedy: Fill a copper vessel with water at night and keep it at your bedside. Drink this water when you wake up in the morning.


The Sun transit in Taurus will cause the planet to get posited in your ascendant. The luminary planet is the Lord of your fourth house. As a result, its placement in your first house will bring mixed results for you. Your thinking ability will strengthen further, and you will be able to solve even the hardest of problems quickly. However, as you add each win to your tally, ego can arise within you, which will ruin your relations.

This Sun transit will not be favourable for your marital life as disputes between you and your spouse can increase. There are also possibilities of ego clashes amongst you. On the whole, there will be a lack of happiness in your relationship. Despite that, the rosy flush of life on your face will be more this week. Moreover, if required, you can also make some hard decisions now, which others may not like in the beginning.

Predictions indicate that you can acquire wealth at this time and there are also strong yogas of you obtaining some immovable property. At this time, your mother can present you with a gift or estate. Simultaneously, you too will do something to acquire a mode of increasing your name, fame, and respect in society.

Remedy: Recite the Aditya Hriday Stotra regularly.


The Sun is the Lord of the third house of Gemini natives and during its transit, will enter their twelfth house. As a result of this Sun transit in Taurus, Gemini natives can witness an increase in their expenses. However, these expenditures will not be haphazard, but rather for a particular reason. This duration will make you more inclined towards spirituality, and you will be seen moving forward on that path. Geminis are social butterflies inherently and the constant lockdown is making you restless. As a result, you will find yourself missing your friends and family members who are currently far from you.

The placement of the Sun in your twelfth house will cause a decline in your health. The longing for get-togethers and your kith and kin can add to this. You can suffer from pain in the eyes, insomnia, fever, headache, and body pain. Moreover, some of your opponents can also become stronger at this time and may trouble you. The placement of the planets indicates that some of you can partake in a task, which is considered out of the lines of decorum. This can end up besmirching your image. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the same and avoid doing anything which can lead to such a disrespectful situation.

Working professionals need to remain very careful of their colleagues at this time as they can be scheming against you. You will feel mentally weak right now, which can cause a delay in even your almost accomplished tasks.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu with utmost devotion every day.


The luminary planet is the Lord of the second house of Cancer natives, and during this Sun transit in Taurus, it will get posited in their eleventh house of profits. This planetary movement will be beneficial for you, in almost all aspects of life, and you will progress day by day.

However, due to the influence of the Sun, you can face some problems in your love life. Due to a contradiction in your thoughts, your relationship can even turn drab at this time. In such a situation, you need to take help of open and mutual conversation to save your bond. Coming to the student natives of the sign, this transit will not be much favourable for you either. Therefore, you need to focus on your studies with complete devotion and concentration; otherwise, your results may not be satisfactory.

Your children will have a favourable time as all their projects succeed. They will progress in their respective fields. This duration will also finally give wings to your ambitions, and one of your long-pending desires can be fulfilled now. This will bring you immense happiness. Your health will also remain strong, and with the right investments, you can make efforts towards increasing your current income.

Yogas of profits through the government sector are also forming while working professionals will receive the support of their senior officials. This transit will offer favourable outcomes in terms of business as well, for Cancerians.

Remedy: Chanting the following mantra of Lord Sun will be beneficial for you: “ॐ घृणि सूर्याय नमः/oṃ ghṛṇi sūryāya namaḥ”

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The Sun transit in Taurus will cause the planet to get posited in the tenth house of Leo natives. The luminary planet here attains directional strength; therefore, this planetary movement will be favourable for the natives. The Sun is the Lord of your sign, and the tenth house is its most influential position, the Kendra Bhava.

This Sun transit will bring tremendous yogas of progress for working professionals. There are possibilities of you getting a promotion in your workplace. Your relations with your senior officials will improve, and they will help you out in everything. This duration will be especially favourable for Leo natives employed in the government sector. Some of you can also expect some kind of honour or amenities from the government.

The influence of this planetary movement will be worse on your opponents, and you will witness an increase in your fame and honour. Peace will prevail over your household now. Your status in your family and personal life will increase, and you will earn respect in society. Predictions promise a good health, and your immune system will be stronger. More importantly, your diligence will bring you success in all your tasks.

Remedy: Tie Moli or Kalawa (holy red thread) on your hand, after wrapping it six times around your wrist.


Virgo natives will host the transit of the Sun through their ninth house. The luminary planet is the Lord of your twelfth house. Due to the influence of this transitory motion, business personnel whose trade is associated with foreign countries can attain tremendous gains now. Simultaneously, Virgoans employed in MNCs can also look forward to a promotion or any other form of positive growth in their company. In addition to this, many of you will also find yourself getting inclined towards spirituality, maybe even feel a spiritual longing at this time.

Predictions indicate possibilities of your father’s health declining right now, as he may fall sick. Despite that, your name, fame, and honor will grow. This is because you will be seen connecting with your old friends, making groups on social media, and doing all you can to bring everyone together in this trying time. Your efforts will garner praise and everyone will be impressed with you. In addition to this, you will remain involved in charity work. However, it would be prudent if these donations remain online. Virgo natives will get the chance to work out a vacation someplace at this time. Considering the circumstances worldwide, you can plan on going on a pilgrimage once things improve.

Your work efficiency will enhance due to this transit, and you will improve your circumstances by yourself. There will be an increase in your pace of efforts, and you will now learn how every task is accomplished efficiently. On the other hand, your siblings may have to face some challenges at this time. Trips are on the cards for many, but you need to postpone them for the time being. Remain inside and safe until situations are more under control across the globe.

Some of you may also end up spending money over religious activities. However, you need to understand that you will be able to save money only if you curb your expenditures; otherwise, you can find your income lessening slightly. Healthwise, predictions promise an improvement in you, and you will finally be rid of old diseases.

Remedy: Chant the Gayatri Mantra 108 times daily.


The Sun is the Lord of the eleventh house of Libra natives, and during their transit, it will get posited in their eighth house. As a result of this planetary movement, you can expect some health issues at this time, and some of you can even fall ill. You can suddenly face some skin troubles, an increase in biliary diseases, fever, and sexual problems. Thus, take care of yourself. However, these will only happen when your kundali is undergoing the Dashas of malefic planets.

Doing anything outside the lines of decorum will be unfavourable for you, as your name can be besmirched in society. A decline in your current income is indicated at this time, and there are also possibilities of monetary losses. Thus, you will need to work even harder to attain finances, and even then, this gain will be partial.

This duration is not favourable for your father and father-figures as they may face some health-problems or ups and downs in their career. Librans posted in the government sector who are facing some allegations need to remain careful, as a departmental inquiry may sit against you now. Your societal status can fall, and you may suffer a delay in the fulfilment of your ambitions.

Remedy: Bowing down towards East every day during sunrise will be beneficial for you, because this direction is dominated by the Sun. Thus, this ritual will bring you the blessings of the luminary planet.


The seventh house of Scorpio natives will host the Sun transit in Taurus. The luminary planet is the Lord of your tenth house and will be posited in your house of marriage and partnerships. This placement of the Ruler of the Navagraha will bring mixed results for Scorpios.

Business personnel of the sign can expect tremendous profits in their trade. Despite that, this is not an easy time for enterprises. For those who own their organization in partnership should maintain only formal and professional relations with their partner. Taking things on a more personal level can create problems later on.

Working professionals can also look forward to a promotion and an increase in their salary now. You will accomplish all your tasks with dedication and hard work, which will improve things at your office and you will earn name and respect. Your status in society will also be enhanced now, and you will be popular amongst the people.

However, this transit is not favourable for Scorpio natives, in terms of their marital life. There will be ego clashes between you and your spouse, which will lead to arguments between you two. Your life partner can adopt a headstrong attitude towards something, which will cause a decline in the pleasure and happiness in your marriage. Despite that, there will be a change in your behaviour as well. You will try to adapt to the situations.

Remedy: Rub red sandalwood and mix it with your bathing water.

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Sun is the Lord of the ninth house of fortune of Sagittarius natives and will be transiting through their sixth house from 14 May 2020. The placement of the luminary planet here is generally considered auspicious, as the Ruler's position here protects you from your opponents. The Sun transit in Taurus will bring you success in most debates as well as legal court cases.

Student natives preparing for competitive exams will be victorious in their endeavours now. Although your expenses will grow, however, these will not be for an illogical reason. Instead, you will systematically spend your money, at the right time, in the right place. Therefore, they will not affect your financial front much. Despite that, you will need to work harder due to the influence of this transit, and only after that will fate show its true colours.

This planetary movement will be most beneficial for working professionals. The more you toil hard, the more you gain. Profits through the government or government sector are on the cards for many. If you have some stuck funds, then they may return to you finally. Simultaneously, if you had taken a loan or debt, then you will successfully repay that too. However, on the flip side, some Sagittarians can end up taking another debt to repay their old one, and the rest they will use to buy items of comfort and luxury. Apart from this, your children will also progress during this transit period.

Remedy: Chanting Surya Mantra during the Sun's hora daily will bring you several benefits.


The Sun transit in Taurus will take place through the fifth house of Capricorn natives. The luminary planet is the Lord of your eighth house, and the fifth house signifies your mind, intellect, children, and love affairs. Therefore, the presence of the Sun here will bring some physical problems for the children of Capricorn natives. Moreover, they will have to work with even more concentration in their field for proper results.

As for the student natives born under this sign, predictions indicate possibilities of obstacles in your education. Also, physically, you will find the heat and Pitta nature in your body imbalanced, which may cause a delay in your tasks. Important projects may get stuck, due to which, you will need to work even more carefully.

In this transit period, some of you can become fed up with your current job and will think about looking for a new one. Simultaneously, this duration can also bring you sudden wealth. Yogas of financial gains through the Share Market, lottery, or betting are also forming. Despite that, you should consult an expert before investing anywhere, and that too, only after properly pondering upon it. The desire to help others will rise within you now, and you will perform some good deeds for the same.

Remedy: Respect your father and make it a habit to wake up early, every day.


Aquarians will host the Sun transit in Taurus through their fourth house. The luminary planet is the Lord of your seventh house while the fourth house is your house of comforts and happiness. Thus, the Sun’s placement here will bring an increase in your amenities, yet, you will not be mentally satisfied due to some reason. You will still be on the lookout for peace.

Viewing your family life, it is evident that this transit will cause unrest in the environment at home. The members of your household will continue arguing with each-other unnecessarily, and there will be an evident lack of harmony. Your mother’s nature can undergo some changes as she becomes slightly short-tempered.

The Sun will also influence your workplace right now, due to which you will be seen making efforts toward maintaining a balance between your house and office. On one side, your family will demand your time, on the other hand, you will need to focus more on your official tasks also. Although business personnel will enjoy good moments at this time, however, you will also need to approach an expert for advice now.

Married natives will enjoy a delightful time with their spouse, and the latter has strong chances of succeeding in their workplace as well. Some Aquarius natives can also look forward to receiving a house or vehicle through their employer.

Remedy: Offer water (Arghya) to Lord Sun using water mixed with red sandalwood.


The luminary planet is the Lord of the sixth house of Pisces natives, and during this Sun transit in Taurus, will be posited in their third house. Generally, the Ruler of the Navagraha offers promising results from this position. You will get the abundant benefits through this planetary movement.

The courage and might within Pisces natives will grow, and you will accomplish all your tasks with concentration and dedication. You will feel energetic, refreshed, and ready to face all challenges bravely. Journeys are on the cards for some Pisceans, however, you need to postpone them until things improve on the pandemic front. Some of you can connect with your old friends at this time, which will bring you immense happiness.

This planetary movement will be worse for your opponents as you do not let them get ahead of you, in any situation. Each victory will fortify you and bring you mental strength. Apart from this, Pisceans will reap the fruits of their past labours now. Additionally, there are strong yogas of progress in your career forming now. Many of you can utilise this time to plan for a religious time later on. Moreover, many of you will be able to succeed in your business with the help of your friends. This duration will remain favourable for your spouse as well.

Remedy: Waking up before sunrise every day and adhering to a daily routine in general will be beneficial for you. Ensure that you follow this regime for 21 days in order to receive the blessings of the Lord Sun.

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