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Sun Transit in Taurus (15 May 2022)

This article provides accurate life predictions regarding Sun transit in Taurus on 15 May 2022 and impact on all zodiac signs. Sun is the sole energy provider as per vedic Astrology. As per the astronomy all the planets revolve around the planet of Light the Sun however in astrology Earth is taken as a fixed component and all the planets moving around the Earth and casting their impact on life of everyone existing in this planet.

Sun Transit in Taurus

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Sun Transit in Taurus: Timing

The Sun represents authority and command It also denotes the value system of a person and its intentions. A strong Sun in any bhava denotes the dominances of that bhava and at times it also burns the relationships pertaining to that particular bhava. It is the karak grah of the father and fatherly figure. The support and assistance from the father is completely defined by the placement and position of the Sun in a native’s chart. It plays a vital role in getting government jobs and sustainability of commanding positions in the career.

Taurus is a fixed sign ruled by the planet Venus. Due to its fixed nature it brings stubbornness and stagnancy to the native. Taurians first step their foot into things and then judge their drawbacks. The Sun in this sign of Earth ignites the passion towards achieving endeavours. It also makes a native more profound in their choices and aggravates their confidence. They are immovable and unstoppable.

The transit of the Sun in the sign of Taurus will be on 15 May 2022 at 5.45 am Sunday and the Sun will stay in this sign until it moves into the sign of Gemini on 15 June 2022 at 12.19 pm. Let’s see what this transit brings for all the zodiac signs.

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Know Yours: Moon Sign Calculator


For the Aries Moon sign, the Sun holds the lordship of an important trikona i.e. the fifth house of entertainment, progeny, studies, vocational courses and past karmas. The fifth house lord will be transiting from the second house of speech, wealth and family during this transit period.

This period will bring some changes in your articulation. You will be straightforward and crisp in your conversations. You may use some words which will be harsh on others. This may also cut you a bit off from your dear ones. Your family life may not be very good as you may face conflicts with your parents and other members of the house. You will feel the lack of support and assistance from your family members.

The academic students will have a favourable period as there will be swiftness in their learning and performance. This will make their parents feel proud and they will do some special things for their children.

In terms of finances this period will be overwhelming. There are possibilities of earning from more than one source. As you will try to make use of your hobbies and interests by using them professionally and make money out of the same. At the work front you will be commanding and will pursue your goals ambitiously. This may bring some conflicts with the other members of the team or the senior management. Overall this period will strengthen your career profile.

Remedy: Offer Arghya to the Sun by filling water in a copper vessel, add a pinch of kum kum and sugar to it. Offer this water to the rising Sun while chanting Surya Mantra.

Aries Weekly Horoscope


For the Taurus moon sign, Sun presides over the fourth house of happiness, land, property and vehicle. The Sun will be transiting in the first house of physique, personal self, mind and personality during this period.

You will be possessive about your family and the members, their safety and concerns will keep tossing over your mind during this period. You will be rigid, over commanding and dominant during this time, this may bring differences in your relationship with your spouse. They may find it difficult to handle a high temperament and try to maintain distance with you. You are advised to take care of your health as you will be prone to headache, migraines and high Blood Pressure.

This period is fruitful for the students who are preparing for competitive examinations. Your fighting spirit will be good to combat all the challenges.

Your passion will be high and you will aim high at the professional front. The time is favourable to start your own business. Also, if planning for government jobs this period will assist you in scoring better in your examination or filing your application. Those who are into services will find it difficult to take commands from their seniors. You may try to ignore their advice and do things as per your understanding. You may also have thoughts about changing your job during this time.

Remedy: Drink water from a copper vessel upon waking up in the morning. Worship Lord Sun and Chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times a day.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope


For the Gemini Moon Sign, the Sun rules over the third house of strength, siblings, communication and short trips. It will be in the twelfth house of expenditure, loss and foreign land during this transit period.

You will feel low in stamina and strength during this period. You will not be able to put forth your best efforts in your endeavours at the personal as well as professional level. You may face some misunderstandings with your friends and siblings especially the elder one. You will like to travel and explore new places during this time. You are advised to be cautious while making new friends as they may bring some losses to you financially. In terms of health you are advised to take care of your eyes as you will be prone to infections and allergies during this time.

Your work life will be a bit chaotic during this period. You may have to make some travel plans which will not bring productive results. Those who are working with the foreign market or are employed with MNCs can see some growth during this period. Your approach and strategies will bring success and enhancement in your finances. Those who are waiting for promotions may get lucky. Also the possibilities of change of work place or transfer is bright during this time. Your relationship with your employer will not be the best, therefore you are advised to maintain a sweet distance from them.

Remedy: Fill a copper vessel with water at night and keep it on your head side. Throw this water outside your house in the morning.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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For the Cancer moon sign, the Sun owns the lordship of the second house of wealth, articulation, facial expressions and immediate family. The Sun will be transiting from the eleventh house of earnings, gains, friends and expansion. This connection of the two houses of wealth forms a good yoga and brings financial abundance in a native’s life.

Your mood will be uplifted and you will like to socialise during this period. You may plan to get together with your friends or throw parties for family, friends and acquaintances. You may get into connections with the people of higher authorities during this time and may invite them for dinner or a casual meeting. The married natives will spend some quality time with their spouse, which will strengthen your relationship. Some of you may try to step outside of your marriage to make friends for a good compatibility and companionship.

In terms of financial gain this period is truly uplifting. You will make good profits in your business and investing them further will multiply your finances. The service men will make good incentives during this period. You may also get a promotion with better perks. You will share a good relationship with your seniors and this will impact your profile positively. You will get the fruits of your past labour in terms of monetary gains and you may also get back your long awaited payments. Overall you will make goodwill and reputation in your professional life.

Remedy: Recite Aditya Hridya Stotra and worship Lord Sun, especially during the Sunrise.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


For the Leo Moon sign, Sun is the lagna lord and its transit is of vital importance for the Leo natives. The Sun will make its transit in its tenth house during this period. This connection of lagna lord in the house of profession will bring strength and stability in the career of a native. Also it makes one too ambitious and possessive about their work life.

You will make a good reputation in your respective society during this period. Your relationship with your parents, especially with your father will be good and you may gain some favours due to their goodwill. At the home front, the atmosphere may not be very comfortable due to the attitude of some of the members and their high expectations. You will try your best to keep everything in order during this period. Your mother may suffer from some health concerns. You are advised to get their blood sugar tests updated in order to avoid any major concerns.

The most awaited promotion will be in your court and you will earn a good name and recognition in your organisation. Those who have been waiting to achieve that special authoritative post in their career will be able to accomplish their dreams. Time is also favourable for switching jobs and targeting government jobs. The business owners will be able to make good connections with commanding people, which will bring them growth and success in their business.

Remedy: Wear a red tourmaline bracelet or a ring in the ring finger of the working hand for obtaining blessings of the Lord Sun.

Leo Weekly Horoscope


For the Virgo Moon sign, the Sun owns the twelfth house of expenditure, moksha, feet and overseas. It will be moving through the ninth house of fortune and luck during this transit period. This connection of twelfth and ninth house activates the journeys and travel plans in a natives life.

You will have a spiritual inclination during this period. You may visit places of pilgrimage in search of learning more about the religion and understanding scriptures. You will respect your ancestors and may make some efforts to do something for them be it performing yagna or making generous donations. Your relationship with your father may not be very friendly during this time but respect for each other will grow stronger. Your respect in the society will grow due to your charitable attitude and approach during this period.

The students who are planning for further studies will have a favourable period. Your knowledge will grow leaps and bounds. If planning for admission in foreign colleges then the time is potent, you should start your preparation during this period.

You will have a level of satisfaction and contentment at the professional front. Though you will note be very concentrated towards your work. Those who are dealing with foreign clients will have a favourable period, you will be able to make good deals during this period.

Remedy: Feed wheat bread and Jaggery to Cow especially on Sundays. Chant the Gayatri Mantra 108 times regularly.

Virgo Weekly horoscope


For the Libra Moon sign, the Sun owns the lordship of your eleventh house of income and gains. During this transit period Sun will be in your eight house of mysteries, occult science and uncertainties.

You will be into deep thoughts during this time. You will try to evaluate and judge everythings. Your relationship with your friend will strengthen and you will take it to a different level sharing yourself inside out. You will have an inquisitiveness to know about the deep secrets and vital truth of life. You will also question things around you and try to understand the reason behind challenges of life. Your health may remain compromised during this transit and you may suffer from body aches, burning sensation, blisters and lack of energy.

The researchers and philosophers will have a favourable period. You will get some new texts and matters of study which will expand the horizons of your knowledge. You may also make innovations with your knowledge and abilities.

In terms of finances this period will be a bit uncertain, therefore you are advised not to make any investments as they will cost you a fortune. Also, investing into speculative markets is not advisable during this time. Those who are working into joint ventures need to be a bit careful as their associates might have deceptive tendencies towards you. Time is favourable to plan new strategies for the growth of business but any kind of implementation should be put on hold for a while.

Remedy: Worship lord Narayan and chant’ Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’ 108 times daily.

Libra Weekly Horoscope


For Scorpio Moon Sign, the Sun owns the lordship of the tenth house of profession, karma and deeds. During this transit period the Sun will be in your seventh house of association, partnerships and marriage.

You will be a bit aggressive and dominating during this period. You will find it difficult to take command from anyone be it at the personal or professional level. Your strong attitude may be difficult for your spouse to accept, thus this period will bring some disturbances in your married life. Your partner may try to maintain a distance from you by making travel plans or not getting involved in any conversation. Those who are looking forward to getting married may find good proposals from high status families during this period. You are advised to take care of your health as you will be prone to anxiety, sun strokes and cholesterol issues.

This period will be good for those who are into their business. You will be able to make a name in the respective market. You may have to make some travel plans for promotion and growth, which will bring productive results. You may get some opportunities to work in a joint venture during this time. Those who are working in a partnership business need to be a bit careful. You may have heated discussions and arguments with your partner during this period. In terms of finances this period will be auspicious. You will be able to earn handsome money from your new projects and deals.

Remedy: Apply kumkum tilak on your forehead and tie a Molli or red sacred thread on your working hand by wrapping it six times around your wrist.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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For the Sagittarius Moon sign, the Sun owns the Lord of the ninth house of religion, fortune and fate. It will be transiting from the sixth house of competition, fights and diseases.

You will be a bit quarrelsome during this period. Your interest and inclination will increase towards your personal fitness goals. You will be strong and confident in your approach towards everything. You will be over powering over your competitors and enemies and will not take anything adverse from anyone. You may enter into fights frequently and will come out of them successful. In terms of health the time is favourable to give you recovery from some diseases of the past.

This period is favourable for the students, especially those who are preparing for the competitive examinations. You will be able to get success and your smart work will be paid off.

You will be in a strong and commanding position at your workplace. If planning to ask for favours or revised perks then time is just right. You will be able to get your work done from your team and will be able to hold a good command over the members. You may witness a bit of politics from your subordinates however they will not be able to bring any harm to you. This period is favourable for the government employees, you may get a promotion or incentives during this period.

Remedy: Put a pinch of kumkum or red sandalwood powder in your bathing water daily for bringing abundance in your life.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


For the Capricorn Moon Sign, the Sun owns the lordship of the house of mysteries, occult, longevity and uncertainty i.e. the eighth house. During this transit period the Sun will be placed in the fifth house of progeny, education and children.

You will have an inclination towards learning new things. You will be interested in research subjects. Those who are into love relationships may not have the best of the time. You will have heated discussions with your lover, which may lead to a break apart of the relationship during this time. Pregnant women are advised to be a bit cautious during this time as this transit period is not favourable for you. In terms of health this week will be fragile as you may suffer from some health concerns pertaining to acidity, stomach ache and indigestion issues.

This period will bring some instability in your finances. Therefore you are advised not to make any major investments, especially investing into speculative markets is not advisable. The time is favourable to invest into your hobbies, interest and make money part time from them. This period is also potential from bringing a change in your job therefore if looking forward to a switch you make efforts during this period. Your relationship with your bosses and management staff will not be very cordial which may negatively impact your reputation at the workplace.

Remedy: Offer water to the rising Sun every day and respect your father and fatherly figures for obtaining blessings of the Sun.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


For the Aquarius Moon sign, the Sun owns the seventh house of marital bliss, travel, associations. It will be transiting from the fourth house of happiness, home and mother.

Your bond with your mother will be a bit tense during this period as you will face a difference of opinion with her. The singles who are searching for their better half may get lucky in finding their partner with the support and help of the family members. The married natives will have to be on a servitude mode during this time as your spouse will be commanding and dominating you in doing household activities. You may plan to buy a vehicle for the member of the house during this time.You are advised to be careful about your health as you will be prone to kapha and pitta related issues during this time.

The academic students will be fierce in their energy and will quickly learn all their syllabus. They will be high in energy and will perform outstanding in their examinations. Time is also favourable if you are planning to learn a new language as you will understand the same at ease.

At the professional front you will gain name and fame in your career. Those who had been looking forward to a break will be fortunate as they will get some good offers to start their career. This period will be favourable for the ones who are into their family business as the joint efforts of all the members will increase your publicity and you will gain a good reputation in the market.

Remedy: Donate Jaggery at the temple on Sunday and practise a morning ritual by walking up at the sunrise and starting the day with Pranayam.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


For the Pisces Moon Sign, the Sun owns the lordship of the sixth house of fights, competition and services. During this transit period the Sun will be transiting from your third house of art, culture, courage, siblings and communication.

You will be active in pursuing your dreams and performing some extracurricular activities. You may also plan to learn some new things and go for adventurous trips. You will expand your horizon and try to do innovative things which will bring you happiness. You are advised to be cautious in your conversations with your siblings especially the younger ones as you may land up getting into a fight with them. You will make new friends and try to socialise more during this time. If going through a court case or other legal matter then possibilities of winning are high. You will have an inclination to write things or a novel in your leisure time during this period.

Those who are into services can expect a transfer during this time. There are also possibilities of some major changes at your workplace pertaining to your profile and department. This time is also potential for a change of job as you will find good opportunities during this time. The business owners will not have a great time as you will not get the desired results. You will put in more effort but the outcome will be way too less in comparison to the time and efforts invested. You are advised not to introduce anything new during this period as the results will not be fruitful

Remedy: Worship Lord Sun and recite Surya Sidhhant everyday.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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