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Venus Transit in Cancer (1 September 2020)

Venus, the significator of beauty, art, and creativity will be making its transit through the fourth sign of the zodiac cycle, Cancer, on 1 September 2020, at 02:02 hours. It will continue to remain in this position until 28 September at 01:01 hours, after which it will move on to enter Leo.

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Venus is considered an auspicious planet, and due to its benefic influence, natives become an expert in creative activities. Those who have this planet positively placed in their birth charts are successful in attracting others towards them. They are also more likely to earn name and fame in fields like acting, singing, and more.

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Venus Transit in Cancer


Aries natives will host the transit of Venus through their fourth house, which signifies your mother, family, vehicle, and comfort. As a result of this, Venus transit in Cancer Arians would prefer living in a peaceful environment. Instead of wanting to socialize, you would prefer spending time with your family members.

Despite that, you can look towards discovering new techniques for your entertainment. Many of you can become inclined towards learning singing, acting, and more. You will find your family standing right by your side in all problematic situations. Coming to the married natives of this sign, your spouse can also incur some benefits during this transit. A promotion may also be on the cards for them.

Aries natives who are in a relationship can become a bit too emotional at this time. As a result, you may end up taking offence on even the smallest of things that your beloved says. This can create some problems in your love life, therefore, try and keep your sentiments under control. Healthwise, this duration will bring you nothing major, other than small issues like cough and cold.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Santoshi on Friday.


Venus transit in Cancer will activate the third house of Taurus natives. This position signifies your courage, mind, younger siblings, and short trips. Due to this planetary movement, there will be an increase in your creativity, as a result of which a desire to create something new will rise within you. However, you need to avoid being too ambitious at this time.

You can earn name and respect in society through your creativity as you create your own niche. Writers born under the sign of Taurus can also be praised for one of their works now. Due to the influence of this transit, many of you can go to hill stations for some adventurous activities. If you are married, then take your spouse along with you, because this will help in improving and strengthening your bond.

Business personnel of this sign can gain benefits through their talent. This transitory motion will also be favourable for student natives, as you will prefer spending more time between your books. As a result, you will be easily able to understand even the hardest subjects right now. Many Taureans can meet up with their friends, and near and dear ones for a joyful time.

Remedy: Worshipping Lord Ganesha on Friday will be auspicious for you.


As Venus transits into Cancer, it will move through the zodiac cycle to activate the second house of Gemini natives, which signifies your family and comforts. The presence of Venus here is likely to bring you positive results. This duration will be especially favourable for student natives of this sign, as most obstacles in your path are now removed. You will also try your level best to receive the support of your teachers.

A positive environment will prevail in your household. Gemini natives associated with a family business and those who own their enterprise in partnership can gain substantial profits right now. The second house also signifies your speech, and the placement of auspicious planet Venus here is likely to bring an improvement in your oratory skills. As a result, you will be able to win the hearts of all and charm them through your words. Socially, you will earn respect in this duration.

Geminis in love can expect many positive changes in their relationship now. Simultaneously, many of you can receive some good news from your children, as they move forward on the path to progress. Some of you will find yourself spend a significant amount of your salary on food during this transit. Healthwise, eye-related problems are on the cards; therefore, take care and follow proper precautions.

Remedy: Apply a Tilak of white Sandalwood on Friday for positive results.

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Venus transit in Cancer will cause the planet to get posited in your first house or ascendant, which will bring many positive changes in your nature. This house also signifies your intelligence, which means that this planetary movement will improve your intellectual abilities.

This duration will fill Cancer natives with creativity, and you will be successful in impressing others with it. Especially those natives who are associated with the fields of media and film Industry can be praised for their work now. Working professionals will also be seen making efforts in improving their performance, which will appease your seniors. As for the business personnel of this sign whose enterprise is associated with beauty products, you can also look forward to profits in the duration.

Things in your family will remain favourable, and a lack of disputes within the household will provide you with mental peace as well. This transit will be advantageous for your wellbeing as well. Although some minor diseases can trouble you; however, no significant changes are indicated healthwise. Venus is considered to be a materialistic planet; therefore, you will be dedicated to attaining worldly pleasures in the duration. On the whole, transit will prove to be quite auspicious for Cancer natives.

Remedy: Worship the Shwetark Ganpati for beneficial results.


As Venus changes positions in the zodiac cycle, it will activate the twelfth house of Leo natives, which signifies your connections to foreign countries, expenses, losses, and more. Leo natives, whose business is associated with countries abroad, or work in a multinational company, can expect benefits during the transit. Any foreign trips are also likely to bring benefits.

However, you need to pay attention to your financial front right now. Often in your drive to show off, you do not pay attention to how much you ended up spending. Therefore, stay away from any such flaunting and instead save your money. Married natives can get into some disputes with their spouses at this time. You will be too materialistic at this time, and more interested in worldly pleasure rather than inner peace, which can trouble your partner.

Leo natives need to pay attention to their health, especially your left eye, as problems in the same are indicated. Avoid watching TV or using your smartphone excessively. This Venus transit in Cancer is likely to fuel your desire to go abroad. Therefore, your efforts in this direction will also grow.

Remedy: Donating attar (perfume) on Friday will bring favourable results for you.


Venus transit in Cancer will cause the planet to enter the eleventh house of profits, of Virgo natives. This placement signifies your friends and elder siblings, among other things. Powerful yogas of monetary benefits are being formed for many Virgo natives. Simultaneously, business personnel who are planning on expanding their trade can do so now, as this is a favourable time for the same. In addition to this, working professionals can also look forward to many beneficial results now.

Unmarried natives can receive a good marriage proposal now, and you may finalize the details for tying the knot soon. Apart from this, desired results are also on the cards for your family life. Your relationship with your elder siblings will strengthen, and they will be standing by your side at all times, whenever you need their support.

Natives who have been troubled by some illness for a long time, this transit period can help you completely recover from the same. A friend of yours can come forward to assist you, and in turn, you too will not step back from helping them in need. A piece of advice you once gave one of your friends will turn to be very helpful for them now. Some of you can spend a significant amount of your funds on entertainment; however, you are advised to follow a proper budget in all that you do.

Remedy: Offering gifts to young girls will be auspicious for you.

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Libra natives will host the Venus transit in Cancer through their tenth house, which signifies your karma (deeds). This placement of the significator of love is likely to bring promotion in your workplace. You can also try to establish good relations with your seniors now. If the work done by you in the past was worthy, then some of you can even look forward to promotion right now.

As for the business personnel of the sign, this is a favourable duration for them as well. You can plan something new to increase your profits. Libra natives associated with politics will be successful in impressing others through their words, and the number of your followers will grow.

Socially too, you will establish good relations with the people. Coming to the student natives of this sign, you will become quite serious concerning your goals. Thus, you will continuously put in effort towards progressing in your studies. As for your family life, if there was any bad blood between you and your father, then things will now get resolved. Healthwise, you need to remain cautious, as a decline in the same is on the cards.

Remedy: Offering things of Shringar (makeup items) to married women (Suhagan) will be auspicious for you.


Venus will travel through the ninth house of Scorpio natives, which signifies your religious inclination, fortune, and long-distance travels. This Venus transit in Cancer will bring many positive changes in the nature of Scorpio natives. You will become more inclined towards religious activities and will step forward to help others as well. Many of you can even get in touch with an expert of spiritual subjects, to learn more on the same. Simultaneously, some Scorpios can also go on a pilgrimage or religious trips with their family now. The environment will remain favourable at home, and you will enjoy spending your time with the elders of the household.

Students acquiring higher education can take help from their teachers in something. Profits through work-related trips, far away, are on the cards for many. Scorpio natives who are studying acting, singing, dancing, etc. can look forward to benefits in this duration. Simultaneously, those who wish to try their luck in the said fields, this Venus transit will be a favourable time to do so.

Remedy: Chanting the Shukra Beej Mantra will be advantageous for you: “ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः/oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ”


The transit of Venus in the eighth house of Sagittarius natives will bring many challenges in their lives. This house signifies imminent challenges and obstacles in life, longevity, and accidents.

During this Venus transit in Cancer, your opponents are likely to remain active. Thus, you need to stay careful, especially of two-faced people, who act as your friend in front of you and scheme against you behind your backs. Stressful situations are indicated in your family life as disputes between you and your elder siblings are possible. In such a scenario, you need to avoid getting angry excessively and instead work towards improving your relations.

Business personnel and working professionals alike are advised caution in all monetary transactions. Moreover, you should avoid loaning money to anybody during this transit; otherwise, that amount will be lost forever to you. Healthwise, stomach-related problems are on the cards that pay attention to your diet. Avoid junk food, fried food, or anything not cooked at home.

In this duration, many of you can try to prove others wrong, even when you are the one making mistakes. This is likely to create problems for you and your family as well as in your social life. To attain peace of mind, as well as to make the right decisions, you should take help of yoga and meditation.

Remedy: If you chant the Lalita Sahastranama, it will offer you beneficial results.

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The seventh sign of the zodiac cycle will be hosting this Venus transit through their seventh house, which signifies marriage and partnerships in life. This duration will be especially favourable for natives who own business associated with jewellery and clothes.

Moreover, natives working in the field of art and creativity are also likely to benefit at this time. Your creative abilities will be praised. The entire personality of Capricorn natives will be charming at this time, which will help you attract others towards you. Single natives can finally cross paths with someone special right now. Although your marital life will remain average; however, you or your spouse can try to prevail over each other, which is likely to create problems.

In such a situation, instead of reacting to your partner's words, try to understand the reason behind their behaviour. This open communication is likely to save your relationship from reaching a breaking point. Many buried desires of Capricorn natives can be fulfilled in this period.

Remedy: Establish the Shukra Yantra at your home or office to attain beneficial results.


The significator of beauty, Venus is transiting through the sixth house of Aquarius natives. Your house of enemies signifies your opponents, scarcity in life, debates, and more. This planetary movement is likely to negatively influence your health, as a result of which you can suddenly fall ill. Therefore, you need to take special care of your health right now. Avoid eating too spicy food and exercise regularly.

Working professionals may have to face some problems and challenges in their workplace. You can be handed some task which is out of your professional capability. However, you should not lose hope and instead work hard and prove that you can do anything. This will be essential in improving your image at your office.

Coming to your family life, a decline in your father's health can become a cause of worry for you. Many Aquarius natives can feel nervous in this duration, as a result of which, even the almost accomplished tasks can go wrong for you. Your opponents will also prevail over you. Thus, stay away from all debates and avoid getting into any altercations right now.

Remedy: Donating milk on Friday will be much beneficial for you.


Pisces natives will host the transit of Venus through their fifth house, which signifies your children and education. Predictions indicate that this Venus transit in Cancer will be quite favourable for Pisces natives as you are more likely to incur benefits in this duration. The time will especially bring favourable results for students of this sign, as you easily understand even the tough subjects, with your intellect.

Simultaneously, natives who enjoy creative activities like singing, dancing, etc. can turn their hobby into their profession now. Pisceans associated with research work can also receive many favourable results from this Venus transit. You will be filled with many ideas at this time, with which you will be able to begin something new. Efforts towards the fulfilment of your desires will also increase now.

Coming to your family life, happy tidings are indicated from your children's side. As for Pisces natives in love, this transitory motion will be quite favourable for you. However, you should not make any such promises to your beloved, which you may not be able to fulfil later on. Many of you can turn towards hill stations right now to enjoy some adventurous activities and recreation. On the whole, this entire duration will be filled with benefits and advantages for Pisces natives.

Remedy: Wear the Aranda Mool/Eranda Root on Friday, as it will fill you with positivity.

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