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Venus Transit in Virgo (11 August 2021)- Timing and importance

Venus is the planet of adoration and enchantment. This Goddess of love owns two signs of the zodiac Taurus and Libra respectively. Fin out more about this transit of Venus in Virgo on 11 August and know its impact oin different aspects of the lives of natives of all 12 zodiac signs.

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Venus Transit in Virgo

It constitutes the sentiments, romance, materialistic pleasures, art, dance, music, sophistication, comforts and luxuries. The natural karaka of marriage owns the seventh house of the natural zodiac. The feminist planet represents the delicacy and warmth in a relationship. Savoury in taste is always inclined towards finest decor and authentic tastes. It is the planet of attraction, prosperity and wealth. Its grace bestows marital bliss, loving connections, beautiful personality, flourishing finances and a comfortable lifestyle. It exalts in the dual sign of emotions, Pisces and debilitated in the dual sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury. This transit may not bring favourable results, since Venus is not in its best position during this period.

The transit of Venus will take place in the sign of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury on 11 August 2021, 11.20 am till it moves into the sign of Libra on 6th September at 12.39 am. Discover the effect of this transit on all the constellations-

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Venus Transit on your life.


The lord of the second and seventh house will be in the sixth house during this transit period. You may have troublesome relations with your parents during this time, especially with your mother. You may also get stuck up in some legal matters or court cases. In lieu of the same, you are advised to be careful while driving and follow all the traffic rules religiously. The married natives may face tensions in their relationship with the spouse, there will be a lack of understanding and you will have confrontations. Your partner may also face some health issues during this period. Those who are into partnership business need to be cautious since the coordination with the partner will be poor and there may be major conflicts, which will impact the business negatively. You are advised not to borrow money during this time, as you will find it difficult to repay the same. You are advised to make a budget and plan your expenditure else you will land up in absorbing all your finances. The employed natives may face some discomfort at their workplace, especially if they have female bosses, you should be careful while dealing with them.

Remedy- Drink lemon water on an empty stomach every day.


Venus, the lord of the first house and sixth house will be placed in the fifth house during this transit period. The students will face some distraction in their studies, due to the crushes and blushes in their life. You may also get carried away with things and people who will not be beneficial for you and will drag your concentration away from your subjects. Those who are in deep love relationships will face some difference of opinion and confrontations with your dear one. You will find it difficult to know your partner’s point of view which will increase misunderstanding between you two. Those who are in medical or health care services will have a better time. You will get more opportunities to interact with prospective clients and this will add knowledge and strength to your profile. Your income will also increase due to the expansion of your work and you will be appreciated for your good work and beneficial services. Those who are into creative industries like designing, stylising or decor may face some challenges during this period. You will feel a bit blocked in your own energy and will find difficulty in imaginations and implementing innovative ideas. This may bring a face of stagnancy in your professional life.

Remedy- Chant ‘ Om Shukraya Namah’ 108 times every day.


The lord of the fifth and twelfth house will be placed in your fourth house during this transit. You may feel aloof despite staying with the family during this time. There will be unity between the family members, however, they will not be celebrating their togetherness or enjoying time together. You will miss the warmth and cosiness in your relationships. You may plan to buy a vehicle during this time, however, you should be cautious in doing so as there are probabilities of inappropriate deals. If planning to make any investment in the property then you should wait as the time is not very favourable. You can make investments in the stock market or shares that will work out well for you during this period. Your analytical skills and reasoning will be good, which will help you in making the right investments in this direction. You will be generous in helping people around you to heal and feel at their best. You will also have an inclination in doing charity for the blind and disabled section of society. Those who are working in the hospitality industry, nursing or as dieticians will have a favourable time since you will be good in nurturing and convincing your clients with your services. This will bring a positive influence on your career.

Remedy- Keep a rose quartz crystal in the south direction of your room.

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Venus owns the fourth and eleventh house of Cancer and will be transiting through its third house during this time. You will feel drained out and lack vitality during this period. You will face some challenges pertaining to finances, it will be difficult to earn and save money. You will have to be cautious in your spendings and plan a budget else you will land up in borrowing money for your day to day comforts. You will miss going out and enjoying yourself with your friends and family during this time. You will face some tensions in your relationship with your mother, you will feel that your interest and choices are not being appreciated or preferred. You will also face some complexities in your relationship with your siblings, you will need to be good in your articulation with them in order to win their concerns and support. You will have to put extra efforts in your professional life to attain success. You will need to communicate more and try to be persuasive in order to convince your clients and make good deals. Those who are into the hospitality industry will have better days however, they will be expected to work hard and do a lot of physical work for satisfying their clients and the management.

Remedy- Offer, milk, rice and sugar to Goddess Parvati on Fridays.

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Venus is the lord of the third and tenth house lord for Leo natives and it will be transiting in the second house of accumulated wealth and family during this period. You may face challenges at your workplace, you will not receive any appreciation or encouragement for your efforts. Also, you may face some humiliation at the workplace from the female bosses or the management. Those who are running their own business will face problems in making a good reputation in their respective market, you may face lots of customer complaints during this period. You will have to make more than expected efforts just to complete your tasks. Your finances will not be very good during this time and you may face some unproductive expenditure. You are advised not to make any investments whether on a personal or professional level during this period, as you will end up losing money. You will be soft spoken and humble, this will help you in resolving most of the problems in your professional as well as personal life. You may face some blots from your younger siblings and will find it difficult to convince them or earn their love or respect. Overall you need to be careful in your dealings, especially with your colleagues, superiors and be cautious while spending your income.

Remedy- Worship Goddess Saraswati and offer her prayers on Fridays.


Venus owns the second house and ninth house of Virgo and will be placed in its first house during this period. You will be critical about yourself and keep on judging your activities. This will make you very conscious and lead you to spend money on your wardrobe and dressing sense. However, you will not be able to achieve perfection in your dressing sense, which will bring a negative impact on your overall personality. You may face some complications with your relationship with your father. You will doubt your own faith and belief system during this transit period. You will have insecurity about your income and savings, you will keep calculating your earnings and expenditure most of the time. The married natives may feel a lack of warmth and cosiness in their relationship, this will bring dissatisfaction in their personal life. Those who are in romantic relationships may have a phase of arguments in their relationship, you will be too judgemental and analytical about your partner which will hurt their sentiments and you will get into debates. Those who are into the food or catering industry will have a better time, you will be able to convince your prospective clients with good food and services.

Remedy- Wear a good quality white sapphire in silver in the right hand of your ring finger on Friday.

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The lagna and the eight house lord will be transiting in the twelfth house for Libra natives. During this period, you should be cautious about your eating habits and daily regime as you will be prone to health concerns, also you should be careful while driving vehicles as there are possibilities of incidents or accidents. The women will also be prone to menstrual or hormonal issues. You are advised to consult a medical practitioner when you don't feel too good. The married natives may face issues pertaining to intimacy in their relationship during this period. Those who are into professions related to accountancy and financial management will have a favourable time, especially when Mercury will be in conjunction with Venus by end of the month. Those who are into professions related to health or healing will also have a good period. You may make frequent travel plans or stay away from your family and dear ones during this period. Those who are planning to visit foreign countries will have a favourable time as your travel plans will be carried out successfully during this transit. Your spiritual inclination will increase and you will have an interest in yogic practices and meditation. Also, you will make charity and donations during this time.

Remedy- Give gifts especially fragrances to your spouse.


Venus is the lord of the seventh and twelfth house for Scorpio natives and it will be transiting through your eleventh house of incomes and gains. This will not be a favourable time for your career, as you will face problems from your colleagues, especially the females during this period. Those who are in customer services or public dealing will have a tough time convincing their clients, they may also have arguments and bitter conversations with their clients. You will not be happy with your earnings and will have to troll yourself to make money during this period. Your expenses will be more than your income. Your relationships with elder siblings will suffer, you will face misunderstanding with them. You will not be very fortunate in pursuing people and making friends during this time. You are advised to keep aside your materialistic comforts while dealing with friends and acquaintances since this will deteriorate your relationships, as your dear ones will consider you mean. Also, you will have a hard time keeping up with your old friends. You are advised to keep aside your materialistic comforts while dealing with friends and acquaintances since this will deteriorate your relationships, as your dear ones will consider you mean. You should avoid making any kind of long term investments during this period, as it will not be fruitful. Also, you should avoid making travel plans whether for work or leisure.

Remedy- Keep a rose quartz stone in your bedroom


Venus rules the sixth and the eleventh house of Sagittarius and will be posited in their tenth house. You will be casual at your work during this period, this may lead to defamation and dissatisfaction at the professional front. Your subordinates and team members will not be happy with your working and professional attitude, they will backbite about you. You may also face tough competition in your business and will find it difficult to win over your enemies. Those who are in managerial positions will face challenges in assigning the tasks and aligning the team, thus their leadership qualities will be poor during this period. You will be engrossed in attaining perfection, which will lead to failure in meeting the deadlines. You will not earn as per your desires due to not being able to deliver the projects in time and falling from the work commitments. You are advised to be more focused on the timelines and schedules for completing your endeavours. You may face complexities in your relationship with the bosses, therefore you are advised to be extra cautious in your communication. Your family may feel ignored during this period, some of your family members may feel neglected or betrayed for unfulfillment of your promises.

Remedy- Recite Saraswati Vandana every day.

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The fifth and tenth house lord will be placed in the ninth house of faith, religion and luck. The students may face distraction in their studies due to unproductive and unconventional relationships. Those who are pursuing higher studies will face troubles due to a lack of self-confidence and poor concentration. You may have a crush on your tutor during this period. Those who are employed may have some misunderstandings with their bosses, this may lead to losing interest in your job profile or the management altogether. You may travel due to your work commitments, however, they will not be very fruitful and you will not be able to make good business out of the same. Your relationship with your father will be stressful during this period, you are advised to interact with them and narrow down your communication gap. You will face opposition with your own belief system, you will tax yourself with conflicting thoughts, which will disrupt your peace of mind. You are advised not to make any major decisions pertaining to your well being during this period, since you will be biased in your approach and will not be able to look through the future correctly. You should take advice from your elders or guru for guidance and peace of mind.

Remedy- Worship Goddess Parvati and offer white sweets on Fridays.


At this time, Venus the lord of the fourth and ninth house will be positioned in Virgo or the eight house for the Aquarius ascendant. Venus is a Yogkarka planet for Aquarians, however, this transit is not considered as much favourable for you. You will not be very happy with your ongoing routine at this time. It is not recommended for you to invest in property, as you will not be able to make a good purchase. You will have to work very hard to get success as it will not come easy to you. You will put your full efforts to earn extra money, only then you will be able to make gains. If you are located in some foreign country, there also you may see some struggles. You will have to take special care of your mother, as she may face some issues with her health at this time. You may have some tensions at your home, which will disrupt the peace of mind of all the members of the house. If you are planning to get married, then you may see some delays. You are advised to hold onto any auspicious works till next month when the transit of Venus will be favourable.

Remedy- Wear a certified Opal in silver in your ring finger for better results of Venus.


At this time, the planet Venus, which owns the lordship of the third house and eighth house will be placed in the 7th house for the Pisces natives. This position of Venus cannot be considered as very favourable for you. You will face problems in your love and married life at this time. Your routine will be hampered because of your partner, and there will be continuous tension with your partner. Because of this, you can also take a lot of stress. You are recommended to stay calm, discuss matters with your partner openly, possibly include yoga and meditation in your lifestyle. Your siblings can also suffer at this time. This time can also be considered as not so favourable in terms of jobs. You may lose your focus, and you will not be able to concentrate on your work. However, you will not lose your courage and will try to tackle any problem with full energy. You will be clever enough, and no one will be able to take advantage of you. Those who are into partnership business may face some problems with their partner, which will impact your business dealings. This period will be uncertain for those who own their business, you are advised to be careful while making any new deal, as you may be deceived.

Remedy- Light camphor in the evenings, especially on Fridays.

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