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Care of the Sexual Organs as Per Yoga

Care of the Sexual Organs as Per Yoga

It is a matter of more regret than surprise that a subject of such grave and complex importance as the sex hygiene, which really transcends the limited sphere of physiology, viz., the reproductive organs, and, on which depends largely the psychic, moral and general health of man, has been either conveniently avoided or not sufficiently emphasized to warrant serious attention of the public. There, however, is no one single human instinct that wields such a great influence upon an individual, in all capacities, at all ages and at all times, as does sex (Vatsayana). In Yoga, it is imperative that the manifold characteristics of sex are positively and primarily understood in order that its hygiene may be thoroughly appreciated.


Besides the two cardinal principles of motion and nutrition, every living cell or aggregations cells possess also a capacity for reproduction, and the sexual sense and organs on which this entire process depends thus touches the very foundations of biologic, moral, and psychic life of man. In fact, the preservation of self is universally regarded as the strongest human instinct and is often alluded to as the "first law of Nature."That there exists an equally important - in some respects, even of primary importance instinct of self-propagation can hardly be denied. This more or less closely allied and intimately coexisting principle of life consists in the desire to prolonger perpetuate self in species which is manifested by sexuality or the sex sense and fulfilled biologically through the activity of the sex organs.

It may sound theoretically, morally or aesthetically unpleasant but it has since long been found to be practically true that there can he passion without love but there can be no love without passion. Sex is the central biologic urge of life for it is an ever-present stimulus which must be sublimated. It is the animating impulse of all organic life which underlies the struggle for existence and search for happiness in the animal world. It is thus easy to understand why in dealing with the three great objectives of life, the ancient Hindu authorities on Erotics not only did not refer to the highest spiritual purpose of man but coolly accepted systematic sexuality as "the be all and the end all" of human happiness.

Similarly, Malchow in the West boldly assert that, "It may be said of humanity that if it lives for any one purpose more than another, that purpose is sexual."


Within the past few decades, especially after Freud published his work on sexuality in human beings the conceptions of sex have undergone radical changes. The words "sexual" or �sex�,{libido) are utilized and elaborated by the followers of Freudian doctrines in their very broad sense with a more general and less specific meaning than is conveyed by the usual connotation of limiting it to the reproductive faculty.

According to the Freudian theory of sex, it is assumed that besides the conscious mind, there is an unconscious better expressed by the word subconscious" mind denoting all those mental processes of which we are not aware. Psychoanalysis however, undertakes to explore the study of this so-called unconscious mind, especially by establishing its relationship to self-consciousness.

Freud, in effect, maintains that sex is born with us for it covers the entire sphere of the primary biological pleasure-principle and manifests itself through all stages of life and at all times. In India, this idea of sex influence in all ages and inall spheres of life is as old as the works on libidosexualis (kama) which may be traced to the erotic sciences of India compiled nearly a thousand years ago.

According to these new viewpoints, in sharp contrast to the orthodox attitude of fear and superficial explanations, it is now possible and necessary to realize, through rational and scientific interpretations, the vital importance of sexual hygiene affecting, as it does, not only the biologic sphere of reproductive organs but also the health of both the subconscious and the conscious mind.


In the case of human beings, thus, the sexual instinct and its expressions have a very far-reaching and decided influence upon the (a) psychic, (b) moral, (c) mental, and (d) physical growth of an individual. These influences of sex extend in mysterious ways that as yet we do not understand. Hartley, emphasizing this fact, observes:"For in sex we have as yet learnt .very little, and in doubt sometimes if we can ever learn very much, except each one of us for ourselves out of our own experience. The sex emotions are among the deepest, if not the deepest of our nature; they exercise an influence on every phase of development, and in one form or another, direct the entire being of the individual."

  • Psychic: It has been maintained, during all ages and by all classes of spiritually-minded people in all countries, that psychic evolution is not possible except through purity in sex matters. All the systems of soul-culture, therefore, either Indian or non-Indian (Flagg) consider the control of sex desire as an essential requisite which is rigidly enforced upon the would-be students of spiritual life. The results thus obtained, e.g., the spiritual perspective, evolution and attainments claimed by the followers of celibacy, however, may principally be ascribed to the sense of elevation and security aided by the concentration and conservation of sex energy and absence of emotional flow ultimately leading to an abstract or negative influence upon the psychic environments of an individual.
  • Moral: The moral influence of sex is evident in the classic social institutions and marriage rights and imposition of certain moral laws concerning sex matters and sex relations. Even among the wild tribes, the slightest transgression of this particular organic function sex gratification except under stipulated conditions including certain rights granted by the society, causes great commotion and is generally looked upon with intolerance.
  • It also cannot be denied that, in the individual, the idea of "evil" and "inferiority" so closely associated with sex desire and its abuse, imbibed through centuries of vague but constant propaganda from the religious and moral teachers, exerts a very marked influence on his moral character and social traits generally.
  • Mental: "The sexual sense and its development is a far greater causative factor in the production of mental states than is commonly supposed. What is undoubted though hardly observed or fully realized and appreciated- is that sexual problems become translated, in many cases, into mental problems. This principle the relationship of sex to the mind was thoroughly recognized by the ancient students of psychology in India, and the movement for purity in sex and continence {brahmacarya) during the Vedic period was principally based upon this hypothesis. Freud, Janet, Kish, Fowler, Havelock Ellis and other investigators in the field of sexual science, however, have of late attempted to prove the same old empiric belief as correct, of course, through scientific and valid reasons. Although varied in certain details, their conclusions point to a general agreement that the causes of mental aberrations, viz., neurosis and psychosis are, in a very large degree, remotely or nearly allied to or influenced by the sex impulses. And further, that the health of mind is in some measure dependent upon the health of sex organs, impulses and other associated agents inclusive.
  • (d) Physical: The physiological significance of sex instinct and sex hygiene is self-evident reassured by our everyday observations during the growth of a boy into a man and a girl into a woman. Consistent with the hygienic effects of the sex organs, it has been rightly emphasized by physiologists of such eminence as Lipchitz, Halliburton and others that the removal of sex endocrine glands in either sex has a very deleterious influence upon the mental and physical growth of an individual. White, Kempf and others supply us an elaborate list of the large number of diseases other than sexual that arise solely due to dysfunctions of one or more of the sex organs.


The dangers of ignorance, or of sudden, and too late knowledge in sex matters, are very great and, possibly, more prevalent, than commonly supposed. They may be roughly classified as those that exert their evil influence {a) before and after puberty; and (&) during the married life.

(a) Before and after Puberty: It is now a well-established truism that the most injurious influences affecting the physical and mental condition of young children arise mainly from ignorance of sex and misdirected sex impulses. The two of the worst dangers into which it is possible for every young boy and girl to fall, due largely to absence of or improper advice in the sex sense, are:

(i) the artificial stimulation of the reproductive organs, and (ii) the acquisition of degraded ideas on the subject of sex.

  1. Of these two evils, self-abuse quite common among both the sexes produces many complications and disastrous results which, most certainly, could be prevented by timely advice and necessary information on the subject.
  2. But, the degraded ideas acquired, during these stages of ignorance, for want of proper knowledge in sex matters arc more vicious than even the physical loss sustained through self-abuse which in later years is, to some extent and in many cases, overcome. These, therefore, have a lifelong influence upon the personality, character and behaviour of an individual and develop sub-consciously into sexual perversions and inversions, viz., homosexuality, sadism, and masochism etc., and, at times, progress beyond that by reducing the unfortunate victim to a state of moral and physical wreck.

(b) During the Married Life: The miseries of married life are multiplied by the perverted psychosexual tendencies and ignorance in respect of their proper functions the uses and abuses of the generative organs. Unhygienic sexual relations, during the married life, have the same physiologic and psychic disadvantages as are common to masturbation. Venereal diseases from which approximately more than one-fifth of the adult population suffers (Biggs) have their origin in unnatural and unclean sexual life. Such relationships, whether within the marriage bonds or outside them do not alter the position so far as suffering is concerned, for a marriage is no safeguard against disease or ignorance. Impotence and insanity are again the extreme but usual results of ignorance in sex matters, besides a large number of diseases both physical and mental which might well be ascribed to unhygienic sexual relations.

Usually, the sexual relationships outside of marriage tend to intensify the evil consequences of neglect the very fact of their being unnatural, unsocial and dictated by the uncontrolled urge of circumstances breed weakness, irresponsibility, anxiety and their attendant consequences. Besides the pairing individuals, both the home and the society suffer and participate in the untold amount of misery and even premature deaths, all due to a preventable cause, viz., ignorance in sex matters. The pinch of ignorance however is most alarming and disastrous for a woman more than a man during all sexual acts and especially during the period of pregnancy, as the demands of motherhood are physiologically the most exacting.


Chief among the causes that present difficulties in freely imparting the knowledge of matters sexual may be counted religious and ethical hypocrisy. As a consequence, sex subjects are usually viewed with either false sentiments or vulgarity. Such shameful concealments, however, do not lead to anything like purity in sexual life. On the contrary, the secretive and baneful influences become more painful and deeply rooted than would otherwise have been the case if sex education was made available to those who most need it. Especially, in regard to sex education, the old-style innocence, false modesty and artifices should be discarded as sinful ignorance at the earliest opportunity, and the sex subject should be discussed most frankly and truthfully.

There are only two possible alternatives to meet this problem, that is, either (i) to leave the young to their own fate to pick up information from vulgar and unclean mind or (ii) to give it ourselves in such rational manner as to associate it with healthy thoughts and actions. One thing, nevertheless, is clear and on which there is a general agreement among all classes of hygienically-inclined people that sex education is necessary for healthy living. Emphasizing the need for such education in sex hygiene, Roscnau observes that, "Every boy and girl, before reaching the age of puberty, should have a knowledge of sex, and every man and woman before the marriageable age should be informed on the subject of reproduction and the dangers of venereal diseases. Superficial information is not true education, Instruction in sex hygiene may be imparted through three principal avenues, namely, [a) in the school, (b) at home, and (c) by literature.

(a)In the School: As Boutroux maintains, �Education, in its true and complete meaning, is not the acquisition of any particular habit or knowledge, but rather the cultivation of the human being with all his physical, intellectual, and moral powers. This object of education could not, however, be possibly achieved by ignoring the very existence and function of an instinct and an organic life so dominating and powerful as sex. It is really deplorable, therefore, that both the boys and girls in our schools are trained to become secretive about themselves, treating their special sexual functions as a mystery and shame. And the greatest folly of the modern educational system, undoubtedly, lies in the fact that, at all times we continue to educate boys and girls as if they are sexless neuters, when human nature keeps on asserting that they are not.

Who should impart the sex knowledge? As the success of instruction depends largely upon personality, knowledge and confidence, it is imperative that the person to impart the information should have impressive personality, thorough knowledge of the subject, and absolute trust of his students.

At what age should the knowledge of sex be disclosed? Naturally, this should vary according to the ages and sex boy or girl and should be imparted gradually, according to the need of an individual. In practice, there can be no fixed age-limit for such a purpose, i.e., the period at which sex education could be best imparted, for it entirely depends on the awakening of sex consciousness in the young mind, and this is likely to vary with each individual.

What should be the nature of such instructions? For one thing, sex instructions should be individual rather than collective. For another, no general principle could be laid down as to the details and manner in which the subject might be handled. It all depends on the individual need and circumstances. The following suggestions might, however, be found useful as basis for modifications:

In the young children, between the age of four to seven years, the curiosity for the knowledge of maternity, how and why of birth etc., is very keen, and it is advisable to answer their questions with all possible frankness just enough to satisfy their prying interest. No specific information on the subject of sex relations should be offered to them at this stage.

The growing child, reaching the age of puberty, however, should be precisely informed of the unnatural habits, aided by the study of physiology, biology and hygiene. The rewards of strength and virtue especially in respect of sex hygiene should be emphasized rather than the dangers of weakness and vice. The young student, between the age of eight to fourteen years, should be further cautioned with great seriousness to avoid trifling with or handling of his or her external genitals, reminding him or her of the consequences which may impair his or her intellectual and physical growth, marring their bright and promising future.

At about the age of fourteen or sixteen years, boys as well as girls should be fairly well acquainted with the physiologic functions of the sex organ and their specific purpose.88 They should also be enlightened and cautioned against the venereal peril, emphasizing its evil effects upon their respective would-be partners and the future off-springs. Great care, indeed, needs to be exercised while imparting such knowledge to the young generation. At no time should such suggestions as are likely to excite their morbid curiosity be offered unnecessarily for that mav do more harm than good.

When it is realized that a large percentage of even the high school and college students suffer from venereal diseases, it becomes imperative to suggest that certain preventive measures should also be employed besides mere education to cure those who may be suffering and to save those who may have become victims to these modern sex-plagues. In considering venereal prophylaxis, it should be further remembered that such diseases do not yield immediately and the student should, therefore, be advised to undergo a continued and reasonably efficient medical treatment even after the supposed cure.

(b) At Home: The sex education should not always be left entirely to the school teachers, for much solid and constructive education can be imparted and supervised at home. The most effectual preventive against sexual abuses is character-building, and this could hardly be accomplished better than through proper training at home. It is the mother who should enlighten the young girl on the abuses and dangers of sex, and see every day that her instructions are carried out and that all the hygienic measures specified for this purpose are strictly observed. Boys should likewise be instructed by their fathers or guardians who should make it a daily habit, in the interest of their own children or wards, to keep watch of their moral, mental, and physical growth, Besides cleanliness of the external sex organs and emphasis on the virtue of moral life, hygienic measures for general health should also be enforced because sexual health is mainly constitutional and responds quickly to a corresponding increase in the standard of physical well-being.

(c) By Literature : Also much can be accomplished in broadcasting healthy sex education by propaganda methods through press, documentaries and lectures etc. Publications, notifications, posters, visual instructions and many other avenues, e.g., through distribution of authorized literature on the subject of sex, followed by free instructions at the health centres and clinics. Not that only the boys and girls of tender age are ignorant of sex hygiene but even the grown-ups and the married do not seem to know much about the proper care and right use of sexual organs and their respective functions/ Personal instruction is, indeed, the best medium in educating the general public on matters of sex but, where this aid is not available, literature is the next best source of education.


It is now widely recognized that idleness, evil associates, impure thoughts, stimulating drinks or food, over-eating and constipation etc. arc among the main causes that excite passion. Unclean habits also tend to irritation of sex organs, just as emotional or mental excitement and curiosity stimulate sexual craving. Erotic films and styles of dress with intent to sex appeal are equally responsible for voluptuous character and behaviour. What is needed for sex hygiene is not Puritanism but rational and scientific perspective and approach about matters sexual.

The code of personal hygiene for purity in sex recommended by the modern scientists is principally constitutional. Thus, idleness is to be replaced by physical exercise and an out-of-door life. Evil associates and impure thoughts could likewise be substituted by the habit of occupying or diverting the mind to other subjects or to more useful aims of life, viz., art and literature, etc., which may serve as a safety valve for the excess eroticism of youth. Indulgence in stimulating drinks or food and over-eating can be remedied by self-denial and moderation. Constipation another pathological conditions should be relieved through the various means suggested elsewhere in this work. Again, in order to prevent irritation caused by decomposition of secretions of the sex endocrine glands, genital cleanliness should be practised daily and thoroughly.

The hazard of kissing, erotic excitability and other unsanitary practices must be lessened or absolutely avoided. The need for hygienic sexual relationship within or outside the marriage bonds - is also imperative and considerable precautions should prevail before, indulging in such acts in order to guard against possible harm to both the parties. Literature which scientifically treats of the physiological functions of sex and its psychological affects, more than anything else, may prove to be the best medium of diffusing knowledge upon sex matters. It can also easily meet the need of a vast majority of people who are usually misguided by vulgar and superficial knowledge and degraded ideas and instructions upon matters sexual.

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