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Karwa Chauth 2014: Occasion Of Togetherness

Karwa Chauth 2014 Date


October 2014


Karwa Chauth 2014 Puja Muhurat

  • Puja Muhurat: From 5:52 p.m. to 7:07 p.m.
  • Moon rise time: At 8:19 p.m.

The date of Karwa Chauth in 2014 is October 11. On Karva Chauth in 2014, all eyes will eagerly wait for the Moon to shine. Karwa Chauth is a festival which signifies the day of love, longevity, well being, respect and trust towards your beloved. AstroSage brings you the complete information on Karwa Chauth.

Wishes for Karwa Chauth in 2014.Karwa Chauth is an age old ritual followed by Indian women staying in India or outside. This festival is more popular in North India and also with the Sikh community. On the day of Karwa Chauth, women observe a day long fast and pray for the good health and prosperity of their beloved, husbands or the would-be-husbands. This ritual of celebrating Karva Chauth is largely followed in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, and Rajasthan, to name a few.

Before we go ahead and tell you what rituals to foallow in this Karwa Chauth 2014, let's first understand the meaning of Karva Chauth.

Karwa Chauth Meaning

The word Karwa means 'earthen pot' and Chauth means 'fourth day'. The earthen pot which is used during the rituals is a symbol of prosperity and well being. Hence, the name Karwa Chauth is given to this day.

Now, while celebrating Karwa Chauth in 2014, you all would be aware of its meaning.

This Karwa has a huge significance when the fast is observed. The rituals which would be followed this Karwa Chauth in 2014 are stated below:

Rituals Followed During Karwa Chauth

Women who observe Karwa Chauth fast, wake up before sunrise and get ready to start the fasting. According, to the Hindu customs, it is one of their most sacred fasts. The fast starts from sunrise and ends in the evening, only after seeing the Moon. Throughout the day, women do not consume any food, not even water. The main deities worshiped on this day are Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, and their sons, Lord Kartikeya & Ganesha. Women worship the holy God Shiva and Goddess Parvati with ten earthen pots (Karwas) filled with sweets. Once the rituals are done, these Karwas are distributed to daughters and sisters.

To know the legend associated with Karwa Chauth, click here - Legend Of Karwa Chauth

As we now know Karwa Chauth has many stories associated with it, be it the story from the epic Mahabharata or the story of Karva, the festival has been celebrated since ages. This Karwa Chauth in 2014 will again witness the same rituals and celebration. Karwa Chauth in 2014, we will see women praying to Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and ending their fast by praying to Moon.

Let's find out the main significance of Moon in the festival of Karva Chauth.

Why will ladies eagerly wait for the moon to shine on Karwa Chauth in 2014?

Significance Of The Moon On Karva Chauth

Significance of Moon on Karwa Chauth fast in 2014.The Moon plays a major role during Karwa Chauth celebrations. It is the sighting of the Moon that allows the women to break their fast. The procedure observed is, women first see the Moon through the filter (sieve) and then see their beloved or husbands. Once that is done, the ladies are fed with sweet or milk, thus breaking the fast. Also, as per beliefs, the couple enjoys a prosperous married life that lasts for as many pores as there are in the sieve. It is believed that the ritual of looking at the husband through the sieve removes all the evil effects from him.

Now, we all know what importance Moon holds on the day of Karwa Chauth. This Karva Chauth in 2014, lots of eyes will look for the Moon to shine in the sky.

Since the festival of Karwa Chauth is a women festival, women who are married look forward to this festival, as it redefines the love and bond between a couple.

Newly married females look forward to their first Karva Chauth, as on this day they feel extremely special. Karwa Chauth in 2014 would again be very special for the newly married females as they will receive Sargi from their mother-in-law and special gifts by their husbands.

Let's read on to know more what Karwa Chauth in 2014 will offer the new brides and what they should look forward to on Karva Chauth.

First Karwa Chauth In 2014

The first Karwa Chauth is a very important occasion for every married women. New brides wear their bridal dresses, elegant jewelry and make up. The mother-in-law of the women observing her first Karva Chauth prepares an elaborate meal. Sargi an integral part of Karva Chauth Vrat, it includes Pheni (a sweet made by using milk and semolina), Parantha and various types of fruits and sweets.The mother-in-law then gives her daughter-in-law gifts, which can be jewelry, saree or anything that she wants. Like the first Sargi, there is another ritual called first Baya. Baya is the gift given to the mother-in law by the daughter's parents. The most important thing among all this is the gift from the husband. After an entire day's fasting, Karva Chauth Katha is performed along with rituals. The wife waits for that special gift from her husband, which he willingly gives.

The new brides of 2014 look forward to all these special celebrations, Sargi and gifts from your husband and mother-in-law this Karwa Chauth in 2014.

For more detailed explanation on Karwa Chauth Sargi and Baya, click here - Karwa Chauth.

The celebration of Karwa Chauth begins in advance. This, Karwa Chauth in 2014 don't forget to do all these things.

Things To Be Done On Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth ritual of applying Mehndi.A number of rituals like Karva Chauth Sargi, Karwa Chauth Katha are followed. But there are certain other rituals that are followed on the Karwa Chauth by the females throughout the country or globe.

This Karwa Chauth in 2014 when you celebrate your Karva Chauth don't forget any of these rituals.

  1. One of the foremost thing is to get Mehndi done on both the hands. It is a sign of a happy women. The darker the color of the Mehndi the deeper is the love between the couple, as per beliefs.
  2. On Karwa Chauth, it is a compulsory custom for all women to sport big Bindis. The colors preferred for this day are red or pink.
  3. Women dress up in heavy work sarees, Ghagra Cholis or Lehengas.
  4. In the evening, all the women in the neighborhood gather for the evening rituals, which includes Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha.
  5. During the Puja of Karwa Chauth, Thalis are exchanged and special Karva Chauth songs are sung. The eldest women in the group narrates the story of Karwa Chauth.

This Karwa Chauth in 2014, we all will see females practising all these rituals with full devotion towards their beloved.

Karva Chauth is a festival in which special meals are prepared. We at AstroSage bring you the delicacies that you should look forward to having in 2014 after a day long fast of Karwa Chauth.

Delicacies For Karwa Chauth In 2014

Post the fasting on Karwa Chauth in 2014, we are sure you would look for some special delicacies for eating. After the end of Karwa Chauth Vrat, females can eat anything of their choice usually items like Matar Paneer, Dal Makhani, Rice, Chapati, Mix Vegetable and sweets (Halwa, Phirni or Malpua) are prepared at home.

Karwa Chauth in 2014 can be best described by these lines:

This Karva Chauth in 2014 when you fast,
Pray to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati with full devotion and dedication in your heart.
Females who will observe the fast,
Don't forget to follow the rituals (Sargi and Karwa) led down in the past.

Karwa Chauth, a festival when all eyes will wait for the Moon to shine,
Females will look forward to the surprise gift from the man in their life.
Karwa Chauth in 2014 will be the time to express your love,
A time to remember the legends and cherish the bond throughout your lifetime.

Karwa Chauth is a day which every Hindu women should experience. Karva Chauth is the day which brings many relations closer for the well being and prosperity of the family.

AstroSage wishes all its readers a Very Happy Karwa Chauth 2014 or Karva Chauth 2014!

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