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December Horoscope

December Horoscope: December, the twelfth month of the Gregorian calendar, is a time of joy, celebration, and reflection. With the end of the year approaching, people worldwide take stock of their achievements and failures and look forward to a new year full of possibilities. This month, also known as Margashirsha, is an important month in the Hindu calendar. It is considered auspicious for various festivals and religious ceremonies, and people across India celebrate it with great enthusiasm. December also marks the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and in many cultures, it is a time for celebrating the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. Many people participate in festivals that mark the solstice, which can involve lighting candles, bonfires, and other traditions that celebrate the return of the light. This year, along with festivals like Gita Jayanti, Hanuman Jayanti, and Vaikuntha Ekadashi, December will bring six planetary transits which will directly leave an impact on our lives.

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With the cold wind blowing our hair and winter clothing in our wardrobe making an entry, there are new possibilities and endless opportunities for success, prosperity, and growth entering our lives as well. Obviously, every one of us is excited and curious to know about the upcoming month. Hence, AstroSage has brought its December Horoscope, which includes the horoscope predictions for each zodiac sign in every aspect of their lives, as per the calculations done by our experienced and learned astrologers here! So without further ado, let us find out what December 2023 reveals for your zodiac!


For the natives of Aries, December Horoscope predicts a favorable and moderate month of December 2023! Mars is present in a favorable position in the eighth house and will move to the ninth house after its transit. Which will be favorable for their careers. While Saturn occupying the eleventh house may create challenges and delays in achieving success, there will be chances of job opportunities abroad due to Rahu’s placement in the twelfth house. Along with this, Jupiter in the first house will create situations of traveling abroad related to work. However, Venus’ placement in the seventh house before its transit on December 25, and in the eighth house after, may cause debts to the natives of Aries. Those who own a business may be facing a bit of loss this month but will find new ventures and gain an average amount of profit.

Health-wise, the placement of Rahu may cause a loss of sleep and hence, the feeling of being tired all the time, along with stress, and a state of depression may tag along. Students will witness a great month in terms of scores and competitive exams. Towards the end of the month, there are chances of getting opportunities to study abroad as well. As far as their family life is concerned, December Horoscope 2023 reveals that there might be a few disturbances in the family with Rahu and Jupiter’s placement. There may be ego problems, arguments, and even a dispute over property. While on the other hand, the couples will have a good time together. It will be favorable for couples to get married before December 25th!

Remedy: Recite Mangala Chandika Stotram daily and chant “Om Hanumathe Namaha” daily 21 times.


December Horoscope predicts a mixed last month of 2023 for the natives of Taurus. Since Venus is placed in the seventh and the eighth house, there may be issues related to the back and legs. Saturn present in the tenth house may create health issues for the mothers of these natives. Before Mercury’s transit from the eighth house, the students will have an average month in terms of their academics, however, after the transit in the ninth house, they will need to concentrate a bit more on their studies since they might lose focus easily. Saturn may create a few challenges in their careers, and there might even be sudden transfers in jobs as well. Jupiter in the twelfth house and Rahu in the eleventh house may cause delays in getting the rewards and benefits at their workplace. Jupiter will bring unnecessary expenses along with an increase in income as well. Those who run a business will find sudden and unexpected returns. However, with a lack of planning, they might have to face losses as well.

As far as their love and family life are concerned, December Horoscope has revealed a month full of mixed emotions for the natives of Taurus. The hardships and difficulties will that were prevailing throughout the month will come to an end towards the end of December due to Mercury transit. However, couples might have to face communication gaps and misunderstandings. It might not be favorable for these them to get engaged or get into a relationship either.

Remedy: Chant “Om Durgaya Namaha” daily 108 times and perform pooja for Rahu on Saturday.

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For the natives of Gemini, the December Horoscope reveals a good and favorable last month of the year! Career-wise, Geminis will witness progress and success thanks to Saturn’s placement in the ninth house, but it will only be possible after they work through the hurdles and challenges thrown in by Saturn. With Jupiter occupying the tenth house, there will be great chances of promotions and even opportunities to work overseas. Rahu in the tenth house will bring sudden unexpected monetary gains through inheritance. Venus is present in the seventh house towards the first half of the month, which will be very favorable for the natives of Gemini who run a business. Their business will gain huge profits this month, along with an amazing business partnership as well. With Mercury occupying the seventh house towards the end of the month, along with Jupiter in the tenth house, the students will have an excellent academic month while there will be chances of them going abroad as well.

Ketu present in the fourth house may increase anxiety issues along with problems with their mother’s health as well. However, the presence of Jupiter will help them maintain good health. Their family life will be harmonious and couples will have a month full of love flourishing! Those who wish to get married may do so in the first half of December 2023.

Remedy: Chant “Om Budhaya Namaha” 41 times daily and donate food to handicapped people on Wednesday.


The December Horoscope 2023 reveals this December to be moderate for the Cancerians. There might be some health issues with their siblings since Ketu is situated in the third house, while Saturn in the eighth house will cause toothaches, pain in the legs, and eye irritation as well. On the other hand, the students may face some disturbances in their academics due to Ketu’s placement, but Mercury’s favorable position in the fifth and sixth houses will give them a positive result. Jupiter in the tenth house may create a communication gap among the family members while Saturn will create disharmony between couples. Mars in the third and fourth houses will bring calm and harmony back into the married lives of Cancer natives.

As for their career and financial life, they may have to face work pressure due to Jupiter’s position and an unwanted job change due to Saturn’s position. Since Saturn is placed in retrograde movement, there may be delays in receiving the benefits of the hard work they have been putting at their jobs. Jupiter may cause unnecessary expenses as well. Businesses may not gain much profit, and owners are advised to not expand the firm this month.

Remedy: Chant “Om Chandraya Namaha” daily 20 times and worship the planet Moon on Monday.

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For the Leos, the December Horoscope predicts a month full of mixed results this last month of 2023. There will be a sense of peace and unity among the family members, thanks to Jupiter’s placement in the ninth house. Along with this, Mercury in the fourth and fifth house, before and post its transit, respectively, will create a smoother and more harmonious atmosphere in the household. Couples will see their relationship growing and feel ready to take the next step. With Venus’ favorable influence on the zodiac, couples who wished to get married can do so before the end of December 2023, and will watch their love blossom! Their health will be perfect throughout the month, except for some digestion issues and eye infections due to Rahu’s position in the eighth house and Ketu’s position in the second house. Along with this, Jupiter will provide them with several opportunities to pursue their higher studies abroad and score high marks in competitive exams.

Career-wise, this month of December 2023 is going to bring favorable results to the work lives of Leo natives. Saturn will create challenges throughout the month, but they will be able to overcome each obstacle without any issues due to Jupiter’s favorable position and impact. For those who own a business, there will be gradual growth and profits due to Jupiter occupying the ninth house. Saturn may create some hurdles in decision-making and partnerships, but eventually, everything will fall into place.

Remedy: Chant Aditya Hridayam daily and perform pooja with flowers for the Sun on Sunday.


This year, the month of December will be moderate for the natives of Virgo, as the December Horoscope predicts. Jupiter in the eighth house may cause some digestive issues, stress, and anxiety, while Rahu and Ketu may welcome back issues. Jupiter may continue to trigger family disagreements and disputes, while Saturn in the sixth house may cause misunderstandings among family members. On the other hand, Venus in the favorable position may bring favorable influence with it to the love life of the Virgo natives. Rahu in the seventh house and Ketu in the first house may impose academic pressure on students. Mercury's placement this month is also not favorable for them, thus those taking competitive exams may experience challenges as well.

Venus is in the second and third houses, which offers some good news for these natives' careers. Saturn in the sixth house may impart more focus and dedication to work on these natives. They may suffer job pressure and problems as a result of Jupiter's location. While Venus will improve your income this month, Rahu, Ketu, and Jupiter may bring you unexpected bills. Those who own a business may not face high profits, but they would not face much loss either. This might not be the best month to expand their business.

Remedy: Chant “Om Kalikaye Namaha” daily 41 times and “Om Kethave Namaha” daily 41 times.

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The December Horoscope 2023 predicts a favorable and peaceful last month of 223 for the natives of Libra. Apart from some digestive issues and skin allergies, their health will flourish due to the favorable position of Rahu in the sixth house and Ketu in the twelfth house. Along with this, the favorable position of Ketu will bring good results in the academic lives of the students, even though it may create some hurdles for them to cross. Because of Mercury's fortunate position, people may have opportunities to travel overseas for higher education. As Venus is placed in a favorable position, Libras may get promoted in their jobs, or even get salary benefits like an increment. Jupiter occupying the second house may create good aspects of saving money but they won't be able to maintain it. Business owners may get good results and a favorable amount of profit this month. They could be able to compete with their business competitors. They may receive more new business projects that seem to be beneficial.

As far as their personal life is concerned, Saturn occupying the fifth house may result in family members spending quality time together and developing a good family bonding. Towards the end of the month, Mars will take its position in the third house, which will bring harmony and peace to the family. Venus’ favorable position will create an atmosphere of love and romance and the couples will be satisfied with their relationships. Those who wish to get married will soon take their relationship a step further!

Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily and perform Yagya-Havan for Rahu-Ketu on Tuesday.


The natives of Scorpio need to tighten their seatbelts for a rollercoaster ride of mixed results as per the December Horoscope! With Ketu present in the eleventh house, their health will be intact, however, Saturn in the fourth house may create some issues with their mother’s health, along with anxiety and headaches. The Scorpions also need to be cautious while driving or traveling as well. While from the perspective of their professional lives, Saturn may create some distractions in workplaces, while Jupiter in the sixth house may bring obstacles and unwanted job changes. Jupiter and Venus’ unfavorable position may cause unnecessary spending this month, which may result in the natives getting loans. However, due to Ketu’s favorable position, there will be a sudden and unexpected monetary gain through inheritance. Business owners will gain moderate profits and are advised to not get into any new partnerships.

Mercury in the eighth house and Saturn’s retrograde movement will cause delays in progress in terms of academics for the students. As far as their family life is concerned, Saturn’s position may cause arguments among the family members, along with Mars which may bring egotistic disputes in the household. There are chances of unmarried folks getting their life partners by the end of December 2023.

Remedy: Chant “Om Hanumate Namaha'' daily 27 times and “Om Kethave Namah'' daily 108 times.


December Horoscope predicts a smooth and favorable month of December 2023 for the natives of Sagittarius. They will maintain good health and stay fit throughout the month, thanks to Saturn’s placement in the third house. Jupiter in the fifth house along with Mercury’s favorable position will increase progress in academics, and further, give opportunities to pursue higher studies abroad. Ketu present in the tenth house may enhance the use of their intelligence during this month in their jobs. Jupiter may cause Sagittarius natives to be more confident in handling complex tasks with ease. there will also be opportunities to increase their salaries or get extra benefits like an increment or promotion. Saturn in the third house will create more chances to earn extra money as well.

Those who own a business will witness great profits and find returns on investments to be favorable as well. There may even be chances to expand their business this month! With Jupiter in the fourth house, good qualities will emerge in the family, and property problems will be resolved successfully. Love may be more fortunate among these natives who are in love. With Venus in a favorable position, couples may get marriage proposals from overseas during this month.

Remedy: Donate food to the needy on Thursday and chant “Om Gurave Namaha'' daily 108 times.

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The December Horoscope 2023 predicts that natives of Capricorn to be under the influence of the final two and a half years of Shani’s Sade Sati. Saturn will be present in the second house this month, which will be both, good and bad for the natives of Capricorn. With Jupiter present in the fourth house, the Capricorns may get a chance to travel abroad for work. Rahu will be in the third house while Ketu will occupy the ninth house, indicating success and positive results in their careers. However, Saturn will create problems in saving money by adding unexpected expenses. Business owners may need to change their business tricks and adopt newer tricks in order to move forward in this domain. Mercury will be in a favorable position by the end of December 2023, bringing in profits from abroad. While Mercury will bring concentration issues and Saturn will create challenges in their academics, the students will be able to work hard and achieve favorable results. They might even get a chance to travel overseas to pursue higher education as an impact of Jupiter.

From a health perspective, December Horoscope 2023 reveals that Saturn may cause eye infections and toothache, while Jupiter may bring anxiety to the natives of Capricorn. While Jupiter is in the fourth house, there may be a lack of mutual understanding among family members. Mars' positioning is unfavorable and may cause issues in love relationships. They will, however, be able to talk well and work out their disagreements.

Remedy: Recite “Om Mandaya Namaha” daily 108 times and “Om Namashivaya” daily 21 times.


The Aquarius natives will have a month full of mixed outcomes according to the December Horoscope 2023. Saturn in the first house may produce more problems and less job satisfaction at work. It is possible that this is the first time that this has happened. Unwanted travel may be required as part of their profession. Mars in the eleventh house towards the end of this month may help people do well in their careers, perhaps leading to opportunities for a promotion and salary increases. Rahu will be in the second house and Ketu in the eighth house towards the end of this month, which might lead to financial difficulties for the natives of Aquarius. Jupiter will be in the third house, which indicates that there may be opportunities for loss. Individuals who own a business may find it difficult to maintain earnings this month.

Health-wise, Saturn may cause stress, anxiety, and leg and back pain, whereas Jupiter may cause hypertension and headaches. Jupiter in the third house may produce less peace in the family owing to misunderstandings and lack of communication, while Saturn may cause delays for those who seek to marry. Mercury will occupy the eleventh house for students, implying higher education overseas.

Remedy: Recite Shani Chalisa every Saturday and chant “Om Namo Bhagvathe Vasudevaya” daily 108 times.


According to the December Horoscope, Planets Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are not placed in favorable positions, which may cause them cough-related problems, along with joint pains, and stress. Since Ketu is in the eighth house and Rahu is in the second house, students may struggle academically, but Jupiter in the second house will offer the assistance they require. Piscians may endure undesired family problems as a result of Saturn's placement in the twelfth house, along with Rahu and Ketu. However, Mars will be in the tenth house by the end of the month, promising family harmony and contentment.

Unmarried couples will face challenges from Venus in the ninth house, but they may marry by the end of December 2023. They may also confront difficult times and problems at work, as well as a rise in household costs. It is not suggested for the Pisces natives to invest in real estate or alter their business line this month. Individuals who own a business may find this month extremely difficult and may suffer a loss.

Remedy: Recite “Om Hanumate Namaha” daily 108 times and perform Pooja for Rahu and Ketu on Tuesdays.

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