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When to propose your girlfriend or boyfriend astrologically?

Proposal time on Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You love somebody but fear to propose. You want to express your feelings, but you fear losing him/ her. Don't worry, Vedic astrology is here to help you. We would like to share some time periods (muhurta) everyday that are astrologically good for proposing your girlfriend or boyfriend. Please make a note that the proposal time given below are city specific, so select your city first and then only note the time. Good luck.

Present City: Delhi (For other cities, click here)

From: 007:56:22 To: 009:04:11

From: 015:51:04 To: 016:58:53

From: 020:58:53 To: 021:51:04

From: 003:04:11 To: 003:56:22