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Free Astrology Horoscopes for a Happy Life

Free Astrology Horoscope

In general people misunderstand the meaning of astrology horoscopes with just the predictions based on "some" mechanism about our day to day life. But that's not even vaguely near to the actual truth. Astrology and horoscope have their own individual meanings and when combined they give a whole new dimension named as Astrology Horoscopes . Today we have a host of sites that offer Free astrology Horoscopes, with predictions to follow. However before you start to go through the predictions understanding what astrology is and how horoscopes predict our life details, will make things easier . So let's start with Astrology.


Astrology has answers to a host of questions that bother us in day to day lives , questions like :How do you know if a girl will likes me, How strong is the compatibility between the Virgo men and the Aquarius woman or which planet is the ruler of my birth chart?.All these queries are answered with the help of free astrology horoscopes based on traditional Vedic astrology accurately provided by websites like .

Definition Of Astrology:

"Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial bodies and the terrestrial events occurring in our lives."

Over years this ancient science has been abused by money -minded astrologers , that has made astrology more a myth than a genuine knowledge .The prime purpose of free astrology horoscopes on is to end what is myth and share astrological intellegence that is backed by genuine knowledge shared by a panel of learned astrologers.

The modern astrologers conceptualize that the movements of astral objects do associate with events in human world, but they do �not� cause the occurrence of those events.

Astrology is a vast subject that has over years branched out into many different schools of thought. Western Astrology embodies twelve zodiac signs . Names of western astrology and hindu astrology differ but the meanings same. The twelve zodiac signs and Hindi rashi symbols are :

Zodiac Hindi Rashi Sign/Symbol Represents
Aries Mesh Get meshAbout aries Face and horn of ram.
Taurus Vrishabh Get vrishabhAbout taurus Face and horn of bull.
Gemini Mithun Get mithunAbout gemini Companion
Cancer Kark Get KarakaAbout cancer Crab's claws
Leo Singh Get simhaAbout leo Lion's head and mane.
Virgo Kanya Get kanyaAbout virgo Sheaf of barley.
Libra Tula Get tulaAbout libra Scales
Scorpio Vrishchik Get vrishchikAbout scorpio Stinger of scorpion.
Sagittarius Dhanu Get dhanuAbout sagittarius Arrow of the cantaur
Capricorn Makar Get makarAbout capricorn Body and head of a goat with the tail of a fish.
Aquarius Kumbh Get kumbhAbout aquarius Ripples of water/bolt of lightning/electrically charged water
Pisces Meen Get meenAbout pisces Two fishes tied together yet swimming in oppsite direction.

History and Core Principle of Hindu Astrology:

Hindu astrology , Indian astrology or Vedic astrology which used to be known as Jyotish in Sanskrit in ancestral system of astrology in India has three branches:

  • Sidhanta: Indian Astrology.
  • Samhita: This branch of astrology focuses on the terrestrial events, such as divination of war, earthquakes, political events, house and construction associated context (Vastu Shashtra). It is called Mundane Astrology.
  • Hora: This branch is termed as Predictive Astrology. It is simply astrology in in-depth details.

The groundwork of hindu astrology is based on the Vedas, which is the connection between heavenly bodies and terrene.

So for obtaining transparent and accurate predictions using the most ancient Vedic astrology we should use Free Astrology Horoscopes as being free of cost it can't be budget disrupting and secondly there is no fear of counterfeit with the best part being the lots of other complimentary services being provided on the sites like which uses the genuine astrological concepts.

Elements of Astrology:

There are eleven elements considered in astrology, namely :

  1. Vargas: Rasi, hora, drekkana, chaturthmasa, trimasa etc.
  2. Chart Styles: North Indian, South Indian, Eastern Indian.
  3. Grahas: The planets including surya, Chandra, mangal, budha etc.
  4. Rasi: the zodiac signs.
  5. Bhavas: The houses, namely lagna, dhana, putra, karma etc.
  6. Nakshatras: Lunar mansion ashvin, magha, rohini etc.
  7. Dasa-s: The planetary periods named ketu, venus, sun.
  8. Drishtis: The planetary aspect.
  9. Gocharas: In natal chart since the moment of birth the grahas move around the zodiac and interact with the natal chart grahas. This period of interaction is called gocharas.
  10. Yogas: The planetary combinations.
  11. Dig Bala: The Directional strength.


In astrology, Horoscope is a chart (or we can say diagram) delineating the positions of sun, moon, planets and the sensitive angles at the time of the event.

Definition of Horoscope:

It is used as a method of fortune telling about the events related to the instant of time it represents. We can also term horoscope as the astrologer's interpretation sun sign or moon sign methodology.

Elements of Horoscope:

  1. Lagna: The ascendant.
  2. Atmakaraka: The soul significator.
  3. Gandanta: The karmic knot.
  4. Ayanamsa: The zodiac conversion.
  5. Moudhya: The combustion.
  6. Sade sati: The Critical transit.

Free astrology horoscopes account in all these elements of astrology and horoscope to provide you with the accurate positions of planets and stars on the charts giving you the precise facts to help you get the exact advice for your problems.

Free Astrology Horoscopes:

The free astrology horoscopes service ,uses the horoscopes, the pictorial imprint of the heavens and applies principles of astrology to make predictions. The basic concept is that the nature of the moment especially anything that is born at that instant is echoed by the positions of the planets at that moment.

Uses of Free Astrology Horoscopes

With so many free astrology and horoscope sites online , choosing the credible and genuine one can be difficult. However what needs to be checked is the panel behind the site and services. is rich in experience and has a host of free astrology and horoscope services for their visitors. Some of the services are:

  1. Natal Free Astrology Horoscopes: It is laid upon the principle that each person's individuality or life's graph can be drawn by constructing a natal chart for the exact date, time and location of your birth.
  2. Mundane Astrology Horoscopes: This free astrology horoscopes branch is the appliance of astrology to world affairs and events.
  3. Electional Free Astrology Horoscopes: this branch burdens itself with determining the most advantageous moment for the beginning of a task or organization or an enterprise.
  4. Horary Free Astrology Horoscopes: It attempts to answer a specific question by engineering a horoscope for the precise time and place at which the question is asked.

Very good websites are available online these days which provide your free astrology horoscopes based on many different methods like western, traditional vedic, chinese, distinct ayanamsa, charting etc. Although there are different astrology branches available these days, the most reliable and accurate is still Vedic astrology. So go ahead and find out about the events happened, happening and what is going to happen . Log on to and be prepared to tackle bad situations and issues which might arise with the help of Free Astrology and Horoscopes.

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