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Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries zodiac sign horoscope Aries zodiac sign is the first sign to encounter when we start browsing or reading Horoscope. A Horoscope gives the predictions related to one's life using one's zodiac sign. In Western Astrology, the Sun Signs are given more importance. While, the Vedic Astrology considers the moon sign more important for horoscope predictions.Different people have different signs, according to which their future predictions can be made. Horoscope is one amusing gift to the people from the science-art amalgamation of Astrology. When we talk about humans, they are curious and impatient creatures who have a never-ending thirst of knowledge and they want to know about each and everything. When it comes to quenching their thirst, nothing satiates them as much as knowing their own future. This is when Horoscope is the magic wand they need to sate themselves, so we are here providing you Aries Horoscope. Please note, our Aries horoscope is purely based on Moon Sign and not as per Western Astrology.

What is Aries Sign?

Aries zodiac sign astrology

The Sun follows an elliptical path of 360 degrees, which is divided into 12 parts of 30 degrees each. Each part is represented by a Zodiac Sign, and Aries is the first sign to begin with. It is known as Mesha or Mesh in Hindi, and governs the Head. Being the first sign, Aries marks the beginning of the Zodiac, and people born under the Aries sign are considered to be enthusiastic beginners. They love to initiate tasks and let others complete them. Often seen in Aries is the tendency to leave tasks incomplete, as they are motivated beginners and not finishers.

Aries Zodiac is represented by a Ram (a male sheep), with the horns as its weapon. It symbolises fertility and courage. Just like a Ram, Arians are always ready to take any challenge and accomplish their goal with all their might. Aries sign is governed by Mars, the Red Planet. Mars is considered as the God of War, and provides a warrior like quality to Arians,making them courageous, brave and short-tempered. Aries belong to Fire Element, which makes them energetic. The light of fire makes them the bestower of knowledge, and the heat of fire adds to the warmth in their hearts. Being the Fire sign, Aries require a oxygen alike booster to keep their flames lit up, and makes them hankering for praise and compliments. Aries zodiac belong to the Cardinal (movable) signs, and as a result, they are flexible in nature and are bestowed with a leadership quality. They have a tendency to initiate things and generate new ideas very quickly. People with Aries zodiac sign are blessed with the quality of leadership. Their brave nature and go-getter attitude is what makes them stand out in the crowd. They are generally short-tempered and can entangle themselves in disputes for no good reason. People born under Aries sign are willful, and their leadership quality makes it difficult for them to follow other people as their leader.

When do Aries Birthdays fall?

As per Sun Sign/western astrology, Aries birthdays fall between March 21 - April 19.

What are Aries Traits?

People born under Aries zodiac possess certain traits. The traits for Aries man and the traits for Aries woman are a result of their birth with the alleged zodiac as their Moon Sign. The Aries traits are given below.

Positive Traits Negative Traits
Masculine Aggressive
Energetic Impulsive
Action-oriented Self-centered
Leader Stubborn
Competitive Dominating

Aries in Love

Aries Love horoscope Arian are quick to fall in love and start a new relationship. Being a Fire sign, they put a lot of energy and efforts in their love relations. They love dominating in the relationship, and are devoted and faithful to their partner. They may have wild fantasies and burning desires, when it comes to love making. Furthermore information about Aries in love can be revealed by Aries love horoscope.

Aries Compatibility

It is a good practice to check compatibility while initiating any new relationship. Also, it is interesting to see if you are compatible in all aspects with your partner, let it be love matters, new ventures, etc. Compatibility is a necessary subject among zodiacs. If you wish to know the hidden facts about Aries Compatibility or if your wish to know how compatible you are with someone with Aries zodiac, you can check the same at AstroSage.

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Aries Characteristics

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Aries Facts

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Lucky colors: Blue, Blue-green
Lucky Day: Friday, Tuesday and Sat...

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