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Sun Transits in Libra & Impact On Zodiac Signs: 17 October 2020

The Sun will transit into the sign of Libra on 17th October 06:50 AM IST and remain there till 16th November 2020 06:39 AM IST. The Sun, which represents the Soul, Father, Leadership, Will Power, Courage, Bones in Vedic Astrology, will be moving in its debilitated state during this transit.

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Let’s see how this transit of the Sun is going to impact all the zodiac signs-

हिंदी में पढ़ें: सूर्य का तुला राशि में गोचर

Sun Transits in Libra


The almighty Sun which owns your fifth house of love, intellect, child and planning will be transiting in the seventh house of love and relationships. This indicates that some ups and downs and temperamental differences are likely to hamper your relationships. So, keep your aggression in check while dealing with your spouse.

Professionally, the fifth house represents planning and ideas and its lord “Sun” is in a debilitated state. This indicates that although you will be gearing up to implement your thoughts, however, it will continue to remain a concept for now. This is going to create some differences and altercations in the relationships with higher management. But, avoiding them will be in your best interest.

Those of you who own a business in partnership are likely to face some issues and clashes with their partners. So, try and keep your papers intact and keep the exit doors open for yourself in case the partnership fails.

Health of your child is likely to be a little fragile during this transit, which is going to be a cause of worry and anxiety for you. As it is also aspected by Saturn which indicates that there are going to be some altercations or differences of opinion with your father.

Remedy- Wear Star Ruby (6-7cts.) set in either copper or gold in your right hand ring finger.


Transit of the Sun in your sixth house of competitions and enemies will provide you with auspicious results.

Professionally, you will be full of energy and enthusiasm coupled with high competitive spirit during this transit, due to which it is likely that all your pending tasks will get completed. You will have an upper hand over your enemies who will lack the courage to face you. As a Taurian, your main strength is your ability to stabilize tasks which will come to the forefront during this transit.

This is going to be a beneficial transit for the professionals who were seeking a job change from a long time. They are going to come across lots of opportunities during this transition of the Sun. Those of you who are currently working are likely to be presented with new roles and responsibilities that can help them in enhancing their skills and experience.

Personally, the health of the mother may provide some unnecessary stress and worries for you. Some legal issues with your siblings over parental property might result in wastage of money and time on your part. However, the result of it will be in your favor. Students preparing for the competitive exams are likely to get auspicious results.

Healthwise, this transit will deliver favorable results and help you recover from any chronic or long term disease that may have been bothering you for a long time. However, the Sun is the lord of your fourth house which represents Vehicle and conveyances and is in its debilitated state in your sixth house. This indicates that driving safely is of paramount importance during this time, otherwise there could be some accidents and injuries in store for you.

Remedy- Doing Surya Namaskar during the Sunrise will bring auspicious results.


The Gemini natives will host the Sun which owns their house of efforts in the fifth house of love, intellect and children. This transit will bring not-so auspicious results for you.

Professionally, as the third house represents efforts in vedic astrology and its lord “Sun” is in a debilitated state, this indicates that at the workplace, you may not see your efforts going in the desired direction which might cause some frustration and angst in you. This can further create some adverse effects on all aspects of life. However, those of you who are looking to convert their hobbies or skills into profession are likely to attain benefits from this transit. But avoid any kind of travel in this time frame, as that may result in losses instead of providing you with profits.

Personally, there are possibilities of relationship with your younger siblings deteriorating during this time period. So, try and spend some quality time as well as listen to them, as it will help you to clear the misunderstandings.

The third house represents communication skills, so you may find some difficulty in expressing your true feelings to your loved one or partner, which might create some differences and ups and downs in relationships. So, try other alternative mediums of communication like mail, greeting card etc. to convey your true feelings to them, as this will help to clear the air between you.

On the health front, try and stay away from any junk and fried stuff during this period, otherwise, you can face some difficulties in your abdomen area. Inculcate yoga, meditation and any physical activity in your daily routine. This will help you channelise your aggression and energy on the right path.

Remedy- Donate Copper on Sundays.


The Sun, which owns the second house of family, accumulated wealth and resources for Cancerians, will be in its debilitated position in their fourth house. The Sun is considered very weak in this position which indicates that it may provide inauspicious results for Cancerians.

Professionally, the second house represents resources and its lord the “Sun” is in its debilitated state. This indicates that you will not be able to utilise your assets to their full optimum, which could impact your efficiency in the workplace. So, resource management is of paramount importance in this time duration.

Personally, as the fourth house represents Mother in vedic astrology, the health of the Mother may remain a little fragile during this time. It can be a cause for worry and anxiety for you. As the fourth house also represents properties, it indicates that there could be some delays and problems in sale and purchase of property or even in its renovation. So, avoiding it during this period will save you from unnecessary stress.

On the health front, drive carefully during this transit, as accidents and injuries can be foreseen. As the second house and the Sun represent Eyes in vedic astrology, it is in a debilitated position in the fourth house. This indicates that lack of sleep and taking too much stress in your daily routine will lead to problems in your eyes, especially the right eye. So, take proper sleep of about 7-8 hrs and avoid putting strain to your eyes.

Remedy- Reciting “Ram Raksha” stotra will bring auspicious results.

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Leo natives will host the Sun in their third house of courage, efforts, desires and siblings. This indicates that you will be at your ambitious and adventurous best during this transit.

Professionally, You will not shy away from exploring the unknown territories in your professional arena which will set the right tone and foundation for your success. You will be at your innovative and creative best during this time period which will make you charismatic in your tasks and endeavors. This will bring in some favors and appreciation from higher management.

This is the right time to make full use of your skills. So, if you are in a profession like sports etc., you will come across many opportunities that will help you to advance further in your career.

Personally, you will be very warm, generous and protective for your loved ones. This will help in creating a very cordial family environment. In terms of love, your supportive and caring side will come to the forefront and help in providing solace and comfort to your partner.

However, as a Leo, the sense of dignity is your innate nature. You like to give dignity to people and expect it in return also. However, you have to understand that there is a very thin line between dignity and pride. Sometimes, you may cross the line which can see you missing opportunities and having negative results in all aspects of your life. So, remain aware of it during this transit.

Health seems auspicious during this time frame, but as the third house represents ears and as the Sun is in its debilitated state, it indicates that ear problems are likely to happen. So, try not to use your earphones at extremely high volumes and take care of your hygiene. Ensure you do not insert anything in your ears which may lead to infections.

Remedy- Wear Star Ruby stone (5-6cts.) set in gold or copper.


The earth sign will host the Sun in their second house of accumulated wealth, family and savings. As the Sun owns the house of expenditures and unprecedented situations for your sign, this indicates that this transit may not provide auspicious results for you.

Personally, you may be faced with certain unwanted situations which may result in over expenditure, thus creating unnecessary stress and mental tensions in the bargain. As the second house represents speech, so take care of your choice of words while you speak. Avoid making any kind of satire or joke on anyone during this transit, because it may lead to you unintentionally hurting others sentiments.

Professionally and financially, it is not a conducive period to make any kind of new investments during this period as it may not produce the desired results for you. Avoid any kind of confrontation and clashes at your workplace especially with your senior management. Otherwise, you could land yourself in trouble during this time. Maintaining your calm and composure is of paramount importance during this time frame.

Students may find it difficult to concentrate during this time, which can hamper their performance in higher studies.

On the health front, eyes and abdomen are the areas where you are likely to face some problems. So, no negligibility on this part of health should be there.

Remedy- Recite ”Aditya Hriday” stotra in praise of the Lord Sun.


The fiery planet Sun will be positioned in your first house of self and personality for your sign. This indicates that this transit will not provide auspicious results for you.

Professionally, this position of your lord of eleventh house of success and profits, the “Sun” in its debilitated state in your ascendant. This indicates that you could face some ups and downs in your workplace. During this transit, you might feel a little under-confident in your approach and because of this, you may try to please others. This may lead to indecisiveness which can further aggravate the negative consequences that you may face in your office. So, try to remain firm in your decision making and have full faith in your potential.

Personally, you may become aggressive and easily annoyed at the pretext of small issues which could lead to negative effects on your family life and personal relationships. So, maintaining your calm and cool composure while dealing with your family and loved ones is the main mantra for this time duration.

As the Eleventh lord represents friends and its lord is debilitated in your first sign, it indicates that spending time and mingling with friends will be very important in this transit. The more you mingle with them and spend quality time, the more auspicious results are going to follow for you.

In terms of health, as the Sun is a dry planet and bilious in temperament, it can cause many problems related to the skin. So, try and keep yourself hydrated during this time by drinking plenty of water and staying away from spicy and fried food.

Remedy- Chanting Gayatri Mantra 108 times daily will bring auspicious results.

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As Scorpio natives, you will host the Sun in your twelfth house which represents foreign and expenditure. This transit of the Sun will not bring favorable results for you.

Professionally, as the Sun which governs your tenth house of profession and career is in a debilitated state in your twelfth house of expenditures, it indicates that during this time, you may face some obstacles in your tasks, that can make you feel that you have reached a dead end. As a result, you will be inclined to leave your tasks in between, but it is suggested that you do not do so and be consistent in your efforts.

You may also have the tendency to seek validation and appreciation for your efforts. This might make you take decisions keeping in mind what others think of you, and not what is good for you. This can further affect your efficiency in your workspace. Taking advice from seniors, someone who you consider your idol or your mentors will help you during this period. However, there could be some foreign-related benefits. So, diverting all your energies in that direction will prove auspicious.

Personally, there could be some difference of opinions or clashes with the father or fatherlike figures that could disrupt the family environment. So, draw the line of decorum while talking to them. Also, avoid doing anything that is against or in violation of the law. Otherwise, you can get yourself in big trouble.

On the health front, as Saturn is aspecting the debilitated Sun, it indicates that you may face some issues related to sleep which could lead to problems like weak eyesight and headache.

Remedy- Reciting “Surya Ashtakam” stotra in praise of the Lord Sun will provide beneficial results.


The transit of your lord of fortune and luck Sun in your eleventh house of success and profits will be very auspicious for Sagittarius natives.

Professionally, it will bring rewards and appreciation for you from your senior management. You will be supported by luck in all your endeavors and tasks, which indicates all your work will be accomplished without requiring too much effort from your side. During this time duration, you are likely to get good support from your subordinates leading to efficiency in the workplace.

As the eleventh house also represents network and communication, it indicates that auspicious and profitable results can be achieved if you are socially active during this duration. Any kind of journey, especially related to profession, might provide you with success and profits.

In terms of personal life, your relationship with your father may improve. It also indicates that your father may achieve success in his workplace or business. Love and relationships may see you heading with new energy. But sometimes, you can be a little rigid regarding your ideals which can result in clashes between you two.

On the health front, your overall vitality will be very good and also help you to recover from any form of illness that may have been giving you trouble for a long time.

Remedy- Offering Jaggery to Cow on Sundays will bring auspicious results.


The Sun will transit into your tenth house of career and profession, it will be in its potent or zenith position during this time period. It indicates that it will bring auspicious results for you.

Professionally, a very good transit that is likely to make you action-oriented in your approach. As it is the eighth house lord transiting in your tenth house, it indicates that you will go to the root cause of the problems to resolve them in case you are surrounded by and facing them as well. This will hold you in high stead among your senior management and subordinates. You are likely to get new positions of authority in your organization. If you are looking for an opportunity to work in some government organisation or getting contracts from it, then you are likely to get good results related to them during this time frame.

Personally, your relationship with your father is likely to improve during this time. In your love life, you are going to get surprises and unexpected gifts from your partner, which will further strengthen the bond between you two.

Students indulging in research work, higher studies or preparing for competitive exams are likely to get a conducive environment and support during this period. This will bring auspicious results for them.

If you have a previous history of B.P. or cholesterol, then precautions are necessary during this transit. Indulging in physical activity and avoiding stress will bring benefits in terms of health.

Remedy- Keep the picture of the Lord Sun in the North-east Direction in your home.

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The zodiac sign Aquarius will see the planet Sun transiting in their ninth house of fortune and luck. The Sun in this position is not likely to bring favorable results for you during this transit.

Personally, the Sun governs your seventh house of relationships and spouse and is in a debilitated position in your horoscope. It indicates that there will be some ego clashes or temperamental differences that can affect the relationships between you two. But try and win back your spouse as the placement of the planet indicates that they are related to your fortune and prosperity.

Professionally, it is not a good time period to undertake any kind of journeys as that may lead to losses and unnecessary expenditures. It also indicates that tour ideas and plans may not be appreciated. This could frustrate you and may result in some confrontations with senior management. Our suggestion is to maintain your patience in this situation. If you own your business in the form of partnerships, then there are likely to incur some losses in this duration. So, it is suggested that you take advice from your father, father figure or any other expert.

Students preparing for higher studies or competitive exams may face some lapse in their concentration. This may hamper their performance and results.

On the health front, although you will remain fit, however, you are advised to remain cautious concerning your abdomen and lower abdomen region.

Remedy- Wear a gold chain with a gold-plated pendant of Lord Sun.


The position of the Sun in your eighth house of uncertainty and transformation will not bring auspicious results for you.

Professionally and financially, this is going to be a tough period for you. If you are looking to change your job, then hold on to it until the end of this transit. Your enemies might try to plot or scheme against you, so being aware and alert in this duration is of paramount importance. It is not conducive to take any kind of loans and liabilities during this time frame.

As the Sun is directly aspecting your second house of speech, it indicates that you can get harsh in terms of speech. This can disrupt the relationships with your family and loved ones. This position of the Sun also indicates some health issues for maternal uncles. As the eighth house represents the family of the spouse, it indicates that some differences between you and your in-laws can have negative or adverse effects on your relationship.

As a student if you are planning to learn any subject from a basic level, then this transit will provide you with a conducive environment.

On the health part, your immunity is likely to remain low. This can lead to you facing some problems related to your teeth and eyes. So, keeping a track of your eating habits and introducing yoga and meditation will help in improving your immunity. This will result in providing a positive impact on your health.

Remedy- Take blessings of your father or father figures before going for any important task.

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