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Home » Festival » Chhat Puja - Chhat Pooja Published: November 19, 2012

Chhat Puja - Chhat Pooja

During Chhat Puja, people offer water to Sun

Chhath Puja is one of the biggest festivals of India. It is celebrated with great zeal and gusto in India, especially in the regions of Bihar and Eastern U.P. Chhath Pooja is the festival that is commemorated to pay tribute to the King of the planets,Sun. As we all know that our environment is based on the light energy of Sun, festival of Chhat Puja is typically meant to worship Lord Sun. In Hindu mythology, Sun is considered as God. Therefore, he is worshipped as an almighty by the devotees. Chhat Pooja is a four day colorful festival with four different sub-festivals dedicated to each of the four days. Third day is the main day of Chhat Pooja and is known as 'Chhath'. This festival includes the part of most difficult rituals amongst all Hindu festivals, as 36 hours of continuous fast is observed with a vow of not consuming a single drop of water. With the aid of this section on Chhath, AstroSage has tried its endeavor to offer almost everything on this incredible festival to the readers. Scroll down and find the links that will guide you to the details of this beautiful festival. With this we wish you get the blessings from the Lord Sun.

With colorful attires and decorated Pooja thalis, Chhat Puja is incredibly amazing. With the above mentioned links you will get to know about the glory of Chhath Puja. A continuous four day festival to unleash your spiritual spirit and sway in the devotion of Lord Surya, Chhat Pooja is accomplished to teach you the meaning of patience. Continuous fast of 36 hrs is enough to teach the believer how to keep patience and control feelings. Taking strict vows and sleeping on the hard floor gives the strength to struggle. Celebrating each of the four days with different procedures of Pooja is incredibly special. Each day of this festival is itself a festival. During this festival, delicious dishes are cooked and offered to Lord Sun as Prasad and then consumed. During the festival of Chhat Pooja, devotees take shower early morning in cold water of a river or any other water body. This custom gives strength to the devotees to hold still even in the hard times. Indeed, it is a difficult task to follow all the rituals of this magnanimous festival. However, still we can take the essence of this ecstatic festival by following some of the easy rituals. So, don't miss this amazing opportunity and start clicking the links mentioned above to know all what you desire to know about Chhath Puja.