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Vastu Shastra

Vastu Purush lying and signifying different areas of a home

Vastu Shastra is a sanskrit word and popular from ancient era. It is an ancient science which is used to architect home as per the vedic method. Hence it is also known as "science of architecture". It involves many architectural designs, for example space, layout of building and measurements. It is an ancient "Vastu Vidya", contains various guidelines for infrastructure, layout for building and constructing a home. It would help you to gain maximum positive energy from your home and environment, which can cause peace of mind and healthier living place too.

Vastu Articles

Here at Astrosage, we have described vastu for home, vastu for office, vastu for bedroom, vastu for kitchen etc for you. I hope it would be helpful for you. You may have questions in your mind regarding Vastu like Which direction is best for House? Which direction should we keep God at home? Which side to sleep according to Vastu? Which side should kitchen face as per Vastu? Where should be pooja room as per Vastu? Where should be Temple in home? Which direction to face while praying? You can just clink on the links for better understanding and in depth knowledge about this area.

Vastu, a sanskrit word, means dwelling and the word "shastra" means teaching or doctrine. Combined means science of dwelling. It is an ancient art of keeping manuals of architecture like bookkeeping in accounting term. These manuals contains Vastu Vidya, which comprises of knowledge of dwelling.

As we all know that we spend our most of the time at our home, or at workplace. Hence it is necessary for us to receive the positive energy from every corner of the building. It can only be possible through Vastu, an ancient art and science of architecture. It is astronomically proved that every particle in the universe exerts and contains certain level of energy. Hence, our home and we also do the same. Either we may have positive energy or negative energy.

To reduce the level of negative energy, an architectural science has been introduced, named Vastu Tips. It can create the positive energy in your environment, whether it is your home or workplace. You will feel always refreshed with the positive vibes circulating within your body. It can cause prosperity within your home too.

Every place is associated with the eight directions. The four are main directions and others are four corners. Every corner has its own significance and will be suitable for particular house element. For example: If main gate falls in a specific direction, it shows people, living into that place, possess abilities in terms of health, wealth, communication etc.

Vastu for house guidelines provided to you are in order to create harmonical relation at your home as well as at workplace. It will lead to a balanced lifestyle. The architect must consider two aspects: physical and metaphysical in order to build a space based on Vastu Shastra.

There are five elements, namely Sky, Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. Vastu Tips is applicable in harmony purpose with these five elements. One may find difficulty in achieving success even if he may have all the required resources with him, however, he is lacking somewhere. It won't be surprising that all can be due to the fact of vastu. The office, home or factory are not designed as per one's desire, causing dissatisfaction from work.

Likewise, one may feel at home, that the life is not running smoothly, there are lack of peace in mind, harmony, affection and well being in one's life. One need to examine his architectural design of his home and get it modified as per Vastu, he may bound to receive good results and gradually and steadily well being too.

What can be the tips for Vastu?

To extract the positive energy from the environment, traditional art of architecture has some layouts for home construction. It can also be considered as a tips of home making as per vastu. We have mentioned below few vastu points for home construction:

  • Main entrance should be placed either in east or north but it should not be facing towards compound wall.
  • The height of wall in the North-Eastern side should have minimum.
  • The southern side of wall should be tall and heavy as possible.
  • Terrace or balcony should be either in east or North side of the house.
  • The slope of house should be towards East, North or North-East
  • If the height of wall in eastern side of the house is too tall, it may restrict to the entry of prosperity, the Goddess Laxmi, into the house. You must keep in mind that it should be small in height.
  • The beam in any room of your house should not cross in the center.
  • A temple, pole or well should not be placed in front of the main entrance of house.
  • The slope of plinth should not be towards East, North or North East and also the height of plinth should be maximum in the direction of South-West.
  • The main entrance should not be placed in front of that of the opposite house.
  • The house should be build with protective wall.
  • The storeys should be constructed in the southern or western side of the house.
  • The cupboard should be placed in the southern or western side of the house.

Why to Follow Vastu?

According to Indian mythology, people believe that God is present in North-East direction. Hence, our ancestors insisted always on having water body in this direction to ensure prosperity. For an example, a small nation Japan, one of the largest bodies of water lies in Pacific Ocean, that tells the story of growing economy of Japan.

Likewise, we can take another example of Mumbai City. In the North-East direction, it has body of water, that is the reason, it is the most prosperous port among other ports in India. The city of London is also situated on more or less ideal principles of Vastu Tips.

It is observed that the progress and prosperity associated with the cities like New York, London, Singapore, Mumbai, Hong Kong etc. are located as per the principles of Vastu. It is also observed that as one proceeds towards North-East In USA, the price of the property becomes higher and higher. We can also observe the location of well known temple of Tirupati by means of Vastu. The temple is mainly situated on the South-West side. However, on North-East direction, there is a lake and pond. The dining hall of temple is also situated on South-East side whereas storage space for grains is situated in North West and North side of temple. The temple is mainly occupying the one fourth of the total limit of that area. Hence, Tirupati Balaji temple is an ideal place according to Vastu Tips, and also it is the most prosperous temple on earth.

Benefits of Vastu

People often think how Vastu works in their life and how they can get benefit from the same. We have listed below some benefits for you derived from Vastu Tips:

  • Realization of inner self: Vastu is an art to build an infrastructure and building. It is used to influence structures that are long lasting. It's a spiritual guidance that teaches you about your inner self and strength. It also teach you a lesson how to enhance the same. If you want to learn your inner space and utopia, you need to create a good outer space.

  • Your Strength: Vastu is one of the most important method of architect. It talks about structures, hence it is important to lead a happy and successful life. In case of failure attempts, it always provide comforts to us. Vastu is basically the strength of physical and mental world. One can surely learn a lot about it with the help of Vastu Tips.

  • Comfort Level: People can take the help of Vastu for the comfortable level. Sorrow, miseries , pain and losses are the parts of life, one needs to understand it and he may learn how to make the priority in the right direction so that he can have comfortable life. Vastu can provide mental peace, support and comfort when they need it the most during traumatic or troublesome period.

  • Easy to use: It can be learn easily and the structures that are defined in Vastu Tips are very easy to understand, which can allow the positive energy flow within your environment and structure of your home. This is the primary use of Vastu shastra to lead a happy and better life. The layouts are made to ensure that the person dwelling in it doesn't have any tough time to tackle any situation.

  • Better structure: A better place for living of a person is one that is constructed as per his needs or desires. It can be the ventilation within the house, provides a lot of air, natural light etc.

  • Better for one's personality: If a dwelling is designed as per the one's desire and needs, then it may probably affect to him in a positive manner. If Good vastu is their, then it will help to a person to enhance his inner self and build their personality. In fact, it can also improve the harmony and relations within the home and between the people and with inner self.

  • Improving relationship with other people: With the proper guide of Vastu, you can enhance your relations with others around you. Vastu basically promotes internal peace and calm. It also maintain harmonical relations between the family members.

  • Best use of space: It can give you better understanding of better utilization of space. The positions of rooms should be in the right direction and it will allow you to have most out of nature and element as well.

  • Use this for spiritual knowledge: It also shows the path of spirituality to the people. It can make them realize the deeper gist of life, death etc. These are the three pillars that one has to rely on while trying to find out what their inner self should be

  • Greater mental peace and skill: Vastu can enhance your mental skills to a large extent. Your mind can be enlightened if the house is clutter free and bright. It can encourage you, promote your happiness and health of your mind. It can also create awareness of mind and ensure that people feel always alert throughout the day. If there is a proper implementation of vastu in constructing building, it makes dwellers energetic whole day. By applying the thought of vastu, you would be happy and healthy mentally as well as physically.

I conclusion, we hope that one day Vastu Shastra will definitely end all miseries and sorrows, and bring joy and happiness in everybody's life.

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