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January Horoscope

January Horoscope: New Years is a new beginning in many ways. The Year changes, situations change and we as individuals promise ourselves to leave all the negativity behind us and move forward into the New Year with full gusto, enthusiasm, hope, aspirations, desires, goals and not to forget the new year resolutions which are meant to be broken within the 1st week of the year and sometimes our resolutions never even see the light of the day. Haha! Anyway, we are here to focus on what 2024 has to offer to us from an astrological purpose so that we are well prepared to move into January 2024 with full confidence and positivity.

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Mercury turns Direct in Scorpio on 2 January, 2024. Mercury then enters Sagittarius on 7 January and the Sun enters the zodiac Capricorn on 15 January. On 18 January, Venus will transit in Sagittarius. So, in the quest to help our readers and prepare them for what’s coming ahead AstroSage presents to you the January Horoscope with a zodiac wise thorough analysis to help you sail through the month with ease. So, Let’s start.


January Horoscope starts with Mercury going Direct in Scorpio. The first week of January could be a little difficult for Aries natives as Mercury will be positioned in your 8th house. You could face troubles related to the stomach and could find yourself a little worried as far as finances are concerned.

Once Mercury enters your 9th house, your finances and health will improve for sure. This time would specifically be very very important and fulfilling for Dharam Gurus, teachers, counselors, scholars, etc. This period could also be full of travel related to work.

In terms of career, January Horoscope suggests that the 2nd half of January would be a rewarding month as Sun transits to your 10th house of Capricorn. Sun gains ‘Digbala’ in the 10th house so this will be a time when your bosses will support you and will notice your work. Your reputation and respect at work would improve. Your ideas would be highly appreciated and your creativity will improve.

Aries, your love life would also be rewarding, happy and stable for the whole month except for the first week. As soon as Venus, your 7th lord transits to the 9th house and conjunct Mercury, you will find stability and commitment in relationships. The 7th lord in the 9th house could be a time when you would introduce your partner to your family and your love could convert to marriage or you could decide to get married to the love of your life.

January Horoscope 2024 says that this will also be a rewarding month for students looking to pursue higher studies. The students waiting for the arrival or confirmation of a Visa for studying abroad would hear the good news in January, 2024.

Remedy: Offer Arghya to the lord Sun with a pinch of Jaggery in the water. Use a copper vessel.


January Horoscope reveals that with Mercury and Venus moving to the 8th house you may find yourself worrying and stressing over your financial state as well as your health. The 2nd lord with the ascendant lord in the 8th house would manage to temporarily stress you over your financial stability and your deteriorating mental health.

Career would run smooth for you as your 10th lord Saturn is posited in the 10th house itself. Sun being the lord of the 4th house and transiting to your 9th house in the 2nd half of January, will make you ambitious and more focused on your career goals. There is not much to worry on the career front.

January Horoscope says that in terms of love life things may not go very smoothly for Taurus natives with Venus, the planet of Romance, being positioned in your 8th house. The 7th lord Mars also will be in Sagittarius for most part of January. The ones involved in extra marital affairs could be caught. Do not let any argument escalate as it may impact your relationship negatively.

Students looking to travel abroad for higher studies or to receive any kind of education would find support in teachers, fathers and their elders. You will easily be able to move abroad or even go for further studies in your own country as well.

Remedy: Recite the Mahalakshmi Ashtakam.


January Horoscope unravels that it will be a fruitful month as far as finances and health is concerned. You will find profits coming in with ease if you’re a business owner and increment or bonus may be just round the corner if you’re a regular job goer. With Sun in your 8th house in the 2nd half of the month, take extra care of your father’s health.

If you’re a business owner then your career would take off really well at the start of the year and you will come in contact with people who may help you excel in business. If you’re a regular job goer expect new growth opportunities coming your way.

With Venus transiting to the 7th house for Gemini natives in the 2nd half of January this could be the time when singles may meet someone special and the ones looking to get married may find ‘The One’. Love life and personal life would be stable.

January Horoscope reveals that the students would be able to concentrate better in studies and get the desired results. People looking to move abroad for further studies will find the right support and get their desires fulfilled with ease.

Remedy: Recite the Hanuman Chalisa. Donate old clothes and shoes to the poor.


January Horoscope shows that you will be very very involved in spiritual and religious practices. You could spend money on a religious ceremony at home. Your finances would flow in but your expenditure may also increase during this time but you will manage well. Health would not disturb you that much except a few skin allergies may creep up so you are advised to exercise caution.

On the career front, the 2nd half of January 2024 may be a good time for government officials and people engaged in politics. January Horoscope also declares that this may be a time for change of location or some newness coming into your work or roles and responsibilities. With Mercury, Venus and Mars in your 6th house you will be able to win over your enemies.

Your personal life may suffer with Venus being in the 6th house and Saturn your 7th house lord placed in the 8th house. Running in the period of ‘Dhaiyya’ may impact your personal life negatively and create conflicts, disturbances, distance or separation between you and your partner depending upon individual horoscopes.

Students may be able to concentrate better during this time and excel in their studies. Cancer natives may come out as winners in any competitive exams that may be held during the month of January.

Remedy: Worship lord Vishnu and visit the Hanuman temple every day.

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January Horoscope suggests that the planetary placements and the transits are going to be favorable for Leo natives. Mercury being the lord of the 2nd and the 11th house will move from the 4th house to the 5th house. Financially Leo’s will not face difficulties and may ride through the month with ease. You would also be in excellent health.

As far as career is concerned, Leo’s will do well this month. The conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Mars in the 5th house and the Lagna lord Sun positioned in the 6th house will prove to be beneficial for natives involved in creative fields such as designing, architecture, music directors, journalists, writers, etc.

On the personal front, the January Horoscope predicts that Venus being in the 5th house will be a time where you may find yourself surrounded by options or proposals. Especially the 2nd half of the month may be brimming with love and romance filling your life with happiness.

Students may find it difficult to concentrate on studies this January, however with the right guidance, they may be able to do well in studies. Students looking to give competitive exams may find success with Sun in the 6th house.

Remedy: Recite the Hridaya Aditya Stotram everyday, Worship lord Vishnu everyday.


January Horoscope Mercury will transit from the 3rd house of Scorpio to the 4th house of Sagittarius for Virgo natives and bring stability in their finances, luxury and comforts. Your finances will be stable for the major part of the month as Venus will also join Mercury in the 2nd half of January. You will absolutely face no major health issues and will enjoy a happy and healthy month.

On the career front things will move well and you will gain name and fame in your field or at your workplace. Mercury aspecting your 10th house being its lord will bring in better opportunities for you during this time and you will be able to grab the right opportunities on time.

On the Personal front things would not be very pleasing and you could find yourself amidst controversies, conflicts and arguments with your partner or your spouse. Heartbreaks and disappointments are possible this month.

January Horoscope foretells that the Virgo students will be able to make the most of their time this month. They will be able to concentrate well and give and clear competitive exams with ease. Professionals looking to pursue further studies could also enroll in new courses to upskill themselves.

Remedy: Offer orange or yellow color flowers to lord Ganesha and worship him every Wednesday


January Horoscope reveals that this month Libra natives will find themselves worrying in regards to your health and finances both. Your finances will fluctuate and you may end up spending more than you intend to. Health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, etc may disturb you through the most of January.

January Horoscope discloses that your career may also suffer in January 2024. You may feel stuck at work and not like where you are. You could be in search of a new job but may not be able to find the suitable profile. If you’re a business owner your business may also not do very well during this period.

On the romantic front too things will not go too well as Venus will be placed in the 3rd house. Your personal relationships may suffer during this time. Your relationship could go through ups and downs and may be a reason for your increasing stress.

Students may bear the brunt of this not too supportive planetary conjunctions too. Students may find it difficult to concentrate or do well in studies. With proper guidance though, students may be able to sail through with ease.

Remedy: Offer red flowers to goddess Lakshmi and recite the kanakdhara stotram.


For Scorpio natives, January Horoscope shows that this month might be beneficial as far as finances are concerned. Mercury becomes the 11th house lord and will transit to the 2nd house in the first week of January 2024, thus forming ‘Dhan Yoga’ for them.

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Though Mercury is also the 8th house lord and may create some fluctuations in finances as well but it will be negligible. Scorpios must take care of their health as well as issues related to the throat or eyes may trouble them this week.

It may be a good time for your career growth as well because Sun being your 10th house lord will be placed in the 3rd house and bestow Scorpio natives with courage to take risks and move forward with confidence. The Sun in the 3rd house is a welcome placement. January Horoscope says that it will help you take on new challenges that may grow your career.

From the educational perspective, this month might be quite favorable for the students as they will stay focused on their goals and may be able to concentrate on their studies.

Remedy: Do the Bajrang Baan path everyday


The January Horoscope suggests this month to be moderate for Sagittarius natives. There will be a stable source of income and the Sagittarius natives will be able to save a reasonable amount this month. There are chances of investing money into properties. Their physical and mental health will be amazing as well this month.

You will be very focused on work from the first week of the month and you will attract good opportunities at work due to being dextrous and sincere. Your reputation at work will increase.

January Horoscope reveals that due to Jupiter being in the fifth house, there will be a joyous and cheerful atmosphere at home. The second half of the month will be favorable from a marriage perspective. Singles may even get married.

Education-wise, there is no reason to be worried about the challenges they face, since they will be able to make it through with great marks.


For Capricorn natives the January Horoscope does not bring in great news. Mercury and Venus placed in the 12th house may not be very good news and may cause havoc in the month of January due to you or your children suffering from health issues. Finances will definitely be stable with Saturn placed in your 2nd house, so that’s some respite.

You may have to travel abroad for work or may finally receive the Visa you had been waiting for. This could be only a foreign visit and not the permanent settlement we’re talking about. Opportunities from foreign places may help your career grow. You will be able to achieve your career goals in foreign lands.

Your personal life could go through testing times as the distance between you and your partner increases. January Horoscope suggests that the Sun being placed in your ascendant will aspect the 7th house of relationship and marriage and you may feel its negative impacts. You may not find peace within your relationship this month.

Students studying to prepare for competitive exams may face hurdles and would not be able to concentrate and focus on their studies. Seek outside help and guidance.

Remedy: Feed leafy green vegetables to the cows. Offer Arghya to the Sun every morning

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January Horoscope reveals this month is going to be a bag of mixed results for Aquarius natives. Saturn may bring some stress, anxiety, and back pain to the Aquarians. They may also get digestive issues as well. Jupiter’s placement in the 3rd house may trigger some extra expenses which may lead to losses.

There may be a lot of challenges in their career due to Saturn’s position in the first house and running through the 2nd phase of Sade Sati means they will have less satisfaction in their work life. For the people in business, there might not be much profits in the first half of January. However, the second half might bring moderate profits with Mercury and Venus being placed in the 11th house. Businesses may also pick up and generate profits.

The January Horoscope says that Jupiter in the 3rd house and 7th lord Sun in the 12th house may cause quarrels and fights in their family and Saturn placed in the 1st house may cause disturbances in their married lives.

Students may notice an increase in their concentration and marks. Mercury and Venus both aspecting the 5th house of education will help students this month.

Remedy: Recite Shani Chalisa on Saturdays and chant “Om Namo Narayana” 108 times daily.


January Horoscope says this month will be a bit difficult for the Pisces natives. Jupiter in the 2nd house and Mercury and Venus in the 10th house, they will be able to earn a good amount of money, but will have quite a few expenses as well. There may be joint pains, lack of immunity, and cough related problems this month as well.

January Horoscope reveals that those who deal with the share market will get good returns. Their household expenses may increase this month and they may face some ups and downs in their careers. Businesses will stay at their normal pace even though there will be a lot of challenges.

There may also be quite a lot of unwanted quarrels and arguments between couples due to Venus being placed with Mars along with their 7th house lord Mercury. This period may be full of conflicts for the married couples.

Education-wise, there will be a sense of lethargy, lack of concentration and interest, and struggles in their studies.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and chant “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” daily 108 times.

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