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Mercury In Retrograde Motion In Libra: 14 October 2020

Mercury, which represents communication, business sense, analysis and observation, is becoming retrograde in the sign of Libra. It also represents the intellect, knowledge, psychology, exchange of ideas and information. It will turn retrograde on 14th October at 06:00 in Libra, from where it will turn direct on 03rd November 2020 and then move into the sign of Scorpio on 28th November 2020, 22:46. So, it will remain in retrograde motion for 21 days. Since it is going retrograde, you might experience some delays and recurrent obstacles in your life. Let’s see what effects it brings on all zodiac signs-

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Mercury In Retrograde Motion In Libra


For Aries sign, Mercury rules over their third and sixth house and will turn retrograde in your seventh house. From the seventh house, we see the spouse, relationships, business partnerships and travels. So, Mercury transit may bring certain ups and downs and turbulence in your marital relations and business partnerships. Some past issues in relationships may come up on the surface, which you might have ignored earlier. This can create some differences in the relationships. However, this indicates that this is the right time to clear the air in relationships, which will further make you understand each other and become closer till this retrograde ends.

If you are trying to set or formalise a wedding date, then postpone it till the time Mercury turns direct. If you are in business partnerships, have open communication with your partner about the responsibilities and roles that you both have to perform. It will help you avoid clashes and confrontations at the workplace. Try and avoid any kind of journeys during this period, as they can incur losses instead of providing you with profits.

Remedy- Chanting “Vishnu Sahastranaam” will bring auspicious results.


Taureans, Mercury owns your second and fifth house and will turn retrograde in your sixth house. Sixth house represents obstacles, competition, diseases and enemies. Professionally, this indicates that you may have to re-organize things in your professional space, be it your work schedule, meetings etc. in order to get best results. If there are any disturbances or discrepancies in the relationships with your subordinates, this is the right time to communicate with them and clear the air. As the Mercury represents exchange of ideas and information, be sure that you are conveying things and messages properly to your support staff, otherwise, it may lead to recurrent problems. Also, It is not a very feasible time period to take any kind of loans and liabilities.

As the second house represents accumulated wealth and its lord Mercury is in retrograde in the sixth house, this indicates that you may have to be extra careful about managing your resources. Because during this time, you may come across some unexpected expenditures in the form of treatment of illness of some family member. Some delays are also on the cards in case you are expecting your previously loaned money to someone.

Some old illness, which you must have thought to be cured can strike back again. So, this is also a very good time period to reexamine your dietary patterns and exercising routine. Try and inculcate yoga and meditation and remain stress free during this duration.

The students preparing for any sort of competitive exams will see their consistent efforts bringing success.

Remedy- Offering water to the Tulsi Plant daily will be favourable.


Mercury being your ascendant and fourth house Lord will be in retrograde motion in your fifth house. Fifth house represents ideas, intellect, progeny, love and romance.

Executions of plans will get delayed as you might not feel too confident about your ideas and thought process during this time. This may cause some nervousness and anxiety in the process. This is a time that indicates to be slow and instead of doing things in haste, take your time to revise your skills and add on to your knowledge, which will result in better implementation of plans. On the personal front, your mother may get some benefits and gains. As the fifth house represents children and creativity, this is an auspicious time period to spend with your children as that may help you to revive your creativity and confidence back.

Fifth house is the house of love and romance. You may feel difficulty in expressing your true feelings and emotions to your loved ones, which can make your partner annoyed. This is also not the right time to enter into new relationships. For married natives, you may come across some old memories or your ex-partner. This might bring some ups and downs in your present relationship. But, you have to understand that it is here to make you contemplate on your relationship in a better way.

Remedy- Wear Emerald (5-6cts.) set in gold on your right hand little finger.


For Cancerians, Mercury governs your third and twelfth house and is retrograding in your house which represents Home, Mother, Conveyances and Luxuries.

This period will see you diverting all your energies on the improvement or renovation of your home. You may be inclined to remove all the stuff that you may feel is not adding on to your house’s interiors. You might buy some new items to jazz up your interiors. However, be mindful of the expenditures because in the end, you might end up splurging more than you imagined.

As the fourth house represents Mother, there could be some past issues or problems with your mother that can come up during this period. So, working on them would be very helpful in bridging the communication gap and giving a new dimension to your relationship with her.

On the work front, you might face some obstacles. However, support of your subordinates and colleagues will be abundant in this duration. Journeys, especially related to foreign lands, will be very beneficial.

On the health front, you may face some issues related to breathing and skin allergies. So, try to be alert and aware and maintain a proper routine coupled with hygiene during this time. This will help you get better results in terms of health.

Remedy- Drinking water in silver glass will bring beneficial results.

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Leo sign will see the retrograde Mercury in their third house of Communication, Travels, siblings and efforts. This indicates that it is a very auspicious time period to spend quality time with your siblings and mend communication gaps with them, if any. Travels or undertaking any kind of short journeys or travels will bring joyous results for you. However, before undertaking any sort of journey make sure to check each and everything regarding the vehicle or the source by which you are travelling. Otherwise, you could face unnecessary delays.

This position of the retrograde Mercury also indicates that you may have to put in a lot of effort in your work area to get desired results. Please make sure to check each and every mail or other communication that you may put forward to other subordinates or your team mates. As the third house represents hearing capacity also, make sure that you are paying heed to each and every person’s advice or suggestion in your team. Otherwise there could be a lot of misunderstandings happening within the team. As Mercury represents electricity also, it indicates that keeping a check on your electronic gadgets will be necessary. Otherwise, you may have to spend a huge chunk of your hard-earned money on getting them repaired.

This is a very good time to entertain yourself by indulging in hobbies and other recreational activities. This will enable you to tap on your creative potential, thereby resulting in improved performance in your tasks.

Remedy- Offering Durva grass to Lord Ganesha will be auspicious.


Mercury rules over the ascendant house for the Virgo sign. It also covers your tenth house of career and profession. You will retrograde Mercury positioned in your second house of communication, speech and family. From this house, we may also gather information about accumulated wealth and savings.

This is a suitable time to evaluate your savings and prepare a plan that may ensure security for you and your family. This can be easily done by keeping an account of all the purchases and expenditures that you may have made in the past. This is also a very good time to take up new investment plans and open new accounts that would help you in channelising your savings in the right direction. This way, you will be able to get aligned with the energy of this transit. However, this period has the capacity to provide you with sudden and unexpected gains and profits.

Some issues within the family can also come up during this period, which can disrupt the home environment. However, with proper communication, you will be able to sort it out.

As the second house also represents food and taste, this period can cause you to develop erratic food patterns resulting in health issues. So, try and include green vegetables in your diet and keep a check on your nutrition to enjoy the benefits of this transit.

Remedy- Offer green fodder to cows.


Librans will see retrograde Mercury in their ascendant or first house of personality. For you, Mercury governs your house of Fortune, luck and spirituality. It also governs your house of expenditures and foreign connections.

Mercury will be positioned in its directional strength in your first house and is very strong here. As Mercury represents observation and analysis, it indicates that you will be very sharp in observing things to the minutest of their details. This will make you achieve good results in your work area. But, sometimes due to this placement you can act like an over-perfectionist, making you check each and everything again and again. It can lead to delays in completion of tasks resulting in unnecessary stress and anxiety in the process.

This placement sometimes can also make you overcritical in your nature, which can lead to negative effects both in your personal and professional life. However, as the ninth house also represents your father, idol and mentors, this indicates that support or advice from them will act beneficial for you.

As the first house represents self and personality, you will be a little concerned as to how you come around in front of others, which can see you spending some of your money on yourself. However, undertaking journeys, especially related to foreign, will bring auspicious results.

Remedy- Donate sweets to the young girls on Wednesdays.

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Mercury in retrograde will be positioned in your twelfth house which represents expenditure, foreign travels, inclination to spirituality, sleep and collective conscious thoughts. As Mercury governs your eight house of longevity, transformation and research, It indicates that this transit will provide inauspicious results.

During this time, you may come across some health issues or unprecedented situations, which may result in increased expenditure. Some travels or journeys undertaken during this period can further result in losses. This can be a cause of mental tension and worry for you.

As Mercury positioned here is directly aspecting the sixth house of enemies, you might face certain situations in your work place where your enemies can plot and scheme against you. So, try to remain alert and do not indulge in conflicts and arguments. Otherwise, you can get your image tarnished in the process. Also, do not do anything that is against or in violation of the law, otherwise, you may find yourself in big trouble.

Twelfth house also represents our inner journey or spiritual inclinations. So, try and inculcate meditation and yoga in your daily routine which will help you to connect with yourself and remove negative thoughts and emotions. Also, taking proper sleep of at least 7-8 hrs will be very helpful in keeping stress at bay.

Remedy- Offer prayers to Radha and Lord Krishna together.


Sagittarius natives will see a retrograde Mercury positioned in their eleventh house of success, profits and social status. For you, Mercury governs the house of spouse, relationships and business partnerships. It also governs the house of your career and profession. It indicates that this transit will provide beneficial results for you. You will come across many opportunities that will help you in terms of improving your income and social status. There will be benefits, rewards and recognition from senior management.

Professionals who were looking for a change in job might come across some opportunities which could not have materialised earlier. If you are running your business in partnership, then this duration will provide you with profits and gains.

Some meeting with your old friend can be a source of joy and happiness. It can also lead to some new opportunities rising up in front of you which was unexpected. This time will also result in achieving good gains and support from your beloved or spouse.

Remedy- Donate money or food to an eunuch on Wednesday.


Mercury governs your sixth house of competitions and ninth house of fortune and luck. A retrograde Mercury will be positioned in your tenth house of career and profession. This will be a very auspicious transit for you.

It indicates that this is a very fruitful time to accomplish your tasks and endeavors that have remained pending for long. Your competitive power will be high during this transit, which will help you to overcome your obstacles with ease. Your subordinates will be very supportive and helpful to you, resulting in an increase in your efficiency at the workplace. As Mercury represents adaptability, during this transit you will be able to easily adapt to newer trends in your profession, especially business, which will help you to achieve good gains and profits. This transit will see an improvement in your relationship with your father. Any advice given by him will benefit you in the longer term.

Students preparing for competitive exams are likely to pass with flying colours during this transit. Environment or family conditions will improve. You will like to keep yourself amidst greenery, which will help you in attaining peace of mind and contentment.

Remedy- Light camphor to gain the auspicious results of Mercury.

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Mercury retrograde will be positioned in the ninth house of fortune, luck and spirituality for the Aquarius natives. Mercury governs the house of intellect, ideas and love and romance. It also holds the responsibility of your eighth house of research and transformation. We also see sudden gains in the form of gifts and interest in mystical sciences and psychology also from this house. So, this transit will bring auspicious results for you.

Professionally, your ideas and thoughts will be met with high appreciation and recognition from higher management. This will bring great joy and ample opportunities for you to succeed in your workplace. There are also chances of you receiving sudden profits and gifts during this transit.

You will also be inclined to undertake the studies related to mystical sciences like astrology, occult etc. Mercury in this position will also make you undertake journeys to the spiritual pilgrimages, which is likely to bring peace and contentment to you.

In terms of love and romance, this position of Mercury will help you in terms of expressing your true feelings and emotions to your partner. It also indicates that you will be inclined to spend quality time with your partner and will take them to their favorite places. This will strengthen the bond between you two.

Students seeking higher education will see their dreams come true during this period.

Remedy- Donating books and other writing tools to those who cannot afford it will bring auspicious results of Mercury.


Mercury governs the house of inner self, home, Mother and conveyances. It also holds the responsibility of the house of spouse, relationships, business partnerships and short journeys. During this transit, Mercury will be retrograde in your eighth house of transformation and research. It indicates that you are likely to get inauspicious results during this transit.

This movement of planet Mercury indicates that the health of your mother will remain fragile during this transit, which will remain a source of worry and mental tension for you. In terms of marital relationships, you are likely to face some ups and downs and temperamental differences.

There is likely to be discord in terms of business partnerships, This will be there because you are likely to remain over-critical of your partner during this transit. You will be more inclined towards blaming your partner for the failure instead of sharing the responsibility with them. So, working on this tendency of yours will help you to get better results of that transit. However, there could be some sudden gains and profits for you like from ancestral property etc.

However, it is not very favorable to undertake any kind of journeys during this transit as it may result in losses and mental unrest. Try to stay away from taking any kind of loans and liabilities in this duration. Also, pay your taxes on time, otherwise, you could see yourself in big trouble.

In terms of health, drive slowly during this transit as there are chances of some injuries and accidents. Also, there could be some problems related to abdomen and lower abdomen. So, inculcating meditation and yoga in your daily routine will be very helpful in bringing positive results in your health.

Overall, this transit is here to make you introspect and connect with yourself, which will help you to learn from your mistakes. This will also help you to unearth the hidden talents in you that you are not even aware of yourself.

Remedy- Chant the Budh Mantra during the “ Mercury “ hora every day.

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