Shubh Muhurat 2025

In Sanatan Dharma, Shubh Muhurat 2025 is checked before starting any work so that people can be successful. This is meant to get the best outcomes from different tasks. In simple words, if the auspicious work is carried out at the time when the position, condition, or the nakshatra is favorable, then one can achieve happiness, success, and prosperity in their life. Do you want to know why it happens? This AstroSage article of Shubh Muhurat 2025 contains all the accurate answers to these questions.

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हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें: शुभ मुहूर्त 2025

This article contains accurate information about the auspicious dates and Shubh Muhurats in the year 2025. Also, get to know about the importance of auspicious time in the Hindu religion, the rules used for determining it, and things considered for this. Here, the readers will be introduced to “Adi”. Now, without any delay let us start this article and know the Shubh Muhurat 2025.

What Is The Meaning Of Shubh Muhurat?

In simple words, Shubh Muhurat is the time when people start any new activity or auspicious task. During the Shubh Muhurat, all the auspicious planets and nakshatras will be in a favorable position. This will result in positive outcomes in this period. In Hindu religion, the followers look at the auspicious date Tithi before starting any auspicious work, and the best time is referred to as Shubh Muhurat. The period is best suited to complete all kinds of auspicious activities.

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The ideology of people towards the Shubh Muhurat has changed over time and they start new work without referring to the auspicious time. Due to this, they might face negative consequences in their work. If projects are initiated without referring to the Shubh Muhurat, then the chances of failure become high.

What Is The Importance Of Shubh Muhurat?

As we have mentioned earlier, there is great importance of Shubh Muhurat in the Hindu religion. Everyone starts a new work or activity with great hope and expectations. They analyze the Shubh Muhurat for the start or completion of work and thus they possess the ability to determine their success. As per Vedic astrology, when a person initiates a new task or activity in Shubh Muhurat i.e. during the auspicious position of planets Nakshatras, they get suitable results for their actions. The practice of evaluating the Shubh Muhurat for starting a new or auspicious task is an old practice. This is because the success or failure of the work is determined by the auspicious and inauspicious timeline.

Shubh Muhurat 2025: Tithi And Muhurat

It is believed that the person who understands the importance of time in their lives will get success and it is also applied to Shubh Muhurat. The work carried out on Shubh Muhurat brings auspicious results or outcomes without any hindrance. There are different occasions in the Hindu religion when the persons like to check the Shubh Muhurat and act accordingly for different events like marriage, death, Annaprashan, Vidyarambh, Upanayan, etc. The selection of Shubh Muhurat and Tithi ensures the performing of different rituals so that people get good fortune in their lives.

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If you desire to get Shubh Muhurat for marriage in the coming year i.e. in the year 2025 or for other rituals like Mundan, Annaprashan, etc. related to your baby, then this article contains details of Shubh Muhurat and Tithi. 

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Now let us move ahead and make the readers aware of the creation of an auspicious time period.

How Is Shubh Muhurat Created?

We have clearly mentioned to you some of the important things related to Shubh Muhurat 2025, what Shubh Muhurat is, and its importance, etc. Other than that, the question of how a Shubh Muhurat is created might be arising in your mind. You might also be thinking about the upcoming auspicious or inauspicious time. Astrology can help you to know the answers to these questions as astrology provides clear answers to each question. This way, the Shubh Muhurat is described in detail in Vedic astrology.

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To determine the Shubh Muhurat, accurate calculations are done with analysis of Tithi, day, yoga, Nakshatra, planetary positions of nine planets, Karan, Venus-Jupiter combust, Malmaas, auspicious inauspicious yoga, Rahu Kaal, Shubh Lagna, and Bharda, etc. But, like Shubh Muhurat, there are also inauspicious Muhurat that decide the success or failure of the work. In Sanatan Dharma, Muhurat is considered as the unit of time measurement.

In the same period, as per Panchang, on the basis of 24 hours in a day, a total of 30 Muhurats occur in a day. Each Muhurat lasts for 48 minutes. With this AstroSage blog, the readers can get accurate details related to Shubh Muhurat 2025 and the details of inauspicious times.

Detailed List Of Shubh-Ashubh Muhurat

Muhurat Name Type Of Muhurat
Rudra Asubh
Ahi Ashubh
Mitra Shubh
Pitra Asubh
Vasu Shubh
Varaha Shubh
Vishvedeva Shubh
Vidhi Shubh (Other than Monday to Friday)
Satmukhi Shubh
Puruhut Ashubh
Vahini Ashubh
Naktankara Ashubh
Varun Shubh
Aryama Shubh (Other than Sunday)
Bhag Ashubh
Girish Ashubh
Ajapad Ashubh
Ahir-Budhnya Shubh
Pushya Shubh
Ashwini Shubh
Yam Ashubh
Agni Shubh
Vidyatri Shubh
Kand Shubh
Aditi Shubh
Ati Shubh Very Shubh
Vishnu Shubh
Dyumadgadyuti Shubh
Brahma Very Shubh
Samudram Shubh

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Calculating Shubh Muhurat 2025

At the time of calculating the Shubh Muhurat in Panchang, things like Tithi, Vaar, Yoga, Karana, and Nakshatra, etc. are taken into consideration. In such a condition, the Shubh Muhurat 2025 is determined with these five facts. Let us discuss the topics in detail.


The name of the Tithi comes first when selecting the Shubh Muhurat. As per Panchang, there are a total of 30 days in a month which is divided into two sections of 15 days each. They are known as Shukla and Krishna Paksha. The new moon day is referred to as Krishna Paksha and the full moon day is referred to as Shukla Paksha. Now, let us move ahead and check the dates falling in Shukla and Krishna Paksha.

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Shukla Paksha Krishna Paksha
Pratipada Tithi Pratipada Tithi
Dwitiya Tithi Dwitiya Tithi
Tritiya Tithi Tritiya Tithi
Chaturthi Tithi Chaturthi Tithi
Panchami Tithi Panchami Tithi
Shashthi Tithi Shashthi Tithi
Saptami Tithi Saptami Tithi
Ashtami Tithi Ashtami Tithi
Navami Tithi Navami Tithi
Dasami Tithi Dasami Tithi
Ekadashi Tithi Ekadashi Tithi
Dwadashi Tithi Dwadashi Tithi
Trayodashi Tithi Trayodashi Tithi
Chaturdashi Tithi Chaturdashi Tithi
Purnima Tithi Purnima Tithi

Day Or Vaar

Vaar or day plays a critical role in determining the Shubh Muhurat. As per the Panchang, there are few days in a week where auspicious tasks are prohibited and in them, Sunday comes first. On the contrary, the best days to initiate the auspicious work are Tuesday and Thursday.


The other aspect of determining the Shubh Muhurat is Nakshatra. In astrology, there are a total of 27 Nakshatras that are considered auspicious or inauspicious. Also, each Nakshatra is ruled by one or more planets. Let us check the Nakshatras ruled by the planets.

Name Of Nakshatra Lord Planet
Ashwini, Magha, Mool Ketu
Bharani, Purva Phalguni, Purvashadha Venus
Kritika, Uttara, Phalguni, Uttarashada Sun
Rohini, Hasta, Shravan Moon
Mrigshira, Chitra, Dhanishtha Mars
Ardra, Swati, Shatabhisha Rahu
Puranvasu, Visakha, Purvabhadrapada Jupiter
Pushya, Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapada Saturn
Ashlesha, Jyestha, Revati Mercury


For determining the Shubh Muhurat, yoga plays a critical role. There is a total of 27 yogas that have been clearly described in astrology. They are based on the positioning of the Sun and Moon. Out of these, 9 Yogas are considered inauspicious and 18 are considered auspicious. Let us check the names of these –

Shubh Yoga: Harshan, Siddhi, Variyaan, Shiva, Siddha, Sadhya, Shubh, Shukla, Brahma, Aindra, Preeti, Ayushman, Saubhagya, Shobhan, Sukarma, Dhriti, Vriddhi, Dhruva.

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Ashubh Yoga: Shool, Gand, Vyaghat, Vishkumbh, Atigand, Parigh, Vaidhriti, Vajra, Vyatipat


Karan is the final aspect in deciding the Shubh Muhurat for auspicious tasks. As per Panchang, there are two Karanas in a Tithi and one in each half of a Tithi. In this sequence, there are a total of 11 Karanas and in this 4 Karanas are considered stable and the other 7 have variable nature. Let us now move ahead and check the names and natures of these Karanas. Given below are the details of Sthir and Char Karanas –

Sthir Karan Chatushpada, Kistughna, Shakuni, Naga
Char Karan Vishti or Bhadra, Kaulav, Gar, Taitil, Vanij, Bav, Balav

Avoid Doing Such Things During Shubh Muhurat 2025

  • Avoid starting any new work on such dates that are known as Rikt Tithi in the Panchang like Chaturthi, Navami, or Chaturdashi.
  • Avoid doing any auspicious or Manglik task three days prior to or after the rise or combust of any planet.
  • Avoid organizing any kind of celebrations or festivals on the day when the sum of the day, Tithi, and Nakshatra results in ‘13’
  • On Amavasya Tithi, avoid doing any kind of auspicious activities.
  • Do not make business deals on days like Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Avoid borrowing on Tuesday or do not lend money on Wednesday.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is Muhurat?

Answer: Muhurat is referred to as the period when the position of planets & Nakshatras is good for auspicious activities.

Question 2: How many types of Muhurats are there?

Answer: In the religious texts, there are a total of 30 Muhurats.

Question 3: What is the auspicious time for marriage in June 2025?

Answer: There are 3 auspicious timelines for marriage in June 2025.

Question 4: When to perform Annapurna Sanskar in 2025?

Answer: The Muhurats for Annapurna Sanskar 2025 are available every month.

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