Jupiter Transit 2025 - Impact, Horoscope & Remedies

Jupiter Transit 2025 - Jupiter is known as Brihaspati or Devguru. It is considered the most favorable planet in Vedic astrology. It is stated that Jupiter's nectar-like vision of the house he looks at during his fifth, seventh, and ninth visions improves its results. Jupiter has been transiting the Taurus sign controlled by Venus since last year, and on May 15, 2025, at 2:30 a.m., it will exit Taurus and enter Gemini, ruled by Mercury.

Jupiter Transit 2025

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Jupiter is the second slowest moving planet after Saturn since it transits in one zodiac sign for around 13 months. Jupiter is also known as the Jupiter of the gods. These planets are naturally auspicious. Aside from that, it is the Lord of Sagittarius and Pisces. They are at their peak in Cancer and their lowest in Capricorn. A favorable Jupiter helps a person attain all of his or her goals in life, including children, happiness, a home, wealth, prosperity, a happy marriage, and social respect.

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Jupiter will transit in Gemini in May of 2025. Jupiter will exit Gemini on October 19, 2025, at 12:57 p.m., and enter the Moon-owned Cancer sign, where it will be in its exalted position until November 11, 2025, at 6:31 p.m. Will leave and re-enter Gemini in retrograde on December 4, 2025, at 8:39 p.m.

Thus, in 2025, Jupiter will transit from Taurus to Gemini, then from Gemini to Cancer, and then from Cancer to Gemini in retrograde.

During this time, as Jupiter transits Gemini, it will enter its combust state on June 9, 2025, at 4:12 pm, also known as Jupiter star combust, and rise at 10:50 pm on July 9, 2025, also known as Jupiter star combust. Also known as Tara Uday.

It is worth noting that the Jupiter-combust stage is not considered auspicious, and it is forbidden to perform any auspicious task during this period because Jupiter is the one who performs all auspicious acts. When Jupiter combust, auspicious activities such as marriage are prohibited.

Jupiter will become a particularly influential planet for Gemini people, and it will then cast its nectar-like glance on Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius, having a positive impact not only on the lives of these zodiac signs, but also on the lives of people from other zodiac signs. There are also a variety of auspicious impacts.

Jupiter is an auspicious planet that brings good fortune into the life of the individual. It connects us to societal values, religion, and spirituality, instilling religion in us. It educates us about right and wrong, emphasizing the importance of balancing our values and culture to prepare for challenges in life.

In this unique post on Jupiter Transit 2025, you will learn about the influence Jupiter Transit 2025 will have on your life based on your zodiac sign, which specific areas of your life will be affected, and where you will experience good and bad times. In addition, you will learn which steps you should take this year to gain Jupiter's favor. So let us understand in detail what effect Jupiter Transit 2025 will have on your zodiac sign

Aries Horoscope

Jupiter Transit 2025: Jupiter is the lord of fortune in Aries, occupying the ninth and twelfth houses, respectively, and due to Jupiter's transit in Gemini, it will enter the third house of your zodiac sign. Because of the effect of Jupiter's transit, laziness will increase in you, causing you to keep postponing your work, and as a result, you will meet barriers in the workplace and other aspects of life; thus, in order to prevent these problems, you must give up your laziness and focus on working hard.

You will actively participate in matters of religion. There will be numerous religious trips. Your companions will encourage you and accompany you to great places. Your connections with your brothers and sisters will grow stronger. This will make you happy. There will be opportunities for progress in business. Jupiter's aspect on the seventh, ninth, and eleventh houses will result in business development, increased marital love, resolution of mutual relationship problems, business expansion, and the possibility of a significant gain in income.

The social circle will grow. Your respect and honor will grow in society. Relations with your father will be pleasant. On October 19, when Jupiter is in Cancer for a while, there will be happiness in the family, and auspicious events such as puja or someone's marriage may take place. After that, in December, when Jupiter goes retrograde in the third house, bitterness in relationships with siblings may worsen, and colleagues' behavior at work may be unpleasant, so you must exercise caution.

Remedy: On Thursday, wear a high-quality yellow topaz or golden gemstone set in a gold ring on your index finger.

Taurus Horoscope

Jupiter is considered the lord of the eighth and eleventh houses in the Taurus zodiac, and due to Jupiter transit in Gemini, it will enter your zodiac's second house. Because of the effects of Jupiter's transit, your speech will be intense. People will pay close attention to what you say. People will ask for your advice. There will be happiness and contentment in family life, although there may be some difficulty saving money.

However, you can save a portion of your earnings. Jupiter's aspect will then shift to the sixth, eighth, and tenth houses, indicating development in ancestral business. If you do business with your family, you will have the opportunity to make significant growth. People working in jobs will also have the opportunity to make big money. You will engage in religious activities, your relationships with your in-laws will improve, and you may receive money benefits and other forms of assistance from them.

You will not encounter any problems from your opponents. Jupiter's transit in Cancer in October will affect your third house, creating opportunities for religious journeys as well as support and love from family members. The situation will be fine at work, but when Jupiter enters Gemini in retrograde on December 4th, speech problems may give you failure at work. There may be a family imbalance, as well as difficulties in accumulating wealth. Someone may be born in the house or someone may get married.

Remedy: On Thursday, offer water to the Peepal tree without touching it.

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Gemini Horoscope

Jupiter rules Gemini's seventh and tenth houses. Jupiter transit in Gemini will have a special impact on you because it occurs in your own zodiac sign. Jupiter's vision will fall on your fifth, seventh, and ninth houses, bringing you wonderful news about your children. If you want to have a child, your desire can come true. You will be successful in your educational studies.

You will meet your educational objectives and love learning more. There will be opportunities for marriage. If you are unmarried, you can marry. Married people will have less marital problems, and mutual harmony will improve, leading in marital pleasure. There will be prospects for beneficial business development. You will encounter influential and respected individuals of society, resulting in increased economic earnings and societal advancement.

You will achieve achievement in religious activities. Your fortunes will improve, and your worries will diminish. Jupiter will move to the second house in October, removing money-related concerns, allowing you to accumulate wealth and achieve greater success at work. Jupiter's retrograde arrival in your zodiac sign in December can cause health issues as well as ups and downs in marriage relationships and businesses.

Remedy: On Thursday, you can donate gram pulses to a temple.

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Cancer Horoscope

Jupiter rules the sixth and ninth houses for those born under the sign of Cancer. Jupiter will enter your zodiac sign's twelfth house during its transit in 2025. As a result of Jupiter's transit to the twelfth house, you will be more inclined to spend money on charitable causes. You will perform several good deeds and spend money on worship, religion, spiritual pilgrimages, and other societal benefits.

This will not only provide you with mental satisfaction, but will also earn you respect in society. There will be a high likelihood of religious travel and extended journeys. If you strive your hardest, you will succeed and be able to travel overseas. During this time, you must focus on your health. Fat-related issues can cause complications and potentially lead to abdominal disorders. Jupiter will be aspecting your fourth, sixth, and eighth houses, causing certain expenses to soar.

The family's resources for happiness will expand. Family harmony will improve, and you will be more satisfied with your household situation. You will also get wonderful news from your in-laws. Jupiter's entry into your zodiac sign in October will be the cherry on top for you. You will achieve favorable results in education, riches, children, married life, business, and luck, and luck will produce outcomes similar to Rajyoga. In December, Jupiter entering the twelfth house in retrograde can boost health difficulties and expenses.

Remedy: On Thursday, you should worship Lord Shri Hari Vishnu.

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Leo Horoscope

Jupiter rules the fifth and eighth houses for persons born under the sign of Leo. According to Jupiter Transit 2025, Jupiter will enter your zodiac's eleventh house. This will be a period of great success for you. Financial difficulties will begin to diminish, and the path to generating money will get easier. You will begin to earn a good salary. Money problems will go away. Jupiter sitting there will keep an aspect on your third, fifth, and seventh houses, which will increase the prospects of marriage for single people.

There will be an intensity in love relationships. Children will progress. If you wish to have a child then it is possible for you to have a child. You will accomplish great achievement in studies. There will be the prospect of a quick financial gain. You may inherit some form of property. It is possible to receive secret money. This is also a good opportunity to get along with your brothers and sisters.

Physical issues will worsen in October, when Jupiter moves into Cancer in the twelfth house. Your expenses will rise, and in December, when it enters the eleventh house in a retrograde position, you will have to work hard to acquire money. There may be a delay in achieving your preferences.

Remedy: Apply a turmeric or saffron Tilak to your forehead on Thursday.

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Virgo Horoscope

Jupiter rules the fourth and seventh houses for those born under the sign of Virgo. Jupiter will transit Gemini in 2025, entering the tenth house of your zodiac sign. During this time, you may have some inconveniences at work. You may also fall to overconfidence, causing your work in progress to become stuck. You should work wisely and cleverly in your job environment.

Learn to accept responsibility for the work you don't know and move on after learning it. You will need to step up to fulfill your family responsibilities since now is the moment. Jupiter will then aspect your second, fourth, and sixth houses, boosting your wealth-accumulation efforts. You will try to accumulate as much money as possible.

You will go to great lengths to improve family relationships. The health of the parents will improve significantly. The family members will share a feeling of mutual love and affection. You will not encounter any complications from the opposing side. In October, when Jupiter enters your eleventh house, your financial situation will be stable.

Marital ties will strengthen, and love relationships will get sweeter. You will experience the joys of having a child. Jupiter will return to the tenth house in retrograde in December, so you must exercise extreme caution at work during this period.

Remedy: On Thursday, you should donate desi ghee to a temple for the purpose of lighting a lamp.

Libra Horoscope

In terms of Jupiter Transit 2025, Jupiter is the lord of the third and sixth houses for Libras, and it will enter your ninth house during this transit. The transit of Jupiter in the ninth house will strengthen your religious views. You will gladly join in religious activities. You will do religious travels and pilgrimages. You will achieve achievement only after struggling and putting in more effort, and only then will your work be complete.

The more effort you put in, the more results you will achieve. Your task will speed considerably with the help of brothers and sisters. Jupiter, who is present here, will examine your zodiac sign, specifically your first, third, and fifth houses, resulting in positive educational and higher education outcomes. You can experience the satisfaction of having a child. There is a probability of having a child.

You will be successful in religious activities, and your relationships with family members will improve. Jupiter's move into the tenth house in October will cause some difficulties at work. Avoid overconfidence. Jupiter will enter your ninth house in December while retrograde, causing difficulties at work and health issues for your father.

Remedy: You should observe fast on Thursday.

Scorpio Horoscope

Jupiter rules the second and fifth houses for persons born under the Scorpio sign. Jupiter transit 2025 will occur in the ninth house for you. This transit cannot be regarded favorable, therefore you will need to exercise caution. You will have to overcome certain barriers in the workplace. Work in progress may become stuck. Even if you like religious activities and have positive spiritual experiences, you may have financial troubles.

There may be financial losses. A decline in health may pose complications. Jupiter will throw a complete glance over your twelfth, second, and fourth houses, so you may receive some pleasant news in your in-laws' house. Your expenses would rise. There are opportunities to visit overseas. Sometimes you may receive money unexpectedly. Aside from that, in-laws may become more involved in the family. Jupiter's transit through the ninth house in October will result in success in all tasks.

Your luck will be strong, and you will succeed. There may be a change in your job, and you may be offered another position with a big promotion. Jupiter will return to the ninth house in December while retrograde, necessitating careful attention to money and health.

Remedy: Must recite Sri Ram Raksha Stotra on Thursday.

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Sagittarius Horoscope

Jupiter is highly important for persons born under the sign of Sagittarius since, in addition to being the lord of your zodiac sign, he is also the lord of your fourth house, which is your happiness house, and Jupiter transit will occur in the seventh house from your sign. This transit will bring sweetness into your marriage relationships. The conflicts between you and your partner will decrease, while love will flourish. The sense of responsibility and loyalty to one another will increase.

You can achieve great success in business as well. Any old land-related wish can come true. You are able to buy property. Jupiter will aspect your eleventh, first, and third houses from here, which will favor you in terms of travel. You may notice a gain or rise in your money, and your decision-making abilities will be strong, which will benefit you. In October, when Jupiter enters the eighth house, you may have profound spiritual experiences.

You may receive positive news from your in-laws, but your health may suffer. Jupiter will return to the seventh house in December during the retrograde phase, causing a lack of mutual harmony in marital relationships as well as a need to give attention to business.

Remedy: Beginning on Thursday, chant Jupiter's Beej Mantra.

Capricorn Horoscope

Jupiter rules the third and twelfth houses for Capricorns, and Jupiter will transit the sixth house in 2025. This transit warns you to be extremely cautious since, while you will achieve wonderful success at work, you may also experience health issues. Stomach and acidity, indigestion, digestive system problems, and fat-related problems, as well as an increase in cholesterol, can all cause issues.

Expenses will also rise during this period. You will achieve success only if you overcome your laziness. Opponents may try to defeat you. However, as Jupiter enters the seventh house in October, you will triumph over all of these opponents. There will be economic prosperity. Your spouse will support you. There will be growth in marriage relationships.

There will be opportunities for unmarried individuals to marry. Your spouse will fully support you. Your decision-making abilities will improve, as will your business. There will also be excellent opportunities for advancement in the workplace. Following that, Jupiter's retrograde entry into the sixth house in December will necessitate a renewed focus on health issues.

Remedy: On Thursday, worship the banana tree with jaggery and gram Dal.

Aquarius Horoscope

Jupiter rules the second and eleventh houses for persons born under the Aquarius zodiac. Jupiter's transit in 2025 will occur in the fifth house of your zodiac sign. This transit will increase your prospects of financial gain. You will achieve financial wealth. The plans will be successful. Desired wishes will come true. There is a possibility of a significant boost in your revenue. If you wish to change jobs, you will be able to do so at this period, and you will be able to advance in your position and earn more money.

Jupiter will aspect your ninth, eleventh, and first houses by focusing on positive aspects. Your child will also become cultured. You will achieve great achievements in your studies. Higher education will also help you succeed. You will be eager to make money. You will receive favorable news regarding children. Your health problems will improve. Decision-making abilities will become stronger.

Jupiter's entry into the sixth house in October could worsen health issues as well as increase expenses. After that, when Jupiter enters retrograde in the fifth house in December, you should be mindful of problems in love relationships, as well as financial and health issues. During this time, there may be ups and downs in the workplace.

Remedy: Recite the Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra on Thursday.

Pisces Horoscope

Jupiter Transit 2025 will be very significant for you since, in addition to being the lord of your zodiac sign i.e Pisces, Jupiter is also the lord of your Karma house, or the tenth house, and this transit of Jupiter will occur in the fourth house from your zodiac sign. This Jupiter transit may cause some ups and downs in family life as well as a lack of mutual harmony; yet, you will be able to accomplish good success in your professional sector. You will work extremely hard.

You will devote your complete concentration to your work, which will increase your chances of success. Jupiter will sit here and look at your eighth, tenth, and twelfth houses, resulting in an increase in expenses. However, the funds will be spent on worthy causes. Your life expectancy will rise, and your in-laws will benefit as well. They may achieve some positive effects during this time. You may be required to travel from one city to another for job purposes.

Jupiter will transit the fifth house in October, making it a favorable period for children and financial prosperity. There will be time for achievement in romantic relationships as well. After that, when Jupiter turns retrograde and returns to the fourth house in December, family troubles might worsen. Imbalance among family members can be a huge source of troubles, and you will need to work hard at work as well, in order to succeed.

Remedy: You should chant Brihaspati Maharaj's Beej Mantra on Thursday.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: When will Jupiter transit?

Answer: Jupiter will transit from Taurus to Gemini, ruled by Mercury, on May 15, 2025, at 2:30 AM.

Question 2: How long does Jupiter stay in one zodiac sign?

Answer: Jupiter spends approximately 13 months in one zodiac sign. If Jupiter is in retrograde, this duration can increase.

Question 3: What are the zodiac signs ruled by Jupiter?

Answer: Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces.

Question 4: In which houses does Jupiter (Brihaspati) give favorable results?

Answer: Jupiter's placement in the first, second, fifth, and seventh houses brings auspiciousness, optimism, wealth, creativity, and harmonious relationships.

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