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Aquarius Woman

Women born between January 20 and February 18 belong to this sign of astrology. It is an air sign which is symbolised by the bearer of water. The most distinguishing trait of Aquarius people, both men and women, is friendliness. Secondly, of all persons, they are the most imaginative and innovative, always trying various things in their lives.

Aquarius Woman

This is the zodiac's eleventh, airy sign, which is regulated by the planet Saturn. People born with this sign are typically tall and have an oval profile. They are typically fairly complexioned and have a lovely look. They are kind-hearted, original, plain, systematic and energetic. They are sincere to their peers and in their social circle they receive tremendous respect. They are great admirers of the beauty of nature and enjoy gentle and melodious songs.

Aquarius is an air sign, but an Aquarius woman is not a gentle breeze or a dreamy medusa, unlike her other light-hearted zodiac sisters. She is a tempest filled with an inner force and strength that, when you first come into contact with her, can be a little frightening. Keep on and go for the ride. You will find a smart, independent and, most of all, original woman at the heart of the storm if you move through the eye of the storm.

To impress those around them, they will always have original and innovative ideas. They are still in favour of changes and progress and the human condition's development. Via charities and social work, they want to take part in helping people. They have a really analytical style of mind and want to dig through it in the nitty-gritty. It is difficult to quickly convince them that they are incorrect.

They will often lose control and speak out, but they may suffer from consciousness and regret their actions later. If the sign's ruler or the sign itself is well positioned or in some way not associated, then they can gain outstanding standing in their profession and achieve a strong financial position. They'll enjoy all of life's comforts.

Aquarius Woman Personality Traits

The zodiac, the eleventh mark, Aquarius, represents the Water bearer, as a sign for the word, which fuels the Earth. People who were born under the sign Aquarius are said to have the given personality traits---- gradual, autonomous, intelligent, special and idealistic.

Women in aquariums are frequently understated and may therefore look a little timid and silent. Yet they're far from being excenterous and always intensely emotional about things in their lives. However, they usually have their own business and approval all they need, so they don't go for a show for anyone. They might seem a little elusive as a result, and even the people closest to them do not know them as well as they can.

In their beliefs, Aquarius women seem to be very opinionated and very set. They are often not afraid of expressing those views and can often come off as a little preaching. They find it hard to truly listen to other people's point of view, as deep down they believe they are right. As a consequence, they can start to be a little arrogant.

Curious about the world, women from Aquarius enjoy learning. But from their own experience, they prefer to learn, and so they still travel or try something new. They refuse to believe something at face value that someone else says, and still want the chance to make up their own minds.

These women probably have a few pet interests about which they are especially passionate. They're going to spend a lot of their time and energy on this, and can be called obsessive at times. But with her that is OK. She doesn't impress anyone except herself. These women need not obtain the approval of others, and they do not really like it if others are too involved in what they are doing.

Aquarius women were born under Uranus and are highly creative, living to create something, be it arts, music or food. They want to constantly push things to the limits and see differently what they can do.

An aquarian individual does not comply with any standard of society. She prefers living on the edges and thinks outside the box. Sometimes inspired by social justice and change, these women work hard to contribute to the cultural shift, in the areas of poverty, public health, equal rights and prison reform in particular. The aquarian woman will engage in marches, sign demands, trigger leadership and organise meetings in order to inform groups of people united by one common cause - as she takes great care of the state of mankind and is willing to do whatever she can to change the environment.

Aquarius Female Career and Lifestyle

A great, creative and humanitarian approach to life has been embraced by many Aquarians. Money may be tactile for Aquarius, but usually her back pocket contains some clever scheme and sometimes breaks or scrambles too long. Most women from Aquarius work strange jobs from a very young age - the better to ensure their freedom and not to beg their parents for money.

She loves to fly, she loves the new one, however she can surprisingly enter the old one. While women of Aquarius love progression, at a personal level she would not be a winner for the project. It's about her loyalty, her attached attention to the past and her recollections, because while she has the confidence to look ahead, sometimes optimistically, and to look for the best stuff she can figure out.

The woman of Aquarius is an "idea" person. She challenges all and generates fantastic new ideas, but she doesn't always want to be the one who brings it all together. As long as the Aquarius woman manages her workers in an obviously assertive, inflexible fashion, she becomes an inspirational leader and a friendly, hard-worker.

Social service, graphic, mechanical and technical, psychological, architectural or educational tasks may be part of this woman's work. All of these options are strong: arts, travel industries, scientists, athletes, politicians, environmentalists, astrologers, marketers, and public relations.

Lady Aquarius is not well placed in a cubicle for a predictable 9-5 work. For sluggish work, she is too independent. She is imaginative, idealist and would like to make good use of her great people-oriented skills. Don't run an aquarium micro-management! With no supervision, she works perfectly.

The Aquarius woman is free and completely responsible for its financial stability. This lady is progressive and will not gamble with her savings, but she will always determine what they are.

As their sign air, they don't have a single type that is simple and seems challenging categorization. Whilst some aquariums are soft and silent, others are luxurious and energised. That said both forms have many of the same inner qualities even for these two different individuals.

For one, Aquarius enjoys spending time in detail, particularly when it comes to social matters. The planet is your oyster, and you want to do whatever you can to better it and to help those in it. Here their charitable side takes on; they aspire to initiate progressive change, a fundamental attribute of Uranus, Aquarius' governing planet. Mental stimulation is a secret to aquarians' enjoyment. They get dull and uninterested easily without it. It also takes you plenty of time to reflect and recharge.

Finally, it is typically an initial and rather excentrique to be an aquarium. Even if aquariums stand out from others a little strangely or unconventionally, it is not unusual for aquariums to embrace their individuality and uniqueness! Everything new, interesting or out there is tending to attract them.

Innovation is the greatest value of Aquarius. People born under the Aquarius zodiac like living a unique life and behaving spontaneously, sometimes out of the expectations of others. Aquarius is ideal for free and self-employed jobs and freelance, stressing freedom and independence.

Besides, Aquarius are imaginative, sturdy, keener, brave and eligible, so they can assert themselves for internet design or online site games related work. Watercraft are clever and smart. They will make the best use of their abilities and help them advance opportunities and challenges for scientific study, humanities and social science.

Aquarius Female Compatibility With Other Signs

A woman from the aquarius is normally intelligent and confident. She is a woman who marches to her own drum beat and needs the right to think and do what she wants. She is generally a cool, friendly, eccentric, unconventional individual, with a look at the world that is equally unusual.

She is a little defiant and is perfectly linked to someone who is glad to reverse the established order. Generally, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries are perfect allies.

Aquarius Woman in Love

Imagine the native feature in the air to understand how a woman loves Aquarius. She's here now she's mysterious, somewhere else a minute later. Now it has been soft, caring, and after a while it's cold, or it's gone, as if it wasn't there. Aquarius is like erratic weather. The Aquarius woman in love is evolving, changing, erratic and at times totally unpredictable. What can be expected more from it is difficult to guess.

One of the most uncertain signs in the whole horoscope, perhaps. If a woman of aquarius falls in love, she can keep up with her feelings as long as she is free to be herself. This latent fear of being losers of his or her character to another implies that sometimes she is susceptible to all types of feelings as someone attempted to turn her into something that she is not, of course. However, in almost every aquarius woman's life, a time comes for "growing up," realising that some love should be necessary for her to have a family, to develop children and to care for her husband. This is undoubtedly her most difficult decision, and even though it seems totally logical, a decision such as this should be valued and recognised as the ultimate act of love.

When it comes to passion, Aquarius can be anxious. Although they enjoy flirtatious relationships and can easily be in a situation of "friends with benefits" in the long term, love can lead them to feel stuck or scared of the future, even though they have deep feelings for the other person. An Aquarius doesn't want to rely on anyone else, and they don't want to be dependent on anyone else. It is a lifelong Aquarius challenge to try to manage healthy codependency in a relationship.

Aquarius is passionate, frank, and very in touch with their sexuality physically. An Aquarius can discover that sex connects them more profoundly with themselves as well as their partner, and believes that outside of love, sex may exist.

This woman seems unrealistic at times. She has many interests, and she needs someone to appreciate her imagination and creativity. You should note that the relationship's secret is communication. In a relationship, she'll love a constant, never-ending flow of conversation, versatility and spontaneity. Don't ever ask her to stick to any rules or schedule, in the essence of Aquarius, that's just not.

It's easier to hold her if you're her love interest. Note that life with an Aquarius woman, except for a single moment, will never be dull. She'll be a game for all in most situations, and she'll be fun, exciting, talkative, and independent. You will surely feel lucky to have met her if you are the right one!

Aquarius Women Celebrities

Aquarius Women Celebrities are - Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Ellen DeGeneres, Shakira, Ayn Rand, Oprah Winfrey. This is a fixed sign that suggests that people asking her what to do don't take her kindly. But if you need support, she's a real humanitarian who's ready and willing to help someone who can have little or no cash. Sound advice she is going to dish out too. This sign takes care of the cause of her fellow man, wife, infant, animal, and climate.

The Woman of the Aquarius meets people of every aspect of their lives. No matter their age or history, she likes to greet and chat with people in the same way.


1. What kind of relationships do you have with an Aquarius female?

She likes free relationships more, without obligations and responsibilities.

2. How well is Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility?

Compatriots admire and enjoy what brings each other to the table. They do not personally take the need for freedom, recognise that love will take time to develop and have a very incredible earthly link.

3. Which qualities are looked in men by Aquarius women?

Aquarius woman will be easy with a man: sociable, erudite, original, active, positive, democratic, compromise.

4. What kind of gifts does an Aquarius woman like?

Purchase anything for her that you wouldn't buy for any other woman. It is important to realise that a woman who likes to be surprised by something romantic and beautiful is concealed under her detached exterior.

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