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Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is the definitive mix of beauty and brain. The Virgo woman, guided by the Earth, is literally based in reality, not imagination. The Virgo woman has more to do with sensation and knowledge than emotion and imagination. The Maiden goes firmly with her feet to the ground and slowly steps into her delicate reality. This woman is a dynamite. And the supporting question is where you will be without her.

Virgo Woman

For days they are already coordinated, not to mention highly established features and a committed work ethic - ensuring that the world sees them at work and makes full use of their brilliance and abilities. These are the women who build things - not all of them speak. Virgo is regulated by Mercury, which produces a profoundly artistic mind and a passionately intellectual row. However these ladies are a reflection of the universe as they make something that is meaningful through their inspiration.

The woman of Virgo is organised and calm. Not obviously. She can be a chatterbox with Mercury, her ruling planet, but her attitude is typically much more subtle than those with fire and air signs. While some Virgos are OCD freaks, scaring others that they are attempting to turn around. That's why all Virgos are perfectionists. Some perfectionists strive tirelessly to improve themselves, and others are so stressed that they have to be perfect that if they don't make every effort, they can escape the fear that they can never think of something 'right.' But those who allow things to slip appear to be or nervous about the fact.

Virgos pay attention to the smallest nuances often and their profound human sensation makes them one of the most prudent signs of the zodiac. Their way of life makes sure nothing is left to chance and though always tender, their heart can be closed for the outside world. This is often mistaken, not because they are incapable of speaking, but because their emotions are invalid, genuine or even important when contrary to reason. The symbolism behind the name speaks well to its essence, it comes from a sense that for the first time they experience anything.

Virgo Woman Personality Traits

You rarely notice that a Virgo praises, applauds or displays - it's not her style. There is a modest shrug and a self-depreciative remark also on the accomplishments. Unchecked, this pride can turn into self-confidence, and their criticism can be taken over by their inner judges, by strongly stressing their faults and negatives in their max power, making them believe they are unsatisfactory and worthless.

You better become accustomed to its critical nature. A Virgo girl thinks she's highly effective and coordinated, and more annoyingly, she's right. She's a long time sticker, and when you meet her it's best not to be late. When she's upset she won't smash the new expensive vase, but she can be really demanding and frustrating. If it is your fault, admit that you are wrong and tell it when the flowers are sent to her. Don't even try to fight, or again she's going to lose her temper.

A virgin maiden must be aware of every aspect of all her encounters before deciding how to proceed. Pretty much exactly what are their options and potential results. She has to make lists, keeps track of everything she has done and usually has her entire day planned and scheduled beforehand. For a Virgo woman, appearance is important. She is a feminine, classy lady who has a taste of being understood and natural, and knows how to impress her.

The Virgo female is a practical person who can give priority to her work and trust in her ability to make sound choices. It is important for her that what she's doing is sensible, useful and helpful, and that she knows what she is doing. For a Virgo woman, all the small details are important. She sticks to minor mistakes, always asking questions of critical importance. With an attentive and critical eye she looks at everything and can see patterns that others may miss.

She's patient, humble and faithful, she's able to repair something broken, including the broken heart. It's a woman who wants to support and engage in the life of her husband, to create a better life and be happy together. She can sadly get carried away and imagine she knows best what's right for others. Her compassion and help may reach the insulting point that her husband can wonder if she feels she cannot do something by herself.

So if we are talking in terms of adjectives, they are- Modest, loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play.

Virgo Female Career and Lifestyle

Accountant, librarian, doctor, personal trainer, editor, gardener, hospice worker, government worker, analyst - these are all professions that can be connected to women of the Virgo sunsign.

Virgoan girls can be tentative and distant on the surface, but keep an eye on the frenetic activity they generate behind the scenes - these go-getters are the ones that you can watch in big business and the arts, and they are particularly skilled in mixing the two. Count a Virgo woman to do many efforts at once, yet to handle them all in some way - a Virgo is not a woman to let things get rude or mess around between her friendships, her impeccable taste, and its flourishing company..

The Virgo Woman's home is the holy realm of beauty and light, the sacred place. This fascinating lady lives on the concept of everything in the place. Virgo personalities view their own homes and belongings as extensions of themselves - do not treat their room and stuff with disregard.

Of course fashion-fascinated, elegant and powerful. Virgos spend plenty of time in front of the mirror despite their modesty. They love, value and offer importance to appearances. If hypochondria had a face, it would be that of a serious, sincere Virgo staring at you while simultaneously clicking on the newest doctor app to diagnose something *terrible* about themselves. They can't help it. You must mark it all.

This woman's most important thing is to pursue the belief that she is more than she is. In most cases, she is not fully conscious of the beauty, goodness, or value of her. However, confidence in the world's beauty and in its own fable will drag it with odd gravity before it reaches it. The worst thing that a virgin can do is make her reasonable decision, since in all facets of her life she has the potential for perfection.

Mercury is regulating Virgo, and this powerful power makes them thirsty for wisdom. Education, courses, seminars, forums, self-apprenticeship modules, always have a side line turning or some talent or subject to learn. They are guided by a restless, enquiring mind.

The work and personal identity are fundamentally related to these women's characteristics and are inevitably superior to branding. Save money for the future and wise investments quickly hit a grounded, realistic Virgo. Mercury, which is the governing planet of this symbol, has a well-developed sense of speech and writing and all other means of communication. Many Virgos prefer to work as publishing, journalists and typists but they feel good about their need to help others in a strong mission to benefit them.

Virgo Female Compatibility With Other Signs

A Virgo woman criticises and beats herself if something goes wrong and has a very long time to feel exceptionally bad. On the other hand, she does not take criticism or accept it very well with others. The attention to detail of a Virgo woman and her desire for perfection may often go somewhere beyond her. But behind her actions is a cause. A virgin woman was born in order to lead, do impeccable work and give her and her love priority to well-being. She is a woman who wants to bring heaven to earth and in the little details of life she seeks spiritual beauty.

The charming, healthy attitude of Virgos and their rapid wit ensure that they never lack admirers. Basically, with other Earth signs they get better. The collective earthly signs are all of one mind: they like material indulgence and prefer formed stable relationships to run around the city - so Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn all have strong relationships with each other.

Although Taurus and Capricorn share their ambitions, they do not arouse their sensuality. Underneath the cool and discriminating shell, the Virgo woman is a passionate woman who believes in True Love. Only Pisces can awaken this deep desire to be cherished and swept away from her feet, and in Pisces she finds the perfect subject for her compulsive nurturing.

Virgo Woman in Love

Possibly she'll be afraid first when Virgo's female falls in love. If this happens outside of a relationship, she'll probably be so shy that her relationship would be unlikely. She likes a partner who makes the first move swept off her foot. This makes her beautiful and feminine. Some Virgo women are able to simplify things so that they can meet anyone or flirt, but sometimes don't end up with a partner with whom she has been direct. She needs to be more strong, more optimistic, and protective than she is in love with anyone.

In a relationship, she will be totally committed and faithful to you. Still if it doesn't seem to work, it'll break all ties and get as cold as the North Pole. A mixture of emotions and practicality, romance, and good sense is the Virgo female characteristic profile. They are so passionate about love that few other women can display that intense passion and strength. But it's a whole different challenge to make them fall in love. You are going to expect utter perfection, even though they are short of it.

Just because Virgos might seem traditional, that doesn't mean they're in intimate relationships. They know that their mind and feelings run deep under the surface. Virgo's sexiness is not the 'in your face' type, but more the action versus the words. Virgos are more 'earthly' than any other signs and as such respect the security and devotion of their lover.

As far as romantic intimacy is concerned, this means that they are more 'quality vs. quantity' lovers and prefer committed relationships to one night stands. Expect to be cherished by your Virgo. They may not verbalise their adoration as well as other signs, but they will still display the depth of their affection through acts and gestures.

It's best to leave her alone for a bit, and she'll be cool again. On the other hand, it would be very difficult for a Virgo woman to admit that she is incorrect. The truth is, it's not much of the time. It is advisable to think about your manners when you court her as well as after you get married. She can't handle someone who uses abusive words, arrives late, dresses sloppily, doesn't mind table manners, etc. It's easier to brush up your vocabulary as well. She's not going to cling to you nor is she going to become absolutely aloof.

A Virgo female cannot stand public displays of affection, and it is safer to be subtle in this area. Her taste is very fine, and her intelligence is well established. If you're trying to woo her, take her to places like theatre, art gallery, etc. Just like a traditional Virgo, she's too preoccupied with things, and she's going to do your part of the job as well. She's really close to the ground and likes to remain in the real world.

Books, handmade jewellery and art supplies still make perfect gifts for your favourite Virgo, but watch out for your wrapping work!

Virgo Women Celebrities

Note, Virgo is an earth sign, and this is a classic lady you're dealing with so keep it normal, organic, balanced, elegant and well thought out. A hasty, last-minute grab from the all-night drug store is probably no better option than a thoughtful, hand-written card or letter. A Virgo woman would want nothing at all but something tacky or pointless.

Instead of fretting about her perfectionism, you should feel lucky to have such a charming female. Beyonce, Melissa McCarthy, Cameron Diaz, Zendaya, Blake Lively and Taraji P. Henson are all popular and successful Virgo women. Although they all seem very different on the surface, they are all charming, funny, and practical perfectionists who have an eye for detail, work hard, and are disciplined and skilled in their art.


1. Do Virgo women like to travel?

They are the earth sign natives and thus love nature to the fullest. So if travelling promises to be in nature's abode they are quick to jump on.

2. How are Virgo mothers?

With kids she will be gentle, but firm but will demand complete discipline from them.

3. What is the inner motto of a Virgo?

The motto of Virgos is I analyse.

4. What is the energy of A virgo female?

They are Yin and a mutable earth sign.

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