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Leo Woman

The woman whose birthday falls between 23 July and 22 August is a woman of the Leo Star Sign. In a crowd, a woman with a Leo sun sign is easy to spot. She is the one who will appear to be holding court and make the crowd, particularly the men, getting their attention effortlessly. There are several common characteristics of Leo women associated with this sun sign.

Leo Woman

The Sun Sign of a Leo Woman is a normal stage queen. Whether it's in the theatre or at work, she is most at ease when performing in front of an audience. What career she pursues does not matter; she is still in the middle of the stage bowing to the cheers and accolades. This is one woman who knows how to get what she wants, and when she reaches over, she's never disappointed. To a Leo woman, nothing is impossible.

This is a woman who needs to be well served. She's high maintenance, you might say, but this really depends on her history and how she was raised. She needs to be able to shine, to prove herself to the world with her new partner. She wants to dance and to spread the scent of happiness, of laughing, of just being happy. She wants to experience the joy of life and forget about things in her office, or anywhere else, that make her exhausted and sad. It can be difficult to date her because she has enough stamina to lift mountains, demands the same from her chosen one and needs her partner to take care of their appearance all the time.

Most definitely, she will be the centre of attention everywhere and if you try to charm her, be prepared to fight a lot. She will be her group's leader and she will always be accepted out of preference by the other members. When it comes to fashion, she knows how to dress to kill. Her final aim is to do things immensely. At the end of it all, she will make sure that she has gotten the best deal as she likes. Above all, she is an extravagant lady, and money follows her like a puppy dog. A Leo woman's traditional profile of characteristics contains characteristics such as liveliness, ingenuity, elegance, grace and sensuality. She's one of those who love their partners, respect them and care about them but don't ask them to worship you.

Leo Woman Personality Traits

Leo is a dramatic, inherently contrasting sign. Overall, once known, they are simple and incredibly predictable. Leos are one of the most trustworthy and violent signals on the planet. Fearless, charismatic and mighty. They're some of the Zodiac's optimists and founders, often seeing the positive over the poor, and always wanting to take responsibility and be heard. For the dramatic, they have a flair and also love being the object of publicity. What makes the Leo woman tick is winning the love and appreciation of others, and she has the ideal toolset to do it: dramatic, warm-hearted, outgoing, enthusiastic and impulsive.

Almost instantly, most sense the strong presence of a Leo woman. While they always appear to be supremely confident on the outside, most Leos are innerly sensitive. They must be valued and required in all things particularly by loved ones.

This combination of characteristics has a very particular relationship implication. Leo is hostile and confrontational when overlooked or insulted, when they are treated with respect or are asked for assistance, they are very warm and generous. Understand this subtle distinction and you are going to keep your lioness on a leash. Leos could be relied on to bring sunshine into the life of others, affectionate, friendly and happy people. They are dignified, energetic, ambitious and loyal and are known for their hospitality. They can be very greedy, demanding, intolerant, dominant, facile and stubborn on the negative side. They may have a very high degree of self-esteem and are disappointed with any job under them.

She would not be dominated; she had to be restrained instead. She's a whole woman and she looks forward to you becoming a real man. Do not be fooled if you meet a Leo girl who is very gentle and totally harmless. She is just like every other Leo woman inside. If you intend to give her a gift, make sure it's smart and according to her superior taste. Please be dressed appropriately during the meeting. Offer her real, decent and original compliments when you try to win the heart of a Leo woman.

Leo Female Career and Lifestyle

Leos love luxury; clothing and accessories, however, must not only be lavish, but also exclusive. Since she has outstanding taste, a Leo woman would never look common or vulgar. Style is important, and the finer things in life are just as important. Because of their inherent confidence, Leos will take away the most dramatic and drastic of fashion trends. The self-assurance convinces them that everything looks fine also helps.

She loves fabrics like silk, cashmere, finely tailored cuts and sometimes if she can afford it, luscious diamond-dripping floor length gowns. Accessories are the manner in which the Leo woman stands out from the crowd. Her hair is her mane, and it makes her proud. Nothing works wonders for the self-confidence of the Leo woman but a trip to the hairdresser.

Leo women are two major types. The former believes in natural beauty and since they never wear nail polish, lipstick or dye their hair, and they dress in natural colors, you can identify this kind. The woman who seems to be shining in the dark is the second form. She's going to wear bright golden things, a lot of jewellery, and dye her blonde or red hair. Every one of these lionesses likes to be given value, so analyse the form and think about stuff that would prove that she is the core of your life. Buy something that shines, something of importance, content or something else. Take her to the theatre to plan her surprise birthday party and walk down the red carpet with her if you have a chance. Tell her to look her best and take her out for a surprise dinner.

She wants to be the best, be it a home person or a career woman. She'll take pride in her home, or her company, and if there's no reason to be proud, she'll not stick around. The woman from Leo has a strong ethical sense. She will choose good fakes, just as she loves fur, because she also loves animals, and if her business doesn't provide good value, she will work to change things or move somewhere else. Honor is vital to the Leo woman; she feels sullied without her integrity.

The characteristics of Leo females make them natural-born CEOs, leaders, and bosses. Her hunger for authority and power makes her very ambitious. And in the course of achieving those objectives, her bravery, trust, and determination undeniably back her up. She is a leader born and feels her responsibility to rise on top of the heap.

Leo ladies will attack a job with hammer and nail, intensely hard employees, before it's over. Any careers in art, music or theatre are well suited to them with their vividly artistic characteristics. As long as they find the way to the stage and canal their ferocity into something deep-rooted, their ability to become reputations as drama queens can be used well.

For them, social activism can be an outstanding arena, so they don't fear raising a flag or an incendiary signal to hear their roar! It is easier for them to be on the front lines, actively engaged in challengefull political art and performance than to fight from within the beast's belly.

Leo Female Compatibility With Other Signs

It's a skill set all its own to learn to live with a Leo woman, but other fire signs like Aries and Sagittarius are usually up for the challenge. Since fire can not exist without air, air signs, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra can create great matches for Leo. In particular, Gemini understands how to fan the flames of a fire and keep life interesting. One thing is for sure, you're never going to be bored when it comes to a lifetime with a Leo woman.

It is her fiery nature and her inability to keep her mouth tight and to think things through that problems in understanding this person. But really does she have to? Leo's sign is to shine a light on us and if that means that we face things that are not so easy, isn't that a good thing? You should not be in a relationship with this woman if you are not able to stand up for yourself and let her show you what might need changing.

Leo Woman in Love

When displaying enthusiasm and zeal, Leo ladies are pleasant and exuberant. A lover of Leo on a lookout is indeed a terrific thing and woe to those who are unfortunate enough to go between a lioness and her prey. There are no two ways about it for Leo women - it is an all-or-nothing deal. In every area of her life, this strength and passion has its most significant emphasis in her life of love.

You have the highest chance of discovering all that books and films show love to be with a Leo guy. This ensures an intense high and deep lower ride in the roller coaster. That means big love, the kind that shakes the base of stars and tears them down. But she will also demand the reciprocation of her love and she will make no difference at all for her love. When she falls down she falls hard and absolutely in love.

Leo falls in love quickly. It doesn't mean that she's quick to do or can just settle down for someone but it's easy to surrender to the feelings of love when the right supporter hits her fancy. Leo women will tend to be possessive and are a territorial lover. Leo wants to be romantic. She has a deep understanding of the art of loving pleasures. She has spent a lot of time studying all the nuances and different strategies in order to improve her lover's experience.

A woman of Leo is all fire and passion. She can't help, Leo's a fire sign, after all. This woman will guess you when she comes up with a new way to turn your friendship into romance. Passion and fire may also have a thought, so that for that imminent moment when a bowl is hurling towards you can brush up your dodging skills. Leo gets over his rage or frustration easily and life goes back to normal. You just have to learn how to deal with the shifts in mood and how this sun burns.

When in love Leo is typically not really subtle. You want the world to know, including showing you and asking you about it! If you have a more reserved Leon, the second most reliable indicator is possessiveness and envy. Flirt a little in front of her with other women to see how she's responding. Only be careful not to get eaten alive if you do it all over.

Leo Women Celebrities

Nothing about the leo woman is difficult to comprehend. She is her world's queen, leader, and boss. She understands that when it comes to organising the lives of other people, she is much stronger. Leo is caring, confident, happy, and affectionate. Her primary priority is to bring others to grace from grass. The leo female---at times she can be sensitive and domineering. It is not that she knows how to demonstrate her bad side. But if you treat her with injustice, you will hear her hidden wrath. She isn't defined by her background but by her pronounced flair. She won't mind stopping in the middle of the road and declaring her worth. All she wants is your attention besides anything else.

Look out for these female celebs to understand how leos are lionesses embodying pure elegance and royalness. Madonna, Sandara Bullock, Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa, Melissa Fumero, Jennifer Lopez, J K Rowling, Mila Kunis. We literally love every woman on the list.


1. Do leo women keep grudges?

It's a quiet fury, but there's no denying you've triggered the queen.

2. How are Leo mothers?

Leo women make affectionate mothers. They love their kids, but they also require respect. They are diligent and they have flawless ways.

3. What gifts are liked by leos?

Treat your Leo woman constantly, specifically for no particular reasons or holidays, with gifts and little presents. Their favourite perfume is a bouquet of flowers and some Swarovski diamonds. She loves the bling.

4. How does the house of leo female look like?

As you enter her abode, you will have an immediate sense of her fabulous aesthetic and unconventional taste. Also prepare to be bombarded by scents.

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