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Sun Transit In Pisces (15 March 2023)

Sun Transit In Pisces: Sun the king of our vedic zodiac system. It is our natural Atma Karak, which also represents one’s soul. It is the Karaka planet for your father, the government, king and your higher authorities. If you talk about body parts it signifies your heart and bones. It is the planet that signifies your dignity, self-respect, ego and career. It controls your dedication, your stamina, vitality, willpower, respect in society, leadership quality. So we can say that it holds a huge importance in our life.

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Now on 15 march 2023 at 6:13 AM. it is transiting in Pisces. Pisces is the natural twelfth house of the zodiac system. Its ruler is Jupiter, so this sign has the mixed qualities of Jupiter. as well as the twelfth house. Pisces is a watery sign, it represents the deepest darkest ocean water unlike the other watery zodiac signs. It represents peace, purity, isolation and places out of reach for a normal person.

Sun Transit In Pisces will mark the end of Sun’s cycle so in this sign, the Sun loses all its negativity like unnecessary anger, ego and becomes pure and ready to get exalted in Aries sign and start its transit cycle again. Because of this transit, we will see the transformation in people's lives in different sectors of life.

But for being particular about the native, we have to see the position of the Sun in his or her natal chart. The effect of the transit will be determined by Sun’s position in the natal chart and the native's Dasha running.

Now, let’s move ahead and see what impacts will be there of the Sun transit in Pisces sign on all twelve zodiac signs.

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call the best astrologers on the phone and know in detail about the impact of Sun Transit in Pisces on your life.


The Sun is the ruler of the fifth house and is transiting in the twelfth house. The twelfth house represents foreign land, isolation houses, hospitals, and foreign companies like MNCs. In general fifth house represents children, love relationship and education, so its lord’s transit in twelfth house is not a favorable situation, you may face problem related to love relationship due to sudden misunderstanding and ego clashes, some health issues can occur for your children, expecting mothers need to be conscious for themselves and their child's well being.

Students can also face some problems, like lack of confidence, but the students who are preparing for admission in foreign universities or for any professional course in foreign land may get favorable outcomes. As mentioned above, the Sun is the Karka for Atma and immunity. And from the twelfth house it is aspecting your sixth house of disease, enemies, court cases and litigation. So you need to be alert during this time in terms of your health as ignorance can lead to health loss and medical expenses. You may feel a little low on energy and enthusiasm due to this Sun Transit In Pisces. Also, if you are fighting any legal battle, this is the time to get the decision in your favor and your enemies will not be able to harm you.

Remedy- Mediate reciting Gayatri Mantra.


Sun Transit In Pisces reveals that the Sun is the ruling lord of the fourth house and is transiting in the eleventh house. The eleventh house signifies financial gains, desire, elder siblings and paternal uncle. Fourth house is the house of mother, home, property, domestic life and its lord’s transit in the eleventh house is a favorable transit for Taurus natives. Your previous investment made in the real estate sector will give you monetary gains during this time.

Your desire to buy a luxury home or vehicle will come true if your Dasha is supportive. You can receive monetary support or gifts from your mother but yes her health could fluctuate during this period, so you need to be conscious about that. You will also make new professional relationships with the influential people. And from the eleventh house, the Sun is aspecting your fifth house so this is a favorable period for the Taurus students. Even the couple who are trying for childbirth can receive the good news during this time. And single natives can also get involved in a committed serious relationship.

Remedy- Offer Arghya to Sun every morning with red rose petals in it.


The Sun is the lord of the third house and is transiting in the tenth house of name, fame and career. The Sun Transit In Pisces in this house will be very good for the native as the Sun gets the directional strength in the tenth house. So due to this transit in your tenth house you will get great benefits in your professional life. You will be loaded with new opportunities to prove yourself and get promotion and reach to authoritative posts, especially the Gemini natives who are on the post like teachers, professors or in any government organization.

You can even think of starting some business with your younger sibling or you will be benefited in your professional life due to your younger sibling. And from the tenth house it is aspecting the fourth house, so the property dealers will get good clients and will be able to make outstanding deals during this time period.

On the negative side you will be concerned for your mother’s health as she may suffer from Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Heart troubles during this time. Also the peace at the home front will be disrupted due to the unnecessary ego clashes of the family members.

Remedy- Offer Arghya to the Sun in a copper vessel every day.

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Sun Transit In Pisces states that the Sun holds the lordship of the second house for Cancer natives and is now transiting in the ninth house. It is the house of Dharma, father, long-distance travel, pilgrimage and luck. During this time, you will feel inclined towards religiousness and try to seek knowledge from a religious text. You may even plan to visit a pilgrimage with your family members. You will get the support of your father but you need to take care of his health as he may suffer from some health problems at this time. You could also face some ego clashes with him.

The problems you were facing in your professional life will get relieved and come to an end with this Sun transit. The Sun’s aspect on the third house will provide you with confidence in your communication skills, you will come into the limelight due to your talent and hobbies, and you will even spend time in improving those skills. Your competitors and enemies at the workplace will be destroyed. People in media or stage performers will have a very favorable time for growth in professional life. You will also get the support of your younger siblings.

Remedy- Respect your father and take his blessings before leaving home.


Sun Transit In Pisces predicts that the Sun is your Lagna lord and is transiting in the eighth house, the house of longevity, sudden happening and occult studies. Dear Leo natives, this transit of your Lagna lord sun in the eighth house is full of transformation for you but not the easy one. It may come to you a bit hard because as mentioned above that in the Pisces sign, the sun loses all its negativity and becomes pure to get exalted in the next sign of Aries and start the transit cycle again. In general the Sun in the eighth house is not considered auspicious, so this transit of the Sun will give you mixed results.

You need to be a bit conscious about your health, issues related to eyesight, heart and bones could occur. So if you face any problem don't ignore it and consult the doctor. You are advised to give up the unnecessary ego, and anger in you because if you don't, negative situations and problems will occur in your life, so stay alert that you are not harsh to others.

But it's a good time for the Leo natives who are in the research field or pursuing PhD, even if you have an interest in Vedic astrology, this transit may prove fruitful. But on the negative side it may create some problems with your in-laws so you are advised to avoid such situations. The Sun’s aspect of the second house will give you an authoritative tone and good control over your savings and it will also grow during this period.

Remedy- Wear good quality Ruby crafted in gold in your right hand ring finger to gain auspicious results of planet sun.

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Dear virgo natives the Sun is the Lord of the twelfth house and is transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnership. This is a tough time in your married life. You may face conflict and ego clashes with your partner. As Sun being a cure and hot planet is not considered auspicious for married life and for you it's also the twelfth lord of losses and isolation. So, it will create more problems for you. You are advised to take care of your partner's health and avoid being egoistic and argumentative as due to unnecessary ego clashes and arguments, your relationship with your partner and your married life may see a few ups and downs during Sun Transit In Pisces.

From the seventh house, the Sun is aspecting your Lagna as well, so you may also behave harsh, egoistic and irritated due to this transit and as it is also the twelfth lord you may also face health issues like high BP, migraine pain and some similar diseases. You may also have to travel overseas or to far places during this time.

Remedy- Feed jaggery and wheat bread to cows every day.


The Sun has the lordship of the eleventh house and is now transiting in the sixth house, which is the house of enemies, health, competition and maternal uncle. So dear Libra natives you need to be a bit alert at home during this Sun Transit In Pisces as you will experience many friends backstabbing you and turning into enemies. But yes the transit of the Sun in the sixth house is considered good for having victory over your enemies. So if you are going through any dispute or legal matter it's a good time for favorable results.

However, this is not a favorable time for making any new investments or for speculation you may face losses and debt. From the sixth house it is aspecting the twelfth house, so due to that you may experience many unexpected expenses, may be due to medical expenses or you can even spend money in fulfilling your desires and luxury, socializing and parting with friends. You can even plan your dream holiday during this time which will lead to uncontrollable expenses. In general, time will be ok. You are just advised to be alert and have control over your expenses as it could put you in trouble in future.

Remedy- Consume ginger and jaggery regularly for good health.


Your tenth lord Sun is transiting in the fifth house. The fifth house represents your education, love relations and children. It is also the Purva Punya house. Dear Scorpio natives, the transit of the tenth lord into the fifth house may bring some sudden changes in your professional life; the result will be positive or negative mostly depends on the Dasha you are running through, but yes Pisces have the energy of foreign land, isolation, and far away places. So we can say that this Sun Transit in Pisces is giving the sign of change in workplace or transfer.

However, from the fifth house it is aspecting your eleventh house of financial gains, so you can expect monetary gains like a hike in salary during this time. Fifth house is the house of speculation so you can earn monetary benefit from speculation and share markets. And you will also build an influential network system for your growth in future. This is a very good time for the students who want to go for higher education for their masters and PhD. You will get the direction ahead, all confusion will come to an end, and you'll be more clear about your goals. On the negative side, the Scorpio Love birds, you need to be a bit alert during this time. An egoistic nature and argumentation can lead to hindering relationships. So, avoid conflict and argument with your lover.

Remedy- Worship Lord Sun and perform Surya namaskar every day.

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The Sun is the lord of the ninth house and is transiting in your fourth House. The fourth house represents the domestic environment, mother, land, and vehicle. Dear Sagittarius natives, this Sun Transit in Pisces represents the ninth lord transiting in your fourth house, and will give you mixed results. Atmosphere of your home will be highly spiritual, you can even perform any spiritual activity like hora or satyanarayan katha at home.

However, the sun is a cruel planet and it also loses its directional strength in the fourth house, so it can generate problems related to fourth house matter like disturbing your domestic life. It can also generate problems with your mother, you will get her support but can also face ego clashes with her or her health can also fluctuate. But the Sun transit in Pisces in your fourth house is a good time for growth in professional life because the Sun will be aspecting your tenth house of profession and career. You may have to travel due to work but this traveling will prove fruitful and you will get recognition.

Remedy- Perform Satyanarayan Katha and Havan at home if possible.


The Sun rules your eighth house and is entering your third house of courage, siblings and short distance travel. This Sun Transit in Pisces in the third house will make you very confident, courageous and authoritative in your communication skills, but because it is an eight lord and not a favorable planet the energy of the sun will be so sudden and fluctuating that it can have a negative impact over your personality. People will misinterpret your communication as harsh behavior. You can also experience fights with your younger sibling, or their health may deteriorate or they may suffer in their life during this period.

Being eighth lord from the third house, it is also aspecting your ninth house, so you need to be extra conscious about the health of your father, as he may face some health issues during this time. Your mentors and guru can also face some sudden unpleasant event in their life. But on the positive side you can plan some short distance pilgrimage that will provide you blessings and peace of mind in this tough time.

Remedy- Donate pomegranates in the temple on Sundays.


The Sun is the lord of the seventh house and is transiting in the second house of the family, saving and speech. The placement of the Sun in the second house during this Sun Transit in Pisces will give you a very authoritative and commanding voice, and your speech will attract the attention of others. If you indulge in any family business this is the time to have crisp and clear communication. You can take the business to the next level and even solve the conflicts going on.

The government employees who are looking forward to transfers will have a chance to come back to their families if staying away, as there are bright possibilities of that. But you can also face some issues with your family members. Aquarius native who are in a relationship and willing to get married, this is the right time to introduce your partner to your family as they will try their best to impress them. The singles who are searching for their perfect match will find their soulmate with the help of their family during this period.

From the second house, the Sun is aspecting the eighth house so this is a good time for students in the research field or even people studying occult science like vedic astrology. You are just advised to not lose your temper and don't get into any verbal fights.

Remedy- Feed wheat flour to red ants every day.


The Sun is your sixth house ruler transiting in your first house. Dear Pisces native the transit of Sun in the Lagna will boost leadership and decision-making ability in you and you will be able to impress everyone. Your management skills will impress the seniors and authorities at your workplace and you can get a promotion as well and you will get benefits from the government policies. People in service sectors like banking, litigation, and judiciary will have an auspicious period. There are possibilities of getting a promotion during this Sun Transit in Pisces.

Due to the impact of the sun on your personality you will be a bit arrogant and egoistic during this period and will not listen to advice and guidance from anyone. And as the sun is also the sixth lord, you may put yourself in trouble. You are also advised to be conscious of your health and well being as you may suffer from health issues during Sun Transit in Pisces. And from the Lagna, sun is aspecting your seventh house and due to this the married natives will have a tough relationship with their spouse as their over possessiveness will generate the problems in their married life.

Remedy- Recite Hridya Aditya Stotra everyday in the morning.

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