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Venus Transit In Leo (7 July 2023)

Venus Transit In Leo will take place on 7th July 2023 at 3:59 am. The planet Venus will leave the Moon-ruled zodiac sign of Cancer and will transit into the zodiac sign which is ruled by Sun, Leo. In the zodiac sign of Leo, Venus will be in its retrograde motion on 23rd July at 6:01 am, and in its retrograde motion on 7th August 2023 at 11:32 pm will transit back in the zodiac sign of Cancer. In the same zodiac sign of Cancer, Venus will shift from its retrograde motion to direct motion on 4th September 2023 at 6:17 am. Then once again, Venus will transit in the zodiac sign of Leo on 2nd October 2023 at 00:45 am.

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The planet Venus is also known as the Guru of Demons (Daitya) just as Jupiter is known as the Guru of Gods, so, in a similar way Venus is considered as Shukacharya i.e, Guru of all Demons. All kinds of material pleasures and benefits are provided by this planet. Due to its blessings, one receives love in their life, and it also provides intimacy in relationships of all natives. Will you attain love in your life? Will your marital lives be harmonious and blessed? How many comforts will be enjoyed by you and which vehicle you will get? How wealthy will you become? etc, the answers to all these questions solely depend on the position of Venus in one’s horoscope.

Venus is the ruling lord of Taurus and Libra. In the zodiac sign of Virgo, Venus is in its debilitated state (descendant sign) and in the zodiac sign of Pisces, Venus is in its exalted state (ascendant sign). Venus also received Mrit Sanjivani Vidya from Lord Shiva. Venus is the benefactor of high artistic qualities and the native who has a strong Venus or is dominated by it, inhabits lots of qualities that are artistic in nature. The person in whose horoscope Venus is strong receives all kinds of comforts in their life. On the other hand, a person who has a weak Venus in their horoscope receives its ill effects as they suffer from lack of love and wealth, and in some cases could also come across venereal diseases.

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Know Your Moon Sign: Moon Sign Calculator!

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें: शुक्र का सिंह राशि में गोचर (7 जुलाई 2023)


For the natives of Aries, Venus is the ruling lord of their second and seventh house and Venus transit in Leo will make your love relationships more strong. Your beloved will pay more attention towards fulfillment of wishes and will focus on making you agree on whatever they say. But your feelings towards love will be strong, and you will take your relationship quite seriously. As a result, the bond between you and your beloved will be strengthened and it will increase your love. With the effects of Venus transit in Leo, you will spend romantic times with your partner and you will feel quite emotional during this period as well. For single Aries natives, someone special might come in your life. Your personality will become magnetically attractive and you will be successful in making people your own. The period of Venus transit in Leo will give great benefits to Aries natives who are associated with career fields such as designing, event management, architecture, and artistic fields. You will be famous and will see an increase in your income as well. Little changes might come up in your job, and your business will see progress. The Aries students will attain good outcomes in their academics as their studies are going in the appropriate direction. Your old issues will go away and your health will become better.

Remedy: On Friday make Kheer from Rice and offer it to Goddess Durga and little girls. Eat that Kheer as Prasad yourself as well.


Venus is your ruling lord and also holds the lordship over your sixth house, and with this Venus transit in Leo will increase harmony and happiness in your familial lives. Joy will increase in your home, and some kind of function or ceremony could be there in your house, and guests will come and go as well. During the period of Venus transit in Leo, you will also buy a vehicle for yourself and that will be beautiful. You will also buy necessary items for home and family. In this period, the health of your mother might deteriorate and you will have to get her appropriate medical advice. A property related case might come up during this period and as a result you might have to go to court many times. For Taurus students, this period will bring progress and they will get a chance to learn and understand something new. For those Taurus natives who are preparing for competitive examinations will come across favorable results. You will succeed in getting a loan from the bank and also in selling a property. Your position in your job will remain good, and to achieve progress in business you will have to increase your efforts.

Remedy: For you, chanting Shukra Mantra will be appropriate.


For the natives of Gemini, Venus is the ruling lord of your twelfth and fifth houses. With this Venus transit in Leo, your friend circle will increase. Your love relations will increase as well and you will do whatever it takes to accomplish your beloved’s requests and to ensure their happiness. You will not hesitate to do anything for them and during this time you will move forward in love. Your closeness with your friends will increase and you will spend more time with them. You will travel a lot during this period and your short distance journeys will give you happiness. Your work colleagues will support you fully and as a result you will attain a good position in your workspace. There will be opportunities to gain benefits from travel for those natives who are in business. During this period of Venus transit in Leo you will be more creative and will engage in your previous interests and as a happiness will be there in your mind and you could also gain from this as well. You might have trouble as some other person might interfere in your love life. Relationships with your life partner will become better and there will be peace and joy in the family.

Remedy: In order to receive the blessings of Venus you must recite Shukra Mantra on Friday.

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For the natives of Cancer, Venus rules their fourth and eleventh houses and your personality will get enhanced by this Venus transit in Leo. People will be attracted to you, as sweetness and love will increase in your speech. You will also attain great financial gain at this time. Your abilities to earn more money will rise with your efforts, the more you attempt the more you will gain and as a result your bank balance will increase. The ways through which you will earn will also increase, and Venus transit in Leo will prove to be quite favorable for you from a financial standpoint. Long term investments will also give you profits. You will be close with your family members and your affection and love with them will increase as well. The reputation of your family will increase and they will all progress socially. The family business will face progress as well. Natives who are into other businesses with some increased efforts and hard work will come across progress. Working Cancer natives in this period will need to focus on their work. Happiness will be there in your personal life, and you will be able to eat delicious food. Any kind of auspicious work could be completed in the family.

Remedy: You should worship Lord Shri Ram.


Venus transit in Leo is going to provide the Leo natives with great benefits as this transit is happening in your own zodiac sign. As a result of this transit, your personality will become appealing and due to the magnetic attraction in your personality, people will be attracted to you. You will attain success in your work as you’ll be filled with confidence and your personality will leave an impression on people. This period will be favorable for your marital lives as well. Love is going to increase and the opportunities for romance will be there as well. You will spend time together and will be able to live your relationship in all its intimacy and harmoniousness. The natives therefore will lead happy lives while considering their relationship crucial. Intensity in love relationships is also going to be there during this period of Venus transit in Leo. Progress in business will also be there. The working Leo natives will need to try to establish a balance between their personal and professional lives. You should treat everyone equally and should stop favoring yourself over others. Your attraction towards the opposite gender will increase as well.

Remedy: You should give a gift to your spouse.


For the natives of Virgo, Venus is the ruling lord of their second and ninth houses, and with Venus transit in Leo, their foreign contacts and foreign business will increase. The Virgo natives who are into overseas business or are into business which is related to foreign companies are going to get benefits during this period. Your wish to travel abroad will be fulfilled as well and you will get a chance to travel abroad through your job. During the period of Venus transit in Leo you will also travel to other states. Your expenses might increase due to your travel but due to them your comforts will increase as well. You will spend money on your hobbies in addition to your basic needs. You will also spend money on religion-related activities and work. In your mind there will be a feeling of happiness but due to an unbalanced lifestyle, health problems might come in front of you. You might suffer from chest pain, eye pain, stiffness, and issues of the digestive system which is due to an unbalanced diet.

Remedy: You should recite Sri Sukta.


For the natives of Libra, Venus transit in Leo will improve their financial situation, as a result they will not face any problems in attaining money. Their income will increase steadily and their important work which was stalled due finance issues will get completed during this period. Your confidence will come back and will be able to save money as well. The Libra natives could also commence a new business venture and they will also strengthen their previous running business by investing finances in that. From a social viewpoint, you will be active and will meet new friends. You will like going around with them too. Your seniors at the workplace will be satisfied with your work and gradually your position at work will become better. Libra natives who are into business are going to receive great benefits from their social contracts and with that you will see an increase in your business. During this period of Venus transit in Leo, you will get return of your investment and among the family an atmosphere of happiness will be there.

Remedy: You should recite Chalisa of Goddess Mahalakshmi.


Venus for Scorpio natives rules their seventh and twelfth house. For your career, this Venus transit in Leo will prove to be quite significant. During this period, you might have to face challenges in your job. By engaging in gossip around work, others might turn against you and might talk behind your back. As a result, this might jeopardize your position in your job, so you must focus and concentrate on your work and nothing else. With Venus transit in Leo, the Scorpio natives who are into business will attain good progress and their businesses will become famous in the market. The demand for your products will increase, and you will also add new people to your business ventures. This transit is going to give good outcomes when it comes to your familial lives. During this period, the support of your family members will be with you and you will also receive the blessing of your parents for all your work. For Scorpio Venus transit in Leo will bring favorable outcomes and as a result, they will be happy to attain them. You shouldn't trust anyone during this time and you shouldn't give anybody any money.

Remedy: You should worship Lord Shiva daily and should also apply white sandalwood to him.

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For the natives of Sagittarius, Venus is the ruling lord of sixth and eleventh houses. With Venus transit in Leo you might come across ups and downs in your life. Your relationship with your father will see variations as well. Misunderstandings might increase between you and your father, as he will say something else and you will understand that something differently. However, his blessings will be with you and you will respect him from your heart. Your peace of mind might be a little disturbed. You working in haste might cause you harm, so before commencing any work do think about it clearly and profoundly. The period of Venus transit in Leo will be a good time for you to engage in spiritual and religious activities and you will also attain success in that. Your reputation and respect in society will increase and you will receive financial benefits from different sources as well. For marital Sagittarius natives this period will be favorable. You will have long distance journeys which will be related to business and as a result your business will progress. You will receive comforts as you will engage in long-distance journeys with your life partner as well. Sagittarius students will get good progress in higher studies and they will attain prestige. During the period of Venus transit in Leo you will get a chance to learn something new and policies of the government will give you benefits as well.

Remedy: You should offer Akshat (rice) to the Shivling on Friday.


Venus is the ruling lord of fifth and tenth houses for the native of Capricorn and is a Yogakaraka planet. Venus transit in Leo might bring variations in your lives and you might spend your finances on seeking carnal pleasure. You will enjoy it in the beginning but if you get addicted to this habit then you might become a victim of venereal diseases and you might also have to suffer financially. During this period, working Capricorn natives will have to work very hard and only after that will they be able to attain some good outcomes. Capricorn natives who are into business will come across ups and downs during this time. You might get upset as you may not receive the results that you desire, but you should not be disheartened and should keep working hard from your side. Capricorn students who are associated with research based work will get an opportunity through which they will discover something novel and as a consequence, they will get satisfaction. During this time you can repay your loan as it will be a good time for that but avoid taking any new ones. If you have any case that is pending in court then that could get stretched for a long time and some issues might come in that. The married natives of Capricorn will attain joy and financial benefits from their life partner. Capricorn students might face challenges in their studies and it is advised that you take care of your health and take a balanced diet. By doing this, you will be able to save yourself from diseases.

Remedy: On Friday, you should serve cows.


The zodiac sign of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Venus rules their fourth and ninth houses and is also a Yogakaraka planet for them. With Venus transit in Leo, prosperity and happiness will increase in the lives of married Aquarius natives. All the misunderstandings between you and your partner will vanish and you will come closer. Intimacy will increase in your relationship, and you will get opportunities in order to romance. You will get to understand your partner better and more closely and your trust in each other will grow. During this period of Venus transit in Leo, if you commence a new business venture together, with your spouse or in their name, then you will attain great success in that. This period will prove to be favorable for those Aquarius natives that are doing business in partnership and expansion of business will be there as well. Working natives will have to work very hard and after that they will attain good outcomes. You will spend harmonious and happy times with your family and they will give you their adequate time as well. Aquarius natives who are into export and import will receive great profits during this period. Engaging any work which is related to women will give you prestige. Behaving well with women will give you benefits. You will visit religious places during this period and you will pay attention to them, as a desire will arise within you. By doing this you will receive virtues. Aquarius students will have to work hard in their academics during this time. For love affairs this period will be favorable.

Remedy: On Friday you should wear a silver ring on your ring finger.


For the natives of Pisces, Venus is the ruling lord of their third and eighth houses. Venus transit in Leo might not be favorable for you. So under this period it will be better for you if you take good care of your health. Health issues like stomach ache, flatulence, indigestion, issues related to digestive system, might come in front of you. Pisces natives who are already suffering from diabetes mellitus will have to take extra care of themselves and if you don’t then your conditions might worsen. In your job, your position will be favorable, however, using disrespectful words against a woman in your workspace might give you trouble and harm, so, take care of this. With Venus transit in Leo your expenses might rise a bit, and your relationship with your partner might go through variations. For Pisces natives who have business, for them his period will be favorable. You will invest capital in your business as you want to expand it, which will increase your expenses. Your opponents during this period might trouble you, so, caution against them will be necessary. In love relationships, intensity will increase and Pisces students will face favorable outcomes as well.

Remedy: Offer red flowers or red clothes to Goddess Parvati on Friday.

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