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Venus Transit in Pisces on 3 February Brings Fairytale Love For Natives!

As Venus, the planet of love, enters Pisces, its sign of exaltation on 3 February – what will be its effects on each zodiac sign? Will you finally come across your soulmate? Or will misunderstandings cause a rift between you and your beloved?

Venus transit in Pisces

AstroSage is here to answer all your questions with the help of Vedic Astrology. While Venus was posited in the Earth sign Capricorn, you were restless and wound up like the natives; while its position in Air sign Aquarius sent you in the fantastical world of fantasies. Now that the Goddess of love has entered the Water sign Pisces, whose natives are honest, loyal, and reliable; you will get to enjoy fairytale-like love life. This transit period is heaven for romantics, and six specific zodiac signs will have a phenomenal month from the time Venus enters Pisces.

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Venus Transit in Pisces & Valentine’s Day

Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, most zodiac signs will find themselves enjoying the day (and the week) with their beloved. All your foxy plans are right on track, and you can book that perfect candlelight dinner table because your partner will grace you with their presence throughout the day, without glancing at their phone. You both will try to outdo each other in wooing each other – which will finally be a win for you, no matter who loses.

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Transit Period: Venus Transit in Pisces

Venus, the significator of materialistic pleasures and love, will transit into Pisces, the sign of Jupiter, on Monday, 3 February 2020, morning at 02:13. Vedic Astrology considers the duration of Venus transit essential because one can accomplish many auspicious Since Venus is found in its exalted state in Pisces; therefore, its impact on natives will be more.

Venus Transit in Pisces: Transit Predictions

Let’s discover more about the influence of the transit on all 12 zodiac signs:

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Venus is the Lord of the second and seventh houses for Aries natives, and during this transit period, it will be posited in your twelfth house. As a result of the same, there will be a sudden increase in your expenditure, which may adversely affect your monetary status. However, since you will be spending on materialistic pleasures which will bring you happiness, therefore, you will easily be able to bear these expenses. On a more positive note, there are indications of an increment in your current income as well. While the business personnel of this sign will receive profits from their foreign contacts. This is also a very progressive time for investments. However, a word of caution; you should try to avoid addictions and debauchery. Some Aries natives may get the chance to go abroad for the sake of their business. Apart from this, certain people who are about to get married may also get the opportunity to step on foreign soil after they tie the knot. At this time, you need to take care of your wellbeing, because your hectic schedule and irregular diet can become the cause of health problems.

Remedy: Donate Mishri (crystallized sugar) in a religious place every Friday.


Not only is Venus the Lord of your zodiac sign Taurus, i.e., your first house, but presides over your sixth house as well. During this Venus transit in Pisces, the planet will remain posited in your eleventh house. As a result, many of you can expect an appraisal, increment in your salary, or even a bonus at work. Your desires and ambitions will be fulfilled now, and you will be filled with mental peace and happiness. There will also be an improvement in your health, and if you have been disease-ridden for quite some time, then you will finally taste freedom now. The influence of the charming Venus will help you expand your friend circle further, but ensure that you do not create any rifts between old friendships and new. This transit will also prove to be favourable for love affairs of Taurus natives, and your love life will be filled with romance. You will spend beautiful moments with your beloved and cherish and woo them. Student natives of this sign will also perform well in their academics; while the working professionals can also look forward to positive results in their workplace. In the same vein, the business personnel will also remain joyous as they rake in substantial profits in their trade.

Remedy: Wear Arand/Eranda Mool (Ricinus Communes) on a Saturday.


Mercury, the Lord of zodiac sign Gemini, is great friends of Venus. The latter is the Lord of the fifth and twelfth houses, and during the transit period, it will remain posited in your tenth house. The influence of this translatory motion will bring happiness and peace in your family life. The members of your household can plan on buying a new vehicle at this time and will remain unbeaten in their endeavours. Love and harmony will prevail within them. As for the working professionals of this sign, you will receive excellent results at your workplace. However, overconfidence can result in your almost accomplish tasks getting ruined; therefore, you need to stay away from this vice. Venus, the Goddess of love, will fill such sweetness in your speech, that everyone around you will remain attracted towards you. Your charm will help you prevail over everyone, at this time. On the basis of your education, you will perform laudably at your workplace, and some trips concerning the same will also prove to be profitable for you. Keep all unnecessary and baseless thoughts out of your mind; otherwise, you will face problems in completing your tasks.

Remedy: Read the Shri Durga Saptashati regularly.


Venus, the Lord of your fourth and eleventh houses, is making its transit through Pisces and will be entering your ninth house as a result. Due to this transitory motion, long-distance trips are on the cards for many Cancer natives; which will fill your life with happiness and pleasure. Some of you can also go on a picnic to a delightful place nearby with your family members or office colleagues. This duration will help you gain name, fame, and respect in society. There are also possibilities of an increment in your current salary, and on the whole, your social standing will improve. Some of you can also receive property benefits in a faraway place. What this means is that you will buy a property somewhere far from your birthplace. In addition to all this, business personnel of this sign will also rejoice, as tremendous profits are on the cards for them.

Remedy: Donate sugar on Fridays.

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For Leo natives, Venus is the Lord of your third and tenth houses, and with its transit in Pisces, it will move to enter your eighth house. As a result of this, you will have to face many ups and downs in your workplace. You need to keep your behaviour cordial with your colleagues; otherwise, you can also be terminated. There are also yogas of an unwanted transfer being formed at this time. You will realize that longing for certain secret pleasures is rising within you, on which you will spend a significant amount of your funds as well. However, you need to remember your limits and behave according to decorum. Your siblings can face some problems at this time, which will trouble you in turn; while any journeys undertaken at this time will become the cause of unnecessary stress and expenditures. In addition to all this, Leo natives also need to keep an eye on their health.

Remedy: Feed flour dough to a cow with your own hands, on Friday.


For Virgo natives, Venus is the Lord of your second and ninth houses, and with its transit in Pisces, it will move to enter your seventh house. As a result of this, you will enjoy a favourable marital life and will revel in many pleasures of the same. Your spouse will become a medium for profits for you and will present you with your desired pleasures and comforts. The bond between you two will strengthen and improve, and both of you can try to take your family forward now. Business personnel of this sign should make full use of this opportunity that the transit presents because there are yogas of tremendous profits in your trade forming. Any journeys that you undertake at this time will also be advantageous. You will gain name, fame, and respect in society and your image in front of the people will also improve. Thus, this is a very favourable time for native associated with politics as well. This is a good time for investing your accumulated wealth in a business. You will remain mentally strong at this time, and your heart will be filled with affection for those surrounding you. As a result, you will continue to be the apple of everyone’s eye.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi on Friday.


Venus is the Lord of your zodiac sign. Therefore, it has Lordship over the first and eighth houses of Libra natives. This Venus transit in Pisces will lead to the planet getting posited in your sixth house, which will bring a sudden increase in your expenses. This will end up burning a hole in your pocket; therefore, plan your budget very carefully and do your best to follow it. This Venus transit in Pisces is not favourable for your health either, and you will need to keep your head on a swivel concerning the same. Your hectic schedule and imbalanced diet can lead to many health problems, which will continue for a long time. There are also possibilities of monetary losses; however, if you have taken a debt, it will be repaid now. Although this will weaken your financial front; however, it will also bring you peace. Keep your eyes and ears open at your workplace and focus only on your tasks, because only then will you receive the best results. On the whole, during this transit period, you will have to be ready for heavy lifting in order to get to success.

Remedy: You should wear the best quality Opal gemstone, mounted on a silver ring, in your ring finger, on a Friday.


Venus presides over the seventh and twelfth houses of Scorpio natives, and during the transit period, it will be posited in your fifth house. This planetary movement of the significator of love will bring an adventure of romantic elation for the natives. Scorpios in love can rejoice as their relationship strengthens, and they take another step forward with their beloved. Any misunderstandings between you both will be cleared now, as you take time to communicate your heartfelt emotions and discuss the problems without fighting over them. Your love life will be dreamier, and you both will bond on a soul level. Student natives will also receive better results in their academics, and you will be counted among scholars. Your creativity will garner the praise of many, and you will also earn money as well as fame. There are yogas of abundant wealth accumulation at this time for Scorpios. You will be especially popular in your friend group and amongst the opposite gender, and your social circle will also grow. Some fortunate ones can also be blessed by a baby now. Business personnel will also gain profits in their endeavours.

Remedy: Offer a clove Paan to Goddess Mahalakshmi as oblation on Friday.

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For Sagittarius natives, Venus is the Lord of their sixth and eleventh houses; and during this transit period, it will remain posited in their fourth house. This transitory motion of the planet of love, will fill your family with happiness. An event, function, or any auspicious ceremony can be conducted in your household at this time, which will bring the arrival of guests at your home. Such gatherings will create an environment of joy and excitement in your house and fill everyone with fresh energy. The members of your household will also grow closer as affection resides in their hearts. As for the working professionals of this sign, you will receive the best results at your workplace as well, and your work will be praised. During this transit period, your nature of enjoying materialistic pleasures will grow, and in the same vein, you will receive several such worldly comforts as well. At this time, a new vehicle can join your family. Also, you will pay special attention to the interior decoration of your house.

Remedy: You should gift makeup items (shringaar) to a female priest on a Friday.


Venus is the Lord of the fifth and tenth houses of Capricorn natives, and is, therefore, a Yoga Karak planet for the natives. During this transit period, it will remain posited in your third house due to which you will get to go on many pleasant journeys. At this time, you can go on vacations for the sake of enjoying and relaxing or plan some trips with your friends. These travels will bring you inner peace and happiness and throughout the expedition, you will find yourself energetic, instead of tired. During your excursions, you can come in contact with some new friends who will turn out to be very important for your future. Coming to the love life of the natives, advancement is indicated in the same. What this means is that this Venus transit will bring love in the lives of single Capricorns. As for the married natives of this sign, your children will continue on the path of progress. This planetary movement of the significator of love will also be favourable for student natives and the field of education. As for the working professionals of this sign, you need to keep your behaviour cordial with your colleagues, so that you continue receiving their support from time to time and you advance towards a promotion.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesh and offer Durva grass to him as an oblation.


Venus is a Yoga Karaka planet for Aquarius natives, as it is the Lord of the fourth and ninth houses. During this transit period, it will remain posited in your second house, as a result of which, you will receive many positive outcomes. The second house represents wealth and your kin. At this time, some auspicious ceremony conducted at your home will bring back the magnificence of your household. You will also get to enjoy several savouries and delicious cuisines. Fate will favour you in this duration, and your schemes will help you accumulate abundant wealth, which will further strengthen your economic status. This planetary movement of the naturally benefic Venus will bring you prosperity, not only financially, but on the social front as well. In addition to this, you will receive many perks from the members of your household. Best profits through a property or vehicle are also on the cards for many Aquarians. On the whole, this Venus transit in Pisces will prove to be favourable for Aquarius natives and will bring you an increase in your fate, as well as rising name, fame, and respect.

Remedy: Bring white coloured sweets for the females of your family, on Friday.


Venus is making its transit through the zodiac sign Pisces and will, therefore, be posited in your first house or ascendant house. In addition to this, the planet is the Lord of your third and eight houses. Due to this, you will have to struggle with many physical problems during this transitory motion. Furthermore, you also need to remain cautious concerning your health. On a more positive note, sudden monetary profits are on the cards for Pisceans. You will find yourself getting more inclined towards some kind of research, or resolving or getting to the root of a mystery. Venus, the charming planet, will give you the confidence of coming to light in the society with a talent of yours, which will, in turn, help you gain name, fame, and respect. At this time, you will attain many profits with the help of your siblings and find them standing by your side and all that you do.

This is a favourable duration in terms of your marital life as well, and your bond will grow stronger as you nourish it with your love. You and your spouse have invested your heart and soul in this relationship, and together you will find yourself in each-other. This duration will help you enjoy the pleasures of marital life as it once again brings forth attributes of your partner that you initially fell for. Gains are indicated on all fronts for Pisces natives, especially if you are business personnel. The best thing that Venus will present you with is adding allure to your personality. This charm will make you the centre of attraction for all those around you, and you will get the chance to prove yourself in front of all of them.

Remedy: Recite the Durga Chalisa and offer red flowers to Goddess Durga.

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